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HCG Diet Simplicity

Way too many people make the HCG Weight Loss protocol much more complicated than it really is. It is simply a hormone-directed, very low-calorie diet that is ultra-low in fat and carbohydrate. The recent growth in popularity of this protocol, however, has attracted so much nonsense that it is difficult to know what is right and wrong.

Whenever I hold a Q&A session in my store, I always start out my presentation by putting everyone on the same page with a summary of the key points that answer most questions before anyone even asks. They are as follows:

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a complex protein hormone that is produced by pregnant women. Its normal function is to direct the mother to use her own stored fat to nourish a developing fetus.

Different forms of HCG include injectable, oral (sublingual), transdermal (cream), and homeopathic drops. I have no scientific basis for evaluating homeopathic HCG, since it contains no actual HCG. All other forms contain measurable dosages of the hormone.

Native HCG that is isolated from the urine of pregnant women is available under several brand names, including Pregnyl, Follutein, Profasi, and Novarel.

A genetically engineered form of HCG, called Ovidrel, is produced by Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells. It is not identical to the complete native hormone. Nevertheless, it works just as well as the native hormone.

When administered to overweight men and women, low dosages of HCG cause the reduction of abnormal fat when food calories are restricted to no more than 500 calories per day. (This would be an unhealthy starvation diet without the action of HCG to derive calories from fat!)

The diet consists of four components in each of two daily meals: 1) a nonfat protein; 2) a vegetable; 3) a fruit; and, 4) a serving of Melba toast. The program also encourages the intake of plenty of water and allows unlimited amounts of black coffee and tea. Stevia is the only approved sweetener.

Key supplements for enhancing results include green tea, chromium, goat’s rue, cha de bugre, CLA, and probiotics. (See below)

Because HCG is a hormone that “trains” specific brain receptors, it advisable to use the hormone for a minimum of 27 days (the 30-day program) or a maximum of 40 days (the 43-day program). Maximum weight loss during the 30-day program is typically 25 lbs. For the 43-day program it is typically 35 lbs. Further reduction beyond 35 lbs. requires an additional HCG series after a layoff period.

Fat reduction via HCG shapes your body by burning abnormal fat. You will not go below a healthy weight level or become too “skinny” – you will simply look the way you are supposed to look when you are not carrying excess abnormal fat.

According to Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, the discoverer of this program in the 1950s, the bonus benefits of the HCG Weight Loss Diet include restoring steroid hormone balance, slowing or reversing the downhill slide of hypoglycemia and diabetes, re-energizing thyroid and adrenal glands, breaking up arterial plaque, reducing rheumatic pain, and lowering blood pressure.

Lifetime Aftercare: HCG-based weight reduction is only the first phase. You must also follow certain dietary guidelines (i.e., no sugar, low starch) for a 3-week second phase. You must also adopt a sensible diet and lifestyle for the rest of your life. This is when right diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle are most important for your long-term weight management and total health.

Lifetime Supplements: This is another topic that has attracted a lot of craziness. Keep it simple! There is nothing simpler or better than what I have already assembled at Doctors Nutrition Center for the HCG Diet Aftercare Supplements.

How Effective is the HCG Protocol?

Dr. Simeons estimated the effectiveness, or success rate, at better than 90%. In my experience, this depends on compliance. If you do not follow the protocol, you will fail. Furthermore, if you do not live sensibly after you reach your target weight, you will gain rebound fat. There are no silver bullets, magical drugs, or miracle surgical procedures that can help you if you do not do the right thing.

I hope that helps your thinking a little bit!

All the best in natural health,

Dr. D

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  1. by Deborah Solomon, LMT, CRT, CPT


    I used the homeopathic hCG with good results. I lost about 20 pounds. I changed my scale to a digital scale after a week into the program, so I’m not sure how much weight exactly I lost, but I’m happy with the results. However, I have had to watch my intake since then because I have had to do the “no food, steak only” at the end of one day because I had gained more than 2 pounds.

  2. by Julie Broersma


    I have been on the drops for 2 months without a break. Is it necessary to take that break. Thanks.

  3. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Julie…Yes, if you are taking HCG, 250 IU per day, you must take a break to avoid developing resistance to the hormone.

  4. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Gaby:

    Carbs are usually at the root of this kind of weight gain, probably due to an imbalance of how you handle fats and carbs together (acc. to the Simeons book). Go as low on these as you can and you should slowly return to your target weight. In fact, I am now finding that a grain-free vegan diet is most effective for me. I’ve dropped 2 lbs from my target weight, in almost 3 weeks, with this approach. Good luck! This is a great way to get slim and healthy after HCG.

    All the best,

  5. by Karla


    I am on the 43 day program, into my last week. Since Friday, I have been feeling light headed. When I lie down I feel okay and once I stand up I feel like I am going to pass out. What may be causing this? I am still losing weight, so I figured I am not immune to hcg. I really don’t know what to take to stop feeling this way. Thanks.

  6. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Blood pressure will drop while on the protocol, due to loosening release of plaque in the arteries. I felt the same way as you, so my strategy was to stand up slowly to avoid the light headed rush, or at least slow it down. This should be a lot less of a problem as you go further into the protocol.

    All the best,

  7. by colleen Coble


    I’ve been delving into your website, Dr. Clark. I just subscribed to your video series. Excellent advice! I’ve done 4 rounds and am down 65 pounds. LOVE hcg! I am especially intrigued with your new pellets. Great product for travel. 🙂 I’m one of the veterans on the major hcg forum and one thing I’ve noticed is that a few people on shots suffer from weakness and hunger no matter how much I have them tweak their dose. There seems to be some mechanism involved that renders the hcg ineffective. Do you have any insight on that?

  8. by Midgy


    Hi Dr Clark, I love your website! I’ve read everything! I am in the Minneapolis, MN, area and found a clinic down here just last week that prescribes the 250 IU pellets. I started the pills on Friday and the 500 calorie diet Sunday. Then the following day I found your website, I wish I would have found your site first so I could have ordered through you! The Dr is nice, however he doesn’t seem as knowlegable as you so I’m finding some discrepancies from what I read online and what this Dr is telling me. I was hoping to get your opinion. I guess I know what your answers are based on what I’ve read on your website, but are these things really a big deal or can I just go along with what this doctor says? 1) I’ve read that you should stop after 40 days, however this guy says I can go for 60 days. 2) I’ve read about taking 1 day off each week when going over 23 days, this guy says not to bother. 3) I’ve read not to weight lift, this guy says go for it. 3) I’ve read to not take pills during or after menses (I’ve read both ideas), but this guy said to just keep taking them. I’m doing great so far, only hungry at meal times, and I’ve did 4 days of the 500 calorie diet and down 6 pounds already. I’d like to lose a total of 60-70. Thanks, I really appreciate it!

  9. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Wow…what a lot of modifications by your doctor! Here is my input: 1) you develop resistance to HCG at about 40 days, so when that happens it stops working; recovery from resistance takes 6-8 weeks; 2) the one day a week off is from the original protocol with injections; no such recommendation with drops; 3) weight lifting, or any kind of exercise, is irrelevant to the protocol; I’ve had clients keep lifting or exercising without problems; the main side effect is less strength while on the HCG; 4) taking HCG during menses is simply a waste, since you produce a hormone that is one component of HCG, in a million-times concentration from what you take for weight loss; standard recommendation is to stop taking the hormone during 3-4 days of heaviest flow. Keep up the good work. You may require 3 or more series to get your goal. Many others have already done so, which means that you can, too.


  10. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, some of this kind of observation pops up now and then. Resistance to HCG is probably more common than we think. My notion is that is has to do with the leptin receptors in the hypothalamus, because they seem to have some influence on how HCG works in the hypothalamus. Research on their interdependency is too new to tell for sure so far, and it only involve lab animals. Time will tell. I’d bet money the answer involves the extent of leptin resistance, which leads to out of control fat gain in the first place.


  11. by Karen


    I just received HCG 250IU pellets and am supposed to start them tomorrow morning. Am I supposed to take 2 a day or one; are there specific instructions for taking them (i.e. with or without water etc.)

  12. by Sean Thomas


    What is a good substitute for the Melba toast for people who have Celiac disease? Is it ok to substitute with a millet, corn, or rice based based substitute bread with other ingredients like xanthan gum)

  13. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Karen: As our instructions say: 1 pellet under the tongue, twice per day.

  14. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Sean: I would say that sounds like a good idea. As will all variations, you can experiment and see what works. Let me know, will you? Thanks.

  15. by Sharon Thomas


    I’m taking bio-identical hormones and I need to know if I should stop taking them? I’m starting the diet this week-in.

  16. by Rita


    Hi Dr. Dennis:

    Can women with Hypothyroid (Hashimoto) condition use HCG for weightloss? How does the weightloss compare to those without this condition? Also, do you have a protocol for vegetarians?

  17. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You must work closely with your doctor to keep your meds at the right dose. You can, indeed, use the HCG diet. No particular protocol for vegetarians. You just have to have a good protein source that is ultra low in carbs and fats.

  18. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Keep taking them, by all means.

  19. by Sharon


    Do you mean keep taking the bio-identical hormones?

  20. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, absolutely.

  21. by Susan


    This is for the woman who felt light headed upon standing.
    Take your blood pressure. It is probably low. The main reason for this is dehydration. You did not drink enough water. Take two bottles of water with you to bed one to drink before you go to bed and one when you sit up and you will not have any fears if it is your blood pressure. When this happened to me my blood pressure which was normaally running high 147/90 before the program
    dropped to 65/47 but after two bottles of water it went to 120/83 within 5 minutes…..That was amazing to me that water can change things around so quickly. I had worked hard the day before in my home steam mopping all floors and slipped on water intake….. I recommend now always taking water to bed because you do not know when it will happen as it only happen twice in 34 day to me…
    I hope this helps….

  22. by Mikki


    Dr. D~
    Help me understand more about the competition between normal HCG levels during mensus and the need to stop HCG. Do they really need to stop the HCG or is the HCG just not needed since they have a supply of their own entering the system? If the flow is nearly stopped can they resume the HCG? I recommend all women wait for he most opportune time to start, right after mensus.
    Also many women have reported that while they had been having no periods during a peri-menapausal state they did have some flow or spotting during HCG. What are your thoughts?
    My Best to you always~ Mikki@BestChoiceChanges.com

  23. by Lew


    I started on the homopathic HCG and have lost 26 pounds in four weeks. (214 to 188) I have experienced all of the benefits that have been described; better sleep, less hunger pains, no fatigue. I am now on the 1st 3 weeks of the maintenance portion of the program, thou I still seem to be loosing, thou more slowly. This is a great diet. A True Believer!

  24. by Karen Seasly


    I thought you said elsewhere that using the sub-lingual or the pellets has not been found to bring about resistance. Also, you mentioned the 250mg to create resistance. How do we know which concentration to use to do a sub-lingual mix? How do we determine what concentration we should mix?

    You really are good at answering your blogs. Good work!!!

  25. by Karen Seasly


    I have 40 to 50 pounds to lose and like the idea of staying with it until it is done. Is this reasonable with sub-lingual?

  26. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Karen:

    Mixing the sublingual liquid is easiest when the lyophilized (dried) hormone is pre-measured at the compounding pharmacy and accompanied by a separate vial with the right amount of liquid. Sorry if I was fuzzy about resistance. Any form of the actual hormone, in the right dose for weight loss, will lead to resistance in about 40 days.

    All the best,

  27. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi again, Karen:

    You would have to lose that much within one round of no more than 40 days on the hormone. This would be highly unlikely. Your goal may require 2-3 rounds (more likely 3), separated by 6-week of waiting between rounds.

    All the best,

  28. by Michael


    Dr. Dennis,

    For many years I drank several diet sodas daily with Aspartame. What is it that so many find wrong with Aspartame and if I understand correctly, Dr Simeon’s studies were in the 1950’s, before Aspartame was fully developed. How did it become an absolute NO-NO on the HCG program? Will one or two a day bring my weight loss to a standstill?



  29. by Candie


    I have just completed a 23 day program of HCG and had a weight loss of 18.5#’s. I have concaerns that my stomach looks like a road map with red veins on the surface. I don’t know if this could be from injecting insulin for some years or not. After 11 days on the program I gave up the insulin and am stable. I am starting maintenance tomorrow and would like to have some more information on the Phase 3. I was looking on your site Dr. Dennis and could not see foods listed there. My main concern are the red veins all over my stomach, not sure what this is about??

    I am excited about doing phase 3 and monitoring my surgars extremely well. There just may be some foods in my life that will no longer be part of my life. This part of the program is as important as the losing of the weight or maybe more important. It is an opportunity to reeducate your mouth. I am so grateful for this product.

  30. by Chereka


    Just getting started and wanted to know about the use of a microwave to reheat food. Must I stopping using it all together?

  31. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Some research suggests that non-sugar sweeteners have an effect on insulin levels. Other research shows that Aspartame does not cause a problem. I suppose this is a case where scientists offer up controversy and we have to self-experiment to see what works individually.

  32. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The red veins are an unknown to me. Regarding Phase 3, take a look at the book description on my blog about what to do after HCG. Good food recommendations there.

  33. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The use of a microwave for reheating foods will not have an impact on your HCG protocol.

  34. by Silky Hart


    Hello Dr. Dennis,
    I’m so happy to discover your very resourceful site. After two unsuccessful attempts of using the homeopathic version of “HCG”, I’m glad to now try the real thing. Both times I believe I went into starvation mode and become lightheaded and lethargic. And, I immediately gained the weight back.
    I just received my package that I ordered from you for the 27-day supply of sublingual HCG drops. I’m waiting to start it once I’m through with my current cycle of menses.
    Here are my questions:
    1. Will the 27-day supply suffice vs. 30 days? Why isn’t the supply for 30 days?
    2. Do I do the two-day “gorging” and if so, do I take HCG during those two days?
    Thank you!

  35. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Silky:

    Thanks for your kind comments. In answer to your two questions: 1) The 27-day supply is designed for a 30-day protocol, at the end of which the final three days are a hormone washout period (you don’t take the hormone, yet you stay on the diet for this period); 2) Yes, absolutely take the hormone on the gorging days; this will set you up better for the first week of the 500-calorie diet. By the way, you discovered what many folks have discovered: if you have no active hormone, then you are just doing a starvation diet. Glad you quit that!

    All the best,

  36. by Silky Hart


    Thanks so much for your answers. I also ordered the supplements so I’m all set to begin!

  37. by Silky Hart


    I’m on Day 20 and have lost 12 pounds. I started the “gorge” days right after my period. Today (Day 20) I went up .2 pounds because I’ve started my period early. I need some clarity. Do I or do I not continue with the HCG drops while I’m having my period? If I stop, do I then resume taking the drops after my period?

  38. by nicole


    Dear Dr Dennis
    I have been on this diet for 8 days and have lost 12lbs but I’m noticing its not a pound a day like it was. Am I plateauing? How long will this last for? And had arm cramps yesterday took some potassium and they stopped. Should I continue taking that daily?

  39. by Jo


    I forgot to take my 2nd HSG pellet last night. I took my morning pellet yesterday and today. Should I take 3 pellets today to make up for the forgotten one or just continue with 2 today?

  40. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Jo…Just continue…Dennis

  41. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Nicole…You are doing better than average, so your progress is just fine. Normally you can expect half a pound to a pound per day over the whole protocol…Dennis

  42. by Jo


    Thank you Dr. Clark! I sure appreciate your willingness to respond to all our questions as we go along! BTW, after 2 weeks into my 2nd protocol, I went on vacation. Took just enough pellets with me for the vacation time and an extra day just in case (airlines these days!) – anyway, 4 days into vacation , the pellets melted (water got into the container from the cooler I was keeping them in, even though they were also in a ziploc bag). So, I stayed with the 500 cal diet for the next 3 days and then just watched my food but enjoyed my vacation and even a couple margaritas over the next several days. My weight didn’t change! Since it was less than 2 weeks, I restarted the HSG pellets and lost 2 lbs within the first two days. Mostly back on track now (except for the one I forgot last evening). Thanks again for all your support!

  43. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Jo…Great story about how to succeed even when things don’t go as planned. Persistence sure helps, so congratulations.

    All the best,

  44. by Joy


    I have been taking a product that says to be used according to standard homeopathic indications. It is HCG Diet. Complete Formula with 7 Amino Acids for Optimal Results. It also has on the bottle HCG 12X, 30X, 60X. Contains 20% Kosher Alcohol. I have been on this for 2 weeks. I have lost 11 pounds. I am still hungry quite often and I am worried if this isn’t the right product that I may be losing muscle. I do not want to do a product that will cause worse problems in the long run. So I ordered another product hcg Body Shaper that says it has real HCG in It. Each bottle provides 275 to 325 IU of hcg per day. Is it o.k. for me to switch from the homeopathic first bottle to the real HCG in the middle of the 40 days? I want to try it to see if it makes a difference in my hunger and want to make sure I’m not doing a starvation diet? Thank you

  45. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Joy:

    Since homeopathic does not contain real hormone, you have undoubtedly not developed resistance to the hormone. Others in your situation have switched to real HCG immediately, without any problems. It sounds as though the 275-325 IU product that you mention is just what you need right now.

    All the best,

  46. by julia


    dear dr. clark
    so glad that i have found your site.

    I want to start the hcg plan but i am currently taking bioidentical hormones for DHEA and progesterone (troches that dissolve in your mouth).

    can i continue on these while doing hcg?

  47. by Dr. Dennis Clark



    These are steroid hormones that do not interfere with HCG, or vice versa.

    All the best,

  48. by anne


    Dear Dr. Clark,
    So glad I found your site, thanks for helping all of us!

    I’m just placing an order for the first time, haven’t heard of pellets..do they have the same effect as the drops, it sounds easier..
    with thanks

  49. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Anne…Yup, they work the same…Dennis

  50. by dulce maria


    Hello Dr. Clark, I just did 40 days of the homeopathic hcg and lost 30 lbs. I am on P3 and I’m wondering if do to the fact the type of hcg I used doesn’t have hcg, could I start now again with the real hcg? Or do I wait the 6 weeks? Thank you for your help.

  51. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I suggest that you treat the homeopathic HCG as if it contained the real hormone. This is the safest approach, since I don’t know whether resistance can develop to a homeopathic product.

    All the best,

  52. by Mary Ellen Giordano


    Can you drink VitaminWater Zero on HCG Diet

  53. by Jeanne Born


    I am researching the HCG diet and have been talking to a friend who is having great success (down 60 lbs.). I noticed in the blogs that this diet can also help you lower your blood pressure (BP). Should I continue to take my BP med (Losartan) while on the HCG diet?

  54. by Anna


    Hello Dr.
    I justed started taking HCG and would like to combine it with CLA and Phase 3 what doses of the CLA and Phase 3 do you reccommend

  55. by Jeanne Born


    Dr. Clark – can you be on the HCG diet and continue taking blood pressure meds (Losartan)?

  56. by Lily


    Hi Dr Dennis,

    Thanks a lot for this newsletter posting.

    When you say that it “lowers blood pressure” do you mean rather, that it “normalizes” blood pressure?

    If it lowers instead of normalizes, how will this affect one who already has a low BP? (when I say low, I mean <100/0-60)


  57. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It should be okay. Just watch your progress. VitaminWater Zero isn’t the best stuff for your health.

  58. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Definitely do not go off meds without medical supervision. Just watch your BP regularly to make sure it doesn’t drop too low.

  59. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Research on CLA shows results with 4,000 mg per day. You can, indeed, take it during Phase 3.

  60. by Dr. Dennis Clark



  61. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, thanks. BP should not go below normal because of HCG.

  62. by Veronica


    I am waiting to receive HCG along with a colon cleanser. Your direct answers to questions is encouraging for someone who had zero knowledge of the affects HCG has with weight loss and the problems that may arise resulting from using HCG. I have read some of the negative comments about the plan. Your website is very informative and any apprehensions I had about using the product have been resolved. My major concern was the 500 calorie regimen and how much working out will affect weight loss. These concerns have been resloved as well. I am currently taking 37.5mg Adipek. Should I discontinue this medication when I start the HCG protocol?

  63. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thank you for your kind comments, Veronica. Keep up your good work. You do not need to discontinue your medication and should not do so without medical supervision.

    All the best,

  64. by Robin


    Dr. Cork,
    I am on my second round of protocol. Yesterday I just reached the “healthy” edge of my BMI. There is a 40 pound zone for my height, but I think I am probably with in 8 to 15 pounds of a good weight for my frame. What do I do if I reach that goal weight before the 21 days is up? Would I just start into the three days of VLCD and then maintenance? I did continue to lose in my first phase 3. Then when totally finished, should I increase calories over my BMR? I understood that the 1400-1500 calories is what I will live on indefinitely unless I increase my exercise. Thanks in advance!

  65. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You can do the 3-day washout period, or you can continue to take hCG for the 21 day period, and up your calories on the same foods as for the VLCD — even doubling your intake if need be.

  66. by Haley


    Dr. Clark,
    My husband and I will be trying to conceive in 2012. What role will taking HCG play on my body, particularly with getting pregnant and having a healthy baby?
    Should I stop a few weeks before conception?
    I have read on several forums that doctors are starting to tell patients to use the HCG diet to loose weight to get healthy before pregnancy. I just want to know what the safety factors are.
    I have completed 2 rounds and lost almost 30 lbs.
    Thank you for your response!

  67. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Haley…Safety is not an issue with hCG itself. When pregnant, your body will be making a ton of it. Injections of large amounts of hCG are a treatment for infertility, which should be unnecessary for you. After you conceive, taking hCG will be useless, and the very low calorie diet will be insufficient for you and your developing baby.

  68. by Lita


    Dr Clark, i would like to enquire if its ok to take HCG when i am on Euthyrox daily ( i am on thyroid medication) ? And can it be shipped abroad without affecting the integrity of the product in the process of shipping? Thank you

  69. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    People do not have trouble with hCG while taking thyroid meds. Make sure that you doctor keeps the dose at the right level. Shipping does not affect the powder form, which is reconstituted into drops upon arrival.

  70. by Julie Brown


    Can I take CLA during phase 1? I have only 5 days left of Phase 1. Also, can I take Evening Primrose?

  71. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Julie: Both of these are oils and should not be taken during the time that you are on the hormone and the VLCD. After that these are fine.

    All the best,

  72. by Mary Youngblood


    I printed and read the recommended readings you gave, thank you, and I now know this is the right plan for me to do. However, now I’m more confused about whether or not I need to go through a doc office to have it managed or do it myself. I want to succeed so badly but afraid of messing it up somehow. Also, am on synthroid, will I need to have my blood work tested during the treatment or at the end? I had a complete physical a few months back, nothing out of line except bad cholesteral, but just slightly. My thyroid has been “leveled” out with meds for some time. If I purchase through your company, is there more information that comes with the product to ensure I do the right things? Like I learned to make sure I start this after my period stops, which was a few days ago. Does this mean I need to wait another month before I start? I REALLY want to start now. I did purchase the HCG on line that reads Natural HCG alternative, and the ingredients say Human Chor. Gon., but if you think its the wrong product, I am more than happy to purchase through you. (Wish I had known your website before I bought the other…) 🙁 Thank you for your patience and your input. Its so valuable to me. 🙂

  73. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You should do fine, although I am unfamiliar with the product that you mention. How many IUs of hCG per day does it provide? Starting a protocol within a few days of your cycle should work without problems. Thank you for your kind words!

  74. by Mary


    I couldnt locate the IU’s on any of the material, even though it says human CG on the ingredients list on box. So I pulled out the sheet on the product from the box and read this…”Hf-15 & HF-30 are both 100% hormone free and contain no hCG.” I think I just read that I bought a bogus product, do you concur? Crud… If in fact I need to purchase yours (will do tonight) do I need to wait until next month to begin? My last day of period was Sunday. Thanks again, I’m getting excited!!! Thanks heaps!

  75. by Rick


    Hi Dennis, love the website and your helpful input. I have a few comments and questions. I’m doing the protocol with my MD, my morning weight on Day 15 indicates I’ve lost 23.6 lbs! My doctor mixed a solution in a bottle with another solution by injecting it with a syringe. It is a nasal spay that requires refrigeration. The bottle says HCG 12000 IU. I have trolled many sites and no one really speaks of the nasal spray, are you familiar with it and is it common? He supplied me with Probiotic and Vitamin D supplements but I hear many people speak of B12, do I need that or other supplements? What are you thoughts on low-carb, high fiber, sugar free bread that has 40 calories per slice? Seems to me 1 piece would be healthier than 2 pieces of the bread sticks or Melba toast. Finally, if I have to travel a day or 2 for work what do you suggest I do for the drug or for eating out? Thanks.

  76. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Mary…Yes, I concur. You do not need to wait before doing the hCG protocol with real hormone. Good luck!

  77. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Great questions, Rick. First off, way to go on your progress! Regarding the nasal spray, I do know about it. Any mucous membrane (under the tongue, nasal passage, others that we don’t want to talk about) are legitimate routes of entry. They are less efficient in getting hCG into your body than the injection route, so you have to use more of the hormone to match the required dose. The 125 IU injection, for example, is matched by 400-500 IUvia a sublingual route. The nasal route is similar. A transdermal (through the skin) product can also work, as long as the dose is sufficient. Neither of these is as common as the sublingual forms (drops, pellets). If you are taking 12,000 IU over a 30-day protocol, that sounds just right for the dosages you need. Probiotics are great, so I commend your MD for being forward thinking in that regard. Vitamin D supplementation is important for a lot of reasons, not just for the hCG protocol. B-12 is recommended as an energy pick-up and can be very helpful. Other supplements? I could write a book about them. I take 30-40 products per day. Now about that bread, yes the low-carb bread seems okay. However, if it is low-carb, what replaces the carb in it? Not fat? Not protein? Sugar alcohols are just as bad as sugar or starch. My recommendation is to experiment with it. See what, if anything, eating this instead of Melba toast, does to your progress. I would guess that, for you, it would be fine. If you travel for only a day or 2, you can take the hCG before you leave on one day, then when you get back on the next day. Missing one or two doses will not stop your progress. Especially since you are already on a world-record pace!

    All the best,

  78. by Erin


    I am on my fourth day of taking the drops. I lost 2.5 lbs the first day, 2.5 lbs the second day, and 0 lbs the third day. I have been suffereing from a headache for over 24 hours now, plus I feel lightheaded and dizzy? Any recommendations?

  79. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Erin…This is typical, since most of the weight loss at first is water weight. You should settle in at a half to a full pound per day. The lightheadedness goes away after a week or so for me and others who have experienced it. Good luck!

    All the best,

  80. by Cindy


    Hi Dr Clark!

    I have never eaten the melba toasts and I really do not care for fruit some days. Most days I eat an apple in the afternoon but some days I just want the protein and veggies. Day 27 out of 33…(may go for 40). 137 is my perfect weight which has always been my setpoint.

    I am at 147 from 164.4.YAY!!!! Am I hurting myself by staying at the 350-430 cals a day or is this good? The closer I get to 137 the faster I can get there and I don’t want to mess up. I have curtailed heavy workouts for now so not burning much..

    So, should I add 2 fruits and a melba toast? I am following Dr Simeon’ protocol and have not cheated! Love this diet and I appreciate you! Thanks!

    Also, should I add in the chromium picolinate now? Thank you! Thank you!


  81. by Cindy


    I meant the faster I can get there with diet and resuming strenuous exercise without another protocol.


  82. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cindy: You do, indeed, need the 500 calories per day. Stay as close to it as you can. You will be better off in the long run. You can exercise any time and do any amount that you feel like doing. Congratulations on your success…may it continue!

    All the best,

  83. by Cindy


    Thanks Dr Clark!

    I looked back at my daily journal on myfitnesspal and was quickly able to see that the days I ate less I stalled.

    Are we allowed to increase our protein to 4 ounces to get our calories up? One melba toast is a tease and not worth it too me. I really only like one fruit a day…don’t know why but my body now doesn’t really want a fruit as much as more protein. Got some amazing veal at Whole Foods! I love it and I lost 2 pounds this am after the veal and close to 500 cals!

    You are my best guru forever! BGF! hahha!


  84. by Cindy


    I mean to not too. Used to be an English teacher.:)

  85. by Victoria


    Hi Dr. Clark!
    Love the results I’m getting with the HCG! When I go into the 3rd phase of no more shots, can I still continue to focus on losing weight by doing an Atkins type of diet since we are not allowed sugar or starch? Or do I want to just maintain the weight I lost?

  86. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Victoria…Ideally you should maintain your weight for Phase 3, so any resetting of your hormone signaling will stabilize. Then an Atkins approach would be great.

    All the best,

  87. by Laurna


    Dear Dr. Dennis,
    I can’t begin to truly express my appreciation for your commitment to providing research-based information on the HCG diet! I have had tremendous success… 10.4 pounds in 8 days. No more mindless eating binges, no desire to eat sweets or baking of any kind. This is truly a miracle! I honour and respect your promptness to our questions and comments. You are truly ‘one of a kind’.

    I have only one question: Is it OK to have a meal replacement smoothie (VegaOne) for one of the two meals? I done so twice now and I’ve still lost weight. I don’t like eating meat, so thought this would cover the protein component of the diet. Am I correct?

    Thank you again.

  88. by Desiraee


    I’ve completed maintnance phase after losing 20 pounds and now I want to start another round of hcg I should be starting my period any day now so could I start the next cycle or will my period affect weight loss

  89. by Eliza


    Hi Dr. Clark
    Can you address the previous questions regarding spotting during phase 2? I have basically had a period for 5 days and am not due for my real period for another 2 months ( am on the 4 month BC packs). So far I’ve lost 11 pounds over 16 days but seem to have plateaued during this ‘spotting phase’. Thanks so much!

  90. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Laurna:

    The main things to watch out for are fat and carb content. If you are getting good results, then definitely continue as you are doing. Great work!

    All the best,

  91. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, definitely start the protcol nowhere near the time of your period, Desiraee. And be sure to have spaced your most recent hCG dose with your next dose/protocol by at least 6 weeks.

  92. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Eliza:

    Aren’t hormone fluctuations a challenge? When you produce LH (lutenizing hormone) during your period, or at odd times that may include spotting, you are swamping out the effects of hCG. LH is part of the intact complex hCG molecule. Your plateau should stop as soon as the odd phase of your period ceases.

    All the best,

  93. by Gigi


    Hi Dr. Clark!

    Taking Rx hCG, HUCOG brand. Injections with diabetic needles.  

    Was at 150 IUs, was too high; somewhat hungry in the morning (not cravings, just stomach rumblings)…..but relaxed in the afternoon. Skipped a day to confirm suspicions, was not hungry or weak at all on the skip day (VLCD 5).  

    Next day (VLCD 6) lowered it to 135 IUs; high energy, jittery, on edge, tense. Lost .4 lbs. Decided to lower it to 125 IUs. 

    That first day on 125 IUs: AMAZING! Lost…NOTHING 🙁

    On the second day on 125 IUs, had hunger and sweets (chocolate!) cravings — first time cravings hit — and I felt worse than when on 150 IUs. Didn’t feel relief until 3 PM (usually, even at 150, felt it by Noon). Also: I usually never crave sweets when not on protocol; I usually crave fatty and fried foods. So craving chocolate is odd. 

    My weightloss for that AWFUL day (yesterday) was 1.2 lbs, but I’m thinking it’s not lbs lost “right”….I’m afraid they’re “starvation lbs” — could that be the case?? At least when I lost on my dose-adjustment skip-day on VLCD 5, I lost 1.6 lbs without feeling awful…

    I don’t know if I should keep lowering my dose or not, today is VLCD 9, and my first official weekly skip day. Feeling fine! No cravings. But tomorrow, what should my dose be???

  94. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Gigi:

    I doubt that changing the dose from one day to the next would have much impact. Indeed, skipping a day of injections does not cause such radical responses as you’ve noted. The skip day was recommended by Dr. Simeons for those who planned to go for the full 40-day protocol, as a way to reduce the chance of building resistance to the hormone. As for what to do, just pick a dose and stick with it. Keep it simple.

    All the best,

  95. by Agusia


    I just ordered my hcg drops but I’m going to get my period anyday now, so should I start taking the drops after I’m done with my period?

  96. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Agusia…Yes, that would be a good idea.

    All the best,

  97. by Kim


    Hi Dr. Dennis:
    Thank you for all your information. It is the best i’ve found. I have lost 15lbs. In 26 days. I started out strong and had a few set backs with birthdays and Easter. I have also lost 9 inches overall. My question is that i’ve been taking a homeopathic formula however it says it contains hcg 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x. If the homeopathic version isn’t providing true hcg than am I basically on a starvation diet? I am still getting headaches and sugar cravings which I thought were suppose to subside by now. Your advice is much appreciated.

  98. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kim:

    My view has always been that using homeopathic hCG is unknown territory as far as research goes. Whether the hormone signaling pathway to the hypothalamus is the same, or the accelerated loss of abnormal fat is matched, we just have no experimental research to evaluate. Always keep track of your body fat percentage to see whether it drops, since that is the key. Anyone can lose weight on a VLCD (i.e., starvation diet). This is probably what you are undergoing. Regarding sugar cravings, for some folks this never goes away. In my own experience, I finally weaned myself off of sugar in my coffee, which was a lot every day, by substituting flavored liquid Stevia drops. I can still eat a half-pound of See’s chocolates all by myself on Valentine’s day, which I do every year. I just don’t take in sugar on a daily basis anymore. I hope that helps.

    All the best,

  99. by Sharon Hanany


    Dr. Clark-Your website is great because there is a lot of misinformation with HCG.

    What are the symptoms of HCG resistance? I have been taking HCG injections for 40 days including the loading days. I still have a little bit of HCG left (about 3 days worth of injection). If I finish the bottle in 3 days, and then begin the 3 days of 500 calorie diet without injections, what should I look for in case there is HCG resistance?

    Thank you.

  100. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Sharon: Thanks for the nice compliment. Regarding your question, the main symptom of hCG resistance is hunger. Resistance is more likely on a 40-day injection protocol, especially if you used the hCG 7 days per week instead of 6. Hunger during the washout period is also common, as your body slows down the use of calories from your own bodyfat supply.

    All the best,

  101. by Cinnie


    Dr. Clark:
    I’ve been getting HCG pills (500 IU) from a clinic, and they told me I can stay on the pills continuously for up to 3 months without taking a break. That goes against everything I’ve read. Please advise.
    Thanks for your time.

  102. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cinnie:

    It goes against what I know, too. Resistance to hCG generally begins at about 40 days, at which point it ceases to work for fat loss. That was well-established in the 1950s.

    All the best,

  103. by mary


    the 40 day plan with injections, if i take one day off a week ,that day can i eat anything? please tell me thankyou

  104. by Mirna


    Wish I had known there are very limited options for vegans before I purchased a pack 🙁

  105. by Cindy


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    I am on my 11th day on homeopathic drop. I just noticed spotting/flow all day today… Is this normal on homeopathic HCG diet? I am freaking out! My TOM isn’t suppose to be here till mid next week. What is causing this? Should I be concerned?

  106. by Nicole


    Hi Dr. Clark!
    I have a question for you. I started the Hcg protocol about 16 days before my period was due, and thought I had timed it perfectly. I have done the protocol (by injection) perfectly for about 18 days now, and have lost 22 lbs. I was supposed to get my period yesterday but did not, and nothing today, either. I suspect it may be a week late as it was a few months ago when I did the protocol in February. I only have 6 injections left and my Hcg will run out. I live in Canada where it is illegal, so obtaining another bottle of Hcg is not possible right now. What do I do? If I get my period tomorrow, that will not be a problem, but if it comes a week from now, I won’t have enough Hcg to inject for the 3 days after my period is over. Can I stop the Hcg at the same time as my period and keep eating the 500 VLC diet for the 3 days after my last injection? I know I will be in the middle of my cycle, but what will happen? I know Dr. Simeons warns against it in his manuscript, but not sure what to do here….
    Thank you for your time and response! I really appreciate it!
    Nicole in Canada

  107. by Debra s


    Hi I just had a tubal and an ablation and was on my 12th day of injections and havnt done an injection for 3 days now what do I do can I startle injections again or do I have to wait 6 wks? Please help

  108. by Stephani


    I’ve read you should not eat or drink 10 minutes before or 30 minutes after taking hCG for maximum absorption. Is that the case with injections as well?

  109. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Cinnie…the advice you have received from the clinic is ridiculous.

  110. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Mary…you must stay on the diet during the non-injection days.

  111. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Mirna…yes, that is a bummer. It seems so difficult to find a good protein source for vegans.

  112. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Cindy…I don’t have any experience with homeopathic drops and don’t recommend them.

  113. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Nicole…the simplest strategy for you is to stop the hCG phase, do the 3-day washout (even if on your cycle), and launch into Phase 3.

  114. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Debra…you can probably restart at any time without negative consequence.

  115. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Stephani…the 10/30 rule you mention is too extreme even for sublingual products. And it has no importance at all for injections.

  116. by Kelsey


    Dr. Clark,
    What are your thoughts on Amino Acids during Phase 2 to prevent muscle loss?

  117. by Laurna


    Dr. Clark, I plan to start another round of hcg weight loss, but am wondering if I can also continue taking Growth Hormone Support from Pure Encapsulations (I purchased the latter through you)? Thanks, again, for your information. Having you to ask questions of gives me so much more confidence while on my hcg weight loss journey!

  118. by Fridah


    Hi! Dr.Dennis i am Fridah from Africa (Kenya) i just come up on ur HCG slimming programme via the Net,im 25 and 75 kgs my wedding is soon and i,d like to cut down some kilos how long will it take for me to have it here in kenya if i buy it on line?

  119. by beverly


    Dr. I am in my 4th week of protocol, with a local clinic. First week a pound a day. 2nd and 3rd week weight only went down with a steak or apple day. 4th week same weight for 3 days, even after only doing protein for 3 days. HCG does not seem to be working for me. 11 pounds down. 7 in the first week. So sad and mad. Beverly

  120. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kelsey…they are fine if you make sure they contain no caloric additives (oils or sweeteners).

    All the best,

  121. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Laurna…Yes, that should not be a problem. And thanks for you kind comment.

    All the best,

  122. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Fridah:

    Customs regulatons and delivery services are so variable and undependable that we do not offer delivery to Kenya. Sorry!

    All the best,

  123. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Beverly:

    The first thing I want to call to your attention is that eating steak during the protocol is prohibited. A ‘steak day’ is only for maintenance (Phase 3) after you stop taking the hCG. Also, a half pound loss per day is typical for women, over the whole course of a protocol. It sounds as though you are doing fine. Just do the apple day during the protocol when you reach a plateau, not a steak day.

    All the best,

  124. by Julie


    I am on day 20 of Round 1 of the HCG Diet and I’ve lost 15 lbs. so far. I want to continue on my 2nd bottle of drops. Do you do another 2 days of loading when you continue on, or is that just when you take a 6 week break?

  125. by Mary Cox


    Hi Dr. Clark! I’m so happy to have found your website. I have been on drops and VLCD for 5 days so far and I’m hanging in there. My question is regarding menopause & HCG. I started HCG a day after my period was over, but this morning I was spotting kind of heavily. I am 50 and have been experiencing slight menopausal symptoms, (hot flashes, night sweats, etc.) I am not on any hormone replacement. Do I continue taking my drops while spotting? I can’t find any info about this. (My HCG diet is DIY) Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for this informative website!

  126. by margopainter


    Hi I took hcg for40 days a few months ago and i loved it however i am not where i want to b in weight can i take another cycle without hurting my liver or other body parts? ps it is the only thing that has ever worked for me tks

  127. by John Harrill


    Dr Clark,

    Would love to hear your perspective on these three diet plans and when each is most appropriate:

    1) HCG
    2) Eat , Stop, Eat
    3) Slow Carb

    I went through one round of HCG dieting starting at 227 and ending up at 192. I got very discouraged coming off of HCG because despite my efforts to loose additional weight, I seemed to be stuck around that 192 +- 4 lbs weight. This was during maintenance and of course you are not suppose to drop or gain more than 2 lbs, but I was trying desperately to continue the weight loss. I started working out six times a week, focusing on interval type training. It took three weeks before I could start making significant additional weight loss (I guess resetting the hypothalamus).
    Took your suggestion about eat, stop, eat along with watching my calories (1400-1600) and even incorporated some of the slow carb advice… Now I am back to seeing 3-4 lbs loss per week. I only have about 20 lbs additional I would like to loose (assuming no muscle gain, really just looking to get lean, not to a weight set point… waist size being most important measure). Current morning weight is 178, 39″ waist. Goal is 160, 32″ waist.

    What would you recommend as the best way to get there. I am thinking another round of HCG because of the body shaping aspect of it. But I can easily see that I could loose the weight by doing just eat stop eat….


    Thanks in advance for your help with this.


  128. by francoise


    Hello Dr. Dennis I am on the 9th day of the diet. I have so far lost 9 pounds but I have hit a plateau for 4 days now. I have done the apple day the very first day i noticed the plateau and I haven’t lost a single gram since last thursday (today is Monday). My question is I only eat the breast meat of organic chicken, wild shrimps and fish. When I am counting the quantity of calories I am taking wiht the 100 grams of vegetable per meal, 2 fruits and 2 melba a day my calory intake is around 380 to 400 calories. Is it ossible that I am defivient in calory intake? What can I do to increase it? More vegetables? more meat protein?
    Thank you for your advice.

  129. by Roseanne Hubbard


    Hi Dr. Clark,

    Is there any danger of the sudden loosening of plaque causing clots or strokes? I have had high cholesterol most of my life. Have chosen not to medicate.

    I think you said that the only effect of taking HCG with bio-identical hormones is that HCG enhances the hormones. Am I understanding you correctly?


  130. by Roseanne


    Just read somewhere that lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc., or anything that contains oil cannot be topically applied to the skin while using HCG because it will be absorbed and work against the product. Is this for real?

  131. by Barbara Connell


    HI – I’m on R1P2D8, and on day 7 I had lost a total of 12.2lbs, this morning (day 8) I gained 1.2 back. Do I need to do anything….like an apple day, or anything else? Thanks!

  132. by Lores


    Hi Dr Clark. Is it ok to eat frozen strawberries while on the hcg diet? I was looking at the nutritional value in the back of the package and is says there are 5 grams of sugar per serving.

  133. by Brittany Huff


    I just started the hCG drops today and it is my first loading day but I am needing to lose about 100lbs to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I started the depo shot after I had my baby and got 2 injections of it but stopped after I gained an additional 40-50lbs. My dr said that even though I’m not on the depo anymore and I’m on a low testosterone birth control now that the hormones from the depo can remain in my body for up to a year. Will the hCG still work for me even if depo hormones are still in my body?

  134. by Tammara beard


    Hi I’ve been on hcg injections for about a month have lost 24 plus lbs. for the past several days I have been having dizziness and feel like I’m going to pass out. I took my sugar test its normal 123 and my blood pressure is 123/74 . What is wrong?

  135. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Tammara:

    This is a fairly common occurrence. Dr. Simeons addressed it in his book, as follows:

    Blood Pressure
    Patients who have brought themselves to the brink of malnutrition by exaggerated dieting, laxatives etc, often have an abnormally low blood pressure. In these cases the blood pressure rises to normal values at the beginning of treatment and then very gradually drops, as it always does in patients with a normal blood pressure. Normal values are always regained a few days after the treatment is over. Of this lowering of the blood pressure during treatment the patients are not aware. When the blood pressure is abnormally high, and provided there are no detectable renal lesions, the pressure drops, as it usually does in pregnancy. The drop is often very rapid, so rapid in fact that it sometimes is advisable to slow down the process with pressure sustaining medication until the circulation has had a few days time to adjust itself to the new situation. On the other hand, among the thousands of cases treated, we have never seen any untoward incident which could be attributed to the rather sudden drop in high blood pressure. When a woman suffering from high blood pressure becomes pregnant her blood pressure very soon drops, but after her confinement it may gradually rise back to its former level. Similarly, a high blood pressure present before HCG treatment tends to rise again after the treatment is over, though this is not always the case. But the former high levels are rarely reached, and we have gathered the impression that such relapses respond better to orthodox drugs such as Reserpine than before treatment.

    In other words, this should pass. By the way, a blood sugar level of 123 is far from normal. Once you finish your hCG protocol, please be sure to address your blood sugar. Normal levels should be below 100, and optimal levels below 90.

    All the best,

  136. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Brittany: Birth control does not usually interfere with the activity of hCG during the Simeons protocol.

    All the best,

  137. by Linda


    Can A low percentage of alcohol be consumed on the HCG diet? I will be starting my very first round tomarrow!

  138. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Nope. No alcohol whatsoever.

  139. by Celine


    I have activated Protein C Resistance Factor 5 Leiden which is a clotting disorder. I am taking INOHEP injections daily.. IS the HCG drops safe for me to take? what are my risks of complications?

  140. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Celine: This is an issue that you should take up with your doctor. Good luck!

    All the best,

  141. by Shivonne Annette


    Hi Dr Clarke,

    I started the HCG diet 6/02/2013 which is phase one(loading) and Its now day 8 on VLCD, and I have lost about 5kg’s in total. However on day 6 (11/02/2013)of the whole HCG diet i got my period, the period has been on and off, and basically in the time I got it over last 3-4 days I have only had half doesage, is this going to affect anything with the diet? I didnt completely stop? I didnt know I was going to have period this soon into the diet.
    Today 15/02 I have decided to go ahead with the full doesage,im still bleeding, but Its not full period, its spotting here and there… I have an IUD inserted which is prob why its like that? Can you tell me what I should do? Ive lost a good amount of weight already, do I carry on?
    Please advise!

  142. by Sofia


    Hello Dr. Im 56 years old, and menopausic, so i im using life flo progesterone bioestrogen and testosterone for woman, (cream) should i stop using with HCG diet? Thank you so much

  143. by Sofia


    by the way, I have hypothyroidism also, so i take armor thyroid 4 grains, should i stop taking it?
    it sounded like I’m not having a good time with my he alt, but I’m noT i feel great! and i want to stop my overweight.

    Thank you!

  144. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Shivonne: Generally women who have been in your position have done exactly has you have. Just carry on as usual. Taking hCG itself has less (or no) effect for the heaviest times of your period (taking a break from hCG for a few days is recommended), and your progress should stay on course in spite of it.

    All the best,

  145. by atilano


    Dr. I will be starting my hcg diet, is is it okay! to take this pill while taking the blood
    pressure medication losartan/hct?

  146. by Nikki


    Hi Dr. I did Hcg 2years ago… I did 3 rounds& lost the desired weight. After a vacation I gained 10lbs. I tried it again but this time it didn’t work. I think I may have built resistance to it. Even after 2 months of waiting, it didn’t work. Is there anything I can do to break that resistance that I have build to it?

  147. by kira


    Hi Dr. Clark,

    I love this diet and have done 3 rounds with no issues over the past 12 months. Just started a new round 9 days ago, after waiting 3 months, and have not lost anything but my loading weight. The other rounds were so much different. Never stalled and wasn’t hungry. This round I am hungry and haven’t lost anything in 6 days. Do you think I should lower my dose? I was on 150 iu injections the other rounds, 125 iu this past round, and started at 150 iu this round. I’ve read that a person needs lower doses after multiple rounds. Also, I’ve seen you say to wait 6 weeks between rounds, but if you do multiple rounds, do you advocate taking a longer time than that between subsequent rounds? Thanks!

  148. by Mary


    I see that you do not “approve” of the homeopathic product. I have used it for this program twice now, and have lost over 20 pounds each time. I know several other people who have had even greater success with it.

    The first time, I made the mistake of spending time with family right after I lost the weight, and used sugar to compensate, thus gaining the weight back over a 2 year period. This time, I’m stating that I am addicted to sugar, and doing a 12 step program to stay off it!!

    I am grateful that I stocked up on the homeopathic product before it was made “illegal!”

  149. by Mary


    OK, I just read further, and saw where you believe someone was just “starving” on the homeopathic drops. I can assure that our body fat is melting away. It is such a great feeling. My neck no longer looks like a football player, and the flab is gone from my belly … I feel amazing with no cravings for garbage food. In fact, whatever I do eat tastes great.

  150. by Tanya


    Hi Dr.Clark, I recently started taking the hcg activator at gnc. So far have lost 7.3 pounds in 4 days. I ordered some hcg drops from omnitrition just waiting on them to get here. My question is when they get here and I want to switch. Do I need to wait at all, reload or anything? Or do I just switch over to the drops? Thank you very much


  151. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is hard to say, Tanya, since the products at GNC have nothing to do with real hCG.


  152. by Thomas


    My Fiancee had great success with the HCG diet. We live in Kenya and she was able to get the drops from http://www.hcgdiet.co.ke , they delivered to us free in Nairobi within two days.
    It was very hard for her on the diet originally, she needed to get over the initial hunger and keep her water intake up but it was really effective and it changed our life forever.

  153. by rosy dagami


    doc can i take hcg diet drops while im taking primolut n for my DUB tratment..tnx a lot

  154. by Nanna Sommer


    Dear Dennis Clark. I’m a 35 year old diabetic type 1 since the age of 7 and have now further more been diagnosed with Hashimotos. I’m not overweight, but I have stored a lot of “dirt” in the fat tissues through many years of not taking care of my diabetes. It shows in tender lumps all over my body. Even on lower legs and arms. My hight is 160 cm and I only weigh 55 kilos. I also suffer from whiplash neck to talebone, so hard exercise is a no-go. I’ve read a lot about this diet and I was wondering if I could benefit from it’s cleaning potentials by staying on no fats but having more low-carb veggies, or maybe a smaller dose of HCG? What’s you view on this one? ???? I don’t expect you to know, but maybe just share your thoughts on the matter. Thank you for giving people opportunities!

  155. by Joni


    Hi Dr. Clark. I have been working with my NP on the HcG diet and using the pellets. Recently, only about 2 weeks into my round, they lost their supplier and had to give me a prescription for Novarel (injections). I have been on that now for 9 days. I think I may have mixed it wrong and have been taking too much. I have been extremely hungry and in turn have cheated a lot. Since I have been taking too much and possibly burning my good fat stores should I just skip a day and then use a lower dose or should I reload to build back my good fat stores?? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

  156. by LoriAnn Tillman



    Two questions. Some sites include Kale and Broccoli, some do not. Why? And are kale and broccoli acceptable on phase two of protocol. Also I started gorge on my last day of my cycle. I am on day 12 of the VLCD and have been spotting for the last three days. Should I discontinue my drops? I’m almost 48.

  157. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, LoriAnn…Kale and broccoli are both fine during the protocol. Regarding spotting, this is a complicated topic that I am not qualified to advise about.

    All the best,

  158. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Joni: Dr. Simeons discovered that injections were best given only 6 days per week due to the risk of becoming resistant to the hCG. That sounds like what you have discovered.

    All the best,

  159. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Nanna:

    The dose is commensurate with the desired outcome. Regarding your ‘dirt’ you will have to shed it sooner or later. Lots of strategies will help, including hCG and several recommendations in my book, Fat Loss Biology.

    All the best,

  160. by Brian


    Will any of these medications cause complications with HCG?
    -Metformin hcl

    Thank you Dr!

  161. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Brian…not that I know of…Dennis

  162. by Vivian


    I’m a 46yr old female on testosterone treatment. Can I take the HCG drops for weight loss with my other treatment?

  163. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Vivian:

    This should pose no problem for you. If anything, your use of testosterone might accelerate your results for fat loss.

    All the best,

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