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HCG side effects include protein deficiency immediately after finishing a protocol. It is not a good idea to continue dieting, especially regarding protein intake. Here is what you can expect and what to do about it.

whiteHCG Side Effects After the Protocol

This is a common diet trap that, fortunately, is easy to reverse. Here is what Dr. Simeons had to say about quick weight gain due to protein deficiency right after finishing a very low calorie diet while on his hCG protocol (from his book, “Pounds and Inches” [1971 edition]):


You will not suffer from a deficiency of carbohydrates – ever! – or of fats. However, you must make sure to take in plenty of protein, especially in the critical 3-week period of what is now called Phase 3 of the hCG diet plan.

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  1. by April


    Question: I believe I was protein deficient at the end of my round 2. My face began to look gaunt etc. I moved into P3 at the end of day 25 and within a few days my face filled back out and I think my set point is about 1-2 pounds higher. I am thinking of doing a short round in Sept and wanted to know if you think you are at risk of developing this again in subsequent rounds..or is it an isolated event?

  2. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, April:

    Acc. to Dr. Simeons, you are not supposed to go below whatever excess amount of abnormal fat you are carrying. In other words, don’t drop below your ideal weight. Did I answer your question? I don’t have a good answer for whether your experience was an isolated event.

    All the best,

  3. by Laurna


    Hello Dr. Dennis,
    I’m about to start a second round using HCG. My challenge is that I won’t eat animal proteins. I did eat some meat, but mostly crab, shrimp and eggs, but would like to be able to avoid eating all animal products in future rounds. (I did lose 25 pounds in 47 days the first time.) Is there a vegetable substitute that I can have during the protocol that will not interfere with my weight loss? You are the only source that I can find whom I trust to give me an honest answer. Thanks for all of the information you provide so many of us. You’re the best!

  4. by Rita Bailey


    Could you comment on Raspberry Ketones with the HCG diet. It was an added ingredient in my oil free lotion from Golden Essence. I have seen it combined with homeopathic HCG drops.. Thanks, Rita Bailey

  5. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    April…it may be an isolated event. Doing a short protocol will tell you whether it is a trend for you.

  6. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Laurna…thanks for you kind comments. Regarding plant sources, you will have to hunt up a protein powder in a local nutrition store. The most likely sources of protein for you will be rice or soy. Just be sure to read the label of the product to be sure that it contains no excess carbs (most of them do.)

  7. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Rita…they are great antioxidants. It is irrelevant whether they are contained with homeopathic drops, though, since such drops contain no hCG.

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