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Dr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight LossDr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight Loss

Way too many people, in my opinion, are regaining weight after completing the hCG diet protocol. Even one person would be too many. Weight regain has nothing to do with the old myth of eating too much and exercising too little. It has much more to do with meal spacing. Here is what I mean. Read more… »

After HCG Weight Loss

HCG weight loss derives from a specific hormone directed, very low calorie protocol for a short time. The big question is what to do afterward. The key is sensibility, which could mean different things for different people. Here are some helpful suggestions.

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Dieting Tips For Healthy And Rapid Weight Loss | Care Our Health

In the modern world, most of us lead a lifestyle where we do not have the time to sit and eat. This results in the problem of obesity. Overweight.

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Rapid Is Not Important

Rapid weight loss, unless specifically directed by HCG, is not a good approach. Losing fat is not a fast process. Speed loss involves water weight and muscle mass. Being sensible means also being patient. Do right by your health and your weight will change at the rate it is supposed to change.

All the best in HCG weight loss,

Dr. D

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