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This topic may surprise you. Watch the video, which I posted on YouTube. Then read the full article below that.

Now for Some More Details

This is a 21st century update on what Dr. Simeons said about the HCG diet in 1954. The first item of importance is that cholesterol that is in circulation or in cell membranes where it belongs is important for good health.

Your body normally makes all the cholesterol that it needs and no more. However, when arterial walls become damaged, various components in the blood can get trapped in the damaged areas. Inflammation is the cause of this trapping effect, not high cholesterol. Dr. Simeons incorrectly blamed cholesterol for being the cause of arterial damage.

Plaque Buildup

When enough material (cholesterol, calcium, fibrin, etc.) builds up into a plaque, arteries become clogged. The excess calcium even leads to hardening of the arterial wall. Although modern medicine blames cholesterol on this clogging, that is far from the truth.

Indeed, clinical evidence is very clear that plaque is best eliminated by chelation therapy that removes calcium or by systemic enzymes that remove fibrin. Modern medicine has wrongly targeted cholesterol as the problem, even though it is just a bit player in a complicated mixture of many substances.

Putting Cholesterol on the Move Again with HCG

One of the consequences of high HCG production in pregnant women was long ago observed to be higher levels of free cholesterol in circulation. Free cholesterol, as opposed to bound LDL cholesterol, has much less chance of being trapped into plaque.

Even the miniscule doses of HCG that are administered for weight loss have the effect of increasing the proportion of free cholesterol. This just means that trapped cholesterol has a tendency to be loosened and reintroduced into circulation. This is a good thing.

Short Term and Long Term Effects of Releasing Trapped Cholesterol

The first thing that happens is that blood cholesterol levels shoot up. Depending on how much plaque has accumulated, this number can seem to be frighteningly high. Blood cholesterol spikes are highest in those who already have high levels of cholesterol or who have already been diagnosed with arterial hardening and blockage.

The effect over time of releasing trapped cholesterol into free form is a decrease in arterial blockages and a consequently freer circulation. The clinical indicator of this effect is lower blood pressure.

Even though Dr. Simeons admitted that a spike in cholesterol levels seemed scary at first, the net result a few months after the HCG diet was a normalization of cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

One Caution About Trapped Cholesterol

When plaque gets out of hand and leads to nearly complete arterial blockage, it has more than likely gone too far to benefit from the effects of HCG. Cholesterol-lowering drugs would also have very little effect on thick, calcium-filled plaque. (These drugs, in fact, only inhibit the synthesis of new cholesterol.) Other treatment modalities such as chelation therapy and systemic enzyme therapy would be more appropriate starting points.

All the best in natural health,

Dr. D

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  1. by Tanna Noble


    I just went to the doctor again after 6 months ago my cholestrol was high around 279 and she wanted me to change my diet and lose at least 10 lbs. I have lost 26 lbs on HCG…….went to the doctor to get my cholestrol rechecked (didn\\\’t tell her about HCG because I ordered it off the internet without doctor supervision and she is a very conservative doctor besides)……my test came back over 100 points higher and she immediately wrote me a prescription for a Statin. I decided to research if HCG had anything to do with this…….and found this site. Now I\\\’m confused as to what to do…..take the Statin, not talk it, confess to the doctor that I\\\’m currently on HCG injecting myself?
    Thanks for any input in advance.

    Tanna Noble

  2. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    First off, statins do absolutely nothing to improve anyone’s health. Research is very clear on that point. Doctors believe otherwise because that is what they are taught by Big Pharma. Arterial plaque is mostly made of calcium, not cholesterol. Do they advocate calcium-lowering drugs? The enemy is inflammation, not cholesterol. The cause is an inflammatory lifestyle and diet, not cholesterol. Furthermore, diet has very little impact on cholesterol. Clearing plaque will result in a spike in cholesterol because it is released into circulation. If you feel that you have to do something, then I suggest that you look into the benefits of systemic enzymes for cardiovascular health. HCG is beneficial in many ways. If your doctor is too ‘conservative’ to understand this, it is time for you to get a new doctor.

  3. by Debbie


    In dropping the weight, what is considered the norm or goal of the % percentage of fat vs. muscles tissue after water weight gain/loss is deducted? What do you see with the HCG?

    Your video says you lost 30 lbs. or 8% of your body weight. What percentage of the 30lbs was from fat?
    Do you think the weight watchers brand of bath scale that measures wieght, fat lbs, fat %, water lbs, bone density % and body index is accurate? Years ago I had a test done for body fat percentage and they dunked me in a vat of water and measured the displacement. Is that more accurate than the scales the measures the body fat from an electrical current?

  4. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Your goal is best related to your starting point. My weight loss was about 16 pounds of fat, out of the 30 total pounds. Any bath scale that measures body fat will do. The most accurate method is, as you have discovered, the submersion test. Impedance devices (such as your scale) can be 3-4% off and more dependent on what you have eaten and how much liquid you have consumed lately.

    Dr. D

  5. by Jane Rude


    I find this information on cholesterol interesting. Prior to starting HCG my cholesterol was 220. After 3 weeks on HCG, I had my cholesterol checked and it was 119! Is that even possible? It seems the opposite effect of what you described here. I lost 18 lbs in 18 days.

  6. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Jane: A reading of 119 is probably a fluke. Regarding the drop so soon, though, acc. to Dr. Simeons’ comments, a drop in cholesterol is to be expected as soon as cholesterol-bearing plaque gets cleared out. The clearing effect would cause a spike. So overall, the clearing-spike-drop relationship would depend on how much plaque you have to start with. Does that make sense to you?

    All the best,

  7. by Otis


    I was wondering about combining HCG and HGH. Any dangers or benefits?

  8. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    That is unknown territory. Why not in sequence, instead of simultaneously?

  9. by Anne


    I appreciate all the information you post. It is extremely helpful. Thank you! I understand what you are saying regarding the long term benefits. The stage that still scares me is while all this cholesterol is being freed up. Is there not a danger of arterial blockage while this is happening? I had my total cholesterol tested after 3 weeks on the homeopathic protocol and it was 381. Should I stop and take a break?

  10. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Anne:

    The fear of high cholesterol is just brainwashing by the drug industry. The main health issue is whether cholesterol is attracted to plaque that has already started. Cholesterol is not the cause, inflammation is. The better measures of your state of inflammation are homeocysteine levels and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels. These are not perfect indicators, either. Potential blockage can be measured, although this is really expensive type of testing. Keeping an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and diet, with the best anti-inflammatory supplements, is the best strategy. Oh, by the way, I take systemic enzyme supplements and fish oil to keep inflammation and plaque under control and I think everyone should do the same.

    All the best,

  11. by Katt


    Can you please tell me the best place to buy
    systemic enzyme supplements Also perhaps
    A list would be helpful. Thank you

  12. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Katt:

    I’d say that Dr. William Wong’s product is the best one based on research and development by one of the leaders in this field. He offers it at: http://www.zymessence.com/. You can also get a good systemic enzyme product at any nutrition store. Just make sure that the sales person who helps you knows something about the subject (meaning: large chain stores will probably not have a well-trained person to help you).

    All the best,

  13. by Silvana


    Hi, i just finish my firts round of HCG (my was green HCG homeopathic),i did take it for 40 days and i stoped only when i got my period wich whent on for 10 days but i did not change my protocoll i did 500 cal,i lost 32lb and i fill and look grait:) i read your link after that and i am a litle concerned when you point that the homeopathic it is not good ( no hcg) why?? i chose this because was homeopathic i trust them more Plus i live in Canada and was not easy to get HCG ,can you please explain ,i did get my friend on this too and they are doing very well.
    i am in the off stage and i am going for one more round of 21, days after i reset metabolism to high for 21 days.
    i got this info first 3 year ago from Kevin Trudeau book “the waight loss Cure” did my reserch but was very hard to get the HCG.i love to hear from you so i can get more info and share with my friends they are very stunned with my progress,
    thank you very much

  14. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The key to whether you have a product that induces your body to burn abnormal fat is a change in your body fat composition. Body weight is uninformative and even misleading. You can get a real HCG product through offshore pharmacies if you must. (I recommend one on my How to Get HCG page)

  15. by Liz Rawson


    Hi from Australia,
    I was on the Homoeopathic HCG weight loss stage for 5 weeks, and have almost finished the 3 week Phase 3. My homoeopath had said just casually that the diet might help my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I was due for a blood test to check my cholesterol levels from an earlier appointment with my doctor, and after reading as much as I could about the HCG diet I went to my doctor’s appointment prepared to explain to him why my cholesterol levels may have increased, armed with Dr Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches” book. It was just 3 days after finishing the Phase 2 weight loss stage. I was going to explain what I had been doing and suggest that I have another blood test in a month or so. He eyes nearly fell out of his head when he read my results on his computer screen. As well as losing 10.8 kgs my Total Cholesterol had dropped from 7.7 mmol/L (how it’s measured in Australia) to 3.4 mmol/L (as well as the Chol/HDL Ratio) and my Tricglycerides had dropped from 4.6 mmol/L to 1.3 mmol/L. Needless to say all within the normal range.
    I don’t mention it as much to the medical profession any more. One replied that I should have my blood tests done again as it must have been a mistake, and that “there isn’t anything in homoeopathic drops anyway so it can’t do anything”.
    I plan to have regular blood tests, maybe every 3 months after I finish Phase 3 as I am curious to see what happens, but for now am absolutely delighted (and relieved). One earlier doctor had urged “If I were you I wouldn’t go to bed tonight without starting on a statin drug”, and when I spoke of my reservations about the side effects and my quality of life on them, replied “come and talk to me about your quality of life after you’ve had your heart attack.”
    Every time I see an ad now for weight loss, I feel sad and just wonder how many people out there are struggling with their weight and health, following the ‘mainstream’ advice. I am so grateful to have found out about HCG.
    Liz. R.

  16. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks for the comment, Liz. It is pretty amazing how narrow-minded some doctors can be. Sounds as if yours wanted to put a medical hex on you!

  17. by Trish


    I am doing the injections with a Dr. Have lost 9.5 lbs in 5 days, so I am thrilled with that!!!! My question is about veggies. My Dr’s info does not list green beans but another list does. So, I am not sure if they are allowed or not. They have 1 gram of sugar in them. Who would think you could crave green beans!!! lol

  18. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    What a great craving! Unfortunately, beans/legumes of any kind offer too much carb content (starch/sugar) to be an approved food.

  19. by anush


    hi just bought the hcg drops but i have high colestrol(465) to so i am little scared to taked please gime me some advice

  20. by Dr. Dennis Clark

  21. by Renee


    I read all the information share in this page but still confuse. I am in th HCG Diet Program with doctor supervision but they dont know about if I should take my medications or not while I am in this program. Can you advise me if continue in my medications while in this program or take a medication break for cholesterol and high blood pressure
    Atorvastatin Calci 20 Mg (cholesterol)
    Lisinopril 20Mg (high blood pressure)
    Aspirin Low EC 81 Mg
    Ranitidini 150 Mg (Acid Reflex)

    Would appreciate your help

  22. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Renee…No, I do not dispense medical advice at all. It is better for you to get it from your doctor.

    All the best,

  23. by Lulu


    I’m almost done with my phase B or second week, but I have been stuck with the same weight since last week. It’s apsetting because I have been hungry but no weight weight loss whatsoever! Can someone write some progress!! I am sure I am following the diet right, but I don’t lose weight 🙁

  24. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lulu:

    Many variables can have an unwanted impact. I explored some of them with a little experiment on myself recently. Maybe some of the things I learned can give you some insight:


    All the best,

  25. by Johnny


    Hello, P2 on hcg drops and had to get bloodwork for a ins. Policy. Hdl came in at 80. ,ldl 120. Cholesterol reading came in at 219. Scarry considering I have always been in the mid 150’s. Is it normal to spike 70 points? Totaly freaked out. How long do I wait to get retested?

  26. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Johnny…

    You NEED cholesterol for so many things! Please don’t get caught up in the cholesterol con. Take a look at these two posts on my HerbScientist.com blog to see what is really important.


    All the best,

  27. by Johnny


    Thanks Doc. It is very sad to see big pharma taking advantage once again!

  28. by Luz


    I had never had problems with my cholesterol. I lost 14 lbs but when my blood work came back all my level when off the chart. My Doctor could not believe it after years of never having issues

  29. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Luz: Your doctor is completely misinformed about cholesterol. Most doctors are. Take a look instead at: Myths About Cholesterol – Bad Medicine You Must Avoid and FDA Ramps Up the Great Cholesterol Con. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised about what high cholesterol means (i.e., nothing)>

    All the best,

  30. by Beth


    Will injecting hcg cause CRP (C reactive protein) blood test to be higher? Previous test couple of years ago 1 now almost 5.

  31. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Beth…Injection hCG should not create an inflammatory load that raises CRP levels.

    All the best,

  32. by David Tran


    I can attest to the damage caused by statins. I was placed on statins by a doctor at KAISER in CA in my early twenties. After being on statins for a period of time. I developed depression, old disorder, muscle, tendon problems. I never figured out why I felt so unhealthy until I decided to stop statins. I still have some lingering issues when I stopped at 37 yrs old. But the acute problems have gone away.
    The Dr is right statins will make your health problems worse, it does nothing for you! Only line the pockets of drug companies.

  33. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks for the comment, David. Your experience is all too common. I am glad that you are on the road to recovery from poison by medicine.

    All the best,

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