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HCG Diet and Low Thyroid

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Dr. Simeons commented that low thyroid does not cause of obesity. In fact, he recommended that thyroid meds NOT be taken while doing the protocol. Furthermore, a low Basal Metabolic Rate (i.e., indicated by lower body temperature first thing in the morning) gets reversed on the HCG diet. Research generally supports these points now.

Unfortunately, too many people are misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism and, as a consequence, inappropriately prescribed thyroid medication. The problem of underperforming thyroid is almost always due to iodine deficiency. The best information on this topic is the book by Dr. David Brownstein, ”

Here is a link to Amazon for this book. You can find more information about it there.

Dr. Brownsteins’s book explains how Americans have become iodine deficient and what to do about it. The key regarding the HCG weight loss diet is that iodine restores thyroid health whereas iodine drugs do not.

You will also find that thyroid meds slow down weight loss on the HCG diet. It is all tied in with the hypothalamus and the hormone receptors there for HCG and thyroid hormone. Nobody has a really good explanation for this.

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One more thing that I can say, from my perspective as a biochemist, is that the best that thyroid meds can do is provide iodine. The hormones themselves, as well as the synthetic versions of them, contain iodine. The chemical structure of thyroxine, for example, shows four iodine atoms (each place where there is an “I” in this picture).

It makes sense that iodine deficiency shows up as low thyroid hormone. The body won’t make enough hormone if there isn’t enough iodine in the first place.

The bottom line for most people is simply going to be supplementing with iodine. By the way, the RDA of iodine (150 micrograms) is about one-tenth what it should be. And most people don’t even take in the RDA. Food does not offer it, unless it is seafood. And then it is only ionic iodine. Dr. Brownstein explains the importance of getting different forms of iodine and how to optimize the dosages for maximum thyroid health.

SIDENOTE: In reading about Dr. Brownstein’s research, I was also flabbergasted to see the role of iodine deficiency in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Actually, I am still flabbergasted about this!

Dr. Simeons was right on target about the role of the thyroid, or rather the lack of it, in obesity. Nevertheless, it is critical to get this gland functioning correctly for getting the best results for fat loss on the HCG diet.

All the best in natural health,

Dr. D

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  1. by Sherri Hoylman


    I am WAY over weight and hurting from a low thyroid. Suffering from no more benefits and did the Dr. work for me? No., I am taking a nascent iodine and feel the fog lift in my head and better but weight still making all problems continue and I know my body thinks it is a sugar-problem. I am going to try hcg diet and stay on my iodine.
    Thank you for all you posts and concerns on line.

  2. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I found this to be helpful for me, too. I took about 25 mg of iodine every day while on the protocol.

    All the best,

  3. by Debbie


    How does HCG affect people like me who have had their thyroid “murdered” by radio active iodine after a hyperthyroidism diagnosis? I have no thyroid function at all and must take hormone replacement.

  4. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Debbie: Sorry to hear about your thyroid. Generally, as long as you monitor your thyroid meds closely, you can keep up the energy you need for the HCG protocol. Take a look at the comments and explanation that Dr. Simeons had about the thyroid in his Pounds and Inches book. It is widely available for free for download from numerous websites, including this one (when you submit your name and email to get my free reports, I offer his book as a bonus — shh, this is a secret).

    All the best,

  5. by C I Coleman


    Dr D.: I too am like Debbie and had Radio Active Iodine and I just started the Loading days yesterday and felt very strange. I need my Medicaton for energy but I’m wondering what in the world my dose should be during the protocol. I’m currently taking .2mg per day(the pink pills) but now with the protocol I’m thinking of lowering my dosage. Thanks at all for trying to help us. Very few Doctors Ever Do. Chris in Dearborn,Michigan.

  6. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Chris: You will probably have to experiment. I could not offer good advice to you through this venue. Good luck!
    Cheers, Dennis

  7. by F.A.Graham


    Have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Do I take 25 mg. iodine while on hcg diet? I have opted to take no thyroid medication; is that a good choice?


  8. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Frances:

    The amount of iodine you should take is determined by an iodine test. I take 25 mg per day without having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. The need for thyroid meds is based on a local diagnosis by a doctor, so it would be inappropriate for me to advise you on this. Generally, though, thyroid meds are overprescribed.

    All the best,

  9. by rose


    i had a goitre removed it grew on the inside and they removed it and removed my thyroid i only have a third of it left i went on hcg today and stopped 1mg oroxine is that fine

  10. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Rose: Really must work with your own local doctor on this.

    All the best,

  11. by denice cronin


    I started the ugh drops and diet. I accidentally skipped my thyroid and lost two pounds. I went back to my meds and am not loosing.

    My husband and neighbor both loosing like crazy. What should I look for to decide to keep going or stop?

  12. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    ‘ugh’ drops?

  13. by Mika


    My daughter was diagnosed w/ a under active thyroid this past December after sudden,sever alopecia…….Having the sever hair lose and weight gain her Dermatologist ran the thyroid panels and then referred her to an Endocrinologist which started her on 50 micrograms of synthroid dayper in January…… We haven’t seen any weight lose or hair re-growth and she is very discouraged…..Would the HCG Diet benefit her….?

  14. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Mika…Yes, if most likely would…read Dr. Simeons’ book before deciding what to do. And get medical help if she embarks on the HCG protocol.

  15. by Mandy


    Hey i am currently taking medications for hyperthyroid(tapazole), can I go on the HCG diet?


  16. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Many people have had great success on the HCG diet even when taking meds for hypothyroidism. I have not heard, however, of results when taking meds for hyperthyroidism.

  17. by Pamela


    I have been taking Synthroid 72 mcg for several years now. I started the HCG drops yesterday. Should I continue taking my Thyrod medicine every morning as usual or should I stop taking it while on the HCG diet drops?

  18. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It would not be appropriate for me to advise you on this. Never stop taking medication without your doctor’s advice.

  19. by Elle


    I have 3 hot nodules on my thyroid and I am borderline hyperthyroid but I am still in the normal range. I am not on meds, haven’t done RAI, but will be having a hemi-thyroidectomy in Feb. 2012. I am just wondering if it would be ok to do the hCG or if it can result in hyperthyroidism?

  20. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Elle:

    This is not a simple issue. HCG does not cause hyperthyroidism. Perhaps the following quote about the thyroid from Dr. Simeons’ original book, Pounds and Inches, will be helpful:

    The Thyroid Gland

    When it was discovered that the thyroid gland controls the rate at which body-fuel is consumed, it was thought that by administering thyroid gland to obese patients their abnormal fat deposits could be burned up more rapidly. This too proved to be entirely disappointing, because as we now know, these abnormal deposits take no part in the body’s energy-turnover – they are inaccessibly locked away. Thyroid medication merely forces the body to consume its normal fat reserves, which are already depleted in obese patients, and then to break down structurally essential fat without touching the abnormal deposits. In this way a patient may be brought to the brink of starvation in spite of having a hundred pounds of fat to spare. Thus any weight- loss brought about by thyroid medication is always at the expense of fat of which the body is in dire need.

    While the majority of obese patients have a perfectly normal thyroid gland and some even have an overactive thyroid, one also occasionally sees a case with a real thyroid deficiency. In such cases, treatment with thyroid brings about a small loss of weight, but this is not due to the loss of any abnormal fat. It is entirely the result of the elimination of a mucoid substance, called myxedema, which the body accumulates when there is a marked primary thyroid deficiency. Moreover, patients suffering only from a severe lack of thyroid hormone never become obese in the true sense. Possibly also the observation that normal persons – though not the obese – lose weight rapidly when their thyroid becomes overactive may have contributed to the false notion that thyroid deficiency and obesity are connected. Much misunderstanding about the supposed role of the thyroid gland in obesity is still met with, and it is now really high time that thyroid preparations be once and for all struck off the list of remedies for obesity. This is particularly so because giving thyroid gland to an obese patient whose thyroid is either normal or overactive, besides being useless, is decidedly dangerous.

    All the best,

  21. by Vanessa


    Hi, I am going to begin round 3 of hcg diet. I have lost 40.6 lbs in the first 2 rounds without taking thyroid meds. It was brought to my attention by my Dr that in my initial work up. My thyroid was down (underactive thyroid). I am to start taking a thyroid med. I did some research but everything is confusing on whether to take it or not take it. Will my weight loss slow down while I am taking the thyroid med? Some insight would be great.

  22. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Vanessa:

    I have no clear answer for you. Everything depends on how accurate your tests are and how your thyroid responds to excess weight (which it will do) and to subsequent weight loss.

    All the best,

  23. by SHAY



  24. by Deanie


    Hi Dr, I have no thyroid. I take 175 mls a day. Can this diet work for me? All My dr saYS IS aLLi, I hate it. Would chromium picolinate be something that would help to lose weight and gain energy? Just asking. Could it hurt me?

  25. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Dr. Simeons mentioned that some of his patients had overactive thyroid.

  26. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    HCG has worked fine for those with thyroid issues. Chromium picolinate can certainly help. B-12, too (for energy). You are right about Alli.

  27. by AG


    I was diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer in 2006, had surgery. In 2008 a 2nd surgery performed…either risdual tissue or new growth…very aggressive. Now on levoxyl since 2008 same dose. Can I do the HCG Diet

  28. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    AG…I know of no contraindication for you to do the protocol.

  29. by Vickie


    I was on the HCG and took the Simmeons advice and did not take my synthroid. I went to my doctor half way through the protocol and had my thyroid checked ” It was normal” I told her that I was on the HCG Diet and had not been taking my medication and she was in disbelief. I felt wonderful and I lost 2 lbs a day. I am not a doctor, but I think that there is something in the HCG that compensates for the thyroid. I had a friend that kept taking her thyroid and she did not lose as much as me. Hope this helps, you have to go by how you feel while on the HCG, because if I wasnt feeling good I would have opted to take my meds believe me.

  30. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Great input, Vickie. Thanks!

    All the best,

  31. by Greg


    After diagnosed with hypothyroidism at a very low .level I was prescribed Synthroid. It took time to finally get my levels normal at a very high dose of.224mcg I am feeling great other than I need to loose about 50 lbs. My question is it worth my time and effort to start the HCG protocol.

  32. by Kelly L. Higgins


    I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease. Since then I have gained 20 pounds.
    I am miserable. Started taking Methimazole a week ago.
    Can I take the HCG Shots and should I stop the Methimazole.

  33. by rashmi


    I am 23 yr old I m suffring from hypothorid from last one year
    And I am taken thyrox25mg tablet,after taken medicine it was
    Control accordance to thyorid report..but still I have face weight gain
    Problem continously .plz help out how can I loss my weight.the weight gain in
    More in lower portion.I m doing accercise but no result found my eight is 63 kg.plz help out…

  34. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Rashmi: Other people have had good success in spite of having hypothyroid issues. Your best bet is to work with a local naturopathic physician to figure out how you can get your metabolism going in the right direction.

    All the best,

  35. by Papillon


    Hi, I was diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma in January 2014, and since I had two surgeries. I’m on levoxyl 175 mcg since July 2014. Can I do the HCG Diet???
    I was 135 lb and now I’m 175 lb. I am really hurting from my 40 lb over weight and low thyroid hormone. Please, give me some hope.

    P.S. I saw these notes here;

    by AG: I was diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer in 2006, had surgery. In 2008 a 2nd surgery performed…either residual tissue or new growth…very aggressive. Now on levoxyl since 2008 same dose. Can I do the HCG Diet?

    by Dr. Dennis Clark: AG…I know of no contraindication for you to do the protocol.

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