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HCG Diet Plan And Fluid Retention


Fluid retention is a common problem during the hCG diet plan. It is a common problem in general, and it has nothing to do with drinking too much water. Here is what you should know. Read more… »

HCG Diet Plan – Salt And Reducing


The hCG diet plan does not restrict salt. Indeed, any advice about cutting down on salt for reducing weight is bad. Here is why. Read more… »


The hCG diet plan is very clear on what an apple day should be, for stopping a plateau. It is pretty annoying to see this advice become twisted and incorrect on forums and websites. Here is exactly what Dr. Simeons said about it. Read more… »

HCG Drops Newspaper Ad A Real Doozy


HCG drops are all the rage. Unfortunately, some products are total fakes. Here is one example that is being advertised heavily in newspapers. Buyer beware! Read more… »


HCG diet recipes do not have to be bland. Here is a great achiote paste recipe to spice up any old otherwise low-flavor whitefish or chicken breast. Read more… »

HCG Diet Recipes with Lime

HCG diet recipes can and should be delightful. In face, this recipe for Asian Lime Whitefish is so good that you will want it even when not on the hCG protocol. Read more… »

HCG Diet Bodybuilder

The hCG diet has a great history of helping people lose weight, especially abnormal fat, in the fastest and healthiest way possible. The P90x workout program is backed by all kinds of sexy infomercials that show how anyones’s muscle tone can become stone-cut ripped. It is a very successful commercial enterprise. Here is how it worked in real life for one of my close friends, and how the hCG diet plan turned out to be what he was really looking for. Read more… »

HCG Diet Target

The best strategies for keeping weight off after your hCG diet require simple changes in lifestyle and diet. Here are the top 5 ways that have the most impact on successful long-term weight management. Read more… »

HCG Phase 3 Scale

HCG phase 3 has attracted way too much confusing and ambiguous verbiage. It is really very simple when taking a look at exactly what Dr. Simeons wrote here. Read more… »

HCG Drops Expert

HCG drops must be a scourge of modern medicine. Experts say they don’t work. Tens of thousands of people who have lost weight on them say they do. Who is right? Read more… »

No HCG In Walmart HCG Drops

HCG Drops - Walmart

HCG drops at Walmart are called The HCG Solution Dietary Supplement, by NiGen BioTech LLC. The Supplement Facts label does not list hCG as an ingredient. Here are the details. Read more… »

HCG Side Effects - Heart Health

HCG side effects now include a newly discovered benefit to cardiovascular health. Drug companies are probably developing drugs to do what the hCG diet plan already does. Here is what you and your doctor should know. Read more… »

HCG Side Effects - Blood Work

Recent research on hCG side effects shows a reduction in cholesterol levels during the hCG diet protocol. Here is what you can expect. Read more… »

HCG Diet Plan – Real Science

HCG Diet Plan - Apple Day

The hCG diet plan got some real science behind it in 2011. New research data show the accelerated loss of fat mass, just as the original protocol by Dr. Simeons has been doing for more than a half a century. Here is what you can expect based on this new research. Read more… »

Phentermine - HCG Diet

Phentermine is commonly prescribed during the hCG diet as an appetite suppressant in case of rampant hunger. Here is what you should know before you consider taking it. Read more… »

After HCG Diet Meal Spacing

What must you do after hCG diet to keep your target weight in check? One crucial and often ignored component of weight management is meal spacing – i.e., when is it best to eat each meal during the day. Scientific research on this topic may surprise you. Read more… »

Warnings About HCG Drops

HCG Drops at GNC

Beware: HCG drops may or may not contain hCG. The product label must indicate the amount of hCG in International Units (IU). If not, it is a sham. Here is what you must know. Read more… »

HCG Diet For Beginners

HCG Diet Bathroom Scale

The hCG diet protocol is really very simple. It requires a hormone, hCG, and a very low calorie diet of specific foods. Here it is in a nutshell, both for beginners and for veterans of the protocol. Read more… »

HCG Injections General Protocol

HCG Injections Syringe and Vials

Directions for hCG injections may vary slightly among different suppliers. Regardless of preparation technique, the ideal amount of hCG for injection is 125-150 IU per day. The original protocol by Dr. Simeons called for 125 IU regardless of starting body weight. Since hCG is a hormone, it acts in very small amounts. Read more… »

HCG Diet Recipes - Red Apples

HCG diet recipes can and should be delicious. Lea Woodall tells about her success on the hCG protocol and provides a few of the recipes that helped her get great results. Read more… »