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New Oral HCG Pills

Oral HCG has become a godsend for folks who object to the hassle of injections. It does have some difficulties, though. These are overcome by the new form of HCG as pills.

Sublingual HCG is easy to use if you count the drops exactly. If you do not do so, then the dosage will not be correct and the supply will run out too soon. This has been a common problem. Feeling exactly 5 drops is not easy for everyone. Counting out the drops in the mirror is the surest way to get the right number.

Many people also travel with their HCG drops. This causes a problem with keeping the supply cold so it won’t degrade too fast.

The good news is that a new pill form, which is actually a pellet, eliminates both of these problems. Each pellet contains exactly one dose for two doses per day. The dry form of the pellet requires no refrigeration, so it is easily stored on a counter top and it can be taken on trips without a cooler.

Where to Get Oral HCG Pills

They are not widely available yet, and I won’t have them for purchase here until I know there will be sufficient demand for them. This may be sooner than later. They do cost about a third more than the sublingual form, which is the only drawback. If enough visitors here ask for them or about how to get them (comment here), I will be glad to provide them to you.

By the way, just to be clear, the sublingual and pellet forms of HCG that I refer to are measured in IU, which indicates the concentration of the hormone (e.g., 30-day supply is 12000 IU). I say this so that you will not be confused by the commonly available oral HCG products that are homeopathic.

All the best,
Dr. D

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  1. by Deborah Peacock



    I have previously used the sublingual HCG. I travel weekly for work and had issues with keeping it cold enough to remain stable. I am very interested in purchasing the sublingual pills if you have them available. I have many people that I work with that are also interested in the pill form that I would be able to refer to you.

    Please let me know if/when you are able to offer the pill form.

    Thank you,

  2. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Deborah:

    Thanks for your interest. You are, at the moment, the total popular demand for the sublingual pellets. So I added them to the order button at
    http://besthcgweightloss.com/orderhcg.htm. I’ll send you an email in case you don’t notice my reply here soon.

    All the best,
    Dr. D

  3. by Geri


    Hi Dr. Clark…I’m very interested in the hcg pellets. What kind of shelf life do they have? I won’t be doing a 2nd round of Phase 2 for about 5 weeks. Should I wait to order them? Or will they keep til then? Just want to make sure I have them when I’m ready to start again.
    Thanks for everything!


  4. by Geri Caldwell


    Hi Dr Clark,
    Have many people used the new hcg pellets? Do they work as well as the oral drops? I guess I’m just a little nervous…
    Of all the sites I’ve come across while researching hcg, yours is the one that I refer people to. I’m just going to go ahead and order the hcg pellets. I’ll be doing P2R2 in about 5 weeks.
    I ordered your pain spray for my husband…he’s got bad bunions and when he takes his heavy boots off after work his feet are really hurting. The spray takes away the pain immediately. Any advise on bunion treatment? We recently heard about the tight-rope method. He doesn’t want to be laid up for 2 months and this method is supposed to have a shorter healing period. Meanwhile, the spray helps….Thanks!


  5. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Geri…thank you so much for your kind comments. I experimented with the pellets on myself, and did all kinds of things to violate the HCG diet guidelines. In spite of that, I dropped about a half pound per day (half as much as I did on the sublingual drops, when I really wanted to get rid of 25 lbs). Now we see others who are being just as successful on the pellets as expected on the drops. So I would endorse them without hesitation.

    Regarding your husband’s bunions, the best general strategy is to keep the inflammation down. That is the source of pain. Besides the spray that he is using (thanks again!), one of the best general anti-inflammatory supplements is simply a good fish oil. At least 5-6 grams per day, maybe more if results don’t come in within a couple of weeks. Fish oil is kind of miraculous, I think.

    All the best,

  6. by amish shah


    Hi Dr. Clark, I was wondering im currently taking the pellets 250 iu 2xperday and have a 30 day supply. Can I use the same dosage for a 42-43 day phase 2?

  7. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you can do so without any problem. This is the standard limit (43 days) for any form of HCG.

    All the best,

  8. by shida


    Dr. Clark- I have just found your website. My daughter is 17 years old and doing the Hcg diet by injections, the diet has not been successful for her. She has barely lost any weight although she has been following the protocal very carefully. Do you have any suggestions for us? We live in northern Ca. (Palo Alto)can you help us. She is on day 26 out of 40 day. There are days she is only losing .2 . It has been very hard process, she was hungry at the begining and very very low energy. please please help us

  9. by Kristina


    I am curious about how you “violated” the protocol and whether any of your other patients have made changes successfully. I did one round as written, but with only a few pounds more to lose, I decided to tweak my second round of P2 to make it more bearable for me. Nothing radical. Mixing vegetables, adding green peppers, broccoli, eggplant and a few carrot slivers to the vegetable choices, and adding low-carb protein shakes, non-fat Greek yogurt, organic turkey and vegetarian Quorn cutlets to the protein choices. Also substituting one low-carb/high protein tortilla wrap for the two melba or grissini, giving me more protein and fiber for the same calories. I’m also eating 600 – 650 cals per day, which allows me to work out at the same intensity as before the VLCD (which I couldn’t the first time) So far I’m down 5lbs in 5 days, which is actually a bigger loss than my first round.

  10. by Carol


    Hi, Dr. Clark,
    I am very interested in your pellets. Like Geri above, I am curious about their shelf life, though. If they are good for quite awhile, it would be great to just have them on hand in case I need to hop back on Phase 2 once I am at my goal weight, which will be soon. Thanks for a wonderful web site. I just found it today and I have been using hCG since January. I wish I had known about you before, but I’m glad I do now!

  11. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Pellets are good for 60-90 days, depending on how cool you keep them. Since we are still dealing with HCG, as a protein it will degrade faster if kept warm. Room temperature for 30 days is just fine. If you have to store them for a while, then keep them refrigerated.


  12. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    That is the way to be a scientist for you own body! I did much like you did, mostly mixing vegetables and having ground beef (93 percent lean) sometimes twice per day. It worked for me, although not for everyone. Once you are sensitive to changes, you can see right away what will work. Nice going!


  13. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is impossible to point to one cause. It could be something as simple as cosmetics, soap, or even supplements. If she is following the protocol carefully, then more than likely some outside influence is undermining her progress. As for energy, don’t hesitate to load up on B-12, even 5000 micrograms several times per day. If necessary, get a B-12 shot once a week. Hunger and low energy means that she is not getting the make-up calories from her own fat, and the 500 calories per day is just about all she is metabolizing. This is a starvation diet. She has to get her own fat mobilized to thrive on the protocol. The best indicator is at least one-half pound per day. Less than that is too low. Look at everything that she is doing to see what is amiss. Dr. Simeons told the story that one of his patients had lots of trouble until they discovered that the lubricant for his glass eye was too oily. Seemingly minor stuff can do this. The biggest stopper of all is usually infrequent bowel movements or even constipation. Daily or more frequent bowel movements are important for weight loss success. Take psyllium fiber if necessary.


  14. by christina


    hi i just started taking hgc pellet form and was wondering if i am to take them 2 times a day morning and night and should i swallow them or leave under my tongue to disolve? cheers

  15. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Christina: Definitely take 2 per day (the pkg has 60 pellets for 30 days), and let them dissolve under your tongue.

    All the best,

  16. by Cathy


    Was wondering if the pellets are sublingual and if they are, how can we buy them without a prescription? Thanks, Cathy

  17. by Viva


    I have really bad insomnia and occasionally a glass of wine will help me get 2-3 hrs of sleep. Haven’t slept in 3 days, I work out regularly and on HCG. Is it ok to forfeit a meal for a glass of wine. I don’t take the B-12 shots due to my insomnia. Sleep is gravely needed. Lost 10lbs in 11 days with the pellets.

  18. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You can either submit a copy of your prescription, or you can submit a health profile to apply for one through our Where to Order HCG page. See the details there.


  19. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Viva: Alcohol will only create the illusion of good sleep. Although it relaxes you, it interferes with proper brainwave patterns for good sleep. Better to consider 5-HTP, valerian, kava-kava, mulungu, melatonin, or just ordinary magnesium, as better ways to relax. None of these interferes with sleep. You are right, though, that sleep is crucial for good health and even weight loss.

    All the best,

  20. by Matt


    I have a question? RE: Switching from Homeopathic HCG “Drops” (sublingual) to the “Real” HCG hormone sublingual tablets. I am in day 23 of my first HCG Protocol and am happy with the results–I have lost 18 lbs and plan to go the entire 43 day (including 3 days loading). Here is my dilema: I have always been concerned about there being NO HCG hormone in the drops so I am switching to prescription tablets. How should I do this? Start over—continue on as if it is just another day—-stop for awhile and then start—OR???

    Please advise


  21. by Evelyn Keiling


    I live in AZ, where the afternoon temperature is 105+ degrees. I check my mailbox daily – but it is located in the sun. Will these extreme temperatures interfere with the potency of the HCG pellets? I am embarrassed to say that I’ve just completed 40 days of the “homepathic HCG” combined with following the HCG diet of 500 calories/day religiously and continuing with my workouts at the gym with my trainer. Sure I’ve lost 35 pounds in the past 43 days, but I know realize that what I was taking wasn’t true HCG. So, I am now weighing whether to do the sublingual drops or the latest and greatest pellets (preferred, just expensive). My goal is another 60 pounds (max, considering I’m very strong and active in the gym). Your thoughts? And, please tell me that the AZ heat will not hurt the pellets.

  22. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, heat will cause the HCG pellets to degrade faster. Your best strategy might be make sure that you can accept the delivery when it arrives, then take it inside. The dry powder, for mixing into sublingual drops, is more stable. If your order has to sit in high temperature for a while, then this might be the best form for you.

    Whatever has worked for you already is probably what would work again. Just keep track of body fat composition as well as weight.

    All the best,

  23. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Matt: You are in uncharted territory if you are going to switch. I would recommend that you not switch in the middle of a protocol. However, if you are using homeopathic HCG, you should be able to avoid developing any resistance to it. This means that you could use pellets or sublingual HCG without a waiting period (usually 6-8 weeks) in between series. I hope that helps!

    All the best,

  24. by Curious


    If someone wasn’t taking true HCG, on a 500 calorie a day diet and still lost 35 lbs in 43 days.. how can this be any more than a placebo?

  25. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Disregard the term placebo here, since it does not apply. What you describe is a treatment that consists of a 500 calorie per day diet. That alone is sufficient to lead to fast weight loss. Weight loss in this case would include muscle, fat, and water weight. How much loss would differ from one person to another. The only certainty is that it would not entail a hormone-directed fat loss.

    All the best,

  26. by Elizabeth


    My question is similar to the person from AZ. I ordered the HCG pellets but did not realize I was supposed to be home to receive the delivery and then get them into the refrigerator. It has been really hot where I live (90-100 degrees plus humidity), and when I got home, the pellets were not cool at all. The ice pack inside had melted completely. What do I do??? Do I have to purchase them all over again? I wish I had known because I could have had them shipped to my work address.

  27. by Karen


    I am curious as to the pellets, if medication has to pass via the stomach and most medicaiton can be destroyed in the stomach, and we already know oral hCG can be destroyed and rendered usless in the stomach thus holding under the tonge for as long as possible, WHY is the pellet not destroyed? What is the mechanism of action? Where is it broken down at, liver, stomach, etc.? Is it time released? When is the theraputic level reached? What is the 1/2 life of the pellet?

    Yes I’m very very skeptical of a pill/pellet of hCG.

    You tested it on you? Your picture doesn’t show your overweight so I’m wondering about this 1/2 pound loss and violation of hCG protocol.

    Looking foreward to your reply.

  28. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Karen:

    Ah, nothing like healthy skepticism! It keeps everyone on their toes. In answer to your main question, pellets are allowed to dissolve under the tongue. HCG does not reach the stomach. My violations (such a harsh word!) involved eating more than 500 calories per day, mostly by having 125-140 grams of meat instead of 100. It was interesting for me to discover that I had that much control over my weight change, kind of like having a weight dial that I could turn up or down at will.

    All the best,

  29. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Elizabeth:

    The pellets are somewhat stable for a short period when warm. It is hard to say how much, if any, effectiveness yours lost. The only way for you to tell for sure is to use them and see what happens. It they do not work properly, you will not lose body fat and you will be very hungry on the 500 calorie diet. We get the pellets all the time in AZ, and they always arrive after the ice pack has already melted (even with overnight delivery). So far this has not created a problem, so I expect that your pellets are just fine.

    All the best,

  30. by Tyear McCrary


    When will they be available? And what is the cost?

  31. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    See link on site to Where to Buy HCG.

  32. by pat


    hello so is there a price difference as far as using pill form vs injectable form of hcg?. Also if one wants to lose 10% body fat and around 25lbs of fat what would be the routine? the 23 day or the 43 day? say if you lose 25 lbs and youve reached your goal if you keep taking hcg will it make you look more anorexic and start to eat away other fat in the body?. The reason i ask is i dont want to purchase a 43 day plan and half way through im already done losing the weight same goes for 23 days if i use that and that ends up not being good enough am i stuck until i purchase a supply. Im just weighing my options on what route to go.

  33. by Julie LaLama


    I had been on the “Pill” and lost. I have managed to keep it off, but still have 10 pounds to go. I have search for the pill form because it is more effective than the drops and less painful than shots! I havent been able to find them. I would to see you offer them to all! I have friends that would be interested as well!
    Looking forward to it!
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  34. by Lou Ann Kline


    Dr. Dennis Clark, do we have any or many taste buds under your tongue. I need to know if I start this plan will I still keep taking my blood pressure meds, zocor and Neurontin Furrous Sulf and prilosec. I’m affraid to stop them and also my herbals that are for my heart. I,m in very poor health as far as my back goes so I really need to get this weight off. Really Really bad. I also don’t think I could do the injections so the pellets sound best for me.
    In serious need of help
    Lou Ann

  35. by Lou Ann Kline


    Dr. Clark Is there many where both husband and wife start the diet together and would you recommend it to us with both of us in our early 60’s? My husband and I are over 70#”s over weight and I’m 4’10”. We both have high blood pressure and he is diabetic. My scoliosious and arthristis is getting hard to manage and causing pains and numbness in both of my legs and going down to my feet. Please let me know if this is good for us.
    Your our last hope
    Lou Ann

  36. by jane carney


    Very interested in the pellets. Have done 2 rounds of subling. liquid and lost 35 lbs. soon to start r. 3 and would love to try the pellets.

  37. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    This is most likely the best thing that you can do for your health, especially considering your and your husband’s too-early deterioration of health. Seventy pounds extra is a tremendous blow to your health and almost nothing you do will be right physically until you shed them.

  38. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Typically folks stay on all meds during the protocol. The need for some decreases (e.g., blood pressure, cholesterol), which is a tremendous bonus side effect of the protocol. Just get started!

  39. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Just follow the link on where to buy HCG at this blog.

  40. by andrea


    Dr Clark. I love the idea of a sublingual pill.It about time. I am a young 50 yr old female. I have had huge success on the hcg diet before [with a synthetic… go figure.] I have found out that I have low thyroid. Actually have had it for years and did not know.I want to lose the pounds before I take thyroid meds and get hormones in balance etc.
    Question: Will the hcg work for someone with a low thyroid,Particularly your pills? Also how long in the time from ordering to recieveing it here at my home does it take?
    By the way,Thank you for a knowlegeable and extremely positive website.

  41. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Andrea: Thanks for you comments. As we discussed over the phone, you just have to keep in close touch with your doctor to be sure that your meds are the right dose. Demand for thyroid meds can vary daily. Otherwise, you now know that lots of folks have been successful on the HCG protocol in spite of their thyroid issues.

    All the best,

  42. by kimmy


    Hi all
    Just to let everyone know that the sublingual pellet definitely works just as good as the injections. I currrently get my sub. pills from a Weight Loss clinic in San Antonio,TX. Previously I was taking the injections and they were a pain (self-injections). I was instructed to take 1 pill a day. In my opinion I think they work better. I would go hours and hours without hunger pangs.

  43. by kimmy


    Oh by the way they cost $240 for a bottle of 30 pills

  44. by Lorriann


    A friend of mine is taking the pills and she said they work great. I’m very interested

  45. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Good idea.

  46. by AKgal


    I was wondering if you have to stick with 500 calories for 3 days at the end of phase 2 when using the pill. This is required with the injections. Apparently it takes 3 days to get the HCG out of your system after the last injection. Is this true with the pill form also?

  47. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, it is the same 3-day washout period for HCG pills.

  48. by AKgal


    Do I have to complete the 40 pill cycle if I have met my goal? Can I end 3 days early and continue 3 days of 500 calories with no pills?
    Thanks again.

  49. by Gayle


    Hello Dr. Clark,
    My medication arrived today- quickly, I’m happy to say,
    but there was no labeling at all on the containers.It
    was just that I remembered your having said on your website
    that when it’s “real” it will have the label with milligrams per unit dose. There was a little flyer in the package that
    said “HCG Pellets”, take one twice per day, but nothing
    about whether each pellet is 62.5mgs or not. I guess it’s
    partly because I’m an RN that I like to know- even if it’s
    just a vitamin.
    I am also wondering if there are specified times of the day
    for taking the medication- or times when it would be contraindicated, for instance at bedtime?
    Thank you!

  50. by Pam Taylor


    I bet this has been brought up before… I’ve been told by a friend that she has ovarian cancer and her doctor told her they believe that it is linked to fertility treatment she received for her first child. The fertility treatment was not HCG. Do you know of any known connections between HCG or other fertility treatment and ovarian cancer. I know the dosage for getting pregnant and the diet are completely different but just curious what is known about this.
    Thanks for your wonderful website.

  51. by Pam


    I did read your section on HCG and Cancer. That helped me some. Even among the doctors in the community tho there is alot of different opinions and it is enough to scare you silly…

  52. by samantha


    i want to knw mre about them

  53. by Michele m


    I have been using the tablet form with much success, however the physician I was seeing has abandoned the weight loss program due to becoming increasingly busy with medical patients. I would love to continue & be able to purchase them online somewhere. Also provided through the program I was given a super b injection weekly, which I really liked & found to be helpful. O hope you will have this product available soon!!!

  54. by rosa


    I have done the injections HCG, now I will start the pellets end of this month. They said 4 pellets 3 times a day, they do not say how long before each meal, I only eat 2 meals a day, do I take the first 4 pellets first thing in the am before I go to work.
    I did very well with the injection, I heard good reports with the pellets and I wanted to try them,

  55. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Which pellets? I know of no product that directs you to take it 4 of them 3 times a day.

  56. by Pam


    I have used the opti-lean and it worked great. Moved to Mass and can’t find a doctor locally. Would love to find out where to get the HCG.

    THank you

  57. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, this can be a challenge. Look for a local weight loss clinic and ask for their input.


  58. by Audrey MacLean


    I am very interested in the pellets. Do you deliver to Australia? I have used Hhcg and did manage to loose 10Kg in 50 days. That seemed to be quite a slow loss. I only have a few more kilos to go. when I am following the meal protocol – I tend to eat mostly chicken and shrimp and cucumbers and Tomatoes and apples. Would this be the reason for the slow losses? Do you need to alternate foods at meals?? I am so sorry that I didn’t find this site long ago! Thanks

  59. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Audrey:

    Sorry to say that we do not ship internationally. Too many regulations and extra costs. I would comment that your rate of weight loss is typical for women. I think it has to do more with body composition (less lean muscle) and estrogen/testosterone balance (less testosterone) compared with men. So keep up the good work! And thank you so much for your kinds words.

    All the best,

  60. by Michael Bush


    I have just completed the 20 day HGC program taking the pills (500IU)once a day. I lost 18 pounds in those twenty days. I am currently on the maintenance program, but would like to purchase more of the HCG pills as to drop a few more pounds. I would be interested in purchasing the pills if you get them. Thanks.

  61. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Michael…Great work on yourself! About the pills, check out our link to Where to Buy HCG. Be sure to wait the required 6 weeks (i.e., 3 weeks after your maintenance program) before you start another round of HCG.

    All the best,

  62. by Lori


    In the next week, I’m going to be switching from the sublingial sythetic drops to real HCG in injectable format. How do I handle the fat loading days? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  63. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Just follow the original protocol.

  64. by Michael Bush


    Thank you Dennis. I will check out the link.

  65. by Kristen


    Hi! I’m new to HCG, and brand new to this site. Here’s my question — I went through a dr to get my pellets. I rocked on the weight loss in week 1, although truth be told, I was just over my TOM and I usually drop 5 lbs of water weight after, so not sure to count that or not.

    The next week, weight loss was cut in half and I was STARVING. Doc said to increase protein to 4 oz instead of 3.5, so I did.

    This week I’m still STARVING, gained a lb (had a bowl of cereal – cheat, but that was my first cheat), and have not lost any.

    I checked the HCG concentration and it looks like he gave me 250IU, but advised to take once a day, while this site advises 500IU a day (one 250IU pellet twice a day).

    Am I being scammed by this dr? I’m starving, and so mean because of it my friends want me off this diet. I am persisting because I’m deperate to lose weight. Can you help?

  66. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kristen:

    It is hard, and inappropriate, to diagnose what is happening with you from your comments. However, it sounds as though you are doing everything right. Some people get hungrier due to incomplete eating on the first two days or when the hormone does not work at all. If you are working with a doctor, he/she can prescribe an appetite suppressant to help out. You can also pig out on all the lettuce, spinach, and celery that you can eat, with any calorie-free dressing you can find (such as Italian dressing mix, using only water for mixing). THAT helps a lot of people. Keep up the good work! No more cereal! Oh, and a vial of 60 pellets is meant to last 30 days, so that would mean 2 per day.

    All the best,

  67. by Pam


    Dr. Clark I found this review of the HCG diet using pellets and wondered what your thoughts are on it. It basically says that HCG pellets do not work. Here is the link, please let me know your thoughts.


  68. by Lisa Koester


    I received my pellets in a matter of days and am excited to begin on Jan. 1 after successful weight loss on R1 doing the injections.
    I too am wondering about question #49 posted by Gayle. Also,hould we take one in the AM and one in the afternoon? Also, are there any instructions regarding eating or drinking before or after taking the pellets?

  69. by Anita


    Hi, I’m looking for Hcg pill form.Does anyone know where i can order this from.I’m just not a shot person.Please email me if you know where i can order this.

  70. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lisa…Yes, two per day, mornning and afternoon or evening. Good luck with the protocol in 2011!

  71. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Anita…just follow the Where to Order HCG button on this site.

  72. by Claudia


    please let me know when the pills will be available. Im over weight 40 pounds i do want to loss this weight.tank you for your time

  73. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Claudia…just look for the ordering link on this blog…Cheers, Dennis

  74. by richard


    I,m going to start the program very soon and just got the pellets today,when is a good time to take the frist pellet since I start work at 6:am and when do I take the second pellet that day………Thanks Dick

  75. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dick…Great question. The general idea is just to take them as close to 12 hours apart as you can. Anything close to that establishes a consistent pattern, which simple acts to help you remember when to take them. I still got the right results when I spaced my doses a few hours off that pattern, though.

    All the best,

  76. by diane k.


    i would LOVE to have real HCG pills! im hypothyroid&have pcos with an allergy to kelp so no homeo pills for me.

  77. by Barbara Amick


    Please let me know when you can get the oral hcg meds. I tried the shots and had a hard time. Thank you.

  78. by Christine


    Hi – I just found your site. I was walking with a friend this morn and she put me in charge of researching the pellets and your site came after just 2 pages of searching. She did the Dr. injections and I did the homeopathic drops. This is R2 for me and my new drops are not working well. I would like more information on the pellets with the hope of purchasing them.

  79. by Delores


    Dr. Clark, I have been using the hhcg and am truly interested in using real hcg. I looked at the links you supplied for buying the hcg and don’t understand how to determine what to purchase. I would like to do a 43 day program of the sublingual drops and am confused about how much I need to order. I think I need 10000 IUs, but am confused about the ordering info including ampules instead of IUs. If I pull up the 5000 IU info, on several of the links, I then find descriptions such as 1 ampule, 3 ampules, etc. behind the choices in the drop downs. Can you help me with how to order enough for a 43 day round? Also, for mixing is the mixing the same for sublingual drops as it is for the injections?

  80. by Delores


    Oh, and one more question, what is the dosing for the drops?

  81. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Not much to say. They are pellets that contain HCG and are designed to be taken twice per day.

  82. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Our products list does not mention ampoules, nor do we have 10000 or 5000 IU doses. What products are you talking about?

  83. by lilmisshasha


    Hello Dr. Clark,
    I am one of the ones that used homeopathic HCG as well and it worked but it seems the results did not last, yes and it is alot of my fault because I went back to old eating habits and regained the weight. I used homeopathic and now about to begin another round on the real HCG pellets and doing it right this time and no weight regain since I know what my mistakes were. I am also in a different environment now so those things that tempted me so much are not there anymore. How long of a wait time should there be in between taking the homeopathic and then taking the real hcg pellets? Is there a chance I could be immune to the HCG even if I was only taking the homeopathic? If so how would I know?
    Any and all comments you have on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks…hoping to lose weight…again!

  84. by wanda


    Ihave been on hcg drops for 19 days and have only lost 9 pounds . And now im hurting in the lower part of my back .I was wondering if that was normal

  85. by Laurens Maas


    Hi Dr Clark
    I was wondering if you can help me ?
    I run a weight loss program at my clinic in Barbados.
    I am about to do the IAPAM HCG training for physicians in Scottsdale AZ on Ap 15.
    I am interested in the pellets as it is super convenient and effective as injections, especially if patients can’t come to the clinic.

    I would like to order wholesale. How can I purchase them?
    Thanks for helping and yes you have a great website. Very informative !!


    Laurens Maas B.Sc. Ost, Di.HOM. G.Os.C. & FBIH (UK)
    Registered Osteopath and Homeopath

  86. by Julie


    Hi – I just found your website. My immediate concern is that I’ve been on the protocol with the sublinqual drops for 23 days and was planning to end here as I’m at my goal weight. This, btw, is my 2nd time using this protocol – I did so a year ago for the same length of time with amazing results. Now, however, I find that I have a good deal of fat around my belly still, and my pants do not fit as they did. Two weeks ago, I left my drops in the car one morning and they became warm in the So. Calif. temp. Not boiling, just warm. I’m wondering if that has degraded the efficacy of the drops, as I’m always weak and hungry as well as still needing the fat to go. Your advice would be welcome, thank you!

  87. by Cyndi


    If the recommended length of time for Phase 2 is 43 days, why is this product sold in a 30-day supply instead of a 43-day (or even 45-day) supply?

  88. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cyndi…thanks for your input – we now have a 45-day supply

  89. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Julie…yes, HCG in liquid form degrades very fast when it gets warm…hunger is one of the typical symptoms for when the hormone is not working.

  90. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Laurens…sorry I missed your question before you came to my area…if you are working with doctors, you should be able to order it using their medical licenses. I am not sure how easy this might be for a non-U.S. clinic, though.

  91. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Wanda…I couldn’t say regarding your back, since so many variables are in play here. You would do best to have an in-person medical exam with your doctor.

  92. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I am not sure how long the between-protocols wait period should be when going from homeopathic to real HCG. If you are super hungry on HCG, then you may have resistance to it. Whether people develop resistance to HCG when it is homeopathic is unknown.

  93. by lilmisshasha


    Hello Dr Clark me again…I just received the pellets in the mail that i ordered and cannot wait to start them to get this 30 lbs off! I have some questions about some good supplements to use while I am doing the protocol. I have read so many blogs and posts that I am confused..Do you suggest a thyroid tablet/regulator? What supplements do you suggest?

  94. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The most important supplements for enhancing the protocol would include: chromium picolinate (1500-2000 micrograms per day), a B-12 to be taken whenever you feel the need for more energy (2500-5000 micrograms at a time), a metabolic booster that contains greet tea extract (plus banaba if you can find it), and a strong probiotic. These are fairly easy to find. However, I also offer them as package here in case you don’t find such supplements at your local nutrition store: HCG Diet Supplement Package.

  95. by lilmisshasha


    Hello Dr. Clark
    I am thankful to have this blog and it be open to any and all questions. Is there a specific way to really go into phase 4 of the protocol? I mean it states that you can eat carbs/starch but with my past experiences going into that phase sometimes I was not able to be in the position of doing a steak day and I am not sure that I stabalized well even though I did not gain any weight during the stabalization phase 3. What do you suggest to remedy this from happening again? Youare not suppose to gain any weight in phase 4 if you stabalized correctly, right? Your thoughts?

  96. by JKM


    Which has the best results — injections, your oral pills (are these the pellets?), or drops?


  97. by Bailey


    I’m currently using the sq drops but just received the sq pellets and read something above about going from drops to pellets.
    Did I understand that after phase III I don’t need to wait? That I can go straight to the pellets? In other words, do phase III for a couple of wks (if I don’t lose what I’d like in round I) and then go to the pellets and my will not have built up the resistance to hcg?

  98. by Carmela


    I am wondering if these are available for purchase and if so if you can send more information. Thank you.

  99. by Jen


    Wish i wasnt so confused about all of this…i have the pills…am a little hesitant to starting the diet with all this confusion!! AHHHHH!! Im going to get the food now!! Also is there a good substitute to lotion that i could use…i need some lotion!

  100. by Caren


    Good afternoon Dr. Clark,

    I just started using HCG pills.
    I was wondering if you can answer a few questions for me.
    Can i have a Activia Dairy Drink? it’s like a yogurt only in a drink form.
    Also, when taking it do i swallow it or do I put it underneath my tongue?
    I really hope it works for because I have tried everything and looking at reviews that are so positive makes me believe in this diet and that it will help.

    Thanks in advance!

  101. by Lentanya


    hi dr clark, i would like to take the hcg Pellets but will it be safe as i have pcos and is diabetic,and where would i get it from

  102. by Kristen


    Hi Dr. Clark,

    I’ve ordered several supplies, and had great success, so THANK YOU!

    My question is — I took a break from the diet for a couple of months (2) and neglected to refrigerate the last container of pellets. Are they still good? I hope, I hope…?


  103. by Paul


    Hi Dr Clark

    I have been researching the HCG diet and because of the fact that it is BANNED in the UK, I tried the LDD drops and found them to be useless. My wife and I did it together and followed the Dr Simeons protocol, but we were starving and the losses were minimal. So I am looking for HCG to the UK, but I am not keen on injections. Do you know if any of the sublingual drops actually work?

    Many thanks


  104. by Heather


    I received my pellets. Two questions for you. 1. Is there a specific time I should wait to take the pellet before or after eating and drinking. 2. The pellet seems to dissolve quickly and I worry that it is washing away with all the saliva I make

    Thanks for your advise.

  105. by Kellye rominger


    Hi Dr. Clarke,
    i have started on your pellets and am on day 5 of the very low calorie diet days. when I weighed myself this am I was the same as yesterday. I am following the original protocol exactly and am taking the pills exactly 12 hours apart. i am noticing that i become much hungrier right after i take a pellet and am wondering if the dosage is too high for me and if so how i should go about decreasing or adjusting the dosage to better suit my body with the pellets. I am unable to find any information on your blogs or website in relation to this question pertaining to the pellets! thank you so much! Kellye

  106. by Gabrielle Union


    Okay so I have a question. I saw these posts and decided to try to take my HCG in Pill Form (aka Pellets) under my tongue. (It is the HCG Activator grom GNC.) i was excited because i thought they were dissolving. But after 25 minutes there was just a big mush under my tongue that I didnt know what to do with. and nasty saliva was escaping that I wasnt sure if i was allowed to swallow. Am i doing somthing wrong?

  107. by Stefanie


    Hi, I’m sorry to ask about liquid HCG on your site clearly advertizing the pellets, however, I can’t find anyone to respond to me about my question. I left my liquid HCG in the car during work by accident. I am wondering if they are any ‘good’ now since I reside in Florida with a heat index well over 100 right now. I just bought the bottle for $75 and would be heartbroken if they are since money isn’t lucrative around my way. Thank you in advance for your response. =)-Stefanie

  108. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    When using real HCG, you must wait for 6 weeks between protocols.

  109. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Glad you are taking action. See the HCG Skincare ad on my main blog page.

  110. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    No dairy during the protocol. Dissolve pellets under the tongue. Good luck!

  111. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The pellets degrade without refrigeration. Our supplier says that 60 days at room temp is too long for them to be any good.

  112. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Paul:

    Yes, sublingual drops of real HCG work great. A feeling of starving is typical when HCG is not working (e.g., in homeopathic preparations that have no HCG). Can you get HCG from an offshore pharmacy over the internet?

    All the best,

  113. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Just take the pellets a few minutes before and after eating or drinking anything else.

  114. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    No need to adjust dosages at all. If you reach a weight loss plateau, have an apple day to get going again.

  115. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I don’t know anything about the GNC product.

  116. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    HCG in liquid form degrades rapidly when not refrigerated. The good news is that, if you paid only $75 for a product, then it probably didn’t contain any HCG in the first place.

  117. by Amanda


    Has anyone used hcg 3000 you can find them at hcg3000.com I was also wondering if there was a way i can find out if they are real hcg or not?

  118. by Felipa


    I just started looking into the HCG product which I must admit has caught my eyes. However being a full time student and part-time work as well as a mom. I am not going to be able to do any of my own homework. Dr. would love to say get the pill I will take an order now, but the price is higher and I am not sure what the prioe is on the other forms of the real HCG. Never the less I am intreasted and my not be able to buy it at this point in time but after finishing up with school I sure will. With that being said I sure do hope you have them available to sale then. I will be reviewing you report that should be in my e-mail after my childs B-day party this weekend I am very excited and look forward to it. Well Doc you have a great weekend.

  119. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks, Felipa. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  120. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I suggest you visit their site. This product is clearly a homeopathic formula.

  121. by ana


    Today, the first day I took with water the sublingual pellet by mistake. What to do?

  122. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Just start again.

  123. by Bonnie


    Hi Dr. Clark- I would love to and am anxiously waiting to be able to purchase the oral pellets. Am I able to get the prescription strength through you? Please let me know when these are going to be available. I need to start a new cycle in November 2011. Thanks so much for filling a need that so many of us “fatties” are looking for.

  124. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sure, Bonnie…just click on the ‘Where to Buy HCG’ on my homepage and follow the links.

  125. by vanessa


    I’m very interested in the pill form. Its hard for me to take the drops when I’m at work or in the road. If you could pleade email me with the information for the I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  126. by Ross


    Hi Dr, I need to lose more weight. I did the 23 days pellets, and I lost 18 pounds, so I did it again, and in 13 days I just lost 4 pounds. I am very frustated because I am doing exactly what I have to do. Can you please help me?

  127. by Ross


    I forgot to tell I took the 250 IU pellets, is that enough?
    Thank you again

  128. by Ross


    Hi Dr., I started taking the pellets 23 days and I lost 18 puondas. I started again after 6 weeks, today is my 14th day and I just lost 4 pounds. Is this normal? I am taking 250iu. Any radvice or recomendatiod? I will appreciate if you can help me.

  129. by Dr. Dennis Clark



    Follow the link on my site. All the information you are looking for is already there.

    All the best,

  130. by Dr. Dennis Clark



    You progress is too slow. You may have fluid retention, which can be addressed by an apple day. See how that works and get back to me.

    All the best,

  131. by Monica Jackson


    I just got my first 30 day supply of the HCG pills. I was told to take two in the morning and two at night before bed. I have been doing that for three days now. The problem for me is , they say it suppose to curve you hunger. That has not happened for me. What am I doing wrong. My urge for wanting sweets is still there and even when I ate dinner, I found it odd that when I took the pills, I wanted seconds. IS THIS A JOKE? Did I waste my money. I wanted to see dramatic results like everyone else. I drink water, eat healthy salads and I even walk. The pills have done nothing. DO the results need longer than three days to work?

  132. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Ross…Yes, that should do it.


  133. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Monica:

    The “I was told” is interesting. Who told you? This is obviously not advice that I endorse, and it sounds like a product that I don’t endorse, either. The key is to know how many IU (International Units) of HCG you are taking per day. I suspect that you have no real HCG at all, which might explain why you are so hungry. This is typical for non-HCG products that are sold as HCG.

    All the best,

  134. by Sandie


    I am very very interested in taking the pills. I have a hard time with the drops at work.



  135. by Michele


    This is my second day of this and I have not felt any different nor have I lost weight I am taking the pills from GNC and SO Far they are not working I am following it to a t and all i drink is water SOO i am not a happy customer.

  136. by Phil Hudson


    I found this looking for alternatives to hCG drops. If the pills work, I would love to try them. I have been buying my oral hCG from http://www.myhcgultradiet.com/sublingual-hcg-60day-cycle and they work great, but it is hard to have a bottle of it in the fridge at work. There is a lot of stigma behind the diet, so It’s not something I like talking about.

    Please let me know when these Pellets are available!


  137. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Pills from GNC? This does not inspire confidence.

  138. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Pellets have been available for more than a year. Just follow the links on where to get HCG. The oral HCG that you mention looks like a homeopathic product to me.

  139. by Reem


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    I’ve been doing the HCG Injections and living on a 750 Calorie diet also I was told to inject myself in the stomach muscle. My weight is currently 15.5lb I’m 5’0ft age 25, FAT% 25.0, FAT MASS% 29.01, BMI 22.6 I’ve been fallowing the diet but I had some days where did cheat a little not much only on my Birthday. I keep going up and down one day in 112 another day 114lb also I keep getting headaches and feel like I have no emery. I have 9 more injections left should continue them of should I start on the HCG Pellets. I see no difference and I feel horrible. I want to lose only 10lb. Also is it true that when you’re doing the HCG you can’t wear makeup? What should I do Dr. Clark I would like to be 105 again.

  140. by Nikki


    I have been on HCG sublingual pellets 4 3x a day for 7 days and have lost a total of 2lb and have followed that diet to the T!! What is wrong or is there something more I should be doing. I also go to gym and do zumba 3 nights a week.

  141. by kathy


    Hello-just to help clarify-the dosage needed per day if sublingual tablets is 500IU-the body needs this high of a dosage because only about 200IU of this 500IU tab is absorbed. So don’t waste your money on any other dosage. You must go thru a dr to get this kind of high grade hcg.

  142. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Cosmetics and soaps, etc., are fine if they are oil-free. Stop cheating on the diet. Take B-12 for more energy.

  143. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Nikki…I couldn’t diagnose such a problem with limited information. I don’t know what product you are using, since 3x per day is not familiar to me. I’d start by seeing whether you have any real HCG in the first place. If so, do an apple day and see what happens.

  144. by Kellie


    I have done the sublingual drops with the low cal diet…4 rounds,looking to do one more short round and ditch the last 10-15 pounds!!! does taking the pills follow the same diet (food list)?? Is there a list provided when ordered??
    Sorry if it was asked previously I might not have seen it…

    Thank you!

  145. by Sylvia


    I would like to try the pills have taken the drops and had a hard time keeping up with them due to my job, i am always on the road, so need something i can take and go.I also heard the pills are more effective.

  146. by Christiane Bynum


    Hello Dr. Clarck

    I would like to get started with the diet using the pellets that melt under the tongue and come each tablet in a individual little square wrapping.

    Could you tell me please if you have to follow the same diet that comes with the shots?

    Could you help and tell me if it is correct that it could endanger your health? I only need to loose 11 lbs. Feel better if I am a little lighter and my clothing would not get so they hug me to much.

    Thank you


  147. by Scott


    Dr. Clark,
    I just finished a round of HCG+B12 500IU/300MCG pellets for 43-days. Do you offer the HCG+12 compound? I took this once daily, is this an offering you can provide from your compounding pharmacy? Is it true you can take the 250IU pellet x 2 at the same time once daily?
    Thank you

  148. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The protocol is the same on injections, drops, and pellets, as long as you get the right dose of HCG.

  149. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    In the right dose, drops and pellets are equally effective. It is the same hormone.

  150. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, it is the same diet. The HCG protocol has been used safely by tens of thousands of people for more than a half of a century.

  151. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    We don’t offer the combination. And taking the pellets both at one will be less effective than twice per day. Individual results will vary. (Don’t you love that advice?)

  152. by Rhea



    I’m very interested in purchasing the HGC pellets. I live in Melbourne, Australia. HGC treatment is not very common here. Most doctors are unaware of it so they do not prescribe it. I’ve completed 1 round of it using sublingual drops and found it to be reasonally successful. However the pellets really appeal to me as I travel a fair bit. Can you please advise if I would be eligible to purchase this and have it delivered to Australia?

    Many thanks

  153. by FAT-GIRL




    FAT GIRL !!!!!!!

  154. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Rhea:

    The challenges of shipping to foreign countries vary from one country to another. Australia is pretty strict. I suggest you contact my office directly by email at: dennis [at] doctorsnutritioncenter [dot] com and we can give you some suggestions.

    All the best,

  155. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Looking forward to your report. Good luck!

  156. by Marie


    I am 11 year cancer free. Can I use HCG for weight loss due to my past history, I would like to lose 30 pounds?

  157. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Marie: hCG is not associated with cancer except as a diagnostic test for certain types of tumors. You should be fine.

    All the best,

  158. by Chastity Brilhante


    Hi Dr Clark,

    I have been researching various weight loss products and have noticed that the success rate of the HCG pills is high; however, it has come to my attention within the last year and a half, after 2 miscarriages, that I have a blood clotting disorder; hence the reason why I take an asprin a day now. They call it Factor 5 Leiden. I have been told that I can not take any type of medication with hormones in it (not even birth control pills) because it will increase my chances of developing blood cots. They told me that if I got pregnant again, I would have to take Heparin shots. Since HCG is a pregnancy hormone, would this not be a safe choice for for a weight loss product? Please advise…

  159. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Chastity: The vagueness of the advice you received makes it difficult to make clear suggestions. More than likely, the ‘hormones’ that you were advised to avoid refer to steroid hormones (e.g., estrogen, testosterone). General advice to avoid hormones would require you to stop eating and drinking, since so many hormones and simulated hormones are in foods and beverages. This does not even consider the hundreds of hormones that your body already makes, including the luteinizing hormone (LH), which is a component of hCG, that you make during your monthly menstrual cycle. Saying ‘avoid hormones’ is just too simplistic to be meaningful.

    All the best,

  160. by Ray


    Dr. Clark,

    I know that you have mentioned in a previous comment that there must be 6 weeks between protocols. Have you found this to hold true for the third, fourth, fifth protocols and so on? Dr. Simeon talks about needing an ever extending break between each protocol. Just wondering if there has been additional research to counter this or if the use of sublingual pellets has changed this aspect of the diet.

    Thanks for your help.

  161. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Ray:

    This is an excellent point. There is no real research on it, just observation. It is exactly what I have noticed in many of my clients. Nobody knows how long anyone should wait between protocols. However, it is common for the second and subsequent protocols to be more difficult and less effective than the first one. This indicates residual resistance to hCG. My suggestion when this happens is to finish the current course, then wait an extra couple of weeks (i.e., 8 instead of 6) until the next one. This is definitely a scenario that requires some personal experimentation. Even more of a break than 8 weeks may be required for maximum effectiveness.

    All the best,

  162. by Kahli


    I just started the HCG program with the pallets/pills. I am afraid that they wont be as effective as the drops. Also, I didnt read the food list and have been eating broccli and carrots. Is this going to alter my results? However, I have been sticking to the 500 cal/day. Also I have been taking the pills with water. Is this wrong? Please help me…

  163. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kahli: The form of hCG varies and is effective when the dose equals an injection of 125 IU per day. Pellets should provide in the neighborhood of 400-500 IU per day to match this requirement. As for the food list, you must get one and follow it. Carrots are way off the scale with sugar and not approved for the hCG protocol. Taking the pills with water? Pills should be sublingual, meaning dissolved under your tongue. It sounds as though you are either getting bad advice or making up your own rules without any advice at all. If you continue, you will undermine your progress or stop it entirely.

    All the best,

  164. by Awilda


    I would like to try the hcg palettes..

  165. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    If you mean ‘pellets’, then that is a good idea.

  166. by Deb Bolk


    I am taking the sublingual pellets and just have a question. Should I wait a specific time after letting the pellet dissolve before eating and/or drinking?

  167. by Lay


    Hello I have been taking theoral hcg pills for two weeks and i am not losing the way i did with the injections i am eating right and getting really upset with the results what can i do?

  168. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Standard recommendations are to wait just a few minutes.

  169. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Lay…I don’t have enough detail to make a suggestion. How much hCG? How long has it been since your most recent protcol? Etc.

  170. by Ray


    Dr. Clark,

    Thought I’d come back for a few more questions.
    Is there a strong argument against working out/running while doing HCG? Dr. Simeon seems to imply that you can maintain activity but that it is not necessary for weight/fat loss to occur. Any caution against against running for 30+ minutes a day or doing strength training?

    Also, while 12 hours would be the perfect separation between doses, how small of a time window before your body simply eliminates the HCG as excess? 2-3 hours minimum separation? More?

    Thanks again!

  171. by Yvette


    Hi Dr. Clark, have read through all the comments here and have done some research online, but I’m still a little confused and concerned about the length of efficacy of my sublingual hcg pills. I’m taking prescription hcg pills twice per day that were prescribed to me on 12/28. I wasn’t able to start the program until 1/19. Should I be worried about them still being effective? Thanks so much! So glad I found your site!

  172. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Yvette: They are much more stable than hCG when it is dissolved, especially if you have kept the pellets refrigerated. The amount of time that you are talking about is not enough for significant degradation of hCG in pellets if kept cold.

  173. by Joli


    I want some help losing weight (about 10 pounds) , but Ive been hungrier and eating a little too much lately I wanted to take the HCG tablets and watch what I eat. Probably have about 1000 calories max per day. Would it still work this way? Can I take the HCG pellets alone without doing the 500 calories per day? Also, are the HCG drops better than the under the tongue pellets? And when Purchasing it what must I make sure it has (IU count? Hormone-free?) Also, I suffer from acne and was wondering if taking HCG will make matters worse or better?

  174. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Joli: You have good questions. Most of them can be answered with: You must follow the protocol as outlined by Dr. Simeons to be assured of success. The diet and hCG go hand in hand. By the way, saying that an hCG product is hormone free is an oxymoron, if it is a real hCG product.

    Do other readers have any comment about Joli’s question on acne?

    All the best,

  175. by Linda


    About the pills, I read on intermountain site that you dissolve them under y our tongue, do not swallow them whole. done just like the liquid. and they are cheaper there

  176. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, hCG must be absorbed under the tongue, not swallowed down into the digestive system. If you have found cheap products, be forewarned that they are worth every penny. The Intermountain products are homeopathic and therefore do not contain hCG, or they have hCG in extremely diluted quantities.

  177. by Carrie


    Hi 🙂
    I am starting the HCG diet in the pill form and I’m kinda confused on the directions. Do I take just one a day in the morning? Or 1 before 2 meals, let say like 1 before breakfast and 1 before dinner?

  178. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Carrie…I do not have an answer to your question, since I don’t know what pills you have: directions that you should have received, source, IU of hCG, etc.

  179. by Margaret Smith


    I am 62 and would like to lose about 30 pounds and I am considering the HCG pellets. My concern is that I am on the Estradiol .075 harmone patch and was wondering if this would have any negative or harmful effect with the HCG?

  180. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Margaret: The good news is that hCG is in such low doses that it does not interfere with steroid hormones.

  181. by ms little


    i was wondering do you take 1 pill a day or 2

  182. by ms little


    i bought the hcg pills from walmart havent started them just want to make sure if im suppose to take 1 before lunch or 1 before breakfast and 1 before dinner.

  183. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It depends on how much hCG is in it.

  184. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The Walmart product contains no hCG. It doesn’t matter when you take it, or whether you take it at all.

  185. by jon


    i have not took the pill but is there side effects or long turm effects like at age 50 get cancer and can teens use this pill

  186. by jon


    dose the walmart pill help you lose whight and do you go on a diet wile on the pill

  187. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Jon…hCG has applied to people of all ages, from teens on up, for more than 50 years. It does not cause cancer.

  188. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Jon…the Walmart pill does not contain hCG. Any weight loss that you experience while using this pill while on a 500-calorie per day diet will be due to starvation, not to hormone signaling.

  189. by GINA


    I have a ten year old who is trying to lose weight he is about 30 lb over weight would this be a pill he could use

  190. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is not just a diet pill. It is a whole protocol. What do you think your 10-year old could do?

  191. by megan


    YES YES YES please!!! the drops are great if you work from home or are near a mirror/frig all day.

    pellets are the answer!!!

    please please I am very interested.

  192. by RD


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    I have purchased the 300 IU HCG ODT (WHITE)COMPOUNDED tablets sold by KRS Global Biotechnology (GBTrx), through a doctor. The doctor prescribed 1 tablet 4 times a day amounting to 1200 IU per day sublingually. Will that not be excessive as I read that 250 IU sublingually is equivalent to 125 IU by injection, which is the right amount to be consumed per day? Are these tablets considered a good brand? How do I know that these are actually derived from the urine as opposed to the placenta and that these are derived from a human being as opposed to another mammal? I could not find much information on these tablets either on the company’s website or other. Would be grateful if you could provide some insight. Thank you.

  193. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, RD:

    The ‘more is better’ concept does not apply to hCG. Dr. Simeons commented on this more than 50 years ago. No matter the starting weight of every patient, the same 125-150 IU per day worked just fine for everyone. A 1200 IU daily dose is useless overkill. Doses for sublingual and other routes of entry are less efficient than by injection, so the dosage must be increased, typically to 250 IU.

    All the best,

  194. by Cathrene


    Hello, I just want to thank Dr. Clark for this website, and I have lost 12lbs in 12 days on the pellets, I am very happy with no side effects, I had originally planned 30 days, but now plan to do 42 days. The GNC product worked okay for me, but it didn’t cause me to lose a lb. everyday, as the pills are an exact dosage.

  195. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cathrene: Congratulations, and keep up the good results. Thank you for your kind comments.

    All the best,

  196. by Adrienne


    Hello, I just want to say I would be interested in taking the pills. I have seen the pills in Walmart and have been quite nervous about buying them or taking them. I was on the shots previous and lost 15 lbs but did not stick with the plan. Could not find anyone who would give me a meal plan to follow to stay at 500 calories. going to the doctors cost me 200.00 dollars every 45 days and honestly I could not afford that. I now weigh double the amount i weighed before I started I went from a 14 size to a 18 size, and do not like the way I look or feel. So I am willing to try this again with the pills but this time try to follow your diet plan you have set on your site to buy. Please let me know if you do have enough people to start selling the pills I would like to be one of your customers.

  197. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Adrienne…the Walmart pills do not contain any real hCG…be careful what you decide to use.

    All the best,

  198. by Merritt


    I have used both the HCG sublingual tabs and the liquid form. I won’t use the liquid form again because it’s too hard to measure accurately, but I LOVE the sublingual tabs. I’m looking for a place to get them now. If anyone knows where they are available, I’d really appreciate you sharing the information. I’ve just reached 200 lbs and need the help.

  199. by Natalia


    I am very very interested in taking the pills. Do you know if you are going to have it soon ? IF not, how can I order the drops ??? Thanks !

  200. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sure, Merritt: Take a look here…


    All the best,

  201. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Natalia:

    Just follow the links to here:


    All the best,

  202. by Susan


    I ordered my HCG pellets last year and waited to start after my period. BUTTT… unfortunately my period never came and obviously I was pregnant. I had my baby in Dec. and thought i had lost the $450 worth of HCG pellets i had. But the other day on the fridge door at the very top guess what i found the pellets! yeahhhh buttt again are they still good? I’ve had them for about a year now. I had a packet but can no longer find that either. PLEASEEE help!

  203. by Dr. Dennis Clark

  204. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sure, Natalia…take a look at this post: http://besthcgweightloss.com/newest-hcg-pills-easier-to-use/

  205. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Susan…I wouldn’t rely on such old pellets.

  206. by Donna


    Your website is very helpful. I am taking the pellets prescribed from a doctor. I now need to take a round of antibotics for a sinus infection. Can I continue with the pellets while taking the other meds?

  207. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Donna…it shouldn’t be a problem.

    All the best,

  208. by Lyndia Ward


    I just today heard about hcg from a granddaughter. She said her mom has taken the kind that you put under your tongue and it melts. She lost 30 lbs. I need to lose 25 lbs and would love to try them. I’m 73 yrs old would they be ok for me to order and take? Thank you

  209. by Peggy


    I wonder how many of you that have taken HCG have messed up your thyroid like happened to me?! I took the Homopathic liquid for a while and then found the pills. I started taking them in January. Now here we are in July and I have a messed up thyroid. We found this out when doing a blood test when I had to change PCP’s. Now I am going thru a battery of tests to find out what it has done and if I damaged it beyond repair. Please becareful when taking this stuff. Pretty sad to think that doing something to make myself healthier did infact make me sick

  210. by Carla


    Can I take oral birth control with HCG pills or drops? It’s spintect 28 day pack? Also, where can i find literature on the HCG diet plan.

  211. by kira


    I see a similar comment was posted earlier, regarding a 17 year old daughter not being able to lose weight. We have the same situation with my daughter. My husband and I and daughter are all on the diet. No junk food or anything processed in our house. She needs to lose about 20 lbs, in order to get into an ideal weight range.

    The diet just isn’t working for her. We have each lost 30 lbs the first 40 day round, she lost 8 and gained it back quickly. This round, after 3 weeks, husband and I lost 15-20 so far, and she has lost 3. She feels fine and has energy. Could it be hormonal? She is pretty active, would she need more protein or fat possibly? She follows protocol with the exception that she puts Mio drink flavoring in her water. I do too, but maybe she’s sensitive to Splenda? Also, would you know, if she’s not losing weight on 500 calories, is she losing muscle then? Or is this harmful to her metabolism at this point?

  212. by kira


    Also, we are on 125 injections that my husband mixes. We have tried 200, 150, and now 125. We have all felt fine with energy, on each dose, but we were hoping the decreased dose might help her.

  213. by kira


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    I’m not sure if you saw my above two comments a while back but I’m wondering if you could address them? Have you run across people who just can’t lose weight on HCG and if so, do you know why? Could it be a hormone imbalance possibly? Or the toxins that teens use like diet sodas, cheap cosmetics, etc? Thanks.

  214. by Zarahi


    I was wondering whats the difference between the sublingual and pellet HCG pill?
    Also I have taken this pill before the one that you have to keep cold I will like to continue where can I order them and how much the cost?

  215. by FayannBranker-smith


    How do I source hcg from you I live in Barbados and I need to loose some weight let me know and I will end the money

  216. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sorry…we do not send overseas.

  217. by susann


    hello dr clark

    i have used the hcg drops before and lost weight

    i am presently on hydrocholorothiazide 25mg. simivasitin and metformin 1000mg daily

    will the hcg pellets be effictive?

  218. by Helene


    Just wondering where I can purchase your HCG pellets in Australia? or from what website that delivers to Australia. Very interested in starting this program ASAP.
    My girlfriend has done the injections and swares by them, but I need the pellets to suit my life style.
    Cheers Helene

  219. by Kathy B


    Dr. Clark, what is the brand of these HCG tablets? I am familiar with Opti-Lean which is manufactured in Oklahoma City, I believe. Do you carry this product? If you’re are not able to mention the brand in the comments, please email me. Thank you!

  220. by Alex Rotaru


    Hi Dr. Clark

    – I want to know if you ship the product in Canada too.
    – Also I had a bad experience with dropos lately. I guess is the arginine in all these drops. I get a very bad reaction to them. Shortness of breath and fast hearthbeats. Otherwise I used a while ago with success the capsules.
    Where can I find pure hcg products?

    Thank you,


  221. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Alex:

    We have had uneven success shipping to Canada. Take a look here: http://besthcgweightloss.com/orderhcg.htm to contact us to see what options you might have.

    All the best,

  222. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Susann: Folks have routinely been successful on hCG while taking all kinds of prescription medications, including the ones you mention.

    All the best,

  223. by Laura


    Just started the hcg diet. How long before or after putting under tongue can I drink or eat?

  224. by Laura


    Just started the hcg diet. How long before or after putting under tongue can I drink or eat? Also can I eat mints or chew gum for bad breath?

  225. by Angelica


    Hello! I just paid for a plan at a body improvement clinic and got the pills. He also gave me tomatoe extract pills and B complex. Is that a good mix? I’m a little scared because I read about the risk of this diet and the one that makes me nervous is the heart attack. I’m worried because I have N irregular heart beat. Will I be higher at risk because of my condition?

  226. by Leslie Robinson


    Dr. Clark:

    I used HCG sublingual tabs 5 years ago and lost 38 pounds. This was the first diet I ever tried that actually took my hunger away. I wasn’t constantly trying to think of something healthy to curb my hunger – it just wasn’t there. Although I want to go back on the diet (and I have put the weight back on), it did take 5 years for me to need to re-do the work I’d done. I’m 59 years old and need to find someplace to purchase this drug. It didn’t cause me to be jittery or stay awake and the pounds melted away. That’s pretty hard to say at 59. Please consider carrying this product – for all of us. Everyone knows carrying the extra weight isn’t good us, but this seems to be the best answer to the problem.

  227. by Denise Yankowski


    I have used the HCG pills before and found them effective. I am interested in doing the program again. Its been 2 years since I did it last but would still like to lose more weight.

  228. by Becca


    Dr. Clark, I used the HCG SL 200 IU tablet last year and dropped 30lbs over three months. I purchased a 30day supply on 1/21/2013 and just found them in my luggage. Would these tablets still be effective or do I need to trash them.

  229. by leann


    I’ve seen the hcg pills at walmart. are these the same thing?

  230. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    No, they are not. The pills at Walmart contain no hCG whatsoever.

  231. by joni


    hi, i just wanted to let you all know, i have been doing the HCG pill and program through a local medical weight loss clinic where i live and i can tell you the pills (along with sticking to the diet) WORK! I started on June 8 2013 and as of Nov. 5 2013 i have lost 85 lbs!. thats right-EIGHTY FIVE! on the program I am on, there are no “phases”, you just stay on it as long as you want. my Dr. said the body does not become resistant to the pill as it does the drops/injections so that is why you don’t have to take a break from it. Well just wanted to let you all know, the pills work great if you follow the protocol with them!

  232. by kenn winter


    would like to buy 2 bottles of HCG

  233. by missy


    Love hcg best diet ever… have a thyroid problem only diet that helped me lose weight now I want to help my dgt would like to have a more convientent form of hcg….thank u…..just wish I could order a pill form today.

  234. by Donyaa


    Dear Dr.Clark. I am currently under care via a bariatric clinic in my area. Of course they offer HCG injections @35IU for 10.00 a piece, thus equating to about $ 1200 for 5 weeks if i am taken 125IU per day for 6 days. After reading all of the information on your website and now more knowledgable I have come to see how knowledge is power. I have been taken the HCG injection 1x per week at 35IU’s which appears to be a waste of my money and not to mention the fact that I am not getting the information I need from this clinic to be successful. they tell me you can purchase as many as you want. this was before I read and understood the protocol. Nevertheless,I am also taking Bontril @ 10am and a half of Phentermine@ 3 pm. I have been on this regime for 1 month and the Bontril for 3months alone, and as I mentioned taking the HCG 1 time per week subcutaneously @ 35UI. for 9 weeks . I have lost 13- 15 lbs. Is this a good strategy? I would like to try the tablets and just that alone that you offer. My weight before the 13-15lbs lost was 245. What is your Opinion about the low dose of HCG? And is this low dose possibly causing the my 2 lb difference to fluctuate?

  235. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Donyaa…

    Yes, knowledge is power. Apparently your clinic decided to go off program for some reason … did they even read Dr. Simeons’ book? Your weight loss is probably NOT hormone-driven by hCG, since the dose is too low. Starvation weight loss such as yours is notoriously unstable and not sustainable long-term.

    All the best,

  236. by Colleen


    I am very interested in the pill form of HCG. I did well with it the first time around. I decided to try the drops because I was told that they work, but I think I’ve been duped. I have the urine test strips that are suppose to detect ketones. I haven’t registered any amount of ketones at all and I should have by now. Please add me to your list of people who are interested in the pill form HCG.

    Thank you,

  237. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Will do, Colleen. Please feel free to contact us when you want to get some pills. You can find more details and our contact information here:


    All the best,

  238. by Renee


    I would like to order the oral HCG as soon as you get it. Please inform me when it’s available

  239. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Renee…Just give us a call. I will send you an email directly in case you don’t see this reply right away.

    All the best,

  240. by Kathleen


    It’s been a while since I’ve been on the real sublingual HCG, but I find your prices extremely high. I will looks elsewhere as the drops were fine with me and I don’t really need these pills.


  241. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kathleen:

    I am always pleased to hear of people who are pursuing personal improvement, whether it is through the hCG diet or some other avenue. My caution to you is to be sure that the drops you get actually do contain the real hCG. Most of the products on the market are homeopathic or misleadingly labeled, containing no hormone at all. If the product is sold at a retail store (Walmart, for example), by law it is prohibited from containing the hormone. Now, good luck and have great success!

    All the best,

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