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The HCG weight loss diet is well-known for its specific foods on a Very Low Calorie Diet of 500 calories per day. This, indeed, would be a starvation diet in the absence of HCG. A common question is, how many calories can you actually consume and still be successful. The answer may surprise you.

One thing that Dr. Simeons mentions in his 1954 book, Pounds and Inches, is that a low amount of weight loss can be easily achieved while taking HCG by adjusting the daily calorie intake upward. Specifically, in my own experience, I reached my target weight on my second round within about 2 weeks on the hormone. At that point I doubled my caloric intake to 1,000 calories per day for the remainder of the 30-day protocol. My weight stabilized at my target as long as I ate the same foods as before, just at twice the intake.

The question that occurred to me based on my experience was, how many calories did I really need while on the hormone? Or, to be more exact, how many calories could I consume and still lose or maintain my weight?

An interesting answer has appeared lately, based on a clinical research program that I encountered online. Rather than summarize this program, I will just refer you to their video, which I link below. Of particular interest to me, and to many others, is that this program advocates a diet of 800 calories per day. Wow!
Take a look for yourself:

Does A Higher Caloric Intake Work?

Apparently, the answer if YES. A diet of 800 calories per day works well when consuming the same foods as in the original diet. Other components of this modernized version of the HCG weight loss diet seem to make this protocol easier than the original, with the same level of success.

All the best,

Dr. D

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  1. by colleen Coble


    We see people come onto the forums all the time with this other plan. When they start struggling, we always tell them to go back to the real protocol. While 800 calories will work for younger people with good muscle tone, it’s just too much for the majority of dieters. I’ve seen it time and time again. HCG works great but the real protocol needs to be followed for best results. Their list of patients who should not take hcg is wrong too. We see MANY PCOS patients who do fabulously on the protocol. The HCG seems to normalize the hormones that are at the root of their PCOS.

  2. by Sonia Russell


    HCG is medically contraindicated for patients with PCOS. The possibility of a cyst rupturing from the hormone increase is likely and could cause death. Colleen, you are NOT a licensed health care professional and you should NOT mislead dieters as to the potential side effects that are known medical facts. What homeopathic online website to you work for? Shame on you !!!!

  3. by Deb


    I have started the HCG protocol using your HCG pellets. I’m following the plan to the letter and so far so good. One thing I am wondering about, however, is the science behind completely skipping breakfast. Everything I’ve ever been told is that breakfast is the most important meal because it revs up your metabolism for the rest of the day. Just would like to know the physiology/psychology behind that directive. Thanks!

  4. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The research on when, how often, and how much to eat during for each meal provides ambiguous results. Since the Simeons protocol is based on skipping breakfast, with good results, then stick with if if you can. You won’t upset your results, however, if you have some of your daily 500-calorie foods in the morning. Just don’t exceed the total recommended foods for the day.

  5. by Janet


    Dear Dr. Dennis,
    This week I went to a clinic in Florida to start hcg. The doctor at the clinic told me I was unable to use the product since I have 2mm growth on my pituitary gland and it could cause the growth to increase. Have you seen this before? Thanks!

  6. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Janet: This is news to me. Actually, I don’t believe it is true.

    All the best,

  7. by brett deutscher


    I have been on the 500-600 cal protocol for 15 days (including the load days) and have lost 10 lbs. I am at my goal weight-95 lbs-I am only 5 ft tall. I am wondering if I should stop the Hcg at this point or continue the full 23 days and then continue the 500-600 for the 3 days, and on to maintenance. Has anyone done the protocol for less than 3 weeks?

  8. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Brett: You will not go too low. Once you reach a certain point, you can continue on the protocol but with additional caloric intake (of the same foods) all the way to the end.

    All the best,

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