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Transdermal HCG Realities

Transdermal HCG is a relatively new form of HCG that comes in a gel for use on your skin. The question of whether it works depends on several factors. Here are the realities of this form of HCG that you should know about before deciding on using it yourself.

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HCG Diet Facts Blog ยป Oral hCG vs. Transdermal hCG vs. hCG Injections

I am often asked what the difference is between the various ways you can take HCG for weight loss. There is Oral hCG, Transdermal hCG and the oldie but goody hCG Injections. But what are the pros and cons, both in terms of convenience …

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The Most Important Key

Keep in mind that HCG is a protein that degrades quickly at room temperature when it is dissolved in liquid (including gel or cream). If you are considering a product that allows you to store it without refrigeration, then you almost certainly have a product that does not contain real HCG.

Also keep in mind that dry HCG, in powder form, is stable at room temperature until you mix it. That is why all directions for using HCG must be very clear about the need to refrigerate the hormone after you dissolve it in liquid.

All the best,

Dr. D

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  1. by Ann Woods


    Hello Dr. D. When using the link for the rest of your article on transdermal vs drops vs injectables, I was taken to 2 other sites neither of which was your blog. Thought you might want to know.

  2. by Mikki Funderburke RN


    Funny, I had not heard of this but thought I was being very practical in wondering if a transdermal application of HCG placed over the site of fat could be effective. Now really I would assume not because it would only be entering the general Circulatory system. But what a concept that would be! So Dr. Clark how do we take it to a localized application. Would that be awesome!

  3. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Mikki…ah, you are ahead of your time. Our compounding pharmacy is developing an HCG patch right now. If they can get the dosage/exposure to mimic other forms of intake, we will have a winner! I don’t yet have the details on this application yet.

  4. by charles parish



    hcg patch. do you manufacture this product ?


  5. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Chuck…no, we don’t, although there should be some good ones available…just be sure that they contain real hCG…all the best, Dennis

  6. by joy


    can the doctor get the transdermal HCG cream? i have tried injections, pellets and drops and only the cream has worked great for me. but i can no longer find the cream. please help

  7. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Joy:

    Our sources do not manufacture transdermal hCG cream, either. Sorry!

    All the best,

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