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New forms of oral HCG just hit the market and I am excited to say that our clinic can now offer this choice. The specific form is pellets, which are way to keep the hormone dry and stable without refrigeration.

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They still must be kept cool (72 degrees or less), and refrigeration is recommended when possible. Nevertheless, HCG pellets offer the convenience of a stable, easy to take, oral HCG for folks who travel or who are on the go.

The only drawback is that HCG pellets cost about one-third more than the sublingual drops. Nevertheless, they are proving to be very popular. And, from my own experience, they are clearly just as effective as other forms of the hormone.

They are available here: Order HCG

All the best,

Dr. D

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  1. by Lara


    Hi Dennis

    I just ordered your HCG pellets. Can you freeze the pellets if you need to delay a round? Mine are good through 8/31/2010, but I may need to delay my round past that date.

    Please help!


  2. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Actually, they are good past the expiration if you just keep them refrigerated. Freezing is not necessary.
    Cheers, Dennis

  3. by Debra


    I have been on a homeopathic HCG spray for the last 34 days and have lost 14lbs, my body fat is down 6%. However
    even though I gained 2.5lbs.while loading before I began
    have been hungry through this whole process.

    I filled out your patient profile and ordered your HCG pellets to try the real HCG. My question is, do I have to start over with a 2 day loading again, or can I just switch over to the pellets? I have been reading at numerous sites online that one does not acquire an immunity to sublingual as in injections. Is this accurate? Can I continue with sublingual until my body fat% is at a healthy and normal level, it is 33% now. I am 5’2.5″ and weigh 134lbs. I should be at 20%

  4. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you will acquire tolerance any time you take the hormone for an extended period, regadless of whether it is oral, injectable, or transdermal. Keep in mind that homeopathic HCG does not contain hormone, so you will not develop tolerance with such products.

  5. by Pam


    So the new pellets are definitely the real HCG not homepathic? What pharmacy do they come from? Have you got comments that they are just as effective for controlling hunger? I did the injections the first round and was considering the pellets for the second round. Also do they come in quantity of 43 days or is it a bottle of 30 days?

    Great website – lots of good information!

  6. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Pam:

    No, the pellets are not homeopathic. They are made by a compounding pharmacy in Florida. Folks have great success with them, comparable to results with sublingual HCG drips. We only carry the 30-day quantity. Hope that helps!

    All the best,

  7. by Sally


    Dr. Clark
    Thank you for making the pellets available. I just started using them and given my frequent travel schedule, they are much more convenient. I also ordered your HCG Recipe book. The recipes look very good, but I am surprised that they do not list the number of servings nor the calories. Given the protein in each recipe is right at 1 serving, I have assumed that is what they are. But how do we know the calories, given that it is so critical to make sure not to exceed 500 calories/day?
    Thank you

  8. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Counting calories makes the protocol unnecessarily difficult. By following the recipes and keeping in mind the limits on protein, fruits and vegetables, you do not need to keep track of them. Same goes for number of servings. Keep it simple!

    Dr. D

  9. by Juanita


    How many mg in each pellet

  10. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    HCG is not measured in milligrams.

  11. by rosa


    1 oz 24.5 grams)

  12. by Lisette Johnson


    Dear Dr. Clark,

    I am thinking about ordering the pellets. Just wondering how many times a day you take them. I previously did the drops with great success.

  13. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Twice per day, just like the drops.

  14. by Dora


    I tried homopathic HCG a couple months ago,Followed it to a T,I only lost about 8 or 9 lbs.,I talked to my Dr. about this,he ran some tests,as it turns out I’ve imbalanced hormones. I’m on provera now,but in a month I’ll be getting a hysterectomy. I’m curious will it work then??

  15. by Dora


    Will the pellets work for me?

  16. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dora:

    Nobody can predict what to expect with homeopathic HCG.

    All the best,

  17. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The pellets act the same as the sublingual drops and the injections.

  18. by Barbara miller


    Do you have to have a prescription for the pillets? Or can you order them just like drops? Ty

  19. by guest


    Hcg brings you down to a weight that is best for your body. Then it stops, it doesn’t help you become skinnier then you should be.

  20. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Indeed, Dr. Simeons referred to this process as removing what he called abnormal fat. Once that is gone, normal fat stays on, which is good for health.

  21. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Ty…the process is the same, see the Where to Order button.

  22. by Mango mary


    Can I switch from IM injections to pellets? Also, do you need to take a day off when on the pellets to help avoid immunity?

    Thanks for all your great advice.

  23. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you can switch. Oral forms do not require a day off each week as do injections…Dr. D

  24. by Dave


    Dr Dennis if it where a perfect world would you say the order of absorption and ie effective ness would be injectable hcg then sublingual drops then pellets mainly due to absorption properties stomach acids etc involving the digestive tract etc.Also with decreased hcg levels in men as we age do you find the hcg program increases male libido.?or should I say decreased hcg levels associated with decreased libedo

  25. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dave…the order of absorption efficiency is just what you suggest, based on the amount of HCG that is required to give the same results as injectable. Ideally, the oral forms have little to do with stomach acid, since they are sublingual. I’m not sure what you mean by decreased HCG level in men as we age. We don’t produce it at any age. High levels of HCG, as used by bodybuilders, boosts testosterone levels, which might influence libido. This is not a recommended strategy for balancing steroid hormones, though. Body builders use it for restoring testosterone levels that have dipped due to an anabolic steroid series – also not recommended.

    All the best,

  26. by dave


    Thanks Dennis, To make sure in get it ? The injectable dose is usually 125iu correct ? the pellet is sub-lingual also correct ?that dose is 200 iu ?the drops are sublingual obviously that dose is 200iu also ?which is the best for absorption etc. the pellet or sublingual ?Sorry to be a bother i just want to understand it before i buy your product . Thanks Dave

  27. by Gail


    I’ve been on HCG homeopathic drops a few times and currently on P3, getting back on the drops in 10 days – my question is I lost 22 lbs and 24 inches in 39 days – will the pellets do the same – I need to lose about 20 more…

  28. by Eden wright


    Hi dr Dennis I jus ordered the pellets from you can you tell me, I know you take them 2xday but is it one pellet 2xd? An can you take them 1time at night an 1time in the morning at the same time everyday? Or can you take them when every as long as it’s 2xd? An do you skip 1 day a week like the injections? Thanks!

  29. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Eden…just take one in the AM and one if the PM whenever it is convenient…Dennis

  30. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, that is what they do.

  31. by Eden wright


    Ok thanks so much!

  32. by Camille Gia


    Hi Dennis. I recently used hcg drops and noticed I had to adjust drop dosage to help with hunger. How do the pellets work in this regard? Are two pellets a day enough to work for everybody, no matter what their build is, etc? Thanks so much.

  33. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Camille: Dosage is standard for everyone, no matter their size or age. I don’t know why your adjustment helped with hunger. Dr. Simeons mentions in his book that hunger is associated with either not eating to capacity for the first two days of a protocol or with the development of resistance to the hormone (therefore requiring a six-week waiting period to reestablish sensitivity). In answer to your question about the pellets, the two per day dose is for everyone.

    All the best,

  34. by janet


    i want to know if there are any long term side effects like hair loss… infertility problems….or liver problems please reply and how often do i take them

  35. by Patty Gaona


    Dr. Dennis,
    Are all sublingual drops created equal?
    I am on my second round, are the first 21days with no deviations to the plan as critical as they were in the first round?
    Thank you,
    Patty G.

  36. by Becky Krasnesky


    I have just started researching the HCG. I am not finding info on the interaction of medicines with HCG, particularly anti-pyschotics,and anti-depressants, which are responsible for weight gain and low libedo. Is it safe? I have seen side effets of depression mentioned.

  37. by Lisa K


    I am just about finished with my 30-day supply of pellets with great success. I cannot say enough about them. I have just a few more pounds to go and would like to continue on with the full 40-days. But I noticed the pellets are only available in 30-day dosage. Is it possible to order a half-order supply?

  38. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks for bringing this up, Lisa. Our manufacturing source does not offer this option at the moment, although I will suggest the idea to them.

    Be well,

  39. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Becky…I recommend that you dig into Dr. Simeons’ book, Pounds and Inches, which is available for free on many websites. He answers a lot of questions like yours.

    Be well,

  40. by Camille Gia


    Hi there Dennis, I just received the pellets super quickly and am excited to start! Just a quick question though, how long do the pellets maintain their effectiveness? What is their shelf life and would storing them in the frigde be best for storing them? Thank you so much.

  41. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Camille…Our compounding pharmacy tells me that the pellets maintain their effectiveness for at least 60-90 days when they are refrigerated. We keep them in the fridge unless traveling.

    All the best,

  42. by Melanie


    Hello Dr. Dennis,, I am currently on 125 iu hcg pellets twice daily. I have been in them for 3.5 weeks and I have lost 15 pounds. I do not cheat but I am still so hungry all the time. It is a struggle and I stall all the time. Are the pellets strong enough? Do I need to add 1/2 dose in the middle of the day? Also, I put them under my tongue and they slip toward the back. I hold them for up to 15 minutes without swallowing but I still taste sugar. Are they absorbing properly. Thank you for any insight. I may switch to shots next go round

  43. by Prescious


    Once I take hcg pellets, how long will it suppress my appetite?

  44. by Prescious


    How long does the pellets suppress your appetite after morning dose?

  45. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Melanie: The standard dose works fine. No need to change it. You may benefit from chromium or even a prescription appetite suppressant.

    All the best,

  46. by meridith


    I would like to try these pellets you are discussing. since they are by Rx, what is the process to get them? thanks.

  47. by mary


    are there any prescriptions that cannot be taken with the hcg pellets? also, only yesterday i was at the doctor and was told that i have a heart murmur. since the hcg is just a hormone the body makes naturally would it be safe to take? thank you

  48. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Mary:

    Some drugs might be contraindicated, although not many. You have to decide this with your doctor.

    The notion that something is okay because it is natural is a fallacy.

    All the best,

  49. by Charlotte


    Hi Dennis –

    How long do I need to hold the pellet under my tongue and how long before I can have something to drink? I’ve been trying to keep it for 5 minutes and then wait 15 minutes. I too taste sugar. I’m only on my 3rd day and have lost 5 lbs so hopefully it is working. Thanks.

  50. by Nicole


    Hi, Dr. Dennis. Do yo have to stop taking the pellets when your cycle begin are can you continue taking them while on you cycle? Cause I no on the shots you have to stop taking them but continue on the diet.

  51. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It usually takes a few minutes. Then wait for another few minutes before eating or drinking.

  52. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    An interruption of about 3 days during your cycle is normally recommended.

  53. by Blaine


    I’m sorry, but all human beings, including men, and for women regardless of pregnancy, produce the hormone HCG. That was a doctorally incorrect statement. And with pellets, the absorption is happening in the stomach and afterwards (if it survives in the first place), not in the tongue and cheek as with SL (oral). In the stomach is quite a dangerous environment for HCG. As the hormone breaks down with alcohol, it is sure to be thoroughly destroyed by the digestive acids in the stomach before it is able to be absorbed. With the acids, the dosage would have to increase tenfold to that of injections whereas SL is only doubled. Are you suggesting these pellets are a huge dosage (beyond 1000 IU’s) or is there a miracle protecting it from the acids?

  54. by Blaine


    hmmm, perhaps the miracle is that you don’t swallow them, instead you hold them under the tongue….? Did I just goof?

  55. by Jyne


    Hello Dr. Clark you are a God sent to so many people who need your knowledge of Hcg. I just started taking 30 pellets this month and I have more than 80lbs to lose. Can I take 60 pills without a break and then do Ph3 and Ph3 before starting another round. Am planning to take a break of 10 days on very low calories consisting of protein, vegs and fruits before starting the other 30 pills. Kindly advice. Jyne.

  56. by Martha


    I’ve been using the pellets for 18 days with great results – down 13 lbs today. What’s the amount of hcg in each pellet – 100 i.u. since you are taking it 2xd or something else? Definitely work with your source to offer a 40 day program. 30 days is an odd number given the original protocol.

  57. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Martha…we now include a 45-day dose for the pellets.

  58. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Jyne…thank you for your kind comments…I feel that my role is to explain science to the public, so I am glad that you understand what I have to say. Regarding a break, the standard waiting period between protocols is 6 weeks. You must wait that long for your body to undo the resistance that you develop to the hormone during the protocol. If you start another protocol while still resistant to HCG, it won’t work at all.

  59. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    No problem, Blaine…now you know why HCG is taken sublingually

  60. by Martha


    What do you think about Dr. Belluscio’s study with the higher dosage resulting in greater fat loss but not necessary greater weight loss. I care less about my actual weight than lossing my extra fat. Thanks – love the pellets.

  61. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Martha…It seems that more than one clinic has seen results from varying the dose, so this sounds likely. I don’t yet know what conditions would merit upping the dose, though.

    All the best,

  62. by Veronica


    I’m taking the HCG Pellets the kind that you place under your tounge but It’s actually making more hungry instead of cutting down my appetite. Has this happen to any of you???

  63. by Linda Odom


    I have A-FIB and am on Pradaza as well s Multaq. I also take Vit. E and a prescription for acid reflux. Can I take the pellets safely with these Rx’s?

    Also, I’m 65 yrs old and am very obese. I had been skinny all my life until I reached about 45. I now weigh 208 and am miserable. How many pellets should I order to try to get my weight to about 130? Also I’ve had a total hysteroctmy (at age 26) and wondering if this would present any type of problems taking the sublingua pellets also. Your help and expertise is anxiously being awaited. Thank you in advance

  64. by Linda


    I have A-FIB and am on Pradaxa as well s Multaq. I also take Vit. E and a prescription for acid reflux. Can I take the pellets safely with these Rx’s?

    Also, I’m 65 yrs old and am very obese. I had been skinny all my life until I reached about 45. I now weigh 208 and am miserable. How many pellets should I order to try to get my weight to about 130? Also I’ve had a total hysteroctmy (at age 26) and wondering if this would present any type of problems taking the sublingua pellets also. Your help and expertise is anxiously being awaited. Thank you in advance

  65. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    You have too many variables for me to address appropriately. However, people in your situation have been successful on HCG already. Going from 208 to 130 is going to take more than one HCG series, with 6 weeks of waiting in between them. A 42-day protocol typically yields about a half a pound day for women (i.e., 21 pounds for the entire series).

  66. by a


    I have ordered the HCG drops and those i was always told to take 10 drops under the toung three times a day 30 minutes before each meal. Now i ordered the pellets so do i take 4 pellets under the toung three times a day as well?

  67. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The best policy is to take them according to the directions that accompany the product. I know of no products that are directed to be taken 3 times per day.


  68. by Lester


    I’ve been on these pellets for about weeks now and I’ve lost about 20 pounds. in addition of taking to pills i work ot 5 days a week. so in 14 days I’ve lost 20 pounds. not bad huh??

  69. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lester…that is MUCH better than ‘not bad. It is spot on! Congratulations.

    All the best,

  70. by Martha


    On R2 and really struggling this time around. R1 lost 26 lbs on the hcg pellets. Gained some back after really falling off the wagon during a very stressful period. Had stabilized very well in P3 & P4. This round has been a challenge with a lot more hunger. Not sure what the difference is and how to compensate.

  71. by brad harvey


    is this safe for diabetics

  72. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Martha:

    Sometimes I think that the less fat we have to start with, the more hunger we experience during the protocol. This happened to me when I just wanted to drop 10 pounds. I was hungrier than the first time I did a series. My strategy was to add calories (up to twice the recommended amount of the same foods) on some days, accepting that I would slow down or stop my weight drop. This worked just fine.

    All the best,

  73. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Brad…Dr. Simeons argued very cogently about how the HCG signaling pathway helps regulate blood sugar. Your response would depend on how far along the diabetes spectrum you are. You may have to watch out for low blood sugar and for insulin dosage if you are on that hormone, too.

    All the best,

  74. by anniebear


    I spoke with the pharmacist from where I ordered my troches.. he said to expect only bout 1/2 pound a day if you dont have much fat/LBS to lose. I also heard to try to keep the troches (pellets/pill) under your tongue and the spit for up to 15min!!! and then try not to drink or eat for 30 min after! I dont know about you but i produce a LOT of spit in 15 min.. especially bc the troches are sweet.. how long is everyone else holding them under the tongue even after they dissolve? ps.. I am HUNGRY.. i think thats just bc i only have about 12lbs to lose.. ? i dunno… hoping it will dissipate after week one

  75. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Anniebear…I don’t know what product you are using. Drops and pellets are effective after being under the tongue for just a few minutes, not 15. Do keep your mouth clear of food and drink for a half hour or so after taking the HCG.

    All the best,

  76. by Nikki


    Hi I wanna start taking the pellets but I am on adapex from the doctor. Can I take both? I really wanna start asap 🙂

  77. by Martha


    How long before the pellets lose their effectiveness? I’ve kept mine refrigerated. I have about a 23 day supply left from a failed round. The pellets are probably a few months old.

  78. by Cindy


    Dr. Clark,

    Are there any medical reasons, hormones or thyroid, etc that may not allow the HCG hormone to work. I have been taking the pellets for 3 weeks now, without cheating once, and have only lost 11.8lbs. The first 3 days I lost 4.5lb and since then there have been many days that I have lost nothing. Day 17-22 I only lost one pound. If I do the math at 500 calories a day I should be losing much more weight. I have had problems with losing weight in the past with diet and exercise and thought this would be the boost I needed. Could you maybe give me a medical direction to pursue? By the way I am 41 years old. Thanks so much!

  79. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    People often take them at the same time, using Adipex as an appetite suppressant in case of unacceptable hunger. It is not really necessary with HCG, though.

  80. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The will lose effectiveness very slowly when refrigerated, although a few months may be too long.

  81. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The math won’t work, especially when you are taking HCG (if it is the real stuff, anyway). Women typically lose a half pound per day on average. Any medical reason for preventing HCG from working is exceedingly rare.

  82. by Jacki


    I have been on the HCG pellets for 1 week and lost 3.2 pounds. I like the pellets but they take about 30 minutes to disolve in my mouth, is that pretty much normal or is everyone different on that? My bottle says to do 4 pellets 3 times a day, is that enough. My weight is now 197, however, I did the Amerithin to get to my current weight from 233. Pills are not my forte to take as on the Amerithin diet, my goal is to get to 140. I excercise daily, which is helping. Thanks!!

  83. by Josi


    Dr. Clark
    Can I switch from drops to pellets after taking them for two weeks on phase 2. And if so how to do it?
    Thank you

  84. by abigail


    will this show up on drug test @ work? can i drink alcohol while taking the hcg drops?

  85. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Glad to hear of your progress. I am unfamiliar with any product that requires you to take 4 pellets 3 times per day. The should not take 30 minutes to dissolve.

  86. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Just go from one to the other as if nothing else has changed.

  87. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Not unless a pregnancy test is part of the drug test. Absolutely stay off of alcohol is you really want to be successful on the HCG protocol.

  88. by Cee


    I love this idea. Thanks Dr. for answering the questions for us. One question: I’m familiar with a clinic that is having great success with patients on a 1200 cal. diet. Less hair loss, less lathargic, less hunger, and just as much weight loss. What do you think?

  89. by Solo


    Hi can i use herbalife shakes while taking hcg pellets?

  90. by stephanie


    why does it say on my pellets bottle to put 4 under my tounge, 3 times a day and here on this site im reading only twice a day ?

  91. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I know of successful clinics that have directed their patients to consume up to 800 calories and still lose weight. The 1200 calorie amount is a new one for me. Normally, folks who reach their target weight and stay on hCG until the end of the protocol consume that much to maintain a plateau, not lose more weight.

  92. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Probably not. Study the ingredients to be sure.

  93. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I am unfamiliar with any product that recommends putting 4 pellets under your tongue 3 times per day.

  94. by Dee C.


    Ok, I’m considering starting the hcg protocol diet and I just want to be sure that I have everything correct…if taking the drops, I would do tht 3 times a day w/ 10-15 drops and the first two days I eat as much as I want esp. high cal. foods…then I continue the drops for another 20-40 days but during that time I only consume 500 cals. a day…correct? And hypothetically speaking if I don’t reach my goal weight within the 40 days should I stop and wait before starting up aqain or what? Feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance!

  95. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Dee…Right off hand, it sounds as though you either haven’t done good research or you have obtained some odd information somewhere. Where did you hear about ‘3 times a day’ taking hCG? Start here for some good information: http://besthcgweightloss.com/welcome-to-best-hcg-weight-loss/.

  96. by shirley


    Do you take the pellets under the tongue? And how many times a day ?

  97. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    The pellets from our compounding pharmacy are to be taken, 1 pellet twice per day.

  98. by Tina R. Medrano


    How much for the HCG Pill? Are they safe to take? How do I start the HCG Pill program? How long do I take them for? Thank you =)

  99. by Becky


    I started the HCG program a week ago. My doctor ordered the pellets through a pharmaceutical pharmacy, and the pellets only cost me $57 for one round (23 days). Don’t waste your money on the internet. As you family doctor or find a homeopathic doctor. They will be more than willing to help you out.

  100. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    I can only help you to the extent that you help yourself. Do some research on your own to find answers to these basic questions, then come back here if you have trouble.

  101. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Becky…a good deal if you can find it. Not if it is homeopathic, though.

  102. by Crystal


    I started out taking homeopathic drops for about 28 days (and losing 15 pounds), then when I got your hcg drops, I just started taking them, no loading days (I’m at day 33 now). My rate of losing weight has slowed compared to the beginning, but I’m still losing about 0.3-0.5lbs/day, so I’m happy. My question is, however, that in Dr. Simon’s protocol there is a section on travel:
    “Unforeseen Interruptions of Treatment

    If an interruption of treatment lasting more than four days is necessary, the patient must increase his diet to at least 800 Calories by adding meat, eggs, cheese, and milk to his diet after the third day, as otherwise he will find himself so hungry and weak that he is unable to go about his usual occupation. If the interval lasts less than two weeks the patient can directly resume injections and the 500-Calorie diet, but if the interruption lasts longer he must again eat normally until he has had his third injection.

    When a patient knows beforehand that he will have to travel and be absent for more than four days, it is always better to stop injections three days before he is due to leave so that he can have the three days of strict dieting which are necessary after the last injection at home. This saves him from the almost impossible task of having to arrange the 500 Calorie diet while en route, and he can thus enjoy a much greater dietary freedom from the day of his departure. Interruptions occurring before 20 effective injections have been given are most undesirable, because with less than that number of injections some weight is liable to be regained. After the 20th injection an unavoidable interruption is merely a loss of time.”

    I’m about to travel for 4 days, but I’ll be in hot areas with no refrigeration, so pills or sublingual drops will not be something I can carry along. Do you have any experience with just not taking the hcg for four days and then resuming it? Any advice?

  103. by Beverly Bell


    I was prescribed sublingual HCG by my physician and the directions is to take 1 pellet per day in the mornings under the tongue. Why do the pellets from this site need to be taken 2xs daily??? What is the difference?

  104. by Val Gray


    Hi Dennis, you’ve said several times that you do not know of a product that requires 4 pellets/3X’s a day, yet that is what my bottle says also! The company is Vivacity Nutritionals, Houston, TX 77064, phone: 888/503/8535. hCG & Weight Loss Homeopathic Pellets 1oz. Is this the real stuff?

  105. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Val:

    The key word is ‘homeopathic’, which means any hormone that might have been in the original product has been diluted out of existence. This is a consequence of making meopathic dilutions.

    All the best,

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