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HCG diet foods for phase 3 should be simple, nutritious, and delicious. In fact, comparing different ways to have lunch during phase 3 shows you how to eat for the rest of your life and enjoy your food to the fullest. Here is how to make good choices for lunch. Anybody hungry yet? Read more… »

As good as apples are for the HCG weight loss diet, they can become tiring when you have them every day. This is where the following applesauce recipe comes to the rescue. Read more… »

HCG diet desserts may seem to be too good to be true. Nevertheless, several tasty treats conform to the protocol and make the end of each meal into a delicious delight. Here are the top 5 desserts to make your mouth water and your tummy feel satisfied. Read more… »

HCG Diet Food Pyramid

Yes, the HCG diet has a specific food pyramid. The best description that I have found summarizes it very nicely. It includes pointers on how to vary the diet and still lose weight.

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Eating healthy today is not as easy as it might seem and the food pyramid can be confusing for some. Combine the need to learn about the food pyramid and how the HCG diet plan works, and a dieter might want to run for the hills! Nevertheless, understanding the food pyramid is essential to your HCG weight loss success. Common sense food selections simply are not enough. Read more here.

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Protein, fat, and carbohydrate all have their roles for the HCG diet. Keeping the proportions of these food groups within a narrow range is crucial for proper fat loss. Here is a valuable tip on HCG diet protein.

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Protein A Critical Component Of The HCG Diet – Weight Loss Tips

Protein is a key component of hCG diet plans. I will explain why the protein portion of this diet is so crucial. Protein has several metabolic effects that are critical to success when losing weight on an hCG diet. …

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The HCG diet menu will keep you slim for life. During the protocol, HCG diet foods must be low in fat. Dietary fat distracts the metabolism of abnormal body fat and leads to the storage of body fat in the presence of dietary carbohydrate. Here is how to make this protocol work to keep you slim the rest of your life.


HCG Diet Foods

The widely known four main components of the HCG diet consist of: 1) a low fat meat protein source; 2) a vegetable; 3) a fruit; and, 4) crackers or breadsticks. These four categories primarily represent two of the three food groups, i.e., protein and carbohydrate. All of them are either low fat (meat, vegetable, fruit) or no fat (crackers).

Recommended meats are obviously the sources of protein. The other three categories are sources of carbohydrates. They are allowed either as whole foods (vegetables, fruits) or in very limited amounts per meal (crackers).

Making Dietary Fat and Carbohydrate Work Together

The low carb part of this protocol is crucial for keeping the liver from becoming saturated with stored carbs. A carb-saturated liver converts excess carbs to triglycerides that go back into the bloodstream and eventually into storage in fat cells. Neither of these outcomes is healthful when excessive.

The hormone phase of the HCG diet keeps the amounts of dietary fats and carbs low so the hormone can direct the removal of stored body fat. This would not happen without low dietary fats and carbs. This also explains why cosmetics and skin products that contain oils can undermine fat metabolism.

HCG Diet Foods for Lifetime Weight Management

The food choices themselves are excellent for a lifetime of healthy eating in many respects. These foods can be consumed in sufficient quantities to meet the daily caloric needs of any Basal Metabolic Rate.

Foods that upset metabolic balance would still do so. Examples include sugars, starches, and processed carbohydrates from all sources, especially those from wheat and rice. They also include super sweet fruits such as grapes and bananas.

Staying Slim After HCG Not Guaranteed

Too many overhyped HCG diet clinics and online promotions claim that the HCG diet will keep your fat off for the rest of your life. This is poppycock. Such claims mislead people into thinking that they do not have to alter their lifestyles. Here is what I guarantee: If you get to your target weight using the HCG protocol, then go back to eating foods that made you fat in the first place, you will get fat again. It is that simple.

The Problem With Protein

This food group is routinely ignored in almost all weight loss diets, at least as far as worry about any effects on weight gain. Arguments instead revolve exclusively around the roles of fats and carbs. Protein, however, does play a role in maintaining body fat. This is a complicated topic that deserves articles by itself. However, here is what more than 50 years of research shows very clearly: You will live a long and healthy life if the amount of protein you eat constitutes as little as 5 percent of your total calories.

Excess protein is, indeed, a problem. We eat too much of it, especially from animal-based foods.

Good News For The HCG Vegetarian Diet

You do not need a dedicated protein source at all. The typical sources of protein for vegetarians (beans and grains) would not work during the protocol because of their high carb content.

However, you can get all the protein you need from spinach. The good news is that you can eat all the spinach you want and never disrupt your progress during the HCG protocol. And you will never be hungry if you eat as much as spinach as you can hold.

By the way, this advice also extends to adopting a vegan lifestyle for life. Studies have shown over and over that excess protein intake, primarily from animal-based foods, is bad for your health in many ways. Overweight is just one of those ways.

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