Fat Loss Biology

The Original Research by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons

The research by Dr. Simeons was published in 1954 in his book, ‘Pounds and Inches’, which is widely available at no cost on many websites. He designed his protocol to be very precise regarding the amount of HCG required for injection, for the number of calories and the types foods allowed, and for the optimal duration of the program. He also published a brief synopsis of his program in the British medical journal Lancet (vol. 2, pp. 946-947, 1954).

This weight loss program has attracted considerable attention from the medical community and from people who have undergone treatment. Its popularity is one reason why so many people, including medical doctors, have decided to offer opinions on whether it works. The success of HCG for weight loss has been so great that it has attracted negative attention from the FDA.

Before I go further, I want to note that the FDA is not an agency that serves human health. It is an agency that serves the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies. Negative attention from the FDA almost always means that the health benefits of the treatment in question might undermine drug profits. Indeed, seeing the statement that HCG is not approved by the FDA for weight loss is, in my opinion, support for the effectiveness of this protocol.

Medical Studies

The government’s PubMed database lists more than 18,000 journal articles on HCG, with less than a few dozen of these having anything to do with weight loss. Most of the research on this hormone involves fertility, pregnancy, and the detection of cancerous tumors. What I want to do is call your attention to just three studies as examples of the confusion that is rampant in the medical literature on HCG and weight loss.

1963 Study

This study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (vol. 12, pp. 230-234, 1963), at the height of popularity of the HCG diet plan in the U.S. In my reading of this article, it looks to me as though the researchers behind this study, from the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, followed the Simeons protocol to the letter. There was one exception: the consumption of a baked potato each day, which is not on Simeons’ list of allowed vegetables. The main result of the study was an average loss of 6.5 pounds in the HCG-treated group, compared with an average loss of 8.8 pounds in the untreated (control) group. The authors concluded that the hormone did not cause weight loss.

This study is remarkable for a couple reasons. One is that, in spite of following the Simeons protocol for 40 days, neither the treatment group nor the control group came close to the amount of weight loss that is expected. A starvation diet alone (i.e., 550 calories per day) should have caused more weight loss than reported. In fact, one subject on HCG even gained weight. The other reason that this study is remarkable is that the number of study subjects (i.e., 10 in the treatment group, 9 in the control group) and the variability of the results within each group provided insufficient statistical power to explain anything at all! Indeed, this study offered no comparative statistical analysis of weight loss. In other words, the results did not support any conclusions whatsoever.

Nevertheless, one or more factors are not obvious in this study. Generally when a study has such insignificant results, the subjects were not compliant – i.e., they did not follow the protocol very well. The researchers offered no comment on this possibility, so we will never know why both the treatment group and the control group underperformed.

1973 Study

This study was published 10 years later, also in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (vol. 26, pp. 211-218, 1963). The researchers who conducted it, at the American Society of Bariatric Physicians Research Council, studied about twice as many subjects as the 1963 study above. The final result was an average loss of 19.96 pounds in the HCG group and 11.05 pounds in the control group. More importantly, the statistical analysis supported this difference as being significant. The conclusion of this study was that HCG did cause weight loss.

1995 Meta Analysis

Meta analysis refers to a comparison of multiple studies on the same topic. This meta analysis was published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (vol. 40, pp. 237-243, 1995) by researchers at Vrije University, Netherlands. They evaluated 16 studies and observed that most of them were of ‘poor methodological quality’ (meaning, bad science). Only one of the 12 articles of acceptable quality showed an effect on weight loss by HCG. The researchers concluded that ‘there is no scientific evidence that HCG is effective in the treatment of obesity’.

Meta analysis studies have become very popular in medicine because of the notion that a trend over multiple studies shows the truth. Unfortunately, the basic rules of statistics invalidate any such comparisons. Moreover, when even one study stands out against the majority, it is wrong to ignore it completely as these researchers have done. It would be much more valuable to figure out why some studies give contradictory results to one another.

This meta analysis also reveals what I call the dirty laundry of medical science – i.e., most research is so flawed that it is almost useless for saying anything at all with certainty. In fact, this is kind of a scary thought, isn’t it?

Take Home Lesson

Human subject research is the most difficult kind of study because of so many variables that are out of the control of the experimental design. Determining cause and effect is almost impossible. Nevertheless, we can see from some research that HCG can and does drive weight loss. My view is that studies that show this result are better in terms of sticking more closely to the Simeons protocol in the experimental design, then having the study subjects adhere closely to it.

What I conclude regarding HCG and weight loss is based on what I have seen for myself. This includes many, many people who have had the same results that Simeons documented based on his clinical experience with thousands of patients. I have also had the same results for myself. There is nothing like personal experience! The key to my experience, however, was monitoring my body fat composition. Weight loss is almost irrelevant by itself. My result was a reduction of 20 pounds AND of 6% body fat in less than 30 days. Reduction in body fat is supposed to be the main effect of HCG.

Medical researchers are apparently going to argue the merits of HCG and weight loss until the end of time, citing whichever research results support their arguments. As a scientist myself, I have no doubt whatsoever that Simeons was right and that my body changes occurred because of HCG.

One More Thing

Early studies on lab animals are now beginning to show that HCG interacts with the hormone leptin. Leptin is the new master fat hormone that has been known only since 1994. Like HCG, leptin also carries a signal to the hypothalamus. I predict that the more we find out about the interaction between these two hormones, the more we will understand how ingenious the Simeons protocol really is.

All the best in natural health,

Dr. D

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  1. by Cheryl


    I find this most interesting as thousands of people cannot be wrong and I am in the midst of Phase 2 and have already recorded higher weight loss than that of some of the studies.

  2. by patrick


    What percentage of the 20 lbs Dr Dennis lost while on hCG was fat v. lean body would be a helpful number for readers. Thanks

  3. by HCG Diet Facts


    Great article, doctor! Of course, there will always be those that have the position of “don’t confuse me with the facts”, but I’m happy to read your analysis from a scientific perspective. So many people can be helped by this protocol and it’s a shame the opposition keeps quoting these same flawed studies to come to their wrong conclusions. This is welcome analysis. Thanks!

  4. by Pattilu


    I enjoyed this article and found some new information included. I have read quite a bit about hCG and have completed 2 rounds, losing weight both times. My daughter and I plan another round this fall. We think it is the best way to go!
    Thank you for sharing your research.

  5. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Great suggestion, since body fat is the key number to know and follow. Check my math on this. Before I even thought about doing the HCG protocol, I started out at 210 lbs and 27% body fat, meaning my fat alone weighed 56.7 lbs. Right now I am 179 lbs and 19% body fat. Since I have now lost about 30% of my original body fat, one way to calculate this in pounds is to determine how much 30% of 56.7 lbs of fat is, which is 16.8 lbs of fat. So that would mean that my drop of 31 lbs entailed the loss of 16.8 lbs of fat, or about half of my weight loss.

    I would say, however, that this calculation is just a ballpark figure, because it is oversimplified. Since it involves a rate change among multiple variables in proportion to one another, it would more accurately be expressed as a partial differential equation. I’m going to stick with the ballpark figure, though, because I’m too lazy to dig out my old calculus text and derive a new equation just to nail down the accuracy of a few more percentage points one way or another. To be honest, I don’t know if I could remember of my old calculus to even do it (I took those classes in 1970!).

    I will say, however, that I followed my results on a different diet before I started HCG. The main difference that I saw on non-HCG was that I lost weight without dropping body fat composition at all.

    This information may seem a little obtuse, which math often is. I just hope it give you an idea that we can see a comparative difference between HCG-based and non-HCG protocols in fat loss. Now if you have a better way to explain what I have said here, please do so. Thanks again for asking about this.

  6. by patrick


    can you use light weight lifting to encorage the maintainance of muscle mass while undertaking the Simeons protocol or is exercise restricted to walking and swimming as aparently advocated by simeons.Can you explain a little your reasoning for the answer you give. Inquiring minds need to know.Thanks Dr D.

  7. by brenda


    I have yet to see any information on anyone actually sustaining this weight loss. What do you have to offer on this subject?

  8. by Helen


    Thank you Dr.Clark, I am on my 11th day & have lost 11#. I was starting to feel dizzy on my 8th &9th days but realized that my blood pressure medicine had to be adjusted and the HCTZ for water weight had to be discontinued. This is really exciting and is what I have hoped for. I feel excellent today- no tiredness or dizziness nor feeling dehydrated like I had the rest of the days. I am so estactic to read your insight and add to my knowledge of this product; as I want to be informed well enough to share it with others. I want to locate your Aftercare Package so I know what it entails for later.
    Thank you so much!

  9. by Helen


    Helen again…off my High Blood Pressure medication and my blood pressure yesterday was BETTER than it was ON MEDICATION earlier this year! That alone is encouraging me. There are about 20 people in our church body following the protocol-lots of people getting healthier daily.
    The above info. is great- especially when so few have heard of HCG. Thank you!

  10. by micaela


    I love your letters and giving us all the facts about HCG is great even thos studies that dont show good results. So we can make our own decition. Thank and keep the work up.

  11. by tracey


    Dr Simeon’s protocol is not just a diet…it is a lifestyle change. If you follow it precisely, then you will keep the weight off. The problem with people that gain it all back is that they think it’s okay to go back to eating the way they used to eat before the diet. Of course you will gain it all back if you go back to your soda and daily doughnut. I have kept it off and it’s only because I eat healthier than before or I would pack it all back on. People need to realize that they need to change the way they eat forever…not just a couple of months.

  12. by Marshaq


    I have done 1 round of 25 days and lost 24lbs of fat and only 1 pound of muscle. Went from a size 10+ to a loose 6.

  13. by Mitchell



    Does anyone have information on the exact diet? I received my HCG but never received the book or DVD. HELP!



  14. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    To what book or DVD are you referring? Where did you get your HCG? I might be able to give you some pointers if you can provide some more details.

  15. by Sherry Ashberger


    If someone would go through all the logs, written and video, posted on the web, day by day of HCG dieters, they would HAVE the exact information about whether HCG works or not, AND, if NOT, the PROOF of whether the person was following the protocol strictly or not, since most of these logs give comments on just that! If these aren’t proof enough of how well HCG works, I don’t know what is!!
    May we all find the bounty of sticking closely to the protocol and experiencing new life and happiness in our new healthy bodies via HCG!!

  16. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sounds like impeccable logic to me, Sherry. In fact, all I did was to read through the Simeons book to get all the information that I needed on the diet. Then I found a source of oral/sublingual HCG from a compounding pharmacy, and here I am 30 pounds lighter and 8% body fat less. Some folks just make things more difficult than necessary.

  17. by HCG Diet


    Thank you Dr.Clark for bring us back to history of this HCG diet program. I really enjoyed this research article and will recommend it other HCG dieters.

  18. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks. I like to dig out things that add to the discussion of this wonderful diet protocol. The whole topic has a rich history in the research literature, so I will be bringing up more of it at time goes on. You keep up your good work, too! You offer a lot of great information on your website.

  19. by Randy Bond


    It would be interesting to have an actual meta analysis completed following Dr. Simeons protocol to the letter. This is my first round on hcg and I have so far lost 12 lbs. in 10 days. From everything else I have read that has positive feedback regarding the Hcg diet protocol and Dr. Simeons theories most of them elude to the fact that Dr. Simeons was ahead of his time. So far I would have to agree! I agree with others that have stated this is also a lifestyle change and that we must eat healthier than before to keep this weight off. I agree with that as well, but an occasional splurge is not going to kill you either.

  20. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Meta analyses are funny things. When I studied statistics in college, we were forbidden from comparing data that were taken from different times and places. Now we have the meta analysis, whereby data are compared among different studies! Oh, well. Times change. I agree with you in that it would at lease be very interesting, regardless of statistical validity, to do such an analysis on the HCG diet. At the very least, published studies would get a new look and a new evaluation as to their experimental designs. Thanks for your input, Randy!

  21. by Debbie


    How to I determine what percentage of body fat I have?

  22. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You have to have a scale or other device that measures body fat.

    Dr. D

  23. by akuleboat


    I could be subjected to random drug screening at work for a government job. This could include a steroid screen including a testosterone level test. Could this lead a high testosterone count that would cause me to fail the test?

  24. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You will not exceed normal testosterone levels at the low dosages of HCG that are used for this protocol.

    Dr. D

  25. by Terry


    I am in the process of reading Simeon’s book. It talks about this diet being more than simply losing weight. It’s more of a cure for the problem of excess pounds because what is lost is from the abnormal fat stores.
    I’m sure the FDA doesn’t want this information to spread. Bariatric surgeons would have to take a cut in pay.

  26. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    That seems to be accurate in my opinion. Resetting metabolism is the key, not surgery. Hormone imbalance is the cause, and drugs or surgery won’t fix that. By the way, all mainstream medicine that is about drugs and procedures has little to do with health in the first place. It is, as you implied, about money.

    Dr. D

  27. by Gary


    Today was my first 500 calorie day. It was a bit rough, but I made it through. I’ve always been an advocate of 1gm of protein per body weight,in upwards of 2gms more when I was working out. So, I’m a bit fearful of losing muscle on this protocol. I was impressed with your results of losing 20lbs. and 6% body fat which would tell me you didn’t lose muscle. What method did you use to measure you body fat? I have a scale that supposedly measure body fat; however, I’ve been told this is not reliable. Also, I’m on Androgel for low testosterone which is what initially brought me to HCG. I know the protocol calls for stopping medication. What are you thoughts about continuing testosterone while on the protocal? My doctor is okay with this, in fact, he believes we can kill two birds with on stone. I’m his test case for the next 40 days. Thank you for all you do!! Gary

  28. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Gary: I’m with you on the hormone supplementation. This should not interfere with the HCG or with what you want to accomplish with testosterone treatment. I used a progesterone cream for men (i.e., 10 mg) during my protocol (and I still do). Low energy during the protocol is clearly not due to muscle atrophy. B-12 injections or sublingual help with the energy issue. Oh, I used an Omron handheld digital body fat analyzer (ca. $40 on eBay). It is semi-accurate, maybe better than a scale. What you really want is precision, meaning repeatable measurement, so you can see how you change. My device measured 3% higher than a submersion test on the same day, so that is probably a general guideline on impedance devices (i.e., handhelds, bathroom scales). By the way, if you want to see the latest research on the best way to build muscle, get a copy of Dr. Doug McDuff’s book, Body by Science. I also posted the first of his video series at my new fitness blog: http://personalfitnessresearch.com/personal-fitness-based-on-science/. You may be surprised. I was.

    All the best,

  29. by cindy moon


    How do you handle the situation where only 2/3 of hcg exits the syringe? So out of 150 mg. I only got 100. Any suggestions. Also, if I switcg to sublingual, what is an ampule in relation to the dosage? Thank you.

  30. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cindy:

    All I can say from my experience is that a 30-day supply of sublingual HCG contains 12000 IU. The compounding pharmacy that I use doesn’t provide it in ampules.

    All the best,

  31. by Betty Morriss


    My extraordinarily busy endocrinologist wants a copy of HCG research and the HCG protocol by a reputable medical doctor. I offered to find it, but can’t locate it online. Can you refer me to any medical journal research or research-based books by a MD on the use of HCG in weight loss? Many thanks. Betty

  32. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Betty:

    The article that you found here is the only one that I know of, unless you can search the PubMed database yourself. Good luck getting your MD to go along with the HCG diet. The key in dealing with MDs, in my experience, is to make it sound like it was their idea. You don’t ‘convince’ them of anything.

    All the best,
    Dr. D

  33. by colleen Coble


    Thank you for this! It’s hard to find reputable information about the protocol. I’ve lost 65 pounds on hcg after trying everything else under the sun for 30 years. I’m a huge fan! I recently discovered your website and have been telling other people about it. Thanks for being so available and open.

  34. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thank you very much for your compliments. Keep spreading the good word!

    All the best,

  35. by Roni


    I am “this close” to starting a course of hCG, but what is holding me back is the 500 calories/day diet. I have always believed that restricting calories this much is harmful, at lest in terms of the body ‘panicking’ and storing fat. Can you please explain why/how this not an issue with hCG?

    I have been about 45 lb’s overweight for 7-8 years (most of which, I gained during pregnancy that I have not been able to lose completely). I also have hypothyroidism, for which I take 120 mcg of Synthroid/day. I do not have an unhealthy diet to begin with. I eat mostly organic, natural foods and am hyper-vigilant about reading labels, so I often wonder, aside from being MORE active, what am I doing wrong?!

    I am very excited (but slightly apprehensive!) about trying this! 🙂

  36. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Tens of thousands of people have already succeeded on the HCG protocol, so this is obviously not a starvation diet. You have to know the differnce between a hormone-directed diet vs. a starvation diet. Going on fear will stop you. Regarding your diet, it is not enough to say that you eat organic and all-natural. You have to know what makes you gain fat. Read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell for some tremendous insight on diet and health.


  37. by Michelle


    Hi Dr. Dennis, I started the 500 calorie diet 11 days ago strictly and have lost 7.6 lbs. Started with 10 drops then went to 13 bc I was getting dizzy and felt famished I am a diabetic. I have coffee no sugar but I eat an apple for breakfast. I drink water with a slice of lemon all day and weigh my food. My blood pressure and sugar have dropped. I’m losing about 1/2 lb a day. Is this normal? I don’t know why my progress is so slow I’m thinking I may have got a fake bottle of HCG. Most people have lost 1-2 lbs daily. I walk every day for about 15/20 minutes. I don’t know what Ai am doing wrong and getting discouraged. Help!!!

  38. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Michelle:

    You are doing fine. Without knowing all the details of your situation, I can say that one-half pound per day is a more common rate than you hear about from all the marketing hype. In fact, the typical loss for women is 0.5-1.0 pounds per day. The idea that “most people” have lost 1-2 pounds per day is not true. In fact, one pound per day is more common for men, and one-half pound per day is more common for women. So keep up the great job! I don’t know what to say about the number of drop you are taking, because I don’t know what product you are taking. However, the original Simeons protocol entailed the same dose for everyone.

    All the best,

  39. by Michelle


    Thanks Dr.Clark. It’s day 16 and I lost only 9 lbs. I have gained 1-1/2 and lost ozs. I am taking HCG 6x,12x, 30, 60x, purified warer USP 20% alcohol. Before I went on this diet I lost 12 lbs on my own. The first 3 days on HCG after gorge I lost 3 lbs. I was so excited but it seems the lbs tapered off to 1/2. I really don’t have much of an appetite and follow the diet. I am taking 13 drops. Very Discouraged, any advice?

  40. by Lori


    Starting day 12 of HCG and so far, so good! This is the only protocol that has worked for me, with adrenal insufficiency, and hypothyroidism, so I am very excited. Thanks!

  41. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    That is great news, Lori. Keep it up!

  42. by Nena


    Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for publishing this scientific article. I am on VLCD 25 and I’ve lost 20 lbs. so far, and have 15 days to go. My doctor is a very good one, and very well known in the anti-aging field and after his own research he changed his skeptic mind and started offering the diet protocal. Today I happened to go to another doctor, MD, I’ve known for a long time, he has a weight management clinic, but I’ve only gotten B12 shots there. well, I mentioned to him I was on the diet, thinking he’d be interested, but he was VERY skeptical and said he worked with another doctor in a clinic, who administered Simeon’s protocal, even on his wife, and she came down with some sort of ovarian cancerous cyst and had to have it removed, becaues HCG is a hormone and affected this. he also said 500 calories isn’t enough and your body goes into starvation mode and slows your metabolism way down, even with the hcg. needless to say, I was disheartened, and I tried to brush it out of my mind, and tried to eliminate the power of suggestion and envision my body’s metabolism speedily and efficiently burning my fat. Dr. Clark, can you address these comments made by the doctor. I was wondering if it was simply becaues he doesn’t offer this at his clinic. I know I wouldn’t want to take the phentermine he doles out, that would just give me the jitters! and then maybe burn unwanted muscle ?!

    thank you,
    Nena Ridgell

  43. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Battling medical ignorance is never-ending. Your doctor has apparently made up stories, or repeated stories by others, that fit right into the mold of the medical propaganda that afflicts our so-called health care system. My suggestion is to find a doctor who at least spends a little time getting educated outside what he or she hears from salespeople from drug companies.

    All the best,

  44. by Theresa


    Hi Dr. Clark-

    My weight issues are medically derived as I was irradiated while in utero and again in 1988. When my mother was 8-mos. pregnant for me she was treated with Radio Active Iodine (RAI) for hyperthyroid. When I was 28-y/o I was also treated with RAI for hyperthyroidism. The doctor’s never indicated that the initial dose of RAI was what probably damaged my thyroid…

    From 1988 until 1996 I had a very nice figure… My fiancé thinks I was built like a cheerleader (muscular). For 13 years I was treated with Synthroid T4; with continued hypothyroid symptoms. After gaining a great deal of weight, I finally found a doctor that agreed to the appropriate blood tests – Reverse T3 & Free T3. The results showed that my body does not convert T4 to T3 at the cellular level… I have been under medicated for 13 years. Now I am on Cytomel and Synthroid. I feel better, but still not 100% well.

    Dr. Simeons (1954) Pounds and Inches, indicates, “It has been our experience that those patients who have been taking thyroid preparations for long periods have a slightly lower average loss of weight under treatment with HCG than those who have never taken thyroid”.

    My doctor prescribed Releana HCG and I have been on it for 36-days. So far, I have lost 18-lbs, not as quick as I would like, but based on your weight loss feedback and Dr. Simeons book, this is probably not unusual.

    In the future, I plan to buy from PharmacyEscrow.com. Through my doctor, a 30-day supply of Releana HCG, costs $250 + $110 for the office visit (not covered by insurance).

    Dr. Clark, as I have about 30-lbs. more to lose, can I be on the HCG continuously only taking the required 6-week break if/when I become immune and begin to feel ravenously hungry? If I don’t become immune to the HCG can I just continue until I hit my goal weight?

    Please advise.


  45. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Theresa:

    Your rate of weight loss is consistent with women in general. It is usually less than the advertised one pound per day. Regarding your question about resistance: Since Dr. Simeons determined this based on clinical experience with thousands of patients, I do not see why you should be different from the norm. If you want to experiment with it, I suspect that is what you will find, too. Individual variation may come into play, so just make sure that you are not on a starvation diet without the aid of HCG. Good luck! Sounds like you are already doing well, and I am confident that you will have that cheerleader body again.

    All the best,

  46. by Theresa


    Hi Dr. Clark –

    As I am not in the Phase 3- Maintenance stage yet, during this 6-week break, what diet should I follow? My doctor did not indicate the need for a 6-week break, as such, the amount of daily caloric intake, during this break, was not discussed. Please advise.

    Thank you,


  47. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Theresa:

    Wouldn’t it be great if your doctor actually read the Simeons book? He or she would already have all these answers for you. The first 3 weeks after HCG must be low carb, no sugar. Then you can slowly go back to a normal diet for another 3 weeks (I’d say to stay low on processed carbs, though). Amount of calories is irrelevant. You have to get enough to meet your Basal Metabolic Rate or your metabolism will get out of whack again.

    All the best,

  48. by Camille


    Dr. Clark, I have a defibrillator/pacemaker and wonder if there is anything in the HCG that could affect that?

  49. by Brenda


    OK.. have read all comments,etc. My turn..I was on HCG for the month of April-followed the protocol to the letter,in fact I was very obsessed with it (so I’ve heard from my friends)I took non homeopathic HCG-13,600 IU (that’s what was on the label, anyway)6 drops 4 times a day. I lost 32 pounds in one month! Then since then I have not wavered on my weight AT ALL! It has stayed the same since the day I finished the 3 days no drops period. I have not been real careful about carbs & sugar as I should have been the past couple months, but nothing has changed. I’m kind of staying on a modified Atkins-type diet (except the summer fruit is too good to pass up). 2 of my friends that did the program w/me did not see as good results as I did-they were taking homeopathic drops. They have fluctuated weight gain in the 2 months following, where I have not. I believe the non homeopathic drops that I was using did a much better job of “resetting” my metabolism than the ones they used. I am pleased as I can be–this is a miracle, I don’t care what negative stuff anybody says about it. I will go back on to lose 20 more lbs then I am done. Just wanted to say I have seen the difference between the 2 types of HCG first hand.

  50. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Not that I know of. HCG is not a stimulant.

  51. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Wow, Brenda! This is exactly how this program is supposed to work. Thanks for your input, and good luck on your next 20 lbs. I know you will hit your target because you know what you are doing and you are committed to the result.
    Cheers, Dennis

  52. by Sam


    awesome! it’s funny how they call it a study of the diet when they didn’t even follow it! that makes no sense! i guess that’s why the medical industry is suspect by so many of us!

  53. by amandeep singh


    i know when you r on a crash diet your metabolism also becomes slow and when you start your original diet you end up in gaining more weight.kindly explain the difference with hcg.and you cannot even have 2-3 drinks of hard liquor ,some body told me when you drink on a hcg diet you have that kick very soon hence u end up drinking less and it also takes care about your drinking problem.

  54. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I suggest you do some basic research before asking questions that have already been answered countless times here.


  55. by Gandhi


    Dear Dr. ClarK;
    Out of the 31lbs you lost, 22.7lbs are fat and 8.3lbs are lean mass based on initial and final wt/fat%.
    So you lost a lot more fat.

  56. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Ah, math…always my favorite subject. Some of my slimming included water weight, too. This is like a good calculus problem … i.e., continuous change over time by several variables, which may be best described by partial differential equations. Hmm.

    All the best,

  57. by Pam


    Hi Dr. Clark. I noted on one blog you suggested for constipation on the HGC something over the counter. I was wondering if that can actually stall your weight by taking something. Because HCG has such a strict protocol I thought maybe the stuff you take for constipation might also have other stuff that might make you stall? I wondered if you had a recommendation on what brand to take that is considered safe for constipation but also good while on the HCG diet. I ask this since you have to be careful about soaps, shampoo, etc. Everything has to be looked at so carefully.
    Thanks so much. I love your website.

  58. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks for your kind comments, Pam. Generally, I advocate gentle and natural approaches. One is simply weight loss teas or supplements that contain senna or cascara sagrada. The other is psyllium husk (NOT Metamucil!). These do not interfere with the HCG protocol. Indeed, constipation will stop your weight loss completely.

    All the best,

  59. by Pam


    Got another question for you. I know Stevia is an approved sweetner for the HCG diet. I put it in all my water I need to drink (like 100 oz per day). I’ve never read there is a limit on the amount of Stevia. It makes drinking the water easier for me. Do you think that is ok? I did it during my first round of HCG and I lost slow – but the clinic I went to said it was because I didn’t have much to lose. I was just wondering if that may have any affect. Thanks Dr. Clark.

  60. by Pam


    I see above where you addressed the slow loss for Michelle. That is exactly how I lost it. I lost about 1/2 lb. ever other day. Sometimes I would have 1/2 lb loss a couple days in a role (here and there), but usually it was every other day. I still wondered if using the Stevia to flavor my water could of somehow slowed me down some.

  61. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Pam…I’d be surprised if Stevia had any influence on your progress. So many other variables could be in play here, any combination of which could explain your results. Your progress is typical of women. Men lose faster on average.

    All the best,

  62. by Pam


    Dr. Clark – how long does it take to receive the pellets – once you submit the prescription or fill one out to submitt too you?

  63. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Pam…It take 2-3 days from the beginning of the week. We don’t generally send out orders on Friday or Saturday, to keep them from sitting an extra day in a hot post office warehouse somewhere.

    All the best,

  64. by Sean Thomas


    Dr Clark,

    I’ve been doing the hcg diet now for 3 weeks. I’m doing it by the book, pretty strict and overall getting good results. I take about 175 iu hcg by injection per day. The second week I felt great on the diet –plenty of energy. But during this 3rd week I’ve been feeling kinda sluggish and low energy (I’m taking plenty of potassium and b12 and a multi with iron). Also, I had a plateau this week.

    Do you know many guys like me who required a bit more than 500 – 550 calories a day on this diet to feel up to par and could still lose weight? My mom is on this diet too at 500 cals and she’s not having the energy problem. Since I’ve got tremendously more muscle mass than her it’s intuitive to me that this might be necessary.

    Just wondering what your clinical experience has been.



    PS, last night I upped the amount of cabbage I ate (nothing else)quite a bit and felt great. My muscles in my legs even felt stronger about an hour after eating and my energy level all evening seemed even higher than when I’m not dieting. I’m just worried if I keep that up it’ll cause me to stall eventually, although it didn’t last night as I lost 1/2 lbs on my weight-in this morning.

  65. by Stephanie


    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for all of your inout on this diet! It has helped me tremendously! My chiropractor introduced me to HCG last week but I have been nervous to try it. I do have panhypopituitarism and most of my hormones are low however the only med I am on is synthroid – 88mcg. Funny enough, I have had no symptoms of this disease and it was only discovered because I picked a primary MD who happens to be an endocrinologist! It turns out I have stalk damage (no pit tumor), most likely a birth defect. It seems from all the research, it is. I really don’t have any ‘symptoms of panhypopit except that my actual hormone numbers are low in estrogen, thyroid and Human growth hormone. Everything has developed normally and I’ve always been able to lose weight, etc. I am just 15 pounds overweight now. I feel like my body has compensated somehow but I worry that I might mess my hormone balance up if I take HCG? But, from all the studies I’ve read, it seems that the homeopathic SL gtts are mild and have no side effects. Id be curious to hear your thoughts Dr Dennis? And congrats to all who have had great results!! 😉

  66. by Stephanie


    OOPS! Sorry for some typos…typing quickly! Also, where might I find the diet protocol from Dr Simmeons? My chiropractor gave me only a few diet recipes and told me general foods to eat, just listing all the meats allowed, fruits and veggies. Also, since veggies are 0 calories, can we snack on them throughout the day?’

  67. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Stephanie: Of course, your chiropracter or HCG professional should give you all the answers that you are seeking. Otherwise, read the HCG Basics page on my blog, and refer to the recommended books list for reference material. Regarding homeopathic HCG, you might want to take a look at my perspective here: http://besthcgweightloss.com/homeopathic-hcg-contains-no-hormone/. Good food for thought (no calories from thoughts!). Thanks for your comments, and just get over your nervousness and do it. It’s not like you are the first person to do the protocol. Good luck!

    All the best,

  68. by Stephanie


    Thanks for your quick response and comments! I also bought your fab recipe book….love the recipe ideas….at least they will alleviate any suffering brought on from eating dry chicken! One more question: how strict must one be regarding no oils in shampoo, soap, liquid eyeliner, toothpaste. That is hard to find! Really, one little line of liquid eyeliner on my eyelid is going to mess things up? 🙂

  69. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Stephanie…just a little oil can stop your progress completely. I don’t know what is in eyeliner, so maybe it is okay. Just experiment with it. Shampoos and soaps contain a LOT of oil, sometimes toothpaste, too. Just do what you can do to change these things up, and at least you can eliminate them as causing a problem if and when you reach a plateau during the protocol. And thanks for you kind comments about my recipe book!

    All the best,

  70. by sam


    I’m doing the hcg sub q shots, I’ve read that thc stays in fat cells, will this cause me to fail a drug test since it releases fat from the cells? I smoked marijuana once a month ago.

  71. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Too many unknowns here. Yes, THC stays in your fat cells for a long time.

  72. by Jennifer


    I have been doing the homepathic hcg for 30 days now and have lost 20 pounds. I probably have 15 more to go to get to my ideal weight. I don’t understand why the real HCG matters and why some people say to stay away from homepathic….can you explain that to me please?

  73. by Vanina


    I just started the HCG subl tablets but someone told me I cannot use regular lotion, make up, soap, deodorant shampoo etc all needs to be oil free. Is that true?

  74. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes…nothing that contains oil.

  75. by Beth Skinner


    I want to start the hcg diet but my dr. has started me on a prescription progesterone cream. Will the progesterone cream interfere with the hcg injections? Any complications or problems that you can think of?

  76. by shari gundert


    Hi Dr. Clark,

    I would like to thank you for all the information you have provided on the hcg diet. I had bought the homeopathic hcg. oddly enough they provided your link.. Where I than found out what I purchased was not going to do what I needed… Loose the fat… scale number wasn’t that big of a deal… I also am recieving your weekly videos..I’m ready to make another batch oh sublinguel hcg, my question is… I have the 10.000 i.u.not the commonly used 5.000 so do I double the B-12 & cromium silver??? I did last time, but now I am doing it for a friend & want to be sure it is correct…she does want the pounds as well as inches to be gone…. And her challenge is complicated because she ownes a restaurant she is the main chief, so its important that i get this right… Thank You so much for your help on this matter.

    Shari Gundert
    P.S I have lost 11 inches & 10.5 lbs since 9/15/10

  77. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Shari:

    Thank you so much for your comments. Regarding your questions, no need to double B-12, since you take it as needed for energy. And no need to double chromium, since the dosage is related to body size. Your friend should do just fine on the same amounts that you use. Her challenge, as you mention, is being surrounded by food in her job. Wish her good luck for me!

    All the best,

  78. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Beth:

    HCG should not interfere with progesterone cream. I am curious why you had to get a prescription, though. Progesterone cream, delivered in a measured amount (i.e., 20 mg) by a pump, is widely available at health stores without a prescription.

    All the best,

  79. by Dee


    My comment is about homeopathic subligual drops. When I first read about the jury being out on their effectiveness I was worried about the drops I have been taking and if maybe my results were just sort of a placebo effect of wanting them to work etc. I then read on further about the tell tale signs of drops that are doing the job and feel much better. I know there is junk out there but I will say from experience that there are some homeopathic drops that do the job. So far my sister-in-law has lost 96 lbs since the end of June, I have lost 36 lbs, my husband has lost 30 lbs and six people at his office are now on the same drops after witnessing his weightloss and all have experienced success without being hungry.
    I don’t know where my sister-in-law has been purchasing from but I have never had this sort of success doing any other program. My sister-in-law is extremely obese and did the Food Addicts program a few years ago and lost 80 lbs but it took her nearly a year and a half. For her to see the kind of progress she has in such a short period of time using HCG is a huge insentive to continue toward a healthier body. As far as we are concerned HCG is an amazing blessing!

  80. by Pam Taylor


    Dr. Clark, I did the HCG with injections and lost about 28 pounds and lots of inches. It was perfect. Then after a few weeks my cravings for carbs took over and I just wanted to eat all the time. Now I’ve gained back 15 pounds. I feel really bad. I did so good and then it was like my body just rebelled and wanted more food. I would eat what I was supposed to, but then later wanted to eat more. I feel like I failed with the diet. I am taking a probiotic called Renew Life Critical Care. I thought that may help with cravings for sugar and carbs. Have you had others lose and do well then just crash and have my experience? I’m trying to stay on track.

  81. by Pam Taylor


    I wanted to add to my above note. I did the injections maybe 10 days longer than recommended. I came out to around 50 days total. I wonder if by me going longer could of caused some kind of affect – like maybe I was trying to force my body to lose more than I needed? Don’t know if that makes sense.

    I felt so deprived in the beginning (after hcg diet) even tho I was eating what I was supposed to. I didn’t have hunger issues during the hcg diet, just afterwards. Just curious of your experience with your cliets.

  82. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dee:

    What great news! I agree about this protocol being a blessing. Regarding the homeopathic results, I couldn’t say for sure whether they are due to just plain starvation. Nobody knows how a homeopathic formula could induce a hormone-directed response. The key, as I always maintain, is change in body fat composition. A drop of 1 percent body fat to about 3 pounds of loss is a good indicator. Weight by itself is not so good. Congratulations!

    All the best,

  83. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Pam:

    It is difficult to say what is going on for you. Clearly your production, response, and and/or sensitivity to HCG, insulin, and leptin are out of balance. Using HCG for 10 extra days will do very little, since you probably developed tolerance to it at about 40 days. The symptom of HCG tolerance is supposed to be ravishing hunger when on only 500 calories per day. Yes, some people do get back into carb overload and have to repeat the protocol. The key is to get healthy carbs from whole foods, not processed junk (i.e., anything with refined sugar or flour). If you have to, stuff yourself with apples and other high-fiber, slow sugar release fruits (not grapes or bananas). Take a look at some of my lifetime weight management advice at my other blog, http://bellyfatscience.com/. Also visit the site about yeast overgrowth (yeastconnection.com or something like that) for advice on carb cravings. Your probiotic is a good one, although that product was designed more for recovery from using antibiotics than anything else. And stay in touch!

    All the best,

    All the best,

  84. by Dee


    I don’t have my body fat % for when I started the program but when I was at 172 lbs I was 40.6% and now at 161 lbs I’m at 36.2%. My husband was 240 and 45.5% and now 207 and 35%. In total I have also lost 5″ in my waist. It doesn’t seem likely that our body fat percentage would drop like that on pure starvation, and there is no way I could follow the protocol without the homeopathic drops I’ve been taking since I am a major sugar addict.

    When my sister-in-law told me about this “great weightloss program” I just sort of rolled my eyes. I don’t understand how homeopathic stuff does what it does and I don’t want people to think that all homeopathic drops will do the same thing, however I can’t deny what my experience has been and what I have seen with the product we have been taking. I tried it out on a we’ll see basis and have to say I’ve been impressed so far. Financially there is also no way we could afford to do shots etc. My thoughts were that if the homeopathic drops didn’t do anything I wasn’t really out of pocket all that much.

    I should correct some misinformation from my earlier post. When my sister-in-law was on the “Food Addicts” program she lost 80 lbs in about a year not a year and a half. With the drops and following the HCG protocol she has lost 96 lbs in 3 1/2 months. I don’t know about her body fat percentage. Do to her extreme obesity she has been monitored by her family doctor every week to make sure her blood, heart and blood pressure etc. are all ok and to make any necessary changes to medications she takes.

  85. by Gayle


    Hello Dr. Clark,

    I want to start this HCG diet and have a couple of questions.
    I was wondering if you have heard from any hypothyroid patients who have stopped taking their medication while on this diet. I know Dr. Simeons says not to take it , and that
    his patients’ thyroid problems tended to resolve after the
    resetting of the hypothalamus during the diet protocols.
    Also, I notice that many people seems to be taking larger
    amounts of HCG than Dr. Simeons recommended , as he said the
    125IU dose should work for most people.Has later research
    supported larger doses for some people?
    Thank you!

  86. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Gayle:

    Great questions. People on thyroid meds do a wide variety of different things. It is up to individual experimentation. Regarding upping the dosage, Dr. Simeons said that was unnecessary. He was right.

    All the best,

  87. by Heather


    This article is really helpful. I have been trying to learn about hcg since seeing it featured on television news shows. There is a lot of information on line, but usually from someone selling something, so hard to figure it all out. My biggest question has been, “if it works for weight loss, why isn’t there a body of research to show that”? This article was eye opening about the flaws in the research and the bias and human error in the scientific and medical communities.

  88. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Heather:

    Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, scientific research is fascinating, if only because of the human element. Most of the ‘why’ questions have no good answers, which makes research so dynamic. Too bad the body of research on HCG for weight loss essentially stopped in the 1970s.

    All the best,

  89. by Karen


    I am very interested in this program, but am an ovo-lacto vegetarian. The original book talks some about adaptations for vegetarians, but is there additional information/ideas that I might want to know about.

    Also, the most daunting part of the protocol is the loading phase.Is there a good place this is all covered? Unbridled pigging on oily foods is so disgusting. Can I just eat lots of nuts? What is really trying to be accomplished in this phase?

  90. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Karen:

    I’ve seen vegetarians do very well using egg protein (1 yolk with whites from 4 eggs for a meal). You may also find pea protein powder in nutrition stores, although the challenge is to find a product without a carb-based sweetener. Ideally it would have no sweetener at all. You can also experiment with nonfat cottage cheese. Loading is important to stoke up your fat cells, since they will provide you with calories while on HCG. Gorge on whatever you like.

    All the best,

  91. by Karen


    Do you know if using pure gluten flour is OK? Steaklets can be made from that. I think it is just the wheat gluten protein with no carbs.

  92. by Kellie


    I have done all sorts of extensive research, but the last and most important thing is how to find the hormone (the real one) and where. There are so many sites claiming to have the best blend or the proprietary blend that my head is spinning. My goal after my husband has died is to be the best example to my son (a 3 year old) I can by loosing the weight and then keeping it off with a different lifestyle. I want him not to remember me this way. I am pleading that if someone has a link to the hormone and to download the book, please please help me.

  93. by Kellie


    Please ignore my last post…aparently I was techno-tarded and neglected to realize it is right here. Thank you Dr. And God Speed more Neurons!

  94. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kellie:

    I just look at these kinds of things as entertainment, which I provide to others…I call them ‘senior moments’, although you may be too young for making that claim.

    All the best,

  95. by Jennifer


    Hi Dr. Clark,

    I have read all the posts here and your responses to them. I think you are wonderful and positive Dr. and I wish I lived near you so I can treat with you. I have a question. I have been diagnosed with a Pituitary Tumor and have been taking 100 mcg of Levoxyl a day and .5 mg of Cabergoline 2x a week to hopefully reduce the size of the tumor and to hopefully stay away from surgery. I don’t have a problem with stopping my Levoxyl as I haven’t noticed any change from taking it but I am concerned about my Cabergoline because I will not stop taking this. Do you have any idea if it will interfere with the HCG? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you and take care.

  96. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Jennifer:

    Thank you for your kind comments. Those are pretty complicated potential interactions. Best to ask your local doctor to help with monitoring you.


  97. by Diana


    Hi Dr. Clark,

    Thank you for being generous and answering all the questions. I have two:

    1. I did 20 days of HCG Diet and had to stop because I was traveling for two weeks. Lost 13 lb in 20 days (Should have I lost more?). I started again 3 days ago, but did not load. I am still not in ketosis? Do I stop and reload and then how many days should I stay on the diet?

    2. I have started bleeding in the middle of my cycle? Does that have to do with progesterone cream, or HCG diet. Or something entirely different?
    I have always been in great shape (34 years old). The last year I gained 35 lb. and no matter what I did, how much I worked out, it just would not go away. I checked all my hormones, thyroid, have lower levels of progesterone… everything else is fine.

    Thank you.

  98. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Diana:

    You present some complicated variables. The firs thing I can say is that your 13 pound loss is typical for women. Stopping, reloading, days on the diet…all these make your protocol a challenge. You will just have to experiment. Sometimes bleeding occurs, probably in response to the luteinizing hormone that makes up part of the HCG. This is common, too. Sounds as though you are doing okay except for interrupting the protocol. This makes things more challenging than they should be. Apple days have only so much power for recover.

    All the best,

  99. by Gail


    I am on HCG diet, starting to have itching on the tops of my forearms and not losing anymore weight. Started using HCG 1,000 vs. 5,000 I have loss 23 pounds from Nov 1 to Jan. 1. I also am hypothyroid. What can I do to lose more weight? Is something wrong?

  100. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Gail:

    It sounds as though you have been on HCG for more than 60 days. Acc. to Dr. Simeons, HCG resistance occurs after about 40 days, after which the hormone signal pathway quits working. You are supposed to take a break of 6 weeks before starting another round.

    All the best,
    Dr. D

  101. by YaYa


    There was alot of info I gained just from other peoples questions. Thanks I learned something by going over the comments.
    I would like to know if anyone is having an issue with the drops making things hypersenitive? Ive found that I have had things come up and they have never had me respond in such a emotional way!!
    I dont think this is just me… I take the drops 15 minutes before food. following the diet very close and getting results :0) I just need to know if Im doing something wrong for this to happen?

  102. by Annelies


    Thanks for all your help, I am now on day 9 and have lost 9 Lbs, all is well except i started heart palpations…I stopped the drops for 1 day (as is suggested anyhow for a 40 day run)to see if it was the drops…no change..but then i got thinking i am drinking loads more green tea now…I am wondering if I am getting caffeine overload? Someone said there is caffeine in green tea which surprised me…So any advise or suggestions here??? I also use a complete body vibrator for the 10 mins…
    Thank you

  103. by Annelies


    oh forgot . I am on BP medications but my BP is doing well, I am monitoring it daily.
    Also taking my mulitvitamin and D3 supplement.
    Thanks again

  104. by Greg


    Not impressed at all with the research presented here, actually it is quite unimpressive and depressing. The meta-analysis W. Dennis Clark Ph.d. presents is respectable enough… but the presentation of it here is either completely slanted or… completely not up to par.

    I found a free link to the meta-analysis mentioned and I’d like to point you all to Table 4.


    To get the gist of my objection pay particular attention to the first two columns and the last, far-right column.

    Asher is the lead author of the ‘1973’ study that found HCG worked (‘quality’ score of 59). Craig, listed just below Asher, is the 1963 study which W.D. Clark PhD. uses as THE example of research that opposes HCG. Notice that in the second column, the Craig, 1963 article, is rated as of lesser quality (with a score of 58).

    Now, notice the 7 articles that were rated better than the Asher and Harper study, that each found HCG to be useless as an adjunct to weight loss. Five of them having identical, if not larger sample sizes than Asher and Harper.

    So, I offer my opinion that – based on the fact this was research was presented by someone with a Ph.D – you’re being willfully misled.


  105. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thank you so much for your comments, Greg. I applaud your approach, which is, or should be, the foundation for exchanging and critiquing ideas. I have always been dismayed by the fact that the public expects ‘science’ to provide concrete answers to everything. Just seeing two analytical-type folks like us arguing ought to be a good notice that experimental research is not necessarily definitive. Oh, and as you correctly note, having a PhD is not a guarantee for anything, although it should at least indicate an open mind. I wish it were always true.

    One more thing that puzzles me is that you found my old faculty webpage. I am continually surprised that the university keeps it up, even though I retired more than four years ago!

    All the best,

  106. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Annelies: It is hard to say whether you are experiencing caffeine overload, although it is possible if you are sensitive to it. Green tea does, indeed, contain caffeine.

    All the best,

  107. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, YaYa…yes, I’ve known this to happen…in fact, it happened to me…All the best, Dennis

  108. by Greg


    Hey there again… Thanks for your graciousness in your response – despite my aggressiveness in presenting my opinion here. But you didn’t choose to address my complaint – the strong body of reliable evidence out there doesn’t indicate that HCG helps any more than placebo. It is great that HCG/Placebo helps people to do something about their weight – because obesity is a huge problem here. But I don’t think that subverting the medical institution and creating distrust is particularly beneficial. The medical institution has problems and makes mistakes yes. But I disagree with you completely on this statement:

    ‘Before I go further, I want to note that the FDA is not an agency that serves human health. It is an agency that serves the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies. Negative attention from the FDA almost always means that the health benefits of the treatment in question might undermine drug profits.’

    Black box warnings and drugs withdrawn from market – there have been some huge mistakes in the past for sure – but those warnings and withdrawals are clearly not an attempt to increase drug profits at the expense of public health.

    The drugs that are on the market are so expensive because the FDA – after a company has spent large amounts of money on researching a drug for months to years – prevents them from being sold to the public because of a threat to human health. Minimally, they’re not an agency aimed at supporting the financial interest of pharmaceutical companies more than public health.

  109. by Greg


    Oh – and you’re right! I didn’t explain why I posted that link. I posted your page primarily because I think that when most people are talking about health-related topics, they tend to think Dr. = M.D. I didn’t notice the ‘about me section’ that pretty much already had all of that information.

  110. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks, Greg. I just think it is amusing that a photo of me looking that young is still ‘current’ online. Ah, to have hair again! I was recently surprised to find my faculty webpage still online. The internet is a wondrous place.

    All the best,

  111. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Greg:

    You make good points, I think. However, I will stick to my view that the FDA is a rogue government agency whose main purpose is to be the enforcement arm of the pharmaceutical industry. This is a book-length subject. Actually many books and articles have been written about it. So you and I will just have to agree to disagree. That is the foundation for healthy exchange and valuable science. Keep up the good work!

    All the best,

  112. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Oh, I still forgot to address your main point about HCG vs. placebo. I’d say that the answers are strong enough on both sides of the issue that anyone can feel comfortable adopting one of them and sticking with it. I’ve gone with the clinical experience of Dr. Simeons and the early research that confirmed it, plus my own personal experience and the experiences of many others, both clinical and personal. I realize that such testimonials (aka, case histories) are not experimental science, so we are just stuck with what we have, and research will more than likely never be done to completely satisfy one point of view or another.

    By the way, the common perception of placebo is off base. This is another issue that could fill a book. It is just not as simple as it seems.

    Now if you think WE have a problem with judging the meager science about HCG for weight loss, you might find it interesting that the same kinds of issues permeate obesity research overall, in spite of massive numbers of studies going back more than a century. See what I mean in Gary Taubes’ book, ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’. It is a detailed exploration of the research on obesity, the people involved, and the contradictions that have sprung up from the science and scientists behind it all. In the immortal words of Commander Spock, “Fascinating.”

    All the best,

  113. by Harvey W. Austin, MD


    I am a retired surgeon. My wife has lost 25 pounds on the HCG program, now looking lovely at 112 pounds.

    As a side feature, she has also lost all of the fibrocystic lumpiness of her breasts, both now totally soft. Even more importantly, her back pain, secondary to painful fatty lumps of the low back (also called Lumbosacral Pannicular Hernias and ‘back mice’)has also disappeared.

    Both results were unexpected and fascinating. Has this been reported… either to you or in the literature?

  114. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dr. Austin:

    I have not heard of reports like this recently. However, I have it in my head that excess fibrin builds up from an over-responsive repair system. This is certainly the case with arterial blockage, scars, and cysts of all types. I suspect that the anti-inflammatory effect of the HCG protocol slows down excess fibrin accumulation and even allows the body to slowly get rid of it. The back mice issue may not be the same thing. By the way, you have a fascinating website. I gather from your ‘side’ career that you are truly a practitioner of what used to be called the ‘medical arts’.

    Congratulations to your wife on her new slimness!

    All the best,

  115. by Greg


    Simeon’s article wasn’t of sufficient quality to have bearing on clinical, evidence-based practice. In your saying that there is enough evidence for both sides to justify selecting one and sticking to it… In terms of ‘reliable’ studies, what articles (supporting HCG) are on par with the research you cited here? I really think the most reliable information was referenced here on this page and – based on what that meta-analysis referenced here indicates – it doesn’t support HCG as adjunct in weight loss. I guess I’m asking… (1) Where is the science that makes HCG use equivocal and (2)with you being an advocate of HCG, if that research is of comparable reliability, why weren’t those research articles your leading examples instead of what you chose to present here?

    We can agree to disagree and that works fine; I really am okay with that. But I’d expect that we could agree that the overall understanding of research that we’ve discussed is insufficient to recommend the use of HCG.

    The diet works great. I agree with that (500 calories). People are welcome to choose for themselves what they want to do, but it cannot be said that rigorous, reliable, repeatable science supports it. Based on a bulk of people with training, there’s already been sufficient research done. For that reason, there has been no more independent (non-business sponsored) research on the subject.

    If you have been holding out on me in regard to research that meets clinical standards that supports the use of HCG – I do want to know about it.

  116. by Leslie


    I am nearly 49 and was recently prescribed a bio-identical progesterone cream. Will this interfere with doing the hCG diet?

  117. by Bonni Tierney


    The starvation diet that accompanies the use of this hormone used a person’s muscle for fuel. Your heart is a muscle and the body does not discriminate. HCG almost killed my friend in the 1970’s and I thought it had been banned because it’s potentially very dangerous—hence you are limited as to how long you can use it. DUH! I think this popularity will end up with class action lawsuits like Phen Phen. And if you are into animal rescue do you know what happens to the big draft horse mares who have to stand in small stalls all of their life so their urine can be collected for you? They are sold to meat buyers when they are not longer usable.

  118. by Danielle


    Very informative info. I am disheartened at this time because I just received the HCG that I ordered from a reputable source and the bottle says ‘homeopathic’. I had writtten all your other information (after I placed the order) and I feel dupped for thinking I could get the authentic HCG for under a $100. He assured me that what I have is the “real thing” but from my research, I’m sure he’s mistaken.

    I have PCOS and I really was looking forward to the balancing of my hormones and resetting of my metabolism with HCG. I, also, because of the imbalance of hormones and weight issues have been unable to get pregnant.

    I don’t know what to do, Dr. Clark! What are your suggestions?

  119. by Linda debba


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    just started homeopathic hcg.
    i have hypothyroidism and prolactinoma. taking armour thyroid and cabergoline for prolactin.
    Does HCG elevated prolactin levels?
    do you suggest i keep taking both meds.

  120. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Linda…I have no comment on what your homeopathic HCG might or might not be doing…I suggest you contact your supplier

  121. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Danielle…live and learn. That is progress. I’d say that if you get no results on the homeopathic product, then get some actual dose-dependent HCG according to the original protocol.

  122. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Bonni…the vast majority of use for HCG is high-dose levels for treating infertility. I am sure that the medical profession would be surprised to know that this hormoe is such a killer drug. Pregnant women produce a million-times more of it that clinical doses for weight loss. Maybe that is why pregnancy is so bad for your heart…?

    I’m not sure how your comments about horses apply, since this is a issue involving steroid hormones. However, on that topic, I agree with you that it should be a crime the way mares are treated. I have seen some of them in horse-rescue ranches here in Arizona. Very sad, and not necessary.

  123. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Leslie…probably not…I use this cream myself (men’s dose is half that for women)

  124. by Iris H


    I have read your information and have found it informative. I’m an R.N. with a Ph.D. and have been doing my own research on HCG. I am very interested in using the injections and doing the 30 day diet. But I have a concern. I am postmenopausal and a breast cancer survivor who had an estrogen receptor positive cancer. I thought HCG might act like a leutinizing hormone and stimulate the production of estrogen, so I asked my oncologist if this was a concern (and if it did stimulate estrogen production, would the antiestrogen Tamoifen that I take offer some protection)? My oncologist said this was not a concern. However, she told me not to use HCG because “it causes cancer.” No explanation for her statement was given, so I’ve been trying to research her position. My research indicates that, when a woman is pregnant, HCG supresses the immune system and prevents it from attacking the developing (fetal) cells. Is it possible that HCG will suppress my immune system, during the time I am taking it, and prevent it from attacking cancerous or potentially cancerous cells that may be in my body?

  125. by Iris H


    Just an update to the comment I posted above. After additional research, I found numerous statements that HCG is contraindicated in anyone who has had a “hormone related cancer.” Since I am in that category, I assume I am excluded from using this weight loss approach. Any information about why this is a contraindication would be appreciated (since I can’t find out why in my research).

  126. by Julie


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    Thank you for all the help you are giving regarding HCG. My question for you concerns my 14 year old daughter who is 240 lbs, 5’7″ and suffering in 8th grade. I’ve read Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches, and understand the minimum age recommendation is 16 yrs old. None of our medical doctors will prescribe HCG because she’s under-age. Physically she is more like 16 to 18. What might the adverse effects of HCG be on a teenage girl? Do you think it would be safe for her to begin the 23 day protocol?

  127. by Kim


    I did a round of HCG with great success and am eager to do it again but right now my GYN has me on 100mg progesterone for day 12 -25 of my period for 3 months in an effort to regulate my periods better. Would the HCG protocol interfere with that? Thank you for your help!

  128. by Kim


    I neglected to mention that severe endometriosis resulted in losing 1 ovary and I had a tubal location at the time so the loss of the ovary could be the culprit in the hormonal imbalance that’s he’s trying to get regulated.

  129. by Tina


    Dr. Clark:

    I am a 39 year old female, had a “complete” hysterectomy 11 years ago, and take bioidentical HRT. (Testosterone drops, tri-est, and progesterone cream) I tried the HCG drops a couple of days ago. Immediately after ingesting the drops, left under tongue 10-15 minutes, I had a horrible headache; felt bad the entire day. I did not take any additional drops as I had to work and didn’t care for the way that I felt. Any suggestions as to whether I should try and continue the regiment as prescribed via the diet plan, lower my hrt? I only have approximately 10 pounds of “fat” to lose. However, I can’t imagine feeling that horrible all the time. I appreciate any and all suggestions.

  130. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    That was an irresponsible comment by your oncologist. The only possible confusion is that men will produce HCG when they have certain kinds of tumors, so HCG is used as a lab test. That’s it.

  131. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    HCG is known to restore testosterone levels when they become depleted. That is why it is used by bodybuilders (and some professional athletes) who are coming off of a steroid series with reduced testosterone. This is the basis for a contraindication, although it is a weak one.

  132. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    No, I would not recommend it. You really must work with your local doctor on this.

  133. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It does not interfere with my use of progesterone.

  134. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Very likely. I hope your doctor also helps you with the problems of environmental estrogen dominance (i.e., avoiding xenoestrogens).

  135. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Tina…yes, definitely experiment to see what works for you…headaches can happen early on in the protocol…Dennis

  136. by Mirella


    Hi Dr. Clark!
    Thank you for taking time to answer people’s questions! My question is as follows. I am 27 and was diagnosed with a prolactinoma 2 years ago shortly after the birth of my son. I have gained 30 lbs on top of the weight i had already gained due to the pregnancy. I am currently on 2.5 mg of bromocriptine daily. I really want to start the HCG diet. Will I need to stop taking my bromocriptine? or can i continue with it during the diet.

    Mirella 🙂

  137. by Mirella


    Hi Doctor Clark
    I take 2.5 mg of bromocriptine daily for a prolactinoma. I wanted to know if you knew if there is any adverse affect with this while on the HCG diet. Can both be taken at the same time?

  138. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I suspect no problem. However, this issue requires local medical advice from your doctor.

  139. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Mirella…as I mentioned in response to your other questions on this topic…you need local medical advice on this one…it would not be appropriate for me to advise you.

  140. by angela


    Dr. Clark, How does a person know how much hcg to inject.
    I know it is between 125-175. Does it have to do with how much you weigh?

  141. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I don’t work with injectable HCG. I suggest that you ask whomever you bought it from. The amount has nothing to do with your weight.


  142. by Rose


    Hello, I would like to know if I had fast food (a big mac and fries) on one of the loading days, would that completely sabotage my results? I only lost 3 pounds of my original weight, plus the 4.5 I gained on the loading days. But, I didn’t count those pounds.

  143. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Rose:

    No, this should not be a problem. You seem to be right on track.

    All the best,

  144. by Parker


    You did the body fat calculations a little off. The results were even better.

    (weight before) 210 * .27 (body fat percentage) = 56.7 lbs. fat

    (weight after) 179 * .19 (body fat after) = 34.01 lbs. fat

    56.7-34.01 = 22.69 lbs fat lost

    210-179 = 31 lbs. lost total

    22.69/31 = 73.2% of weight lost was fat

  145. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Ah, gotta love you math folks. Thanks!

  146. by Sabrina


    Can you do this diet while on antidepressants? Will the hcg cause any serious mood issues?? I so interested in starting this but I’m really scared.

  147. by Gayle


    Thank you Dr. Clark! There has been so much negative controversy regarding the HCG diet, that I didn’t tell anyone I was on it. People are so negative about it. My MD had mentioned it to me and I looked it up on the internet and saw all the bad press and decided not to do it. My curiosity got the best of me and I began researching and found that the bad press was so distorted. I found enough good information to try it, and it has been great! It met all my expectations.

    Dr. Clark, there need to be more Drs out there like you. Drs who do the research and report the facts. When I asked my husbands Cardiologist about the diet, he said it was horrible, the worst diet out there, etc., but he couldn’t give any valid reasons why. He just looked at us with wide eyes and said they have found terrible things out about it. I asked for specifics and he had none. Very sad.
    Anyway, I did just want to thank you for you many hours of research and for putting your website together. This diet is wonderful. I feel great, my weight is stable. I feel like my old self again and I feel confident that I did not hurt my body in the process.

  148. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Taking antidepressants hasn’t been a problem on the hCG protocol. The main sided effect that I have heard about regarding the protocol regarding mood is a slight feeling irritation. Not everyone feels it, though. I did.

  149. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Wow, Gayle. That made my day. Thank you for your kind comments. I agree with you that more medical professionals should give informed advice, not hysterics, about the hCG protocol. The research is available for everyone who wants to read it. I am glad that I can provide it here.

  150. by S Mullinix


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    Wow. Thank you for the information. I recently got a book from Amazon called Weight-Loss Apocalypse, Emotional Eating Rehab Through the HCG Protocol by Robin Woodall. It was a bit of any epiphany for me as I eat when not hungry. Oddly enough, I find that I am not as interested in eating while on HCG. I tried HCG last year and lost about 10 pounds in 23 days. But I failed to follow the no sugar no starch for 3 weeks and I began to put it back on almost immediately. I am trying again and am on day 8 and have lost 8 pounds. What is the best source to obtain the HCG?
    Thanks so much for good information!!!

  151. by S Mullinix


    Hi Dr. Clark – Never mind my question on my post. I looked around more on your website and saw the ordering information. Thanks!

  152. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Glad you found my site. Now you know to stay on the protocol for Phase 3 to keep your target weight steady. Thank you for your kind comments, and keep up the good work!

  153. by Tasheka


    Does the hcg diet work when you have Mirena inserted?

  154. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I have no direct information on it. HCG does not interfere with other applications of birth control steroids.

  155. by Cara-Leigh


    Hi Dr. Clark:

    I told my roommate about the diet (I’ve lost 50 lbs on it). Her main concern is whether or not the diet will work with the Prozac she takes. She wants to consult her doctor about this. Normally I would say that’s a great idea but knowing how the medical profession seems to fear/dislike this diet, I’m afraid he will scare her away.

    How can I counteract his possibly negative comments in a kind and honest way? What can you suggest?

    Thank you in advance.

  156. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cara-Leigh:

    You can just do as I do: Nod your head knowingly and provide information when asked. People are not ready to change their thought processes until they are ready to change their thought processes. That goes for doctors, too. Opinions are independent of evidence, and there is really nothing you can do to change them. Good luck to your roommate!

    All the best,

  157. by Julie


    Hi Dr. Clark, Hope you are doing well, today!

    I have been on the HCG sub-lingual, and have lost 37.6 lbs. I am so thrilled! Have a long ways to go, but the results keep me going.

    I have someone asking me if their 10 year old boy can go on the diet? What is your advice and what is normally the minimum age required?

    Thank you so much for your website, it’s great to have the support!


  158. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Julie…there is no minimum age. The protocol was originally developed to include youngsters.

  159. by Kelly


    Someone asked about keeping the weight off. You can not guarantee weight will ever stay off. Just ask weight watchers, Jenny Craig and those that have had stomach surgery. If you do not make the permanent life style changes you will gain the weight back. There is no magic bullet to be able to eat all you want and keep the weight off. What this diet helps you do is to relearn how to eat fresh and healthy again. Not supersizing every meal. We eat too many carbs, too much bad fats, and too much sugar. Use the 80 plus days to learn how to eat and be healthy.

  160. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kelly:

    Right on!

    All the best,

  161. by hcg1234


    A meta analysis found that studies supporting hCG for weight loss were of poor methodological quality and concluded that there is no scientific evidence that HCG is effective in the treatment of obesity it does not bring about weight loss or fat redistribution, nor does it reduce hunger or induce a feeling of well being. Thanks.

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