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After HCG Diet To Do List

What about after HCG diet? This is where most people blow it. The first 3 weeks after taking HCG are crucial. Long-term weight management after that is the goal. Failing to follow certain guidelines will add weight back again. Here is what you must do.

After HCG Diet: After The HCG Phase

The After HCG Diet To Do list begins after the HCG phase concludes. The last day of the HCG phase is the third day in a row of not taking the hormone, also called the hormone washout period.

On the first day after the three day washout period, you are allowed to increase your calories back to your normal daily caloric requirement, with certain crucial restrictions.

Post HCG Food Period

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The first three weeks after taking HCG, sometimes misleadingly called the maintenance phase, is the period when the fat metabolism that you established during the protocol becomes stabilized. The two most important actions that you must take during this phase are: 1) weigh yourself every day, just as you did while taking the hormone; and, 2) eat or drink anything you want except food and beverages that contain sugar or starch.

One exception is a single glass of wine each day, with a meal, during this phase.

The above guidelines are not new information. They were prescribed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s. Here is why they are important.

The Importance Of Keeping Track

Keeping track of your weight every day ensures that you are not gaining it back. Dr. Simeons insisted that the stabilizing action of this phase would be most effective when his patients kept to less than a 2 pound gain from one day to the next. He said the same thing for a 2 pound loss. The point is to stay within a narrow weight range, starting with your weight on the final day of the hormone phase and staying at that target for the next three weeks.

The Importance of Carb Restriction

This is a simple guideline. Avoid starch and sugar, both of which are carbs. The most dangerous carbs during this phase are those that fill up your liver storage capacity to quickly (i.e., starch and sugar). If your liver takes in too much carb during this phase, it will convert the excess into triglycerides and shove them back out into the bloodstream, on the way to storage in fat cells. Elevating triglycerides and increasing fat storage are not the results that you want.

Foods and beverages to avoid during this phase include potatoes, all breads, pastas, and other starchy products, rice and other grains, grapes, bananas, all fruit juices, soft drinks, and beer. This list could be much longer. Just be sensible.

By the way, the explanation is oversimplified. As Dr. Simeons mentioned in 1954, the true danger during this period is the combination of fats and carbs in the diet. Indeed, if you eat no carbs at all, you can consume more fat without increasing weight again. Remember, you have just spent a month or more establishing a healthy fat metabolism. This is no time to revert back to old habits and mess it up.

If you insist on eating carbs with a lot of fat, then watching your weight daily is the only way for you to easily detect what change this may be causing.

The Proverbial Steak Day

The steak day strategy entails skipping breakfast and lunch, then for dinner eating only a steak and one apple. The necessity for a steak day is any day that your weight reaches 2 or more pounds above the previous day.

The key is to have a steak day that very same day. Putting it off will undermine your recovery. However, a steak day can and often does put you right back on track by the following day.

The reason that I emphasize this is that a steak day is most effective only when it is implemented on that first day of too much weight increase.

A Modern Scientific Viewpoint

Dr. Simeons created his diet based on 1950s knowledge about human physiology. The discovery of the master fat hormone, leptin, in 1994 substantiates his thinking. Leptin and HCG both work by sending signals through brain receptors in the hypothalamus. Lab research with experimental animals is just now starting to show how these two hormones interact to regulate fat metabolism.

The carb connection in this scenario involves insulin, which also has a close interaction with leptin. If either one of these hormones gets out of balance, the other one will, too. Consuming excess carbs will make you fat more quickly than will any other kind of food. These hormones work together to make it so. This is why eating carbs during the three week post HCG phase ruins your newly acquired fat metabolism.

Long-Term Weight Management

The HCG protocol itself, including Phase 3, is only a small blip of time compared with long-term weight management. If you want to stay on target for the rest of your life, you must arm yourself with good information, then do the right thing based on it.

I have noticed that way too many people get off track after a protocol series or two (or more), then return to doing yet another HCG protocol. This is not a recipe for long-term success. The idea should be that, once you reach your target weight you stay there for good.

Sorting through the vast amount information on weight management can be overwhelming, I know. It is a favorite past-time of mine, and it takes a lot of time. As you probably know, you can find lots of contradictory advice, even among medical doctors fitness trainers, nutritionists, and others who should know better. That is why I focus on what the scientific research says on this topic, and that is what I write about on another blog: BellyFatScience.com.

Wading through scientific publications, and sorting out the good from the bad (yes, bad science does get published), is just something that I enjoy doing and that I am good at. I have always maintained that my fellow scientists do not do enough to communicate to the public what we do. BellyFatScience.com is my small effort to rectify that. Go ahead and take a look at some of the posts there to see what might be useful for you.

How About Diet Pills?

Hope for a magic bullet for weight loss and long-term weight management reigns supreme in our culture. A huge industry is built around it, including FDA-approved weight loss drugs, herbs and other supplements, and countless celebrity-endorsed weight loss programs. Even I am overwhelmed by it all.

Fortunately, I can shrink the information overload considerably by just digging into the medical research literature, then simply ignoring the marketing hype that has no substance behind it. In fact, most diet pills have no research support whatsoever. Some are simply too dangerous to human health.

Since I get asked so many questions on this HCG blog about diet pills, and since so much contradictory and bad information is out there, I decided to launch a new blog to focus on just that topic: TheDietPillsReview.com.

At the moment I have just a few posts there, on such topics as phentermine, Xenical, Alli, green tea, acai berry, and even the Kirstie Alley weight loss supplements (couldn’t resist). I have a long list of diet pills to review. So little time and so much to do! If you are considering taking any kind of diet pills, this would be a good blog to take a look at.

I’ll even provide a little incentive for you to pay me a visit at TheDietPillsReview.com: If you want to know more about the science behind a diet pill, or whether there is any research on it at all, just leave me a comment on one of the posts there and I will see what I can find out for you.

Updates for after HCG diet,

Dr. D

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  1. by Gaby


    Dear Dr. Clark

    I did follow the 3 week period and maintained my weight well. Now I am about 6 weeks past my 2nd round and all of a sudden from one day to another I had a 3 pound weight gain. I did the steak day but only lost 1 pound. So what do I do next? another steak day? How can it happen, that I gain 3 pounds in a day. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary nor is it that time of the month. I am very confused perhaps you can shed some light on it.

    Best regards

    Gaby (Dieting in Germany)

  2. by Danelle


    I’m in week 2 of phase 3 and lost weight the first couple of days. Getting used to eating (and remembering to eat–never thought I’d say that), was a task. I got sick the first few days as my stomach wasn’t ready to take on that much food/protein. It passed after several days, and I’ve been pretty stable +/- a pound. I lost 29 lbs on phase2 and haven’t been super careful about watching the exact calories I’m eating, just making sure that I’m eating the correct foods for this phase–and eating a lot of them. (igoogle calorie counter is really easy and accessible to use) I found that to boost calories in a healthy way I eat a raw avocado daily (good fats) and throw in mixed nuts for high calories. I get backed up with too much cheese, but I make sure to do that in moderation too. Keep drinking the oolong tea to help with water retention and hormone stabilization. I love this program and haven’t had this success in any attempt over the last 10 years. I can’t wait to do phase 2 again!

  3. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Great input that will benefit others. Keep up the good work!

    All the best,

  4. by Jan


    I started the hcg and on day 4 became Ill with a cold. I stopped the diet. Now it is 4 days later, aim feeling better can I restart? Do I need to overeat for the 2 days again? Or do need to wait and resart after 6 weeks?

  5. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Michael:

    You can start immediately without another pair of gorging days. If you wait a week or more, then you have to start over (and expect to reach resistance sooner). Keep up the good work!

    All the best,

  6. by Marie


    On Round 1 I am down 19.5 pounds using homeopathic hcg. Have just started my second week of phase 3 and it seems too be going well. My question is what about phase 4, how should we be eating (I will be on holiday during phase 4)
    I plan to start R2 in September/October.
    Any help would be greatly received.

    many thanks,


  7. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Marie: You simply must eat and drink sensibly. Your body will tell you what that means when you keep track of your weight every day. It certainly includes eliminating junk food and processed carbs.
    Cheers, Dennis

  8. by VW


    I have been on the HCG diet 5 weeks (started July 11th). I have lost 24 lbs; but have been stuck at my current weight for almost a week. Any suggestions?


  9. by Theresa


    Dr. Clark,

    I am beginning round 2 of the hCG Protocol this weekend. As when I started the hCG diet, do I again “load” with healthy fats for 2-days before I proceed with the 500-calories per day? Please advise.



  10. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, begin at the beginning again.

  11. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You should go through the Pounds and Inches book and read about plateaus.

  12. by Tanya


    I am on my last two days of injection. But I got my monthly visitor this morning. I don’t plan to take shot for three days of my cycle. But is it going to do any good to take injection for two days after the hcg is out of body.

  13. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is probably fine to do so. The worst case scenario is that you will develop resistance to the hormone and be hungry for a couple of days.

    All the best,

  14. by marsha


    What happens if I don’t eat double the protein after the 26 days are over and just eat sensibly. I’m doing the hcg injections. I was told that for 3 weeks after the 26 day to do double my protein, and after that for 3 weeks to do the atkins. What if I don’t follow with this and just eliminate carbs for 6 weeks

  15. by Kristina


    I am curious about the combination of carbs and fat during the 3-week post-VLCD phase (phase 3), and it’s impact. On one of the hcg message boards I frequent, there seems to be an assumption that carbs should not be counted as long as they are “natural” such as in dairy and fruit, and that fats can always be unlimited. To me, that seems like a recipe for disaster. One can rack up a ton of carbs and fat from fruit, whole milk/cream, cheese and yogurt. I have taken a more Atkins-like approach to P3 and limit fats if I eat fruit or yogurt. Weight gain is blamed on “intolerances” but could it be too many carbs are getting stored as fat? Can you comment?

  16. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kristina:

    I think you are right on track. The key to resetting fat metabolism is to not have carbs and fats at the same time during Phase 3. Fats are not the problem. The combination of fats with carbs is. By the way, the “natural” business is overdone. Fruit as a carb source is widely variable. Apples will work just fine. Grapes and bananas will not. Oh, and your question about too many carbs getting stored as fat is right on the money. Indeed, of all food groups, carbs are the only group that gets converted to storage fat. The efficiency of this process depends on how your body uses insulin and leptin, which are the key hormones of fat metabolism.

    I hope I answered your questions.

    All the best,

  17. by Amanda


    Really curious. I made the dumb mistake of cheating the last day of HCG diet. Put on a couple lbs. I did an apple day today…If that doesn’t work should I do a steak day tomorrow?

  18. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Apple days are for reversing plateaus while on the hormone. A steak and apple day is for when you gain a couple of pounds extra while on phase 3.

  19. by Erin


    I’m desperate for help. I made a mistake and went off the maintenance a week early. I gained a ton of weight and when I realized what I did, I went back to maintenance. I should have been off maintenance for two weeks now, but I’m not stabilizing at all. In fact, I’m having extraordinarily dramatic weight shifts. If I have anything with grains in it, I gain more than 2.2 lbs overnight. I actually gained 4.8 pounds one day, just by having a sandwich. This is weeks after maintenance should be over. I am truly not able to stabilize no matter how small the intake of grains is. I’m having a steak day every other day to correct my foray into grains. When I have no grains at all and am eating candy, tons of whole fat milk and potato, I lose as much as 1 pound overnight. I’m up and down so dramatically. My weight hasn’t stayed the same, or even been close one single day.

    And just so you know, no, it is not the carbs. I’m drinking half a gallon of whole milk a day and I can eat sugar ice cream, potatoes, and candies with no problem. This is carbs and fat together. I even lost a pound in a day I ate a whole pint of Ben and Jerrys and had two potatoes. But I had one bowl of Crispex cereal and I gained 2.8 pounds.

    I’M DESPERATE! Should I go back on the diet ASAP so I can reset my metabolism again? Am I never going to be able to eat grains again without gaining? I’m going to regain all the weight I lost if someone doesn’t tell me a way to correct this soon.


  20. by Karlee


    I’ve attempted to do the diet for the last 2 weeks…I did the loading days 2 weeks ago. I keep messing up…it’s been 3 days since i’ve taken the HCG. Can I restart tomorrow without doing the loading days again? Will I start losing weight right away? Or would it be best to wait 6 weeks and start all over?

  21. by Erin


    I’m still looking forward to your response and thought I would add a few questions. Why is it that you can’t have sugar, especially with fat, during maintenance, but you can have all the milk you want? That is sugar and fat together. There is about 88 carbs in half a gallon of milk. Why doesn’t this upset the maintenance?

    Also, what do you do when the steak day doesn’t seem to pull the weight back off of you? I was destabilizing so much that I had to have a steak day every other day due to the dramatic increases in weight. It finally got to the point that the steak day stopped taking the weight back off. In fact, the last time I did it, I gained .8 pounds.

    Still desperate for your help!

  22. by Cristy


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    I just subscribed to your daily videos. I have a question for you. I have been on the HCG diet now for 26 days and have lost 21.5 pounds. I have been very faithful, up until 2 days ago. I decided to experiment and did a big no-no. I took a couple carb blockers
    and ate 1/2 of a quizno’s turkey sub. I had nothing else to eat that day. I never left ketosis (I check with strips daily) but I shot up a pound (I’m assuming due to water retention). What do I do now to get back to where I should be? I’d really like to check out some of
    your other videos since I’ve read the Pounds and Inches book. I’d like to find out more about what I’m going through right now. Do I have to wait for weeks to get to that video? I am only going to be on the protocal until 10/11 since that is when my 43 days will be
    up. I will then be on the no-sugar, no-starch phase.

    Any input would greatly help.

    Thank you in advance for your attention.

  23. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Erin…yes, you missed the 3-week window for resetting you fat metabolism in the maintenance phase. Being off for a short time, then going back into it won’t work very well, as you have discovered. Yes, milk has a lot of carb. And yes, potatoes, candy, ice cream, and grains are going to be your nemesis more than ever. You will probably have to do the protocol again, since your weight fluctuates so wildly. You can do a 2-week protocol instead of 30 days. You have to wait 6 weeks from the end of one HCG period to the beginning of another.

    Dr. D

  24. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Some people have been successful when picking up right where they left off if he break was only a few days. You have to experiment and see how it might work for you. Otherwise, yes, you probably should wait and start the protocol over after 6 weeks.

    Dr. D

  25. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Erin…I’m with you on the milk (I have lactose intolerance anyway). It is a bad combination of fat and carbs. As I said before, your metabolism is so unstable now that you might benefit from doing the protocol all over after the proper waiting period. Good luck!

    Dr. D

  26. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    This is exactly what the apple day is for. Just have 5 apples all day, immediately, and no other food, plus as little water as you can get away with. That is the classic Simeons apple day. It works miracles for getting rid of the excess fluid.

    Dr. D

  27. by Erin


    Thank you for the advice. I have started the diet again. I hope it works better this time. I do have a problem that I’m hoping you can help me with. While I was doing the VLCD, I was very nauseous and could only eat fish. I think I severely malnourished myself because my hair is seriously falling out. It has been falling out for two weeks and my hair is now about half as thick as it was. I’m taking massive liquid vitamins, minerals, hair vitamins, MSM, and collagen, but it isn’t stopping. Is there anything I can do?

  28. by Kelly Belle Moore


    Hello! I have just finished my first week of phase 2. It looks like I will reach my goal weight at the end of my second week of using the drops. I know hcg is usually a 3 or 6 week program on the drops but my question is can I only do the drops for two weeks and then do the three week phase 3 and it still be effective? I do not want to end the drops early if it will not be effective but I also do not want to loose too much weight.

    Please Help
    Thank You!

  29. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kelly:

    You sure can. In fact, many of our clients have done a 2-week protocol just fine. In Dr. Simeons’ book, he said that you could eat the same HCG diet foods up to 1,000 calories per day, while still on the drops, if you reached your target weight early. We have found that you canfinstead just end the protocol with a 3-day washout, then phase 3 as usual. Good going!

    All the best,

  30. by Kelly Belle Moore


    Thank you for your help, this site is awesome!

  31. by Patty Gaona


    I did the loading phase and the 21 days of VLCD without any deviation from the diet. I lost 27 pounds and wanted to lose an additional 20 pounds. The plan I am on allows you to stay on the diet for 3 months using sublingual Relana HCG. Unfortunately I have had trouble staying on the diet since the first month. I have cheated intermittenly throughout the last 60 days with carbs and fats. I have not reached my goal of 20 pounds yet. I have lost an additional 9 pounds then re-gained 4 of those. Do I still go on to the 3 days VLCD without the HCG drops then do the 3 weeks of Maintenance? Another question…I still have some of the hormones left, are they still good after a 6 week break?

  32. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Patty:

    I couldn’t comment on the Releana program or product, since the well-established protocol from the 1950s clearly states that, when you take the normal daily dose of HCG (i.e., 125 IU), you will develop resistance to it after a maximum of about 40 days. At that point the hormone signaling pathway quits working and people just get very hungry, as they would on a starvation diet with no hormone.

    All the best,

  33. by Patty Gaona


    I have certainly been hungry! And beating myself up because I couldn’t stay on the diet as directed for the full three months. Boy OH Boy!!! Thank you for your comment. I will definitely go a different route next time. Can you please advise as to whether I should do the three days of VLCD without the hormones then proceed to the 3 weeks of maintence at this point – given my circumstances as noted in my original post??? Thank you again for your help!

  34. by Treena


    Hi Dr Clark have a question.

    I have done 2 rounds and was doing fine until I started working the night shift. I have been having some trouble stabilizing. Its only started since I started working graveyard. I only work 2 nights a week. I thinking about doing another round while I’m on my permanet shift, so that I can stabilize better. Any suggestions on eating times? I go to bed around 3:30 on thursday wake up at 8:45 and work till 7 am. Then Friday I am up till about 11:30 when my husband is off work otherwise I’m up till 2pm and then wake up at 8:45pm.

    on steak days are you to drink allot of water or minimal, like the apple day? can you do apple day on phase 4? I’ve read about apple cheese day do those work also?

    thank you

  35. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Treena:

    Wow, that kind of work schedule puts a lot of stress on you in many ways. Nevertheless, when you stick with the protocol it should work the same as before. Just be sure to space your meals well. The steak and apple day has no suggested restriction on fluids. The apple day is only for while on the protocol. I have never heard of an apple-cheese day. Cheese, of course, contains way too much fat to be useful during the protocol. One of my friends does a steak and apple day once per week. I think the fasting period between dinner one night and dinner (steak and apple) the next is a great double whammy positive.

    All the best,

  36. by Shanna


    Hi I just finished my 1st 30 day round of hcg on 11/21 and had a good 3 day VLCD however on 11/25-11/27 I had sugar and starches and I gained over 5 pounds and was unable to do a steak day.However 11/28 to today i have been eating very low carb diet with no sugar and starches Today is 11/30 is it to late for me to do a steak day and try to get back on track? please help

  37. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Shanna…do a steak day ASAP. You can do one every other day if need be, although it would get a little boring.

    All the best,

  38. by Brian M. Connole


    I think this is the part that most people get concerned about doing. This is because the information provided in the protocol is very vague.

    Listen to Dr D everyone, he knows his stuff!

    Take care Doc,

    Brian M Connole
    HCG Diet 411

  39. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks, Brian. I have also enjoyed your site at hcg411. You keep up the good work, too.

    All the best,

  40. by Joan Sternhagen


    I took my last drop last night and will continue the 3 day regimen until Friday evening. I will then be in Phase 2. My question is regarding doing a 23 day regimen again. Why must I wait 6 weeks. Could I start again in 4 or 4 1/2. I am trying to fit it in again between my travels and crucial tempting events that I must attend??

  41. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Joan…six weeks is the standard period from the original 1954 protocol by Dr. Simeons…it works well.

  42. by danielle wilson


    i was on the hcg diet for 60 days, no problems. now my hair is falling out. is there any way to stop it? i have lost about 40% of my hair so far. it has been three months since i have taken the hcg.

  43. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Danielle: It would be best for you to see a doctor in person about this issue.

    All the best,

  44. by Christina23


    Hi Dr. Clark; I did a 40day round of HCG drops and I’m in phase 3 now and was wondering if exercise is contraindicated for any reason? If I do around an hour of cardio everyday; how is that expected to affect my weight, if at all?
    Thank you!

  45. by Becky B.


    To reassure people who are following the maintenance but gain 2 to 3 lbs. in a day, remember, it’s water weight. Unless you are consuming 3500 or more you cannot gain a pound of fat in one day! Increase your water intake for a few days and the weight will come right off.

  46. by Angie


    I am wondering… when I have completed phase 3 and set my weight, would I be able to do Weight Watchers points to keep my weight off? Thank you!

  47. by Nicole


    Dr. Clark,
    I am on day 2 after my last dose of the HCG pellets, round 1. I know I have one more day before the HCG is out of my system. I have gained 2 pounds. I’m sure it’s water but it’s disconcerting nonetheless. Do I do a steak day now? With the HCG pellets, how many weeks do I have to wait before I can do a round 2 on the HCG pellets?

  48. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Nicole…you are right on the edge between phases. Day 2 should still give results on a regular apple day. I sent you an email about the importance of waiting between protocols…normally the wait period is 6 weeks.

  49. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Angie…if you can eat the stuff that Weight Watchers offers, more power to you. A low carb diet (NOT low fat) with lots of fresh (non-processed) food would be better.

  50. by Donna


    Dr. I failed too take the drops on the first 2 gorge days. But have been on the vlcd for 2 weeks. What should I do?

  51. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Keep going as normal. You may experience some early hunger and slow progress at first.

    All the best,

  52. by adf



    i have some concerns…. i was on hcg injections for 3 weeks, i followed it perfectly for 21 days of injections and 2 days eating the same w/o injection. i then started the 3 wks of maintenance eating basically the same but incorporating dairy and nuts and only 1 tsp of sugar a day. while on my 3 wks i lost and additional 5 pounds. my calories never reached 1000, at most 940, but im not really hungry. for the past 11 days, i have maintained my weight, maybe going down .5 of a pound one day then back up .5 lb. i am unsure as to why, and is this a good thing that my weight is stabilizing? i am also due for my menstrual in seven days. is that a factor? i did incorporate the gym as well doing low weights (7lbs) or using my body weight and do squats/lunges and i actually gained a half a pound, is that a factor? while on the injection, i did stay the same weight for 10 days, then after my menstrual i lost 3lbs.

    my other concern is that when i start to eat pasta, breads again…. i do not want to blow up, i read a post above that (erin) that she gained 4.8 lbs after eating a sandwich and 2.2 lbs after eating a bowl of cereal. is that going to happen to me. if i remember correctly, she didn’t complete the maintenance phase.

    im truly looking forward to your response.

    thank you.

  53. by Michelle


    I had my last hcg drops one week ago. I have not eaten anything outside of the approved list of foods but I have not maintained a schedule for eating and think I may have under eaten. I gained 2 lbs. and did a steak day yesterday. It brought me back down 1lb. This morning I woke up and did not have time for breakfast. It is now lunch and I still have not eaten. I have a trip on May 30. Should I retake the drops for 3 days then 3 day washout? Also, I am concerned because I have done 2 rounds of hcg. I am supposed to be on hrt therapy (delayed puberty) but do not take my estrogen or progesterone as they no longer initiate a menstral cycle. I have fat in my abdomen area and sides that is not hard but very “mushy” Even after 2 rounds of hcg, this fat has reduced in size but during each round of 23 days I only lose about 11 lbs.

  54. by Bwecca


    Hi, I’m on the second week of phase 1, I do very well monday thru friday, but my husband does not make it easier for me, I don’t stick to the diet on the weekends, saturday and sunday, but I do not eat alot. first week i lost 12 pounds and saturday and sunday ate what ever, still took the drops and gain 3 pounds back, than come Monday, 3 days ago, got back on the diet, lost the 3 pounds, plus 2 more pounds, total of 14 pounds lost as of today, sticking to my diet. i’m afraid that i mught not stick to the diet on this weekend, due to mother’s day, kids are taking me out to eat. Does this mean that I will be losing the weight slowly, because of not sticking to the diet on weekends.

  55. by Jacque T


    I followed the plan for 21 days and am having an interuption for a week and a half due to travel, I am halfway through this interuption and have eaten good for the most part but did give in to some carbs and have gained 2 lbs. When the interuption is over can I resume drops and finish to day 40 or do I have to start all over? Also when off the vlcd can I increase exercize right away?

  56. by Laura


    I finished 38 days on the VLCD and lost 22 lbs. I just finished my semester of nursing school and really got off track fast. I have gained 5lbs back. At this point what should I do. Should I start eating low-carb and excercise and see what happens? Or is my metabolism screwed up and I need to wait another four weeks and do the protocol again. I have extra supplies and would like my set weight to be 130, and I am 140 right now. I actually read that you usually settle in at about five pounds heavier than when on the protocol. UGH, I am upset that i messed up phase 3 but there were so many social functions going on and I dove right into my old habits after feeling so good!

    Any advice will be followed and greatly appreciated!!!

  57. by naomi Rue


    Dr.Clark, I am finishing up round two phase two of the HCG diet and am almost at my goal weight. My question is, I usually work out pretty intensly. I would like to start again during maintainance phase, but I know that muscle weighs more than fat. Will working out make me gain back the lbs that I’ve lost, or will it equal out with metabolism?? I’m very interested in your answer.

  58. by nela


    Dear Dr. D,

    I’m on my first round with hcg (inj.) Today is Day 3 of VLCD and Day 5 of injections. I’ve been religious abt VLCD. But I JUST realized I drank 1 and 1/2 bottles of green tea that had 45g of sugar!:( I thought it was sugar free and was adding stevia to it. I am devastated. What do you recommend? What will be the impact? Thanks so much for your site.

  59. by kwg


    I started the hgc diet and it seem to me that i’m not losing any weight. i got on the scale and out of 14 days, i only lost 4lbs… what am i doing wrong. I eat salads with grill chicken every day… breakfast is grapefruit and diner is a baked chicken …. don’t get me wrong i do look better but i guess i was expecting to lose a lot more.

  60. by Joanne


    Hi Dr. Clark,

    I have finished P2 a week ago and of course started p3, I am very discouraged, I gained 4lbs, it may be due to not enought food. Please help, I don’t want to gain all the weight back. I have lost a t total of 18. 4 lbd on P2.

    Thank you for your time.


  61. by Brittany Marshall


    Dr. D,
    I finish my diet in 3 days. I have lost about 14 pounds in all. I have been experiencing major hunger lately and I have noticed that when i only eat what is prescribed in the diet that I dont lose as much, I have been eating about 3-4 snacks a day instead of 2 just to fill myself up and it hasnt effected my weight loss. Why is this? Also, I work from 4pm-12 so keeping the diet during those hours is hard because I cant eat. How should I work around this? Last question, If you do not “maintain” the diet for 3 weeks will it still work or will I just gain all the weight that I lost back? I am curious as to how much the maintenance actually effects the permanent weight loss.


  62. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Overall, outside your menstrual period, you should keep your post-HCG weight within 2 lbs. of your final weight as you go through Phase 3. This is critical for stabilizing your carb to fat metabolism. Carbs must be kept low. Regarding Erin’s gain, that is typical of fluid retention when having too much carb. The steak and apple day strategy puts you right back on track when that happens.

  63. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Taking the drops for only 3 days is an unknown. Just keep to a post-HCG diet that keeps you within 2 lbs. of your final weight from your previous HCG protocol.

  64. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you will undermine your results when you get off the protocol so often.

  65. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Start over. Exercise any time you wish.

  66. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Laura…You can do a 2-week protocol to get yourself back to where you want to be. And stick to the Phase 3 this time! Good luck.

    All the best,

  67. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It depends on what you do to build muscle. You probably won’t add so much lean body mass as to upset your weight management.

  68. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Use an apple day when something like this happens.

  69. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you should lose at least a half a pound per day. Check any possible source of oil in your diet (salad dressing?), and make sure that your chicken is only breast meat (not pressed meat, either).

  70. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Use a steak and apple day as often as needed to keep your post-HCG weight within 2 lbs. of your final weight on the protocol.

  71. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Proper maintenance for 3 weeks is critical. You seem to be able to take in more calories without consequence. Just be sure that you keep the sugar and starches out of your diet for Phase 3.

  72. by kari


    Dr. D,
    Is it true some people benefit from the use of limited unrefined coconut oil on phase 2? I am on R1, P2, D10 and am down 11.4 pounds. I quit breast feeding my baby 5 days before the loading days. And have had 2 non consecutive stall days but cant seem to figure out what causes that. Is it normal to have days with no loss? I have 8.6 pounds till my goal. With 11 days left of protocol I am beginning to feel light headed at times. Is it OK to spread out my 2 protein servings to 4 smalling servings through out the day? Also, at this rate I will meet Goal, but do people generally see a slow down towards the end of protocol?

  73. by MM


    Dr. Dennis Clark,

    This is my 5th day on phase 3 and i have gained 2 pounds without the intake of carbs or sugar. Yesterday i had grapefruit and 3 apples all day and some tofu for dinner, but i still gained 2lbs. Why could this be happening? I am paranoid at this point. My calorie intake was maybe 500-600 calories if that. Please help.

  74. by Griselda


    Hi Dr, my question is: I started p3 yesterday and I was wondering what can happen if I follow Weight Watchers plan sticking to the protocol just to loose more weight? Will my body get out of whack? Or can I successfully loose the weight? Can the hypothalamus be reset later on if I stay away from carbs and sugars after reaching m goal with weight watchers?

  75. by hamna


    hi there
    I want to kow what could be the best things to eat durring phaseon?

  76. by NIcole B


    I have been on the HCG diet for approx. 15 days and it has been going really well. I have achieved the weight loss I was expecting however today JULY 4th I ate outside of the diet. Does this mean the diet will no longer work for me or can I simply beging my drops again tommorow with and apple day to keep my body on track. I am very disappointed in myself consdsidering th fact that I was doing so well and all it took was a holdiay and I step oustide of my boudnaries. Help what do I do now?

  77. by Susan


    I too did not understand the phase 3 maintenance phase and ate carbs with 15 grams or less. I did dabble with sugar but not a lot. I have regained 6 lbs. How long do I wait to do the 2 week protocol and reset with phase 3? Once this phase is complete are people able to lose weight naturally by eating low calorie/ low carb along with exercise?

  78. by Krista


    Hello. Dr. D,
    I am doing well on phase 2. Just wondering if there is any seasoning that I could use to make my foods creamier, or, do I just need to tough it out until phase 2 is over. I really love avocados, I can eat them in phase 3 right? Or do I have to wait until my 3weeks are up? Looking forward to your response.

  79. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I don’t know of any creamer-type seasoning that are asking about. Anyone else have a comment? Avocados are pretty loaded with carbs and will put your Phase 3 success at risk.

  80. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The standard wait period between protocols is 6 weeks (i.e., 3 weeks of Phase 3, then an additional 3 weeks). Yes, you can be very successful in the long term via low carb and exercise. You must get sufficient calories, though. The idea of ‘low calories’ may work depending on what you mean.

  81. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    No need to beat yourself up. You can do an apple day whenever you need it. Otherwise, just pick up where you left off before going outside the diet.

  82. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Something good for your health – fresh, protein and veggi-rich – until you are full (not overfull).

  83. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The idea is to eat mostly protein and fat. Don’t skimp on the calories. A steak and apple day is very helpful.

  84. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Slow downs are not necessarily common. You can spread out your meals any way you wish. Light-headedness happens to me, too.

  85. by LizzJ


    I am starting the HCG pellets tomorrow, and I am so nervous, and some what confused in knowing what to eat, even thought I see it all over. I guess it is nerves. Also do I need to take Vitamin B12

  86. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It sounds like nerves. Just keep things simple and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy and how effective the protocol is. B-12 can be helpful with energy.

    All the best,

  87. by Sandra


    My husband is on the hcg phase 3 and he has gained 3lbs then had a steak day and walked now he has only gained 2lbs lost 1.Im really getting freaked out about this phase 3 because Im just on phase 2. He isn’t cheating I know for a fact I make all his food. What should I do for him dont want to have him gain his 42 lbs back he lost.

  88. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Sandra:

    It is harder for some people to reset their carb/fat metabolism during phase 3. I’ve known people to alternate steak/apple days if need be. Make sure to include the apple! Stick with it and make sure that he neither gains nor loses more than 2 lbs from his final weight at the end of phase 2.

    All the best,

  89. by Valerie


    I did the 45 day HCG diet and lost 17lbs. Near the end I went on antibiotics and as I finished the HCG I went on vacation and did not watch my eating or drinking. I also had a terrible sun interaction with the antibiotic. In addition, my bowels are very unhappy and although I am eliminating, I have alot of discomfort. I know I am wallowing in fluid from the histamine etc but the scale says I gained 9 lbs in 4 days!!!! Should I do an apple day? A steak day? Start the entire diet over? Is it too soon? Please help.

  90. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Valerie:

    Sorry to hear of your extra challenges. Regarding the HCG protocol, you have discovered what way too many others have also discovered the hard way … Phase 3 of the protocol is absolutely crucial for long-term success. This is the phase that you must stick with to the letter, even more so than Phase 1 or 2. All is not lost for you, though. You are undoubtedly retaining extra fluid, since putting on that much body tissue in 4 days is hard to do. The steak and apple day can work miracles when you get puffed up with extra fluid. In fact, I have seen clients go way above their final HCG protocol weight and bring it back down quickly by having a steak and apple day every other day until getting back on track. Be sure to stick with the ultralow carbs in between, and only have a steak and an apple for dinner (no other meals) on the other days. Let me know how it goes. Oh, and for certain do not start another protocol series sooner than 6 weeks after you started Phase 3 on the previous series.

    All the best,

  91. by Kathy Wuistinger


    I have lost 40 lbs on the Hcg diet and have been able to maintain the weight within 2 lbs since I stopped the diet. I stopped the diet in May. I have wavered around 2 lbs either way. This morning I weighed almost 3 lbs more and I’m extremely worried because the last few days I’ve had a tendency to gain instead of going up and down. Should I do the steak and apple? I’ve not been consistent on eating apples since I quit the diet…is that the problem? I’ve started walking and doing stretching exercises for my stomach. Is that creating more muscle?

  92. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kathy:

    It sounds as though a steak and apple day would be helpful. No, stopping apples altogether should be fine. They can be helpful, though! I don’t know whether you are building more muscle, although I doubt that it is a significant amount if you are.

    All the best,

  93. by Cheryl


    I finished phase 2 with drops on Friday taking my last drops at 5 PM. I’ve read that phase 3 starts 72 hours after your last drops. Does that mean I eat like I’m still on the diet for the next 3 days or next 72 hours after the last drops? More specifically – can eat more protein and veggies with salad dressing on Monday after 5 PM? Or do I wait until Tuesday morning to add in healthy fats and officially start Phase 3?

  94. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cheryl: You eat for three days on the same 500-calorie diet, without taking any hormone, before starting Phase 3.

  95. by Charlotte


    I am on day 15 of P3 and have have had great results. I have stayed the exact same weight since the last day of my drops. I lost 16 pounds during P2 but wanted to lose 7 more pounds to be at my ideal weight. My question is do I do another round or is there another way of losing without the drops? In the last week of P2 I started to slow down on the weight loss. Maybe 6 ounces every other day to two days. I worry with so few pounds to lose that when I start back on another round that it will be slow and I will get discouraged. Also what kind of weight loss per day should I expect?

  96. by diane


    I finished my second round of the hcg diet.I went off the maniance one day early and am gaining weight.Help.What can I do to get it back off.Im up 7 pounds and need it off.

  97. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Charlotte:

    Congratulations on your success. Your results are typical for women. As to how fast you might reach your ideal weight, it varies. However, you can do the protocol for two weeks and see how it goes. If you reach your ideal weight within that period, you can do one of two things. You can up your calories (double, to 1,000 calories per day, on the same foods) and stay on the HCG (recommended), or you can do a 3-day washout and start Phase 3. With your success so far, I’d say that you should get the results you want.

    All the best,

  98. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Diane…as soon as your weight starts to go up, this is when a steak and apple day comes in handy; you can gain a lot of weight fast by retaining fluids, and a steak and apple day resets you…Dennis

  99. by diane


    Thank you,so I can do a steak day any time I go up after doing the maninance part of the diet?Ive lost 68 pounds on the diet and I do not want to gain any back.

  100. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you can do a steak (and apple!) day at any time.

  101. by Diana


    On Phase III is it alright to eat lots of different nuts? For exampe, almonds, walnuts, cashews, macadamia, pistatios, etc.

  102. by Diana


    May I use a tanning lotion and what kind?

  103. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Diana…too many nuts would be too much carbohydrate for Phase 3…just be careful with them.


  104. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    …anything not oily

  105. by Ricky


    Hi Dr. Clark

    I sure hope you can help. I finished my 2nd round of HGC at a weight of 137.8. I was handling Phase 3 quite nicely got down to 136.0, got my period and shortly after landed myself in hospital due to unforseen medical issues, unrelated to hgc. To make a long story short, I was on an IV and being fed liquids. My weight went up to 139.0 or so, but I had no control to do a steak day to bring it down. I am now out of hospital doing well healthwise but my weight is still hovering around 139.8. Is it too late to do a steak day? Will it be effective? or has my body reset to this new level. I had my heart set on getting down to 135 and I was close. Should I just see out this phase 3 and then work on the last five pounds independently?

  106. by Diana


    Are apples the best fruit to eat in Phase 2? Are they a diarrhetic? What is so magical about apples?

  107. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Ricky:

    Sorry to hear of your medical challenge. Staying in a hospital is the worst thing to do for anyone’s diet. What you can do now is a combination of steak and apple day and intermittent fasting every other day. The fasting is part of the steak and apple day, since you are not supposed to eat until dinner of that day. This is a remarkable recovery strategy. In between s/a days, keep your carbs as low as you can. Good luck. You should get to that 135 lb level soon.

    All the best,

  108. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Diana…they seem to act as a diuretic, although not in the sense that a diuretic drug would. We don’t understand the magic of apples.

    All the best,

  109. by Chely


    I wasted an entire bottle of hcg for a 23 day worth. I cheated basically throughout the whole bottle. then I moved to 2nd nottle so I could do it right. I cheated halfway through the bottle, but I am doing very well with the last half. I did want to lose much weight by the end of september, but my 40 days of taking hcg will ne up by the beginning of september. if I have to do the 3-6 week maimtenance phase then I will not be able to reach goal before my family reunion… so what I am asking is… 1: do I HAVE to do maintainence or do I not because I cheated so much. 2:if yes can 3 weeks only work or must it be 6? 3. if I didn’t do maintainence would the hcg still burn fat but id be hungry or would it stop doing its job altogether??

  110. by Diana


    I need to lose about 60 pounds. Will I get just as good of results by doing 3 rounds of HCG at 23 days instead of two 40 days of HCG?

  111. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Diana…You probably will. It will just take longer, considering the required 6-week period between rounds.

    All the best,

  112. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Chely:

    You are in unknown territory here. I would guess (and it would be a guess) that you have developed resistance to the HCG, just because you have used it for so long. Reversing resistance does take about 6 weeks.

    All the best,

  113. by Diana


    On the apple steak day, does it have to be at dinner time or can it be earlier as long as i just eat the one meal? I enjoy eating a big lunch and no dinner.

  114. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Diana:

    Are you guessing about these things? The directions are to fast all day and have a steak and apple at dinner.

    All the best,

  115. by Ricky


    Thanks Dennis I appreciate your advice on this. It’s hard for folks to understand how important it is for me to reach my goal. Everyone just sees that I am a size4/6 and thinks I’m crazy. For me it’s about a strong finish. I’ve come this far I just want to be successful. I will say however, that I got so fed up today that I ate a lot of yogurt and fruit, more than my fair share I am sure. At least 4 servings. I try to keep dairy to a minimum so I know the scale might not be too nice to me tomorrow. In any event, it was a conscious decision and now I am ready to fix it.

    So just to be clear the strategy is to use a combination of s/a days. So am I doing one steak day followed by an apple day and keep this up until the weight is off? When do I do the high protein day in between? In other words what would you suggest my menu be for instance over the next 3 to 4 days? I am supposed to begin carbs on 8/21. I would really like to fit one in or two in inorder to keep my sanity while still getting down to my goal weight. I haven’t had any for about 6weeks now. Any suggestions?

  116. by Ricky


    so I did a steak day yesterday. I had two cups of coffee with cream. I had an apple in the morning, I had to I couldn’t hold out and the largest steak I could find in the evening. I had it with dijon mustard. I did however and prepare it with salt and a little olive oil. I only dropped 1lb. Did I do something wrong? All that effort for 1lb. I could have done that on my own without all the discomfort. Maybe I should just be happy with weiging 138.8lb although it gives me absolutley no flexibility for the future. My ending injection weight was 137.8. I haven’t seen that since before I became sick. This is fatiguing. My body just doesn’t respond to anything anymore. I am getting really tired of this. Dr. D, can you help? or anyone out there with this kind of experience. Getting desparate now and I don’t know what to do. What is even more frustrating is that my husband is below his goal weight and we are both supposed to start carbs today. Still not sure what to do. Should I just give myself a break and go ahead and maintain for a bit for sanity sake and then try to on my own. The apples days and steak days have never worked for me beyond a 1-1.5lbs and for me that just isn’t worth the effort. HELP PLEASE!!!!

  117. by Carolina


    If you lose weight during the washout days, should you use your weight from the 3rd washout day for the +-2 pound average during maintenance or still use the weight from the morning on the last sublingual dose? And if it is the ones from the last dose, do you have to correct the weight loss if it is more than two more pounds during washout by gaining the weight?

  118. by Annie


    I messed up and had 4 beers. AT home of course. Can I just continue on my VLCD or do I need to do a steak day. Thanks.

  119. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Annie…Ah, beer is so good in the summertime! A steak day is for Phase 3, which is NOT a VLCD period. If you are on VLCD, do an apple day. And stay away from the beer, for now.

    All the best,

  120. by Annie


    I stayed the same weight for 2 days so I did the apple day and still hadn’t lost weight this morning. Since I have to have aonly an apple for lunch today will I lose tomorrow?

  121. by Kathy Hildreth


    I am in my last day of the 500 calories without HCG. Tomorrow I will be starting to add foods back to my diet. I know I should not eat sugars or starches. Any suggestion on what I should eat for the next 1-3 and 4-6 weeks.

  122. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Annie…an apple day allows more than one apple…don’t starve yourself!

    All the best,

  123. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Great question, Kathy…I suggest you click on the icon on my homepage where it says ‘What to Do After HCG Weight Loss’ for a book that answers your questions about Phase 3 and beyond.

    All the best,

  124. by melissa


    So I’m playing with this diet a little bit…I did 1 round in june, took almost a 5 week break, maitained a weight loss overall, started the drops again july 30th, maintained a LCD but not following the diet as precise as before, did this for 2 weeks, then ran out of drops and just started a maintain phase again. My question now is I want to start again following the exact protocal, only 3 weeks have passed in between. Do you think I need to wait a 6-8 week span, or can I just roll with it. I did the drops for 2 days already at this point, but someone suggested I wait? Thanks a bunch for any advise.

  125. by Dr. Dennis Clark



    Playing? Okay then. Answers to your questions depend entirely on what kind of drops you are taking. Waiting between series does, indeed require a waiting period of at least 6 weeks if you are taking real HCG.

    All the best,

  126. by Carolina


    I cheated today on the first day after my last dose. If I just continue the rest of the washout days as usual, will I be ok for phase 3? Should I still have my VLCD dinner or skip it since I upped my calories with my cheat?


  127. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Carolina:

    Just keep the schedule as if you hadn’t cheated. Then stick closely to Phase 3. That should work out just fine for you. Good luck!

    All the best,

  128. by Amber guhr


    I started my hcg drops two days before my period was to start and now I haven’t started my period. I am about 10 days late. Could be caused by me starting the hcg when I did?

  129. by Tori


    Hi! So i have done the hcg diet twice because the first time my body didn’t stabilize at all. I am on the phase three or stabilization phase currently and are having to do a steak day every other day. It is discouraging and i don’t know why. I eat very healthy, read all labels, haven’t had sugar in four years, i eat gluten free and the only flours i use are garbanzo or almond, i only eat the foods they deem acceptable but are still rapidly seeing my weight go up and down. I don’t know why. Help!

  130. by Diana


    I completed all three phases. I lost 22.6 pounds. I did the 23 days. I am going to start again on October 8. Am I allowed to try and lose weight while I am waiting to go back on Phase 1 or do I have to start having starches and refined sugar during this break? I did lose 20.6 pounds and lost 2 pounds during Phase 3. Please advise.

  131. by sara


    i am 9 weeks postpartum and will be starting the hcg diet next monday. i work 3 7p-7a night shifts a week. my question is how should i go about eating and takeing my hcg? any thoughts?
    do i take the hcg before meals or can i do like a 9a/9p schedule?

  132. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Amber:

    This is hard to say. However, I know that you should wait until after your period to start on the HCG.

    All the best,

  133. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Tori:

    Stabilizing sometimes take greater effort for some of us. It is not unheard of to have a steak and apple day every other day. Just keep your weight within the 2-pound limit of your end point.

    All the best,

  134. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Diana:

    Eat well, without starches and sugar, for the best continuing results. Don’t reduce calories to lose weight in between HCG series, though.

    All the best,

  135. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sara…just take the HCG in more or less equal intervals (e.g., 12 hours apart) if you can.

    All the best,

  136. by Karma


    I’m on D4/P2 doing 40 day plan.
    2 questions.
    Can I take drops every day, or do I have to not take drops every 6th day?
    Do I have to stop taking drops on my period?

  137. by Roma


    Hi Dr. Clark. Yes,…. I also misunderstood the 3 weeks of PH 3 being crucial to be adhered to. I have done 3 rounds of hCG – all sublingual drops. Rnd 1 homeopathic,… Rnds 2-3 – real hCG, mixing w/ silver & B12. After Rnd 1 – I gained back 13.4 lbs in 12wks, After Rnd 2 – gained 28.1 in 27 Wks, After Rnd 3 – The Worst. 46.4 lbs in 40 Wks. Totally out of control. So! During this TOTAL course of time I lost 90.8 lbs, & Gained back 87.9 (Rt back where I started). However, through the course of 3 Rounds as U can C, I waited more weeks than the required time between Each Round (12,27, & 40 Wks) Plus I did drops for longer: 44/50/49 Days. Rnd 3 lost least weight, & drops stopped “WORKING” (day 46-49). Getting senitised to hCG. THAT Rnd produced least amount of weight loss. Because of that, I waited 40 weeks for my system to get unused to hCG,.. but because of the long WAIT & not being stabilized I gained back the MOST (46.4 Lbs) & aldso doing sdtupid other diets to try & lose in the the meantime. So Now – Rnd 4, back ontrack losing. I want to do 45 days of Hcg drops (if Possible, & if still losing) w/real hCG. Question #1. Do you think I should just do 40 days of drops instead? Even if still losing? 2nd Question: what supplement is best to take to not be hungry…? I did a lot of fruit (pineapple papaya, banana) & yogurt the last 3 times, so THAT was probably the culprit. If I do well, and not gain during ph 3 after my Rnd 4 drops,… how long should I wait before starting Rnd 5….? Thanks. I amn Sooooooo going to follow the Ph 3 & Maintenace Phases from now on. Please answer my 3 questions. q1 how long dshould I stay on the drops this time? how long should I wait betweeen Rnds 4 & 5, and what sdupplement to suppress appetite? Thanks. You are my last hope

  138. by Hannah


    Hi Dr, I was going to start round 2 and I was just wondering what the affects were if I did 4 days of gorging. You say 2 days or 3-4 days if Oh Just came off a diet. I technically just came.off hcg diet, does that count?

  139. by Alyson


    Hi Dr. Dennis,

    Reading all these comments from other HCG users have been very helpful. I apologize in advance, if I’m asking the same question again (albeit different words), but i would just like to be clear. I finished Phase 1 about 5 days ago now, but as soon as my last wash-out day was complete, i experienced an intense, insatiable hunger and pretty much fell off the wagon-especially with carbs which has always been my weakness.
    Now 5 days later, I am up by 5 pounds in my weight. Can I go back and start the diet over again with the drops, or should I just stick to steak days for the next couple of days until my weight drops back to what it was?
    Thank you so much for your time.

  140. by Alyson


    I should clarify that the intense, uncontrollable hunger is a common symptom that happens to me before I get my monthly visitor. I don’t know why, but it’s always been that way for me.
    Also, in regards to the Steak Day, is any meat alternative acceptable, or must it be steak? Do I keep drinking fluids (water, tea, coffee) throughout the day during this time?

  141. by Diana


    Is it okay to have balsamic vinegar on Phase II?

  142. by trisha


    Once iv finished my drops how long till I can start again so I can lose more wright?????

  143. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is fine to take them every day except for the 3-4 heaviest days of your menstrual cycle.

  144. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Roma…you have good plans in place, which you undermine with those evil carbs. Before you launch the protocol again, figure out what kinds of snack foods you are willing to stick with during P3 so you won’t eat carbs. This is a good strategy for life, by the way. And be sure to wait at least 6 weeks between rounds, long enough to have any residual resistance to HCG disappear. Dr. Simeons also said something about not going on weight loss diets when doing or planning to do the HCG protocol. It seems that all you do is lose normal fat, which returns with a vengeance, and lean body mass. The best supplement we have found is chromium picolinate, 1500-2000 mcg per day. Get a phentermine prescription if you are really desperate. Yes, fruit is Nature’s candy…loaded with sugar.

    Now go get the body you want and keep it that way! Good luck!

    All the best,

  145. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Do not gorge for 4 days while on HCG. You can gorge ahead of time without the hormone if you must. In fact, Dr. Simeons mentioned that this might be helpful before the actual 2-day gorging while on the hormone when you start the protocol.

  146. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You must wait 6 weeks before starting another protocol. As you have learned, carbs are evil … okay, starches and sugar are the actual culprits. Find some protein and fat snacks to replace them. I love pork rinds, for example. Eat as much as you want to stay satisfied as long as you stick to protein and fat. Veggies can work well, too (celery) as long as they are not starchy or sugary.

  147. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, I’ve had good success on the ‘steak’ day with chicken instead. Other protein-and-fat meats will also work. Yes, keep up the fluid intake.

  148. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Too much sugar.

  149. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    6 weeks.

  150. by Hannah


    So this is only my 6th day on phase 3 and I’ve already. Had 3 steak days. What am I doing wrong. Oh and either my scale is wrong or the steak days didn’t work. Dr what do I do!

  151. by Hannah


    Oh another question. You said don’t gorge for 4 days while taking drops? So I could gorge for two days without taking drops Then continue gorging for another two days but on those last two days, start taking drops?

  152. by Aaron G.


    Dr. Clark,

    What if I was on phase 2 of the diet for less than 2 weeks? Came off it for 2 weeks then went back on for a week? I know I’m messed up and an idiot for doing so but it seems like now I can’t touch carbs or I’ll gain weight about 3 weeks after the last drops. Any advice as to how I can correct this?

  153. by Callie


    Dr. Clark, PLEASE HELP!

    I am extremely concerned about the amount of time I will be into P3 before going on vacation to Mexico. Everyone is telling me I will be fine deviating since I will be in P3 for 2 weeks but after reading your responses I seriously doubt what I am being told. There will be plenty of fish, seafood, chicKen, etc but to me the nachos, tortillas, cheese, beans, avacados, etc (FAT & CARBS!) spells DISASTER for when I get back.

    I can’t cancel the trip and the food is one of the reasons we’re going. (I scheduled the trip b4 finding the HCG diet & I was encouraged to start the diet right away rather than waiting.) Should I end P2 early so I can finish 3 weeks before going? What should I do when I get back? Stay on P3 for an extra week before moving to P3? Doing so I would be doing 21 days of P2, 21 days of P3, and P4 would start on vacation day 1.

    Also, I seriously retain water after long flights any suggestions while there and when I get back?

    I just read something about your videos. I’m going to check them out now. Thank you for your help!!!


  154. by kyra


    Hi dr.
    I’m on p3d3.my ldw was 194 it dropped to 192.6 on p3D1.on the same day 1 I went out and had chicken 2 baked breasts with salad and a shot glass of red wine.on D2 Yesterday I was down to 192 flat.Tom began on day 2. I had major cravings so I had a subsalad with bbq chicken breast and two pieces of fried chicken breast for dinner it only occured to me afterwards that the chicken was dipped in flour and was against the rules!.so today d3 my weight is 194.4. I’m considering doing the steak day but I’m not sure if it’s advised to do it while I’m on TOM? Please help also which weight should I be looking at my ldw 194 or my p3d1 weight 192.6?

  155. by amanda


    I am on day 27. I have lost 20 lbs, but I have stopped loosing for the last 5. So essentially, I hit resistance at day 20. Thoughts?

  156. by Diana


    I noticed pork is not one of the meats mentioned that you are allowed to eat in Phase !!. Is it acceptable to eat pork tenderloin since it is a very lean cut of meat?

  157. by sona



    I started the drops R1 11days back
    wanted to loose 16kgs i have lost 10pnds by the 5th day then i cheated on the 6th day I had a stall for 3 days n after those 3 days got my periods so i stopped the drops, so on second of my periods without the drops and after the stall i lost 2 pnds and again stalled on the third day so overall lost around 5kgs of weight by 11days I am on my fourth day of my periods but want start the drops right way.. is it ok to do it will i loose atleast another 5kgs by another 11days.. please reply

  158. by Carol


    I have been off the drops for 4 days after losing 25lbs. However in the last 24 hours I have really fallen off the wagon and have eaten milk, fat and carbs – alot! I am terrified. If I eat nothing but a steak tomorrow – will this help? Can I do the steak day everyday until I get back on track?

  159. by Angela


    Hi Dr. Clark, I took the Homeopathic HCG drops for 21 days. It worked FOR ME when nothing else ever did. I won’t give the before number but I will tell you I lost 21 lbs. My problem is I didn’t realize that for the 3 weeks after, I needed to keep away completely from carbs and sugar. My total number has gone back up 8 lbs since last Monday when I stopped taking the drops. I also take a prescribed medication for water retention so I don’t know if it is fluid building up? Is it too late to do the Steak/Apple days? What can I do? I was going to do another round anyway so should I just start over now?
    Thank you,

  160. by Wendy


    Hi there.
    I successfully lost 20lbs and 20inches with the HCG Diet about 6 months ago and have easily maintained my weight…until now! In the last 2 weeks I have gained 8lbs and I am not happy. When I first noticed I was 2lbs above my last injection day weight, I ignored it bc I was PMS, but two weeks later I still haven’t gotten my period (I am not pregnant) and I am now 5lbs over my last injection day. Is it too late to do steak day? What do I do to get back on track? Thanks, Wendy

  161. by Connie


    I will finish up my 43 days in about 2 weeks. Can I start a second round after 3 weeks of phase 3-maintenance. Do I gorge again for 2-3 days when I do start round 2?

  162. by Elle


    Hi, in reading through the comments on this page I saw that you mentioned doing a 2 week protocol if you missed the maintenance stabilization window. I am just wondering where I can get more information on how to approach a 2 week protocol? I am really wondering how the fat loading + diet days work (i.e., how many days in total are we talking about?) Thanks so much. I have found your site very helpful!

  163. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is hard to diagnose problems via blog questions. Go as low on carbs as possible, and do a steak and apple day as often as needed. Be sure to include the apple!

  164. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Gorging on the drops is for 2 days only. Gorging beforehand is not necessarily recommended, although eating to satisfaction is helpful. Just don’t reduce calories before starting the protocol.

  165. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Go low carb until the next protocol, then stick with it when you do it again.

  166. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, carbs to count when you leave town. P3 is a good strategy even after the 3 week post-HCG period. General recommendations for the fluid retention problem on long flights is to get up and walk around (although airline folks don’t like you to do this).

  167. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yup, do a steak day anytime.

  168. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    This depends on how much abnormal fat you had to lose and/or on an early development of resistance to HCG. If an apple day does nothing, then you may be at the stop point for this round.

  169. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Probably not. It may not be as lean as it seems to be. Even turkey breast is off limits, so just stick to the approved foods.

  170. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Go ahead and start the drops again. You certainly can still drop another 5 kg.

  171. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Steak AND apple. Do a steak and apple day on alternate days if necessary.

  172. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Do steak/apple days any time you want. Don’t start another round too soon (wait 6 weeks in between). Then be sure to do the Phase 3 on low carbs. Good luck!

  173. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, do a steak day at any time, as often as you want.

  174. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Last dose to next dose must be about 6 weeks.

  175. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is just a shortened protocol, with all the phases as usual except the HCG phase.

  176. by Hannah


    Can I do a steak day if I didn’t gain weight?

  177. by Kimmarie


    Hello Dr.,

    I am currently on P3 and having to do Steak Days every other day. Frustrating but necessary. My question is actually for P4. I will be in P4 3 days when I will have to go in for arm surgery for scar tissue removal. Is there any danger of weight gain due to being put under or any of the meds necessary for recovery so close to the start of P4? Also, if I have not found my weight to stabilize for more than a couple of days during P3, should I not go into P4 until it does?

  178. by Misty


    Hi, I am on week 3 of the hcg spray. My end date is a week from this Friday but I need to quit three days earlier so I can have my three day ending of no hcg but still eating 500 cal/day done before that weekend. Is this ok ??

  179. by Connie


    I will finish up my 43 days in about 2 weeks. Can I start a second round after 3 weeks of phase 3-maintenance. Do I gorge again for 2-3 days when I do start round 2? Could I please get a response? It has been a week and waiting?

  180. by Martha


    Hi i just would like to know if i can still ride my bike and can i go to the gym? I only do the treadmill. Someone help!

  181. by Jaydon


    I am at the end of my first week of maintenance and found my body did not like walnuts (as I didn’t incorporate anything else ‘new’ that day). I went up 4 lbs and followed the morning of the gain with a steak day. I also had an apple with supper. Steak day only provided a loss of 0.4 Should I do another steak day? Are there adverse affects to only eating steak at night multiple times? I am worried this ‘correction’ technique won’t work for me and am wondering if there is anything else I would be able to try?

  182. by Desperate


    Dear Dr. I have lost 100 pounds on HCG..but on my last phase 3 I did not stabilize so I waited three weeks and did stabilization then I loaded and went back on Phase 2 for three weeks. Now I am still not stabilizing I have gained 7 pound in 2.5 weeks. I did three steak days. One I lost 2.4 pounds, one I lost .4 and the other nothing. What should I do I have worked so hard to see the weight come back. Would exercise help? What should I do==HELP!!
    Thank you

  183. by Doris


    I am about to start another course of hcg injections
    Waited six weeks always within 2 pounds of 25 lb loss
    Now gaining quickly up 6 lbs.
    Do I need to gorge to start second course?

  184. by Ceann


    Hello Dr.

    I am currently in the three week maintenance period (for the second time, this is my second tine doing this diet. I have been doing perfectly, eating basically only veggie omlets with cheese and shrimp and porkchops also with cut up veggies.

    Yesterday, i ate pretty normally. I had shrimp porkchops and veggies for a meal twice (not the usual, i usually only eat the meal once) then had an omlet for dinner. But when i weighed myself this morning, i went from 138.4 to 139.2. Today i looked at the pack of shredded cheese i used for the omlet yesterday and turns out it contains a bit of potato starch. I’m pretty confused because i use shredded cheese (in the packet) everday and gained nothing. It was a new kind that i did not buy myself, so maybe it contained starch and the others i used didn’t? Does all shredded cheese contain a bit of starch, and i just didn’t know it? I am very discouraged right now and afraid.

    My question is, since my three week straight period without starch has been ruined, do i have to start the 3 week period all over in order to not gain weight everytime i eat starch or sugar once i return to eating normally? Or should i do a steak day to get myself back on track and then finish out my last two weeks of the maintenance? If i do the steak day tomorrow, then finish my last two weeks of no starch no sugar, will i be stable once i add starch/sugar back into my diet or will i gain weight like crazy? Should i do an extra week of no starch/sugar since I’m a week in?

    I just want to know if i ruined my maintenance period, and just what to do to ensure that i won’t gain a ton of weight when i add starch/sugar back in two weeks from now.

  185. by Jessica


    I just took my last shot today and I’ve been studying my heart out on all the low carb foods I can have in 72 hours! One problem: my weight as of the last injection has been effected by the menstral cycle I started. If during maintenance after my cycle stops and I hopefully lose that couple extra pounds – if it’s lower than my last injection weight can I consider that my new level to maintain?

  186. by Amanda


    What should I do if I lost more than 2 pds during phase 3?

  187. by Julie


    I am going into phase 3 in a couple of days and I was wondering since I stopped my hcg drops should I stop taking my B12 supplement also??

  188. by Atasha


    Hi Dr D. I am on my 1st week of phase 3 after 3 weeks of p3 can I go to r2p2? If so when should I start doing it? can I do it as soon as my 3rd week of phase 3 ends? Thanks please let me know because I am so very confuse. Thanks

  189. by Emily Reed


    I was hoping you can help me with a question about p3. This was my second round of hcg, round one was perfect and p3 and p4 went really well. This second round, i added stuff too soon on p3 ( tom hunger issues, went out of town and nuts and cheese were the only snake option) i played with sugar free stuff. Weight shot up 4 pounds over lwd, and then my correction day was a bust so i was up like 8 pounds from lwd 🙁 This weel i have been doing high protein days cycled with correction days ( steak and FFF) my question is, if I get my weight back down to my 2 pound window and basically restart p3 from there, can i still stablize at my lwd or have i blown it completely? I know there was water weight in there and it went up fast so im hoping it comes back down quick too. If i did somehow completely mess up my round 2, did I undo my hard work from round 1 too? Is it possible to do a few days of p2 with no load ( i super gain on even healthy loads) and then re start p3? thank you so much, i need expert advice on if you think I can still stabilize…

  190. by Rosie


    If I choose to do the drops for only two weeks, do I still have to follow the 3 weeks of no starches and sugar protocol? Also, after the three week protocol, how do I introduce starches and sugar back into my diet?

  191. by carolinadenise


    I am now finish 43 days. I hve been off the drop for three weeks. when can I start my second round? I start at 265.2lbs. Now I am happy to share that I am now 217.4lbs. I want sart another round ASAP!!!!!!

  192. by Carolyn


    I just stopped my drops today. And I understand that the
    next three days to stay on the 500 calorie diet. What about the next three weeks? I read to go up to 800, but then I read something else about going up to 1200. Could you please let me know so I don’t do the wrong thing.

  193. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, and enjoy it!

  194. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    If you mean lifetime weight management as ‘P4’, then definitely stick to a diet/lifestyle that keeps you where you want to be. Look into the paleo diet as an example. Meds should not cause a problem with your program in the short term.

  195. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    That should work just fine.

  196. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Six weeks between the end of one HCG period and the beginning of the next is the standard requirement for ensuring that you have no residual resistance to the hormone before starting on it again.

  197. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You can do whatever you like physically without disrupting your progress on HCG.

  198. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Just stay low on the carb intake between steak days. Walnuts are fine if in small amounts. Other nuts, too.

  199. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sounds as though your protocols are not spaced sufficiently. You should have a 6 week break between them to ensure that you eliminate any residual resistance to HCG between protocols. Your experience at this time suggests that you have some resistance to the hormone. Your best bet might be to stop the protocol right now, go low carbs as in a typical P3, wait another 3 weeks (eating low carbs), then begin anew.

  200. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yup. Start out the whole protocol just as you did the first time. Keep up the good work!

  201. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You didn’t ruin anything, depending on how much starch you consumed from the shredded cheese. (Ah, processed foods…full of tricks and surprises aren’t they?) Just stay low on carbs in general, at least the ‘fast’ ones…sugar, starch, etc. And get into a good habit of reading food labels. Very informative.

  202. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The level you measure from should not be near the time of your menstrual cycle. Your doctor, or HCG clinic, should have advised you to start and end your protocol nowhere near your cycle in the first place. It just complicates matters, not the least of which is that your body is producing a component of HCG (i.e., LH) in high levels during your period.

  203. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Then you are most likely losing normal fat, which will return easily. Stop this loss if you can…just up your calorie intake. You must consume sufficient calories to avoid sending your body into starvation mode.

  204. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Take B-12 as much as you like.

  205. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Just be careful to watch what happens when you introduce carbs. Those are the culprits.

  206. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You didn’t undo anything important. If you stick to a low carb diet from now on, you should be fine.

  207. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, the 3-week period of P3 is necessary. Introduce starches slowly if you must have them, sugars less so. Watch your weight daily to see what effects these carbs might make, then adjust accordingly.

  208. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You must have a 6 week period, minimum, between protocols

  209. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The caloric intake is not as important as your food choices. Stay low on carbs.

  210. by Kristine


    Hi. I was on the 3 week phase 1 protocol.
    Thanksgiving was the last day of the shots.
    I was doing extremely well and dropped my weight but on Thanksgiving I cheated
    And now it’s 2 days after Thanksgiving and messed up and have gainned 5 pounds
    Do you have any suggestions? Should I start the phase 2 Tom anyways? Is their any way I would be able to drop those 5 pounds and get back on track? Or am I doomed?
    I do want to start another 3 week session again but half to wait for 3-4 weeks from now
    So my question is, is their something I could do to get back to my weight before Thanksgiving and get back on the phase Two protocol?

  211. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kristine:

    The use of phases is confusing. If you stopped the drops on Thanksgiving, then you should have gone through a 3-day washout period before starting on the 21-day low-carb phase. Is that where you are now? If so, do a steak day immediately and see how close you can get to your target weight. You have not added new fat yet, just too much fluid retention. Good luck! Oh, and do not do another protocol for at least 6 weeks.

    All the best,

  212. by Bea


    I have taken the diet on the programme was losing weight find and after my menstrual cycle everyday I lose weight I put 2 on the next day moreover not been able to urinate.

  213. by Kristine


    Yes my last shot was Thanksgiving. I have has sOme sweets and carbs on that day and have had ham for the two following days. I should be on my 3rd day of Phase 3. It’s 2:51 pm and I have had nothing to eat just a cup of coffee this morning with coconut creamer. ( am I aloud to even have coconut creamer?)
    Should I not eat anything today and just do a steak day tom? Or should I do a steak tonight (3 1/2 ounces? Thank you so much for you advise

  214. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Oh, and the coconut creamer is probably loaded with sugar. Take a look at the label. You probably should forgo it for P3.

  215. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You seem to be retaining fluid big-time. You must do a good apple day to get the fluids flowing out of your body properly. Remember to take in very little liquid on an apple day.

  216. by Sharadaa


    Hi Dr,
    I have finished my HCG and have reached my goal weight. I am on maintenance and have to leave the country. I will have 4 more days on the maintenance that I need to do. It is very hard for me to totally not eat any carbs. Can I eat Quinoa or lentils during this time ? I can avoid sugar and other starches such as rice, bread or pasta. I am a vegetarian.
    Is there a way that I can avoid fat and carb combo and get away by eating Quinoa ? Really appreciate any help.

  217. by sherish


    dear doc.
    my 2nd loading day my weight was 163.4… first day of vlcd my weight was 164.8… i drank plenty water and took my drops as directed (sublingual).. i ate 1/4 pound of roast chicken with cucumber for lunch and a small tilapia for dinner with a tomato. i was told that this was wrong and may affect my weight tomorrow.

    what exactly can i or cannot eat? did eating all that affect my ability to lose weight? i am from the caribbean and most of the things that can be eaten is not here… Can eating just fiah and chicken with different vegetable be okay? how can i make sure that i am successful this time around as the first was an injeection from a doctors office that really did nothing for me>>

  218. by Denise


    Dear Dr. Clark, I started hcg in July 2011 & lost 34 lbs. Then I went on phase 2 & 3 and have been losing weight since. Total weight loss was 60 lbs. Now this week, Dec. 2nd I made a big batch of chicken soup with celery, carrots, onions, broccoli, & green beans, NO Noodles. It was really cold so I ate 4 bowls of my delicious soup thinking,’no problem cuz it had my good veggies & chicken in it’. I weighed myself before going to bed & no lie, I gained 6 lbs. in one day. What happened? I’ve been off hcg since August. I’ve been losing approx. 10 lbs/month since then, but this 6 lbs. in one day has me stumped! What do you think went wrong. I didn’t want to have to go on a 2nd round of hcg cuz just the thought of pigging out on those 1st two days makes me sick just thinking of putting all that poison back into my body. Please help. Thanks.

  219. by Tracy


    I am on P2 for 8 more days then on to P3. I am very concerned that Christmas, New Years and my Birthday fall during P3. Can I use fat and carb blockers to help if I have a piece of pie, cake or a few cookies?

  220. by Meloni Flickinger


    I finished a 21-day protocol of HCG almost two weeks ago. During that time, I stayed on the VLC diet. I was expecting a new shipment of HCG to arrive and was going to extend the 21 days to 42. I have lost 25 pounds as of today and expect the HCG to arrive sometime tomorrow. My question is if it is all right to go ahead and start again when it gets here and, if so, do I fat load again? Thanks so much!

  221. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Stick with the highest protein and fat foods that you can find. Lentils would be better than quinoa.

  222. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The protocol is pretty specific about what foods you can eat and how much. White fish, chicken breast, certain veggies, etc. Eating enough during gorging is crucial for comfort and success in the first week of the protocol. If the first round was unsuccessful, even with injections, then you must examine what you are doing in comparison with the protocol requirements.

  223. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Bedtime weighing is as inaccurate as it can be. It is very common for weight to increase several pounds throughout the day. Morning weighings are the best. If you had a lot of soup and gained weight, it is no doubt a temporary fluid weight. Just be sure to eat right the next day and get the fluid moving out of your body again.

  224. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The problem is with carbs, so carb blockers would be more important. Keep in mind that carb blockers only block the digestion of starch, not sugar. You can have all the fat you want.

  225. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It should be fine just to resume where you left off.

  226. by Sharadaa


    Do carb blockers really work ? I need to manage with some carbs during my last 4 days of P3 and beyond, like I had mentioned before. I can avoid sugar but can I have the carb blockers for every meal and have lentils or quinoa ? It would be great to take carb blockers with me if it would help.
    Thank you for all your help.

  227. by Denise


    Thank you Dr. Clark. Yes, the next day I ate my normal amount of food and lost 2 lbs. and 2 lbs. after that. I think because I put 2 lbs. of carrots in the soup, that must’ve been my problem.

    Apparently carrots have a lot of sugar in them. Next time I’ll put 3 lbs. of celery and 1 lb or carrots!

  228. by Diana


    Hi Doc!
    Having trouble in p3 2nd week:
    -no starch/sugar consumed, preparing everything myself, haven’t had anything that wasn’t on the list of allowed food, drinking 2L of water/day.
    -I am having a steak day every second day and am experiencing extreme pressure and bloating over the past 2 weeks.
    -started to take flaxseed oil for the past few days, but previous to this, due to no natural bowel movements, was using either organic laxative tea or suppositories.
    I’m terrified to regian! Is what im experiencing “normal”!?? PLEASE HELP!

  229. by Denise


    I just heard that the FDA is taking the hcg drops off the market. Why is that?

  230. by dany


    Hi dr Clark. I’m on my 19th day of p3 and my wedding is tomorrow which will be my 20th day of p3 day. Before last day . I would like to know if eating a piece of my cake will ruin my 20 days of maintenance. Thanks for taking time to lighting us.

  231. by Nikole


    Can you fluctuate calorie consumption between 500 & 600 per day on vlcd’s?

  232. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, a good carb blocker will be helpful.

  233. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yup, carrots are like Mother Nature’s candy.

  234. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is unusual, although not unknown. You are undoubtedly hanging to a lot of excess fluid, especially if the steak and apple days are so frequent. Folks have better success with psyllium powder (not Metamucil…just the psyllium without additives) for regularity. Laxatives, whether natural or synthetic, and suppositories will not address the primary issues of constipation. Your colon is just not getting enough fluid into it to keep things moving. Your body is hanging onto the fluid instead.

  235. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The FDA is taking homeopathic hCG drops off the market, not real hCG drops. See my article on it here: http://besthcgweightloss.com/more-homeopathic-hcg-paranoia-at-the-fda/.

  236. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    One piece of cake? Not a problem. Watch your weight the next day to be sure that you don’t retain fluid. If so, just do a steak and apple day.

  237. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, I and others have had great success doing so, especially if the bonus calories are from the protein source.

  238. by Trisha


    Lost 50 # a yr ago. Up 10 # at end of this yr. I am doing an annual “tune up” back on Phase 1 HCG inj. Lost the 10 # so back to goal wt in 5 days on 500 cal. Still have the remaining 16 days on HCG + 3 500 cal days. I…am…HUN..GREEee! To get thru PH 1 cycle and reset should I keep “upping” daily protein til not hungry?

  239. by MssKaya


    Hi! i have just done 1 round of 40 days on HCG injections and lost 22 pounds. my doctor said to wait at least 3 weeks before my second round, so after doing phase 3 for 3 weeks i went back on the injections, i did to loading days again when i started but after 2 weeks only lost 3 pounds so i stopped. i think i should of waited the 6 weeks. how long should i wait before trying again? 6 weeks? or can i wait less?

  240. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Nice! Keep up the good work.

  241. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You must have a 6 week period between hCG periods: 3 weeks of Phase 3, plus 3 more weeks before taking hCG again. Otherwise you may still have resistance to the hormone left over from the previous series. The main symptom is that the protocol simply does not work.

  242. by JackieB


    What if I only completed 2 weeks of the hcg protocol and have now been on 2 weeks of maintenance (somewhat). I haven’t gained any more that 1 lb in these 2 weeks. I want to know if I can do the load days and go back on or if I have to wait 6 weeks. Would I have resistance built up from only 2 weeks of use? What builds up the resistance? Is it the time off the hcg? Please advise. Thank you so much.

  243. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you can acquire resistance within 2 weeks. It is generally not a good idea to start another protocol until you wait 6 weeks after your most recent dose.

  244. by Jaz A


    Hello, my husband and I are finishing phase 2.
    I lost 30pounds and he has lost 36. We have five days left.
    I planned a trip with my girlfriends, it will be during the end of week 2 of phase 3, during the last week of phase 3 I have a business trip. I am very worried about traveling during the maintance phase and not stabilizing, especially with eating out . Can you give me some advice that would help me?

  245. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    First and most important, keep track of your weight every morning. If any day shows you 2 lbs up from your target weight, the best strategy is to have a steak and apple day. It goes without saying that you must avoid sugar and starches when you travel. Even though I’d like to say that carbs don’t count when you leave town, they really do. Congratulations on your success. Now just keep that in mind when you are tempted to go off the Phase 3 protocol.

    All the best,

  246. by Marisa


    Help please!
    I’m in my 3rd day of phase 2 ( LOVING IT by the way) and my work schedule changed to 10pm-8am Tuesday – Tuesday (8days on. 6 days off.) How in the world do I continue this?? I dont want to stop now, I’m committed. When do I sleep? When do I eat? When do I weigh and take my shot? So confused…and worried.

  247. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Marisa: The most important strategy is to weigh yourself after arising from a night’s sleep, even if your schedule is disrupted, and to take the hCG at the same time each day. Consistency helps.

    All the best,

  248. by Cermarie


    I’m starting the hcg diet I was wondering after you finish your first round when can you start the second round how many weeks do you have to wait…

  249. by alli


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    Thank you for this great informative website. Your information is balanced, concise and easy to understand! I am in phase 3 (stabilizing period) and things are going well. I realized though that in the very beginning of my diet, I counted my 21 days from the first day of loading instead of starting after my two days. That would mean I had only been on the vlcd for 24 days and not the required minimum of 26. I haven’t had any issues, nor setbacks, but I’m a little worried that this may mess things up in the long run. Any thoughts regarding this? Also, it was my understanding that you should remain within 2lbs from the very last day of your hcg intake. Is this correct?

  250. by Cheryl


    Are the 2 load days required if I am going to do a two-week round? I still have 30 lbs to lose but am vacationing next month and I think it would be too difficult to be on Phase 3 during that time. Can I do a 2 week and then another full round 6weeks later?

  251. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You must have at least a 6 week period between the previous day that you took hCG and the start of the next protocol.

  252. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Alli…the number of days is flexible, so you shouldn’t have any problems. And, yes, you should stay withing 2 lbs, up or down, of your final weight during Phase 3 and beyond. Keep up the good work!

  253. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, the 2 load days ensure that you will have a successful round without feeling hungry, especially during the first week.

  254. by Cheryl


    One more question, can HCG be used in conjunction with Metagenix Ultra Meal protein shakes? They do not contain sugar and are designed to stabilize insulin intolerance. Thanks!

  255. by Cheryl


    If doing a 2week round, is phase 3 still 3 weeks of no sugar no starch or is that phase only 2weeks?

  256. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    A full 3 weeks.

  257. by ps


    Hi Dr, Ive been on P3 since dec 19th and still have yet to stabilize what’s so ever. My daily intake is more or less a variation of cucumbers, tomoatoes, onions, olives, avocadoes, romaine lettuce, (cabbage and spinach dont react well with me, and neither does broccoli or cauliflower), mushrooms, peppers, and most of the p3 approved veggies. I just vary which one i have at what time of the day and with which meat. Meat is mainly turkey, beef, and chicken, and I also eat eggs. I did a food intolerance test so I work around it to the best of my abilities, since many essential things were on it. But so far ive cut them out. eggs and oils are added in for breakfast. I have 1-2 fruits per day as well, either apple or an apple and grapefruit. Before i started eating p3 i was 134.8, my LIW was 138.2, and now Ive adjusted my weight to 140 becuase keeping 138 was impossible. But even with the new LIW i go above 142 without the correction days, and was 145 this morning. I know Im not sensitive to anything im eating, am so very hopeless. Im also a competitive athlete in college and train 2-4 hours a day and had no choice but to do it during p2 as well. My weight is absolutly not stablizing, with very high protein, average protein, or average calorie intake. I can eat 1200 cals a day if i have to, but i was told that is the specific thing that might me causing me to not stabilize, so i increased it with healthy fats and tried adding nuts in, but still. I gain anywhere from 1- 3 pounds a morning, and every other day is a correction day. Im killing myself to keep it off and have been tested for many hormonal issues. I dont have insulin resistance, am on thyroid meds, and my cortisol and glucose levels are all fine. Im eating super well, exercising like a pro athlete, wat V Coconut oil every day, and consume a lot of water. If you have any insight on helping me or ideas please let me know. Im in dire need of help. Thanks you

  258. by Andy


    Dr. Clark. i am on phase 2 vlcd, and experiencing bad water retention. this started only 6 days into the phase and i still cannot correct after 2 weeks. apple day helps but 5 pounds of water back the next day. it started i think after i took some fiber pills (i have IBS). i was wracked with bad hunger pangs and sudden 3.5 lb gain. i stopped the fiber pills right away and have been struggling with retention ever since. no weight loss in week and a half. i even tried stopping diet, and starting over, doing gorge days and all. nothing is helping the water retention and no further weight loss. half of my drops wasted, please help.

  259. by Andy


    p.s shortly after this started, i took in a large amount of protein and returned to the protocal and hunger stopped, but no cure for the retention or stall.

  260. by Andy


    Dr. Clark: Please don’t delete this post again. I’m having a serious problem and desperately need an answer. I’m on phase 2 and still having bad water retention and no weight loss after 2 weeks. the onset was sudden after only 6 days into treatment. i was losing 3lbs a day during the beginning. i still have 20lbs i need to lose. this happened after downing some fiber pills. don’t know if this caused it or not, but i have restarted the diet and nothing is working. what should i do?

  261. by Julee


    I recently was diagnosed with a sinus infection and unfortunately my weight loss has stalled. I know it is due to the cough drops and medicine. My question is should i stop the drops until this cold gets better? My appetite is already depressed and have barely been eating 500 calories as it is. This is my 18th day of taking the drops. Maybe an apple day?


  262. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Andy:

    The first red flag is your IBS. Speaking from personal experience, this can undermine everything that you do, and modern medicine really has nothing that can help you. However, people with IBS have achieved seemingly miraculous results with an ulra-high dose of a probiotic called VSL3. It is officially classified as a medical food. Your colon bacteria are clearly out of control. (IBS is often a misdiagnosed C. diff. bloom.) Go here to read more and order it: vsl3.com. You may even find a pharmacy in your area that carries it (use the zip code locator on that site). Take a 2-week series of vsl3, followed by a good probiotic supplement (not junk, and not commercial yogurt, etc.) for the rest of your life. It’s very important.

    Although I don’t have enough information to point a finger at any one cause for your dilemma, I would suspect that you are resistant to hCG. You may have to wait an extended time, more than 6 weeks, to overcome it and start another protocol. Regarding fluid retention, it sounds as though you are sitting down a lot…mimicking the ‘long flight, swollen ankles’ syndrome that happens when people sit in an airplane seat for several hours. Your initial 3-lb loss rate is typical of any kind of diet that is low-carb — it is almost entirely water loss. You regain fluid so easily that you are probably deficient, or at least imbalanced, in sodium, potassium and magnesium.

    I don’t know what fiber pills you are taking. The best fiber is psyllium, fine powder (i.e, without husk fragments) – and I don’t mean Metamucil.

    Let me know if some of my thoughts are helpful.

    All the best,

  263. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    PS…Insufficient thyroid can lead to weight gain that has nothing to do with fat metabolism or ‘standard’ fluid retention. It has to do with a type of mucous buildup. It is common even on meds because the demand for meds can vary so much within a 24-hour period. The key is to keep track of your body fat percent. It sounds as though you are young and in excellent shape, yet subjecting your body to inflammation from overtraining. Your weight fluctuations can be due to anything from muscle dehydration and muscle ATP/phosphate deficiency (these two are linked) to mineral imbalance (i.e., sodium, potassium, magnesium). Whatever might be normal for you is not the same as standard norms, since you train so much.

    Otherwise, your diet sounds fine. Keep in mind, though, that fruits are storage organs for sugar and/or starch. This includes cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados. The same goes for onions, which are expanded leaf bases. You might be surprised at the carb hit you get when you overdo these.

    Let me know if any of this makes sense or is helpful.

    All the best,

  264. by Andy


    Thanks for the input. this is only my 2nd round and it was 4 months since my last round. if i became resistant after only 1 week, does this mean HCG isn’t going to work anymore? i have 20 lbs to lose and this is the only diet i have found that worked for me.

  265. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Andy: No, you have spaced hCG series far enough apart to have lost any resistance to the hormone. A multitude of other factors can slow you down, so just stick with it and you will succeed. Good luck!

    All the best,

  266. by Jennifer


    Dr. Clark, I am a 45 year old female with a partial thyroidectomy. I am taking 75 micrograms of branded synthroid. This seems to have finally stabilized my crazy weight gain over the last month. I have started HCG and have been happy with the results. Although I feel I adequately gorged, I only gained a half a pound. I am on my first day off of injection since I am doing two rounds so I have taken a total of 6 injections ( two loading and 4 at the 500cal. diet) I have lost 7 pounds and am thrilled but I am a bit worried about taking synthroid. I read that Dr. Simmeon did not have his patients take synthroid during the diet…but again, I don’t know if they had the same circumstances I have with half my thyroid gone. Is it ok to take synthroid during HCG? My last question is whether to take the injections during my cycle. I normally have a five day cycle. The first three are light and the last two days are heavy. Is it ok to go without HCG for all five days? Is it ok to take HCG all five days? What should I do??

  267. by Sara


    Hi Dr,
    I’m concerned about my daughter. She’s 14 & did HcG. Hopefully no one flames me for letting her, but I gave her all the info & let her make a decision. Her weight loss was slow, averaging .3 lbs per day. She followed the rules to a T. We are in our first week after. She is putting on weight like crazy in spite of following the rules. She didn’t do a steak day when she should have & is now 5 lbs over her LIW. What is the “strict dieting” mentioned by Dr. Simeons that she should instigate now to get back on track?

  268. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Good questions, Jennifer. First, people do the hCG protocol while on thyroid meds, without any problems. Second, yes, you can skip taking hCG for the 3-4 heaviest days of your period. The hormones that you make at that time swamp out the hCG anyway. Even skipping all five days would be fine.

    All the best,

  269. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Sara: Flaming is weird, isn’t it? About your dieting question, the best ‘strict dieting’ nowadays would just be the equivalent of the Atkins Diet Induction period … i.e., 14 days of low carb (i.e., 20 grams per day max). Your daughter’s extra 5 lbs is probably due to fluid retention, which is made worse by excess carbs in the diet (‘excess means different amount for different people). She should be able to get back on track before too long.

    All the best,

  270. by Best Strategies After HCG Diet - Meal Spacing | Best HCG Weight Loss Diet


    […] earlier post, with lots of comments and questions from my readers, specifically on this topic here: After HCG Diet To Do List. And you can read a more detailed explanation of what to do during this phase, with recommended […]

  271. by Laura


    Hello! I am doing my 4th round of injections. I been reading and trying to help others in they’re journey.
    First round, I lost 45# in 21 days. Second round, 36# in 19 days. Third round, 25# in 18 days. the only reason why I stopped early was because it was my time of the month. I have some tricks trade that I have found to have aid in a rapid weightloss at 2 to 3 pounds a day.

    This is day 15 with a total of 30#. I have one more round to go!

  272. by Tammy


    I wasn’t home to weigh yesterday, but when I got home at night, I was up 5 pounds!! So I must have gained. This morning I’m up 4 pounds….I am doing a steak day today, but is it too late??? Should I not even try?? I am so mad I missed it yesterday!!

    Please help!!

  273. by Rebecca L.


    I’ve been off HCG since last may and have fought the same 3 lbs over my LWD which creeps up gradually after a steak or egg day. I only eat one piece of whole grain bread a day have tried cutting out milk and do eat yougurt. Eating around 2000 calories a day. Nothing processed, no sugar other than fruit and the milk but still gain weight which I know is water weight. I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and do drink coffee. Why do I retain so much water. It goes up a pound overnight sometimes; most recently after eating guacamole and upping my excersie routine which I do every other day (treadclimber). I eat very little sodium but do use spices. Why am I so prone to retaining water after HCG? Thank you.

  274. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Nice going, Laura. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

  275. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Tammy…fortunately, such fast weight gain is due to fluid retention, which is quickly reversed on by a steak and apple day. Good luck!

  276. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Rebecca: What I have discovered is that fluid retention can be influenced by: aging, sedentary lifestyle (i.e., sitting a lot during the day), mineral imbalance
    (sodium, potassium, and magnesium), and diet. It has nothing to do with how much you drink. A 1-pound increase is common and should be easily reversible. If you are up for an exercise in reversing fluid retention, do the Atkins Diet Induction Phase for 14 days…just keep carb intake to under 20 grams per day for two weeks. You can get details about carb content of my favorite foods for this purpose here: Atkins Diet Reviews – Top Induction Phase Foods. Good luck!

    All the best,

  277. by Mario


    On the last day of the first 20 days i gained almost 5 pounds, i started the mant. week and been weighting myself every day and no changes. I started at 185 and in 19 days went down to 173 but the last day gained all those pounds. What should i do?

  278. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sounds as though you are on track, if I understand you correctly. I don’t understand how much you refer to as ‘all those pounds’, though.

  279. by Lara


    I did the HCG injections for 30 days last July. I was able to lose about 10 lbs within the first 2 1/2 weeks and then could not lose more than 2 more lbs by day 30. After that it was just too difficult to not see results. I went off and maintained my weight at 142 lbs until recently I started again on Dec. 31st. Again, I followed the diet to the l-e-t-t-e-r, and got down to 135.2 by day 8. That was 7 lbs. It was not until day 27 that I got to 132 lbs and lost 10 lbs total. Again, feeling very little benefit from a diet that brags losses of 20 and 30 lbs within a month, I quit as I was so frustrated I started to cheat. I am on the no carb for now and maintaining within a pound or two, but wondering if I could load for 2 days again and start over even though it has only been 15 days. It seems for some reason I can only lose consistently for the first 2 weeks, and I only want to lose 10 more lbs. That seems to be my average per round. OR since it would seem I become resistent quickly maybe I could start back up early and cut back on HCG dose?

  280. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lara:

    It does sound as though you are hitting resistance early. It can happen. Regardless, you must wait 6 weeks (3 weeks on Phase 3, then 3 more) before doing another series. For you it may take even longer. You may also experiment, the next time you do the protocol, with taking hCG 6 days per week. This may delay the onset of resistance and allow you to still keep up your progress.

    All the best

  281. by Treena


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    Here is my dilemma, I really want to start on my next round, but we will be traveling in 2 weeks, I won’t have allot of control, of what to eat and or be able to have access to a scale. Should I just weight 2 weeks and then start?I have put back on about 15lbs since my last round and have not maintained really well, should I do a steak day and eat like I was on phase 3 of maintenance? Thank you in advance…

  282. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Treena:

    I’ve seen people in similar situations before. The best strategy is to start the protocol when you are most likely to succeed. It sounds as though your best chance for success would be after you travel, instead of having travel interrupt what you want to do. Good luck!

    All the best,

  283. by Linda


    Your website has been the most helpful, thank you so much.
    I realize that I am not the usual candidate for HCG shots, (am 52 and in great physical shape), but have been battling 6 pounds for 2 years. I have eaten Paleo, Dukan, Atkins, etc. including homeopathic liver cleanses (following the protocols to a “t”) and would lose 1 lb at tops after 2 to 3 weeks of dieting. (Stumping my trainers, physicians, etc, who sum it up to hormones – but I am on bioidentical hormones) So I am apparently in weight loss resistance mode. I resorted to HCG last Oct. and lost 9 lbs in 11 days. I couldn’t have been happier! I did not take maintenance seriously as I was so happy to be rid of the suborn pounds and inches. Seven pounds have returned (although I do Cross Fit X 3/wk; spin, run 4.5 miles in mountains and yoga as well as eat well). So here I am on my 9th day of HCG, am down 6 lbs and will be on for less than the minimum 3 weeks as I don’t need to lose much. (started at 5’5″ 123 lbs). I will do two weeks on HCG this round. There is not much info on us “short-timers” and so my question is: After I wean off HCG for 3 days and begin Phase 3, do I need 2 weeks or 3 weeks of maintenance? 2. May I get back to my exercise regime? I saw this question being asked above, but couldn’t find an answer. Looking forward to your answer! With thanks, Linda

  284. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Linda:

    To answer the easy questions first: you need all 3 weeks of maintenance; you can do whatever exercise you feel like doing. Now about that weight loss resistance mode. This is very real and, unfortunately, probably has many components. Hormones are one. You can include xenoestrogens (non-estrogens that act like estrogens) – either from your diet, bottled water and other sources of plasticizers, cosmetics, and more. I can tell you from personal experience that weight loss resistance is impervious to almost everything that you can do. Almost everything…excluding hCG, which you have already discovered (esp. if you do the maintenance phase carefully). And excluding drastic measures such as an anti-aging calorie restriction diet (officially defined as two-thirds of what you normally eat) and growth hormone injections. Of course, that last one solves EVERYTHING, although it is not really practical for most people.

    It sounds as though you are constantly experimenting, which I admire. I do the same. I am constantly on the lookout for solutions to weight loss resistance and fitness challenges of all kinds. I’m not real big on the calorie restriction approach, even though it is supported by excellent research. The strategy of intermittent fasting is easier, with the same results. Here are a couple of starter points for you to dig into this topic.


    The scientific concept behind this, called ‘autophagy’, is a hot topic in current research. Suffice it to say that it is very important, and it becomes more important as we age, corresponding to age-related increases in weight loss resistance. How ironic! My personal results with intermittent fasting have come from fasting 3-4 times per week for 20-24 hours at a time.

    Good news is also coming out on the supplement research front. I’ve started a series on this topic on another blog here:


    New knowledge is all around. Some of it is useful for me personally. I hope that some of it helps you, too. Let me know.

    All the best,

  285. by Linda


    I so appreciate your response. My greatest fear is that some how I will be resistant to weight loss (after 50 years of normal response). It plays with my head too much and my hope is that doing the HCG diet won’t keep me in that mode. It is exhausting mentally for one who “does all the right things”, studies nutrition, exercises more than the avg 52 year old and can’t effect a simple weight loss. I shall study the sites you listed, stay away from starch and sugars for 3 weeks after my two week of Phase II is complete! (even though a trip to Maui is in that window, sadly)! I do want to add that I am on my 9th day of Phase II and still am hungry – probably comes from not having as much reserve in fat??? Combined with low blood sugar and 90/60 bp, this isn’t as easy as many find it. I am hungry every 2 hours or so – I can manage it because the goal is for success. Time for fuel and then I shall attack the materials suggested. Thanks again! Linda

  286. by Chrisne


    Hi…Im actually new to the HCG diet, just really getting started…I’m lost and I need help with acheiving my goal..I work the night shift 12hours on 3 off 3 and my nights on im not sure how i should administer my drops..so far ive only lost 1 lbs in 3 days of the VLCD and im afraid im not doing something right…PLEASE HELP!!!

  287. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Chrisne: As long as you are consistent with daily meals, eating times should not matter. Regarding taking hCG, do as much as you can to space doses about 12 hours apart. If you start out on a plateau for 4-5 days, then do an apple day. All this should get you back on track. Good luck!

    All the best,

  288. by Cindy


    I love this website! My doctor gave me no guidance at all and does not return my phone call. My question is after maintenance…I have not and will not cheat, my mind is made up!.. can I still lose weight without another round ?

    I started Feb. 11 at 163 and at day 15 I am only at 154.4… stalled for 5 days. Took some psyillium and then Smooth Move this morning so I first want to see if that may be the problem.

    I just turned 60 but I work out like a crazy girl ie. hour of advanced spinning and extreme tone 5 days a week, although I do mix it up. I miss working out!I feel better than when I was 30!

    To get to my main question, will I be able to lose back to my August weight of 142 without another round? Maybe do the maintenance exactly but add in workouts? Do I really have to eat steak if I am losing? My problem was too much wine and munching (healthy) food..cheese/nuts…etc.

    I think you will say not to lose during the 21 maintenance days. I hope not!!!!! When can I start losing again or will I not be able to b/c of my hypothalamus resetting probably around 150?

    Thank you so much doctor!!!!

  289. by Cindy


    PS- I have researched HCG for days and days and have read 3 books so far. I have not seen an answer to my question although I think it is like another poster who asked if you can resume a normal method of weight loss. I am on 23 days but would maybe go to 40 if I could workout with the same intensity. I am a health nut who got way off the track! Daughter’s wedding and then lots of parties and holidays and wine with husband! Well it was fun…

  290. by Dona


    Dr Clark, I will be on ph2 of the diet for 15 days when I will need to take a 2-3 day break for a trip. Should I stop taking my drops 3 days before or continue taking them? It sounds like if I take the drops and eat the wrong foods even for 3 days I could gain a lot back. What would you suggest? Will I totally blow everything if I have a glass of red wine? Thanks so much for your help! Dona

  291. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cindy:

    You seem to be very dedicated to good health, which I am happy to know. A couple of things that you might want to consider are: 1) watch what all your exercise might do for your Basal Metabolic Rate – if you are increasing your metabolism, you have to eat more; 2) you are right about what I will say about the maintenance phase: keep your weight stable (it is a period of resetting brain signals for fat/carb metabolism). You can get back to your Aug. weight, just don’t be in a hurry to do so during maintenance. Since you are such a workout junkie, you might want to see how you can be more effective at it: I’ve started posting about Senior Fitness on this blog: PersonalFitnessResearch.com. Overdoing ineffective exercise is just as bad an idea as not doing any exercise. Oh, and by the way, you can still enjoy weddings, parties, and holidays without gaining … as I’ve discovered regarding football/tailgating season.

    All the best,

  292. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dona: You could go either way…either do a 3-day washout period, followed by a (careful) interruption OR take your trip and eat carefully while not taking hCG for 2-3 days. Your weight shouldn’t get out of hand too much. If you find yourself up too much when you return, or on a plateau, then have an apple day. Weight gain in such a short time will be mostly fluid retention, and an apple day will help you with that.

    All the best,

  293. by AUDREY


    Please tell me if I ate 1200 calories using the hcg injection can I lose weight if I work out over an hour or will I gain?

  294. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    As far as losing abnormal fat, working out is irrelevant on the hCG diet. If you want to find out how one program succeeds with an hCG diet that includes more calories, check out Inches and Pounds. I’ve interacted with some of the folks there and they seem to have an interesting, yet beneficial, program.

  295. by Ms


    After stalling for 3 days, I decided to do an apple day and lost 3.5 pounds! This morning I became over zealous and began to eat apples again before I began think about the possibility of some going wrong because of it. I’ve only eaten two, did I mess everything up? What should I do from here?

  296. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You should be fine. Just do an apple day when you need it, and only one apple day at a time.

  297. by Cindy


    Thanks so much for the good advice!!!!! Down 15 with 23rd injection on Sunday. yay!!!!! Glad you are here for us! I don’t want to mess up!

    PS….the Smooth Move tea broke up the plauteau! Funny name!:)

  298. by stef


    im getting ready to start my period and did NOT resist my cravings for 2 days. today i did an apple day. do you think i am doomed, i have 10 injections left?

  299. by Denise


    Dr. Clark: I went on hcg July 2011 for the 42 days. Did really well. Now it is March 2012 & I’ve lost a total of 65 lbs. This additional weight was lost by eating right & exercising.

    I still want to lose 35-45 more lbs. But I can’t seem to on my own. I’m thinking of doing a 2nd round of hcg this July 2012. Do you think my body has just reached a plateau & that I should just exercise more? I would prefer not to do the 2nd round of hcg.

    Thank you.

  300. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I am not sure what the problem is.

  301. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Denise: You can, indeed, get where you want to be without another round of the hCG diet. It depend on the cause of your weight loss resistance. You may respond to a low-carb diet, or to intermittent fasting, or other strategies. Eating right will have more impact that exercising, although both are good, of course. Have you ever done the Atkins diet induction phase? Look into it and see what you think.

    All the best,

  302. by Kay


    I’m in the 5th week of my 4th round of HCG and for the last two weeks, I’ve only lost 1 to 2 lbs per week. It’s been very discouraging, and I’ve thought of quitting the diet, but still have a lot of weight to lose. Is it possible I’ve become immune to the hormone? I’m not at all hungry, but no matter what I try, can’t seem to get off this plateau. An apple day during Week 4 and two apple days this week did not seem to make any difference. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

  303. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kay…You can develop resistance if the time between protocols is too short. Dr. Simeons advocated a 6 week period, although some people may require more time.

    All the best,

  304. by Lacey


    Dr. Clark:

    I am a vegetarian, and I’m currently on Phase 2. Could you give me any advice for Phase 3 of the diet? With no carbs or sugar at all, I’m not sure what I can eat. And how long is Phase 3 supposed to be? Thank you!

  305. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lacey…It doesn’t have to be no carbs at all, just no sugar or starchy foods. You can have all the green leafy veggies you want. Stay on it for a minimum of 21 days. Enjoy!

    All the best,

  306. by Belinda


    Hi Dr. Clark, I have read several different posts about phase 3 of hcg diet. My questions is, would it be ok to begin phase 3 while taking carb blockers whenever bread/pasta is consumed and also take Slimmetry supplements to continue weight loss with1500-2000 calorie diet? I am also going to be working out. I am happy with the jump start hcg has provided me in weight loss but would like to lose more with diet and exercise. Will this mess up my hypothalamus in resetting? Could this be beneficial doing it this way? I appreciate your opinion! Thank you!

  307. by Anny


    Hi Dr Clark,

    I am on Phase 4 (maintenance). I have increased my exercise and had not gained more than 2 lbs since I finished the drops. However over the course of the last week I have gained 4.5 lbs and have had about 3 steak days. I am thinking it may be due to water retention because my monthly cycle is due to start in a few days but I am not sure. I have increased my water intake but nothing seems to be working. Can you provide any insight? Thanks

  308. by Anny


    Hi Dr Clark,

    I have been on Phase 4 for about 3 weeks and have stayed within 2 lbs of my last HCG dosage. I have been constant at around 164-166 lbs. I have increased my exercise routine to include resistance training (with kettlebells). Everything was going well until about a week ago where I have now steadily gained weight everyday. As of this morning I weighed in at 169. I have done at least 3 steak days but nothing is working. I am thinking it may have something to do with my monthly cycle that is due to start in a few days. I may be retaining water but I am not sure. Can you provide any insight? Thanks

  309. by lacie


    HEllo I did the hcg and lost a lot of weight and i am on my first week of matanace and i have already gained almost six lbs i dont no what to do i have done a stake day and did not lost at all im doing everything im supost to i have not cheeted at all and its only been 4 days on the phase 3 im so upset i keep thinking im going to gain all of it back or if its ever going to stop at all i gain anywere from a 1.8 to 2 lbs a day why whats wrong please someone tell me what to do

  310. by Cali


    Hi Dr. Clark. I finished phase 2 back in January, did the 3 days of 500 Cal/day, then had to leave for a work trip in Aspen. At the airport I had a Caesar salad w/ crackers. Probably a bad choice. The next day there was no scale in my cabin. I ordered one, which arrived in the afternoon. It showed I had put on 5 lbs! By this point it was too late for a steak day. I ate light for the rest of the day. The next morning I was up 7 lbs! Still unable to do steak day because of the catering situation. I was in Aspen for 5 days. When I returned home I was able to get within 2 lbs. of my LIDW, but can NOT stabilize! My weight fluctuates up and down 3 pounds almost every other day! It is now April. I have started another round in order to stabilize, but I don’t really need to lose weight. Maybe 3 lbs. I know I should stay on the HCG for 2 weeks. I’m planning to up my calories to 1000/day once I’m back at LIDW, which will likely be day 6 of the drops (since I gained 6 during the gorge days). When I finish the drops, should I continue 3 days at 1000 Cal/day or drop down to 500 Cal/day? This site is awesome, by the wway

  311. by Belinda


    Is this site still active?

  312. by Cali


    Hi Dr. Clark, I finished phase 2 back in January, did 3 days of 500 cal/day, then had to leave for a work trip in Aspen. At the airport I had a Caesar salad w/ crackers, a glass of white wine and drank lots of water. The next day there was no scale in my cabin. I ordered one, which arrived in the afternoon. It showed I had put on 5 lbs! By this point it was too late for a steak day. I ate light for the rest of the day. The next morning, I was up 7 lbs! Still unable to do a steak day because of the catering situation. I was in Aspen for 5 days. When I returned home, I was able to get within 2 lbs of my LIDW very quickly, but can NOT stabilize! My weight fluctuates up and down about 3 pounds almost EVERY OTHER DAY! It is now April. I have started another round in order to stabilize, but I don’t really need to lose weight. Maybe 3 pounds. I know I should stay on the HCG for 2 weeks. I’m planning to up my calories to 1000/day once I’m back at LIDW. That should be tomorrow, however, I still have another week that I should take the drops. When I finish the drops, should I continue 3 days at 1000 cal/day or drop back down to 500 cal/day? This site is awesome, by the way!

  313. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Belinda:

    Carb blockers slow down the breakdown of starch, although not completely. The most effective strategy for P3 is to avoid them. Also, it is best to keep your weight stable through P3, not lose more. You are doing a hormone signal reset, and you will want it to stabilize.

    All the best,

  314. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Anny:

    Fluid retention is a common culprit. It should drop back down to normal after your cycle.

    All the best,

  315. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lacie:

    The culprit for such quick weight gain is most likely fluid retention. Avoid all process carbs and sugary and starchy foods, even sugary fruits. Remember that the steak day is best when you fast all day and only have your steak and apple at the end of the day. You should see results quickly.

    All the best,

  316. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cali:

    First, thank you for your kind comments. Your strategy is exactly what I would do, including keeping on the same diet foods at 1000 cal per day for the washout period. I hope you are in better position to benefit from a steak and apple day when necessary. Isn’t it amazing how much fluid retention can drive up your weight in a 24-hour period!

    All the best,

  317. by Dr. Dennis Clark



    As far as I know.

    All the best,

  318. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    (see answer posted previously)

  319. by how to lose belly fat for boys


    how to lose belly fat for boys…

    […]After HCG Diet To Do List | Best HCG Weight Loss Diet[…]…

  320. by Ann


    After my 3 weeks off hcg. When do you go back to counting calories? I miss eating oatmeal. I am also seeking hypnosis to eliminate bad habits and discover new ones when I finish the program.

  321. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Ann:

    It is less important to keep track of calories if you: 1) just eat slowly until you feel satisfied (i.e., don’t overeat); and, 2) cut out all processed carbs, or at least as many as you can (including oatmeal). Put a special emphasis on cutting out processed wheat, corn, and sugar. Yes, I miss oatmeal, too. I was raised on it. I just don’t eat it anymore (okay, maybe 2-3 times a year).

    All the best,

  322. by ogg


    I’ve done hcg several times. I’m a 57yr old female. I seem to stay at 142. Does this mean my body is wanting to stay at this weight? I am weighing daily in the am. I’ve done the steak day and fluctuatin a lb up & down. Don’t plan on doing hcg so where do I go to after my 3wk which I just finished? Do I just do a 1200 calorie and watch the carbs & sugar? I w/o 6 days a week for 45min. Please help. Thank you.

  323. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, oog:

    Daily calorie restriction is not a good long-term strategy. You might do better with fasting for 24 hrs once or twice per week. That helps me. Also, watching carbs and sugar is a good idea at all times. I don’t know enough to say whether 142 is your ideal weight.

    All the best,

  324. by Ricky


    I’ve gained 8lbs in phase 4. I’, going into my 4th round, the 3rd was unsucessful. But I am down 33lbs in total. Not feeling so good about myself at the moment. I still have a couple of weeks before I can begin a new round. So I have 2 questions. Can I start another round early or wait? If not then what can I do between now and then to not gain any more weight and to prepare for what would be a third round. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Feeling pretty low about this weight loss thing right now.

  325. by Denise


    Thank you Dr. Clark. I will try that. Today & tomorrow I’m gonna do a steak day because of all the parties I’ve had lately, I’ve gained 8 lbs. Then like you said, I’ll try the intermittent fasting & see where that takes me.

  326. by Jennifer


    Help!!!! I started the HCG diet on March 19th. It is May 8th. I have took 2 entire bottles of HCG drops and have lost a total of 16 pounds. I am stuck!!!!! I have not lost any more weight. I need help. I still have more to lose. Do I need to come off of the drops for a few days or continue on the drops? If I come off how long do I need to wait to start back? If I need to come off do I start back with the very 1st phase? Have I beoome immune? If so what can I do to jumpstart my weight loss again? I have been taking them faithfully and eating about 500-800 calories everyday. I am not excersing. Please help me Dr. Clark….

  327. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Jennifer: I don’t know which product you took. However, once you finish a round of hCG, you must wait at least 6 weeks before starting another one. Then begin at the beginning again. 500 calories might be better than 500-800. Just experiment.

    All the best,

  328. by Jennifer


    Thanks! I took the HCG drops. Is it not effective if you don’t wait the 6 weeks?

  329. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Jennifer:

    It is most likely that you will develop resistance to the hCG is you do another series in fewer than 6 weeks after the previous one. Then the hormone quits working, you get very hungry, and weight loss comes from starvation instead of hormone signaling. It is best to wait.

    All the best,

  330. by Alicia Inniss


    Dear Dr. Clark,

    I have just started the HCG Drops can I also take
    Slimmetry and Carb Blocker2 as well?


  331. by armywife


    Hi, I was wondering do you have to go through all the phases. I didn’t pay attention and i have phase 3 pills that I bought.

  332. by Lindsey


    Hi Dr. Ok, so I need some clarification. Yesterday was my 3rd day of no drops, did 27 days of homeopathic hcg & lost 24.5 pounds, putting my round 1 end weight at 174. My question is, do I need to stay at 172-176 pounds during this next 6 weeks before I start round 2? Because I woke up & my weigh in was 173. I was looking forward to what a friend had said; you still lose during maintenance. My perception after reading this page is that it’s more important to stabilize. If I continue to lose a half pound each day while eating as instructed during maintenance, which would clearly bring me below that +/- 2, is that a bad thing? I didnt cheat a single time this entire experience & do nOt want to undermine my progress. Thanks tons for your time!!!

  333. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Jennifer…generally you can expect hCG resistance to last up to 6 weeks, so it would be ineffective up to that point.

  334. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Alicia…perhaps, however there is no need to overdo it like that.

  335. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Armywife…of course you must do the protocol as outlined by Dr. Simeons. There is no such thing as ‘phase 3 pills’ on this protocol.

  336. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Lindsey…what you said about stabilizing is, indeed, true if you had been taking real hCG. Nobody knows what happens to your hormone signaling pathway on homeopathic hCG (no hCG in it). Probably nothing.

  337. by Dalia


    Hello every1 .. i need help 🙁

    im doing p2 for 24 days(incl 3 days of no hcg) .. if i get my period on day 20 ..does that mean that i can go on phase 3 with still 3-4 days of period left?

    thank you..

  338. by Alexandra


    Hi, DR. D. I will be doing my last injection of a 30 day round tomorrow, they told me I can start round 2 of hcg injections right away, but I keep reading that the you have to wait 6wks. for the next round. I was also told that I could eat 1200 calories but eating the same thing as the 500 calorie diet just in a bit more quanity. What is the real answer? Iam confused and not beleiving what they are telling me. I’ve lost 19.5lbs. so far.

  339. by pj


    this was great info. I have a bad thyroid and do everything I can to lose weight I’m not obese but very uncomfortable was like 20 lbs over but the problem is I lose finally and then gained back and I gained back 5 lbs 1and a half every 2 days this week I did stabilize but maybe not long enough and ate off a bit I have a healthy diet but I’m disgusted now you can’t even have a cocktail without gaining it’s not realistic and I got back into doing my spin bike and weight training I’m hoping I don’t gain anymore almost up to where I started .Was at 131 this morning so frustrating after eating so wel and sticking to protocol my body doesnt seem to want to stay at 12 so I tried for 125 this time I see alot of people complaining and it’s not fast weight loss for me. What should Ido steak day again an d an apple I do use carb blockers even when I have some wine. I did better a year ago then this time people think I’m nuts and obsessed because I constantly watch and won’t have a drink will drink seltzer with lemon, but quite franly I’m totally discouraged . Going back the trainer i had made ne a diet with only 10 carbs first 3 meals good carbs like half a serving of oatmeal with 26 grams protein no fats or eggwhites with a cup of strawberries then last 3 meals no carbs only low gylcemic vegetables and 24 fats and 26 protein it worked well maybe I should resort back to that program except I won’t have the oatmeal I never have sandwiches and maybe the nuts had too many carbs as a snack what do you think?

  340. by K


    I did one round of HCG and lost 30 pounds. That ended three months ago. Since then, on my own, I have lost another 10 pounds. I have noticed I am extremely sensitive now to carbs. Is this normal? For instance, I simply cannot eat anything that uses a rising dough, such as pizza or those pillsbury biscuits. If I have one slice of pizza, within an hour I feel extremely bloated and just awful. The next morning I will have easily gained 3 pounds, just from that one slice of pizza! A steak day usually takes care of that. I had one pillsbury biscuit with a salad another time. Again, the same reaction as with the pizza. I’m not really craving the carbs to want to eat them often, but to have a real slice of pizza once in a while would be nice. My sister thinks I may now have a gluten sensitivity that wasn’t there before. What are you thoughts? As an added note, I do not plan on doing HCG again. I have maybe 10 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight and feel that I can accomplish that on my own.

  341. by JT


    Thank you for any advice. First 4 days after protocol, weigh-ins are good.(130.4: 129.8: 129.8 129.6)(yeah) On day 4 of Stabilizing: what I ate that day disagreed with me all night and my body rejected it with emphasis. The next day I weighed in .2 lbs heavier.(129.8)(still okay) The next day, not much of an appetite but ate some tuna,lettuce, tomato, apple, watermelon. Still sore and bloated with inflamation overnight. Weighed in .8 lbs heavier and with a sore throat.(130.6)(Was the gain from the watermelon or getting sick?) Weight stayed the same for 2 more weigh-ins.(130.4:130.4) Allergies became unbearable, I finally took an antihistamine,the next morning weight up 1 lb (131.4) Had to take another med. the next night, up again (132.0)(I tried an “egg day” since it was a steak that my body rejected originally.)(results pending) Is the gain from the antihistamine and/or my allergies? Will it go away if I stop taking it? I think I have a sinus infection, though. Won’t antibiotics mess with stabilizing too? I’ve read that Dr. Simeon used antihistamines with vitamin C successfully, however, for what?

  342. by Beth


    This is the first time I’ve seen it mentioned that you should have a glass of wine every day on phase three. What about sugar in wine.

  343. by Donna


    This is the first I have heard of this diet and I must say, I don’t care for it. I don’t tend to like cleansing diets or those that deploy some sort of extreme depravation, or those that limit the kinds of foods you eat. I prefer to eat sensible and workout regularly. It is surprisingly easy to do so, but different strokes for different folks.

  344. by Cora


    I didn’t notice in your article where you mentioned what HCG is, I’ve never heard the term before so I was wondering. After reading your article I did get the fact that it is a hormone of sorts and you take it for a limited amount of time and then you stop. What is it supposed to do for you though? Your article was good and had good advice it was just missing a definition.

  345. by Monique


    I never thought that a diet can be so precise and complex. How long can any person keep up with such stringent rules and restrictions? I used to measure my food intake with a scale and measuring cups and that got tedious for me after just a couple of weeks. I would hope that it is not nearly as complicated to execute as it sounds.

  346. by Thomas


    I am glad that there is someone spreading the news about the realities of what food manufacturers are doing to consumers. The greed and corruption that is going on in business, starting with Capitol Hill, is a sign of the times. There must be a lot of ignorance on the part of consumers because foods with HFCS continue to keep companies profitable.

  347. by Terence


    The sheer numbers of persons who have been trying this eating method is an indication of just how many people try to avoid combining healthy eating with some good ole fashion sweat equity. I guess many still don’t realize that even moderate intensity workouts – which are easy to do – when done consistently, can maximize the results you get and speed up the transformation of your body.

  348. by Melodie


    This sounds like a very important part of this diet and should be taken seriously in order for this diet to give you the full advantages that it is made for. Thank you for posting this because you have more information about the HCG diet here than I have ever found anywhere else, thank you so much for the information.

  349. by Jennifer


    I was wondering if you can go back to using your daily lotions and cosmetics after you get off the hcg? And if not how soon can you being them again?

  350. by Robert


    A after diet is very important when you start any kind of extreme regime. I don’t know if you consider this extreme but in a way I do. It is just like if you go on a fast for any length of time you have to be careful what you eat afterwards because it could make you very ill, a lot of people think they can eat the same way they used to.

  351. by Timothy


    This was a very interesting article I was really liking the steak day thing until I read the details, that doesn’t sound like much fun and why an apple. The rest of the advice you give is well worth the time it took to read it. I am going to share this with some friends of mine. You do great work and I look forward to your updates.

  352. by Lonnie


    Timothy is right, why the apple I don’t understand the idea of a steak with an apple. I will check the internet for more information on this process and see what I can find to better explain it. Thank you for the start though I think this is what I will do my report on in the next semester. I look forward to updates periodically.

  353. by Denise


    Dear Dr. Clark, I just did two steak days & lost weight, but now I’m back up. I’ve been pretty stable for one & 1/2 years since I lost 60 lbs last year 2011, but this year I went on another round of hcg to try & lose more weight, but it didn’t work. My body seems to like this weight, but I don’t. I want to lose 20-30 more lbs cuz I’ve gained 5-10 lbs making my total weight loss between 50 & 55 lbs. The 1st steak day last week I lost 6 lbs but the 2nd steak day I only lost one lbs. Is something weird going on with my body? Does hcg change something that won’t let me lose anymore weight? Thank you.

  354. by Cassie


    I’m on day 11of phase 2. I’m taking the hcg daily injections and a weekly b12 shot. I have list 15 lbs. my muscles get sore with less amount of exercise than I’m used to and my brain is a little foggy. Other than that, So far so good. I’m excited about eating other foods and I’m just looking for someone to co-sign me eating a cookie. When can I have a piece of cake or brownie???? I’m kinda joking and kinda not. I’m a junk food queen and I miss my sweets:( and…are sugar free brownies ok? If I make them myself??

  355. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Denise:

    No, your body does not ‘like this weight’ at all. A steak day can help flush excess fluids. It has a limit, though, based on how much fluid you are retaining. It is more likely that your metabolism is haywire due to insulin and/or leptin resistance. This is a common core problem that has nothing to do with hCG.

    All the best,

  356. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Well, Lonnie, the apple seems to have some properties that don’t fit into a good explanation. Somehow this fruit helps to drive the elimination of excess fluids. I have not seen a good explanation of why this is so, much less any research on the mechanism.

    All the best,

  357. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Denise: This sounds like what Dr. Robert Atkins described as metabolic resistance. You can find out where you are regarding such resistance by doing the Atkins Diet induction phase for 14 days – 20 grams maximum of carbs per day. You will be amazed what can happen during this 2-week period. If you have less than stellar results, there is still something you can do. Let me know how it goes, and I will explain what your next step should be if necessary.

    All the best,

  358. by Danielle


    I’m in my 4th round of hCG, currently in maintenance. My last 2 rounds, I’ve gained during maintenance/rest, last time gaining 23 pounds in about 8-10 weeks (maintenance, rest and after) until I was able to start my next round. Steak days do NOT work for me… they did in the beginning. I’d do a steak day, it would work and I’d go on for another day or two. I’d have to do another steak day and i wouldn’t lose much at all, maybe .8. Then I’d have to do another steak day the day after that loss and I ended up GAINING after a steak day. I gain out of control now. My holistic/HK practitioner wants me to talk to a therapist about my beliefs about myself and what I can achieve and worthiness issues etc. but Im sure there’s more to it. She has tested my food reactivity issues and i’ve eliminated those foods but am still gaining out of control. I’ve researched ‘false fat’ and that makes sense because you can’t physically GAIN that much actual fat that fast. Is there any physiological reason for this happening on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds?

  359. by Danielle


    Ps. I’ve had my thyroid tested awhile back and also my metabolism is BETTER now than it used to be when i first started.

  360. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Danielle…Your story seems to beyond resistance to hCG and into the realm of insulin and leptin resistance. I have discovered a way to put the steak day into hyper-mode (my term) with something that Robert Atkins called ‘fat fasting’. It is very helpful against seemingly intractable metabolic resistance. You can find lots of people commenting on it when you Google it. One of the best starting points is:


    I tested out myself for 3 days (5 days is the recommended maximum), and found it to be pretty amazing. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

    All the best,

  361. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Danielle: Overall metabolism is useful in a limited way. What you want to know is what is happening to your abnormal fat metabolism. That is a bit more challenging to determine, although following your body fat composition with a scale that has a built-in bioelectrical impedance device is helpful.

    All the best,

  362. by Julie


    When I finish my 3 weeks of maintenance I will still have 20 pounds to lose. I would like to lose it doing low carb and exercise. Do you know of anyone having success losing weight doing low carb after RXHCG?

  363. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Julie:

    Yes. In fact, going low carb seems to be the best way to keep your target weight from the previous round of hCG, even past Phase 3. Indeed, you can do very well going low carb the right way without doing the hCG protocol. It is just a little slower, that’s all.

    All the best,

  364. by Kathy D


    Ok, one person puts in an avocados in phase 3 to increase calories and gets a thumbs up. Another is given a thumbs down because carb count too high. I am so confused now. I can’t seem to get above 800 calories in phase 3 and I know I need to stabilize properly to be successful. Please supply an appropriate list of foods that you recommend to boost calorie counts during the stabization phase so we don’t blow everything we have worked so hard for. One gets tired of eating the limited phase 2 foods. Oh yes, I can’t eat shell fish so I am even more limited. I also try to stay away from fat as that was my worst enemy in the past.

    Thanking you in advance

  365. by Donna


    Dr. Clark

    I have successfully lost 25 lbs. and 30 inches since doing the 6 week HCG Protocol. I am very pleased with these results since I have a yo yo history that has accumulated in the past 60 years. I am now in Phase 3 of Stabilizing. My question is this: Is it okay to try Raspberry Ketone while I am doing the stabilizing? I plan on a 2nd Round of the HCG Protocol at the end of the 4 week Stabilizing phase. I need your Wisdom before I attempt the Raspberry Ketones, and by the way, are these ketones effective?

  366. by Jessica


    Dr. Clark, had a question about HCG 1/2 Round. You said the body becomes resistant to the HCG after 40 days or so. If I do a 1/2 round of the HCG protocol, can I start another round after Phase 3, or do I still have to wait 6wks to start?


  367. by Leah


    If you don’t complete a whole round before stopping, (I.E) Like 11 days… How long should you wait before starting again… a new round?

  368. by Leah


    This is like my 5th round. My last 2 rounds were not successful at all I regained all my weight from both rounds, but I did failed to complete a full round. It appears to be getting harder for me to complete a total round of 21 days. I was thinking that I have built up a immunity to HCG, so I was wondering how long should I wait before trying again, being that I wasn’t successful at my last 2 attempts?

  369. by allison


    i am in my first week of phase 3. The first day in phase 3, I maintained my last weigh in 144.5. The next morning I dropped to 142.5, not sure why. That morning, I then travelled by airplane. I packed my meals and snacks. I did not cheat. The next morning I weighed 148. My ankles were swollen…. but how did I gain from 142 to 148 without cheating. I am now 147. Still over. I just flew home last night. What should I do?

  370. by Lily



    I started the drops on 06/13 (on the 2nd day of my period) – sorry for TMI.

    up to Monday the 24th, I had only lost 7.2 lbs. (that’s 12 days!) – I did the diet the right way, did not use oils, make up, etc)

    Yesterday I gave up and had a cheat day.

    Today I’m back on the diet (VLC) portion.

    Will I be ok? I would like to lose at least 15 lbs by July 12th.

    Any idea if the slow weight loss was because of my period then ovulation time?

    Will I be losing weight now even though I’ve had HCG in my system for 12 days?

    Thank you!

  371. by Cindy Gibson


    Help! I’m on day 23 of my HCG injections and this morning I realized my refrigerator had not been properly closed and all of my injections were stored at 60 degrees. I tested an injection on a test strip and it was negligible for HCG. It will be Monday before I can get more HCG which means I will be without the HCG today, tomorrow and will get it late on Monday. Will missing this many injections ruin this cycle? I’m doing great so far — have lost 19 pounds since beginning and have not cheated once. I’m so depressed that I may have ruined the whole cycle. Please advise. Thanks so much!

  372. by Krista


    I hope you can help me. I am on phase 3 round 3 and my body will not stabilize. I do not cheat, I drink a min of one gallon or water per day. I did not have this issue on my other rounds. I have been doing steak days almost every other day since I started. Please see below for my numbers:
    11/7 Last HCG drop weight – 133.4
    11/8 133.6
    11/9 133.7
    11/10 134.5
    11/11 135.2
    11/12 137.8 Steak Day
    11/13 136.5 Steak Day
    11/14 135.4
    11/15 136.8 Steak Day
    11/16 134
    11/17 137.6 Steak Day
    11/18 135.3
    11/19 138.9 Steak day
    11/20 136.3 Steak Day
    11/21 134.7
    11/22 137 Steak Day
    1/23 135.3
    11/24 137.6 Steak Day

  373. by Dana


    I am finishing phase 2 and am on the first day of no drops. I was wondering if it is possible to do just 2 days of 500 calorie diet instead of 3? I read where one person said they did fine with just 2 days but I don’t know if that is just that one person. Thanks.

  374. by Angelique


    Hi! I am having troubles on my last round. I am currently on day 19 of my 5th round. Total weight loss during the 4 rounds has been 120 pounds. I have 10 more to loose, yet no loss on this round probably because I have cheated. I never cheated once on any other round but this round has been bad. I have cheated 5 times, including today. I am just so hungry. My weight is at 130 pounds. I was planning on doing a 21 day round but now should I try to go longer? Quit early? Will reset even work now? What should I do? Thanks for your help!

  375. by Kimberly


    Tomorrow is my last injection and in 4 days can I add my glass of wine? I did 25 days, started at 137 after load currently 122 @ 5″7. The 15 lb creepers up on me over 2 years. Since most of my adult life I’ve been 118-122 does my body remember this as normal still? Thank u

  376. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kimberly:

    A single glass of wine is not TOO bad. Keep in mind, though, that the 21-day maintenance period should be low-carb. Keep close track of your weight and just don’t overdo it. Take a ‘steak day’ if you start creeping up. Congratulations on your progress. And, yes, your body should have a good ‘memory’ of your ideal weight when you stay at that point long enough. Keep up the good work!

    All the best,

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