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The HCG weight loss protocol can sap your strength. You can still exercise while taking the hormone. Here are some pointers on the best approach to exercise for maintaining muscle mass while rapidly losing fat.

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HCG Diet and Exercise for Females

Women deal with different dieting and exercise issues that men simply do not face. Women also face issues with weight gain that do not occur in men, for example, pregnancy and weight gain. Women are biologically different from men and therefore require unique dieting and exercise methods.

Fat Loss Vs. Muscle Tone

You will lose fat at the same rate on the HCG weight loss protocol regardless of whether you exercise. Nevertheless, even a light workout program will help you maintain muscle tone.

All the best in HCG weight loss,

Dr. D

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  1. by HCG Diet Dallas


    My advice to working out on the hcg protocol is to not be drastic. If you normally workout then you can continue to do so. If you have more of a couch potato lifestyle then you might run into problems pushing yourself in the gym. A light daily walk will be easier on you.

    What do think Dr. D? Agree?

  2. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Very much agree. My own experience opened my eyes to this scenario, and countless clients have discovered the same.


  3. by Cristy


    I have taught water aerobic exercise classes for almost 3 years now, 3-5 times a week. I have been on the HCG diet for 28 days and have lost 23 pounds. The problem I am having now, during the ab portion of my classes, is that my abs are really burning, it’s like I can hardly keep up with the reps. I have strong abs and you can see my ab definition. I used to be able to do these exercises for quite a long time. I read the bit about structural fat loss etc. in the pounds and inches book. But Dr. S said they should recover shortly. Why are they still hurting after 3 weeks? Shouldn’t they have adjusted by now?

    Also, Started a Tai Chi class today and my legs wouldn’t stop shaking. Really felt the burn in my quads too. I’m kind of feeling whimpy at the moment and I’m in pretty darn good shape for someone who is still 25# over weight. I’m feeling weak at the moment. Any suggestions?

  4. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You have done remarkably well with exercise. The protocol typically causes a physical weakness while you are on the hormone. Then your energy and regular exercise results return to normal after you are off the HCG for a few days. So just be patient with yourself.

    Dr. D

  5. by Maria Nolasco


    WHAT kind of exercises do you guys recomend while taking HCG.. DROPS?? Im going to the gym evryday for hour or two a day.. i will like to keep going i dont want to stop!!!

  6. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Maria:

    Acc. to Dr. Simeons, this is a diet protocol without any recommended exercise. Do whatever you want for physical activity.

    All the best,
    Dr. D

  7. by Jose


    Hey Dr. D, Where’s that link you said you had regarding the trampoline system you recommended on your video??

  8. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sorry, Jose…I’ve got to change that. I simply recommend getting any kind of minitrampoline. I got one for $40 on eBay that is just great.

  9. by Pam


    2nd week of phase 3 maintenance, & started back to the gym. Gained 2 lbs & then 4lbs the 2nd day for a total of 6lbs in 2 days. This is more than I gained on gorge days & w/out no sugars or carbs. On the 2nd day I did an apple/steak day & that’s the day I gained 4lbs!!! Could it be water retention? Not a menstrual cycle problem…way past all that! Pls. advise. Am wondering if I should do an apple day.

  10. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Pam…water retention is almost certainly the cause of such rapid weight gain…stick with alternating steak days until the excess fluid flushes out of your system.

  11. by Kris


    I did the Hcg a few months ago, successfully, but after I finished it seemed I couldn’t eat enough (and I tried, believe me I tried). The weight came back, seemingly all in the abdomen. Another “side effect” was no abdominal muscle tone. The GI tract slowed horribly, subsequently flatulance was unbearable. I would only have a BM if I took something to stimulate the bowel after about 6-7 days. I tried fiber, increasing liquids, etc., but nothing helped. It was also difficult to bear down. The valsalva was just not there. The rectal vault had NO muscle tone for pushing.
    I started the Hcg again about a week ago and magically, the muscle tone has returned. I can even attempt to hold my belly in and having a BM has muscle tone.
    Any thoughts on this? I am worried because I will be finished with this round mid July.

  12. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You will be amazed at the power of just drinking a lot of water.

  13. by ProjectMe


    Hey all. I’ve been reading up on the ‘no exercise’ rule while on HCG, which I discuss thoroughly in an article on Blogspot.com (see http://hcg-review-weight-loss-diet.blogspot.com/). What I found was that (1) Dr. A.T.W. Simeon didn’t seem to have such a prohibition; (2) his warnings are limited to strenuous exercise of long duration; (3) he only warns against water gain, not weight gain or loss stall; and, (4) there is some valid debate on whether the “starvation mode” theory rightly applies. Have a look at the article and leave a comment. Is the exercise prohibition really time-tested no-no, or an overreach in theory that doesn’t stand up to facts? If you have any thoughts or experiences, I’d love to hear them!

  14. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks for the spot-on commentary. Loved your post on the topic.

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