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The hCG diet shares a common issue with many other approaches to weight loss: i.e., dehydration. Weight loss during the first few days of the protocol is driven mostly by loss of fluid. Drinking plenty of water is good advice, although it is incomplete. Here is what else you should do for good health and weight loss success in the face of dehydration. Read more… »

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The feds are at it again. The good news is that they are finally approaching sensible advice about sugar. Unfortunately, they still miss the boat in a lot of ways. I’ve posted an article on my HerbScientist.com blog with perspectives on the latest recommendations that you should be aware of. The link to that post is here: Latest Federal Dietary Guidelines: Still a Nutrition Minefield.

Let me know what you think.

You Do Not Eat Calories

eating calories
Calories are a measure of heat. Eating calories is like eating fire. There is no way for anyone to ‘eat’ calories from food. Read more… »

Personal hCG Experiment – 2015

About 7 years ago my weight reached an unacceptable high point – 210 lbs, or about 30 lbs over what I thought I should be. Although panic didn’t set in, I had a hard time believing that I was that fat guy looking back at me in the mirror. What happened to that formerly svelte athlete that I still imagined myself to be?

That is when my ‘teacher’ appeared … i.e., a friend who had become noticeably slimmer in a very short time. Once he explained his success using the hCG protocol, I was off to the races. The 30-day protocol helped me shed those 30 lbs and drop about 4-5% body fat. Hallelujah! Or so I thought. Read more… »


Dr. A.T.W. Simeons commented on the cholesterol-lowering effects of his hCG weight loss protocol in the 1971 revision of his book, Pounds and Inches. Updated experimental research in 2011 confirmed and expanded on his observation. The good news is that the health benefits of his protocol are even better than previously thought. Here is why. Read more… »

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The hCG diet protocol entails a specific reduced-calorie diet in the presence of low dose amounts of hCG. These are the two well-known components of the protocol. A third component that drives the protocol has recently come to light: cold adaptation. Altogether these are the ‘Big Three’ for getting optimal results. Cold adaptation can be viewed as the ‘missing ingredient’ of the Holy Trinity for weight loss. Indeed, it is the Holy Trinity for much, much more. Read more… »

HCG Diet Plan

Keep two things uppermost in your mind when considering the hCG diet for losing more than 30 pounds. The first is that the pound a day loss is typically the upper limit. Rarely does anyone drop more than that. Second, the true hCG diet plan (i.e., using the real hCG hormone) is only good until resistance to the hormone sets in. Resistance begins after about six weeks of using the hormone, sometimes sooner. Here is what you have to know about preventing that from happening and so you can still lose more than 30 pounds. Read more… »

How To Avoid The HCG Diet Plan

Avoid the hCG Diet Plan

The hCG diet plan is a great protocol for boosting fat loss in a hurry. However, avoiding the repeat use of it should be the goal. Too many folks fall back on old lifestyle choices, regain weight, and then depend on hCG to rescue them. Here are a few simple steps to keep this from happening again. Read more… »

HCG Diet Dangers

HCG Diet Dangers Sign

Concerned about hCG diet dangers? Side effects of the hCG diet protocol do happen. The biggest danger, though, is one that Dr. Simeons did not cover in his classic book on using hCG for weight loss. Read more… »

Best Exercise After HCG Diet

Best Exercise After hCG Diet

After hCG diet exercising must address a core issue that leads to overweight in the first place – i.e., insulin resistance. Most exercises have nothing to do with weight loss directly. Exercising to reduce insulin resistance, though, goes a long way toward resetting your metabolism for getting and staying slim and healthy for the rest of your life. Read more… »

Dr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight LossDr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight Loss

Way too many people, in my opinion, are regaining weight after completing the hCG diet protocol. Even one person would be too many. Weight regain has nothing to do with the old myth of eating too much and exercising too little. It has much more to do with meal spacing. Here is what I mean. Read more… »

If you are one of the many folks who have gained their weight back after one or more successful runs through the hCG diet plan, take heart. The problem is most likely an easy one to fix. Here are the most important things to know. Read more… »

HCG Diet Recent Research

HCG Diet - Pubmed Research

The hCG diet has attracted very little attention by research scientists. Nevertheless, this particular recent study confirms the weight loss results of earlier research and uncovers some surprising bonus benefits. Read more… »

The HCG Diet vs. Bad Body Fat

HCG Diet vs Belly Fat

The hCG diet is supposed to drive the metabolism of what Dr. Simeons called abnormal fat. Is there really bad body fat that is different from good body fat? Yup, and here is what you should know about it. Read more… »

Sausage Taco Pig

Sometimes a brilliant idea whose time has come just pops out into the light of day. This one entailed putting together some of my favorite foods into a delectable, albeit perhaps unusual, combination. Ultra low on carbs and certain to satisfy your tastebuds (if yours are anything like mine) and keep you on track for your target weight. My wife thinks this dish is gross. What do you think? Read more… »

Why the HCG Diet Plan Works

Fat Cells - hCG Diet Plan

The hCG diet plan is hormone-driven. It works because it specifically enhances the metabolism of excess fat. In contrast, simply eating less, including starvation, leads to loss of muscle tissue. Here is how to tell the difference. Read more… »

Worst Mistake After the HCG Diet

HCG Diet Mistakes

The hCG diet does not offer a long-term guarantee to stay slim. Indeed, you will completely undermine any successful weight loss by making one common mistake. It is the worst thing you can do. Read more… »


The hCG diet plan has been solid for more than 50 years, which still does not stop conjecture that may or may not be backed by science. Here is some of the latest thinking that implies cause and effect, although there is no way to know for sure. Read more… »


HCG side effects include protein deficiency immediately after finishing a protocol. It is not a good idea to continue dieting, especially regarding protein intake. Here is what you can expect and what to do about it. Read more… »


HCG side effects often include muscle weakness and reduced ability to exercise. Here is what Dr. Simeons had to say about it. Read more… »