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Dr. A.T.W. Simeons commented on the cholesterol-lowering effects of his hCG weight loss protocol in the 1971 revision of his book, Pounds and Inches. Updated experimental research in 2011 confirmed and expanded on his observation. The good news is that the health benefits of his protocol are even better than previously thought. Here is why. Read more… »


HCG side effects include protein deficiency immediately after finishing a protocol. It is not a good idea to continue dieting, especially regarding protein intake. Here is what you can expect and what to do about it. Read more… »


HCG side effects often include muscle weakness and reduced ability to exercise. Here is what Dr. Simeons had to say about it. Read more… »

HCG Side Effects - Heart Health

HCG side effects now include a newly discovered benefit to cardiovascular health. Drug companies are probably developing drugs to do what the hCG diet plan already does. Here is what you and your doctor should know. Read more… »

HCG Side Effects - Blood Work

Recent research on hCG side effects shows a reduction in cholesterol levels during the hCG diet protocol. Here is what you can expect. Read more… »

My Top Two HCG Side Effects

The chance for experiencing HCG side effects is very high during the HCG diet protocol. The two that I can always count on are perhaps the most common across the board. Read more… »

Normal weight fluctuations on the HCG weight loss diet often happen in spite of rigorous adherence to the protocol. Just when you think you have done everything right, weight loss stops or you experience weight gain. Here is what you should know when this happens to you. Read more… »

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) HCG Diet Direct releases the Top 3 List of HCG Diet Dangers. The HCG Diet is in use throughout the nation. It is a popular method for rapid, drastic weight loss. Homeopathic HCG dieting methods have increased its popularity exponentially in the past few years. Dieters are far more successful if they are aware of the HCG diet dangers that tend to work against dieters.


Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) HCG Diet Direct seeks to educate consumers participating in any HCG based weight loss program about HCG and its affect cholesterol levels. HCG can increase the levels of free cholesterol in the blood therefore making blood cholesterol levels high. What is occurring is that trapped cholesterol is loosened and reintroduced into the blood so there is a higher level of “free” cholesterol in circulation. Releasing trapped cholesterol over time is a positive effect of HCG. The end result can mean lower blood pressure.


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Constipation on HCG

One of the most common HCG side effects is constipation. Constipation on HCG is more common than most people realize. If you have a tendency toward constipation, HCG will be more likely to make it happen. Constipation may even occur regardless of whether you have had this problem before. Here is what happens and what you can do about it. Read more… »

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Your skin does not have to suffer on the hcg diet in the absence of oils and lotions. Several excellent alternatives are available for hcg cosmetics. You may be pleasantly surprised to see what they are. Pay close attention to the comments in the following article about MCT.

This is the most complete and helpful article that I have found on how to get your skin through the protocol without having it dry up! Just click on the link here:


Too bad the my favorite emu oil is not on the approved list! It is the best aftershave that I ever discovered.

Dr. D

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Side Effects on the HCG Diet

Here is a little video that I posted on YouTube. Below is my article on this topic, which has further details on what you can expect in the way of hcg side effects.

HCG vs Protocol

Side effects of HCG may be caused by a reaction to the hormone, a reaction to the very low-calorie diet, a reaction to substances released from metabolized fat, or combinations of all of these. Determining cause and effect is not really possible. However, if the approved medical uses of HCG for treating infertility or low testosterone are any indication, certain side effects of HCG alone may be possible.

Medical Use of HCG vs HCG Diet

Treating infertility with HCG requires doses of 10,000 IU. This is a typical dose of HCG for medical treatments. One drug company that makes Pregnyl (the most common brand name for HCG) lists the following unwanted symptoms of this high dose:

Headache, irritability, restlessness, depression, fatigue, edema, precocious puberty, gynecomastia (i.e., breast enlargement in males).

These are due to the high doses that are used in medical treatment. The question is whether they are also associated with the low doses of HCG that are used for the HCG diet.

Observations of Common Side Effects

The following observations are derived from reports by clients who have gone through the HCG protocol and from my own experience.

FATIGUE: The most common one is fatigue. This occurs almost 100% of the time. It is independent of starting weight or health status. People who work out regularly are less able to keep up their workout intensity. Those who are out of shape and inactive in the first place slow down even further.

IRRITABILITY: The ‘significant others’ of HCG dieters notice this first. It is very common. In my own experience, I even felt more irritable. By the end of the protocol, the quick recovery back to normal, after being more irritable for a month or more, was like going from night to day.

HEADACHE: At least 10 percent of the HCG dieters report headaches for the first few days of the protocol. Headaches stop after the body’s initial water loss during this period, when sufficient water intake begins to rehydrate the body. Water intake is the key to reversing this brief period of accelerated dehydration.

REDUCED NEED FOR SLEEP: Many dieters report that they sleep less during the protocol. This is a well-recognized side effect of the HCG diet. People do not feel as though they are sleep deprived. They just seem to need less sleep.

CONSTIPATION: Dieters who are prone to constipation notice that it is more pronounced on the protocol. It is crucial to treat this symptom immediately so that passage of waste, as well as daily weight loss, proceeds normally every day. Constipation will otherwise slow down or stop weight loss completely.

MINOR OCCURRENCES: Dozens of side effects that have been reported to be associated with the HCG diet are much more difficult to validate. Most seem to be associated with bad health. Blogs and forums are rife with reports of these kinds of symptoms. However, the only other side effects that are common enough to be expected are the beneficial ones, as mentioned below.

Beneficial Side Effects

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons already reported these observations in 1954. The main ones of greatest impact to modern users of the protocol are: 1) normalizing blood sugar metabolism; 2) lowering cholesterol; and, 3) lowering blood pressure.

Dr. Simeons’ explanations of these side effects are detailed in his book, Pounds and Inches. They are to be expected for everyone who undertakes the protocol. Besides fat loss, these are most crucial results from the protocol. They help slow down and even reverse hypoglycemia, diabetes, and heart disease.

All the best in fat loss,
Dr. D