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The hCG diet protocol entails a specific reduced-calorie diet in the presence of low dose amounts of hCG. These are the two well-known components of the protocol. A third component that drives the protocol has recently come to light: cold adaptation. Altogether these are the ‘Big Three’ for getting optimal results. Cold adaptation can be viewed as the ‘missing ingredient’ of the Holy Trinity for weight loss. Indeed, it is the Holy Trinity for much, much more. Read more… »


The hCG diet plan has been solid for more than 50 years, which still does not stop conjecture that may or may not be backed by science. Here is some of the latest thinking that implies cause and effect, although there is no way to know for sure. Read more… »

More than 19,000 research articles have been published about HCG since 1975. Most of these have nothing to do with weight loss. The key research of greatest importance for weight management is linked to the master fat hormone, leptin. Read more… »

Leptin is the Master Fat Hormone, and it works by signaling the hypothalamus of the brain. The questions for fat loss now under study are starting to look at how leptin and HCG interact. The idea is that they may be using the same or similar brain receptors. It is a great topic for understanding more about how HCG works.

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Here is a great article that goes down the road of explaining leptin metabolism. Let me know if you have any questions, class!

Dr Mel Siff Discusses Leptin and Fat Loss

Here are some extracts from a highly informative article on leptin, a hormone secreted by fat cells that influences energy expenditure and food intake.

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