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Sausage Taco Pig

Sometimes a brilliant idea whose time has come just pops out into the light of day. This one entailed putting together some of my favorite foods into a delectable, albeit perhaps unusual, combination. Ultra low on carbs and certain to satisfy your tastebuds (if yours are anything like mine) and keep you on track for your target weight. My wife thinks this dish is gross. What do you think? Read more… »

Nachos are a staple food here in the Southwest. Unfortunately, they contain way too many carbs for any approved HCG diet phase 3 recipes. If you’ve still got to have your nachos, here is way to make them without ruining your progress on Phase 3. In fact this is an ideal recipe for life. It certainly is a hit at our house. Read more… »

Tips For HCG Diet Phase 3

The HCG diet phase 3 is a crucial component of the success of the entire diet program. It is the 21-day period during which your body is resetting the way you metabolize fat and carbohydrate. Long term weight management after the HCG protocol depends completely on how you eat during phase 3. Here are some tips from excellent sources around the web. Read more… »

HCG diet foods for phase 3 should be simple, nutritious, and delicious. In fact, comparing different ways to have lunch during phase 3 shows you how to eat for the rest of your life and enjoy your food to the fullest. Here is how to make good choices for lunch. Anybody hungry yet? Read more… »

The HCG Diet Phase 3 Food List

The HCG diet menu is radically different between Phase 2 and Phase 3. This list of foods clears up a lot of questions about what exactly is acceptable during Phase 3. As it turns out, this is also the ideal list of foods for long term lifestyle choices.

A USDA Choice 2-bone standing rib roast.
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Phase 3 Food List

Here are the foods to choose during Phase 3: Dairy. Almond Milk. Milk. Eggs. Plain yogurt. Snacks. Almonds. Almond Butter. Pecans. Protein. Beef. Chicken. Fish. Eggs. Hemp Protein Powder. MRM Protein Shakes. Jay Robb Protein Shakes …

Pretty tasty!

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The medium chain triglyceride component from coconut oil offers health benefits, unlike other fats and oils from plants. MCT oil helps with weight loss, which makes it a beneficial component of phase III of the HCG diet and beyond. It even trumps other oils for cooking, especially the highly processed ones such as canola oil and corn oil and the high-smoke ones such as olive oil.

Here is an informative post on the topic that I found at the link below:

The Coconut Guy
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Coconut Oil: Under Rated : Nutrition Nibbles

The MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) or MCT (medium chain triglycerides)  in coconut oil are different. Because of the small size of the fatty acids that make up coconut oil, they actually yield fewer calories than other fats.

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