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Best Exercise After HCG Diet

Best Exercise After hCG Diet

After hCG diet exercising must address a core issue that leads to overweight in the first place – i.e., insulin resistance. Most exercises have nothing to do with weight loss directly. Exercising to reduce insulin resistance, though, goes a long way toward resetting your metabolism for getting and staying slim and healthy for the rest of your life. Read more… »

Dr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight LossDr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight Loss

Way too many people, in my opinion, are regaining weight after completing the hCG diet protocol. Even one person would be too many. Weight regain has nothing to do with the old myth of eating too much and exercising too little. It has much more to do with meal spacing. Here is what I mean. Read more… »

Worst Mistake After the HCG Diet

HCG Diet Mistakes

The hCG diet does not offer a long-term guarantee to stay slim. Indeed, you will completely undermine any successful weight loss by making one common mistake. It is the worst thing you can do. Read more… »

HCG Diet Target

The best strategies for keeping weight off after your hCG diet require simple changes in lifestyle and diet. Here are the top 5 ways that have the most impact on successful long-term weight management. Read more… »

After HCG Diet Meal Spacing

What must you do after hCG diet to keep your target weight in check? One crucial and often ignored component of weight management is meal spacing – i.e., when is it best to eat each meal during the day. Scientific research on this topic may surprise you. Read more… »

After HCG Diet Care

After HCG diet care is rarely discussed on HCG websites. This creates a huge void for thousands of people who truly do not know what to do for lifetime weight management. It all boils down to finding good advice and making it work as easily as possible. Read more here for what I think is the best starting point. Read more… »

After HCG Diet To Do List

What about after HCG diet? This is where most people blow it. The first 3 weeks after taking HCG are crucial. Long-term weight management after that is the goal. Failing to follow certain guidelines will add weight back again. Here is what you must do. Read more… »