Fat Loss Biology

A weight loss plateau on the HCG diet is to be expected. The HCG diet plateau may last up to a week or more if you do not take aggressive steps to stop it. Here are the best ways to do so.

The HCG Diet Plateau

This is simply the stoppage of your weight loss from one day to the next. This is why it is crucial for you to weight yourself every day. Normal progress is a weight drop of a half a pound to a pound (sometimes more) from one day to the next.

When you weigh the same from one day to the next, then you have started a plateau. Most people look at the lack of change as a fluke the first time they notice it. Depending on the individual, the trend may believed only after two days or more of no progress. Sometimes it takes four to six days before some people finally realize that they are stuck, meaning on a weight loss plateau.

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1) Best Way: The Simeons Apple Day Strategy

In his book, Pounds and Inches, Dr. Simeons recommended an apple day on the very first day that you find yourself on a plateau. An apple day has two components: 1) eat nothing but six apples all day long; 2) drink as little water as possible. His explanation involves getting sludgy food moving again. It is a challenge to make sense out of this explanation in a physiological way, so just rest assured that it almost always works.

This method removes excess fluids in a hurry, so it is common for weight to drop two pounds from one day to the next. After that, your normal progress should be restored.

2) Increase Bowel Movements

Constipation and infrequent bowel movements are the main problem leading to an HCG weight loss plateau. This makes impeccable sense. You must move your bowels at least once per day during the protocol, and two or three times per day would be better.

Taking in more water is generally the easiest and most effective way to increase bowel movements. However, if this does not work as fast as you want, simply adding soluble fiber to a glass of water will accelerate the process. The easiest soluble fiber to find and use is psyllium powder. It is the main ingredient of Metamucil, although that product contains too many lousy ingredients to be recommended (e.g., sugar or aspartame, artificial color, etc.). Besides, a good nutrition store will offer pure, unadulterated psyllium powder at a much lower price than any grocery store brand.

3) Adhere More Closely to the Original Diet Protocol

Modern variations of the protocol include adding lean ground beef and mixing multiple vegetables at the same meal. The original protocol was more of a sure thing, so eliminate ground beef and have only one vegetable at a time instead of in mixed salads, etc. Also, make sure that your carbohydrate source (e.g., Melba toast) is just the right amount. You can even reduce this amount if need be.

4) Vary Your Food Sources Within the Same Day.

If you are in the habit of eating chicken breast at every meal, or otherwise the same kind of protein source, then substitute a different source for one of your meals. In other words, do not eat use the same kind of meat twice in the same day. This also goes for eating the same type of fruit or the same type of vegetable. Change them up and see how this can move you off of your plateau.

5) Eat Enough!

If you think that eating less and less will be helpful, what you will find is that a too-low caloric intake will slow down your metabolism. You must eat the minimum daily amount of 500-550 calories to keep your metabolic rate just right for burning the abnormal fat from your body. When this rate goes too low, you will hit a plateau and stop losing weight. So eat enough!

All the best in overcoming your weight loss plateau,

Dr. D

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  1. by Jessie


    Please help!!! I just did the apple day yesterday and I still weighed the EXACT same… I lost 20 lbs in the first 15 days and have been at this same weight the last 5 days.. dispite all my efforts! HELP HELP HELP

  2. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Jessie: By now you should be back on track. It is not uncommon to hit a plateau that lasts 4-6 days.

    All the best,

  3. by Susan



    I’ve been on the HCG DIET for 9 days and my weight has been the same for the last three days. Is this normal this early on? Also, I am excersiing about 1.5 hours a day, will this keep me from losing since I am only taking in 500 cal/day? Could ovulation affect this and nonconsistant BM’s?

  4. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Susan: If you are on a plateau that early, then immediately go to an apple day to flush excess fluids.

  5. by Andrea


    I read that you are NOT supposed to exercise very much at all, a short brisk walk at most so that you don’t just burn the 500Cal you eat..also, would Miralax be an acceptable way to increase BM? And does it matter what type of apples you eat for your apple day? Should they be large or smallish apples? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. by Andrea


    Another question…if I ordered the homeopathic stuff should I stop using it and try to get the real stuff? What is the difference? What is a good dose to order? I am 21, female, BMI of 26kg/m(squared), weight 170. Thanks for the help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. by Vick


    I am almost finish with my injections and will have enough left for about 2 more weeks of shots. Will it keep in the fridge for 6 weeks till I start my next round?
    Thanks for all of your information.

  8. by Jan


    I have been at a stand still but I have also been sick. I have been following but its been hard. Ive done no cough drops or anything. I am wondering, I have a tea that is to help you “go” is this ok to take on the diet?

  9. by Mich


    I am having exactly the same problem as Jessie! I’ve dropped 20, then a 6 day plateau. I’ve done one apple day, I did drop 1 lb after that, then I went back up 2 lbs! I am getting very discouraged! Tomorrow, I’ll try a steak day. But, I don’t know what else to do! Iam so so good on this diet, I never cheat. I could not believe the drop in weight, but, now…I’m scared it isn’t going to work :(..
    pleasse, please, any advise? should I stop and re- start in 3 weeks? I’ve been the same weight for a week now!

  10. by gloria


    On the apple day, do you still use the drops?

  11. by Suzan


    I have been on a vlcd for 4 days the 1 st day I lost 3 lbs, 2nd day 0.8 lbs and for the last 2 days nothing
    so I was wondering is this plateau? should I start the apple day? is it posible to start plateau after the 2 nd day ?

  12. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is not so much whether you are supposed to exercise as it is that you are unable to exercise as vigorously as before you started the protocol. Exercise is fine.

  13. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Ah, the issue of homeopathic HCG arises again. Look for my posts on this topic.

  14. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    That would be iffy.

  15. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    If you are talking about a laxative, then I’d say a mild fiber would be easier on you (e.g., psyllium husk or Metamucil).

  16. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    If you stop, then do a 3-week Phase 3, then you must wait another 3 weeks before starting again. You can do apple days as often as you need them. The main problem that leads to slow loss is fluid retention. The first week or so of the protocol induces loss of water weight, then goes into more fat loss. Apples are the key to getting fluid loss going. That should help you a lot.

  17. by Dr. Dennis Clark



  18. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you can plateau at any time. Do an apple day whenever you want.

  19. by Tina


    I’m at day 15 and have lost 14lbs. Was losing each day up to day 10. Day 11 and 12 nothing. Did the apple day and lost 2lbs. Returned to the diet no weight loss for 2 more days. Did the apple day lost 2 more pounds. Returned back to the diet yesterday and today nothing. Am I going to have to live off of apples for the remainder of phase 1?

  20. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Tina:

    The weight you hang onto is from fluid retention. An apple day helps with that. It is not unheard of to have frequent apple days. Just be sure that your weight never stays above the 2-lb limit before having another apple day.

    All the best,

  21. by Norman Romero


    I am a 55 yr old male. I am doing the HCG plan for my third time. The firt time I lost 37 lbs. 242lbs to 205 The second HCG go round I lost 5-10 lbs. now after a couple weeks on the 3rd go round I stay 198-202 just back and forth. I tried the apple a day to no avail. Now ive just stopped, it has been 2 weeks. I still have the HCG in the refridgerator. When can I start back up and continue losing weight. I would like to go down to 180lbs. I’m thinking my body is immune to the HCG. Is that possible? Any ideas?

  22. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Norman: Yes, you can develop resistance (not immunity), which is reversible. Resistance to HCG disappears after about 6 weeks. That is why you have to wait that long between rounds of the protocol. Acc. to Dr. Simeons, your body will not go below the amount of abnormal fat that you can burn. You can probably drop under the 198 mark without any trouble, although I don’t know how close you can get to 180. On the other hand, even a 500-calorie per day diet, without HCG, would be starvation enough to drop weight. This would include lean body mass. Do you know where you stand on your body fat composition?

    All the best,

  23. by Stephanie


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    I am on day 7 of the protocol and have lost 5 lbs. I have hit a plateau (no weight loss yesterday or today). I am going to try the apple day today, but I am wondering if starting my menstrual cycle yesterday could be the cause of this plateau this early on? After the cycle will I see an significant drop?


  24. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Stephanie:

    Yes, plateaus on the protocol are almost always due to fluid retention. This is, as you know, common during a monthly cycle even without HCG. You should return to your previous level of progress soon. If not, then do an apple day. And congratulations on your success so far!

    All the best,

  25. by rebecca


    Hi, I love the support out there for those of us trying to get ‘back to normal’. I am on day 13, lost 6.3kgs up til 3 days ago, from 73kgs to 66.7. then went up to 68.1 where i have been for three days now. Am waiting til tomorrow before starting an apple day but don’t understand. It goes from lunch to lunch, does that mean I eat four apples in the afternoon and then two apples the next morning ( 3 hrs apart) and then have my normal lunch? And no water accept a sip if I am thirsty? I put some hair spray on 3 days ago, not sure if that did it.

  26. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Rebecca:

    In my experience, you can eat the apples throughout the day if you wish. Just keep the number right.

    All the best,

  27. by Carla


    Help!! I don’t eat fish. I have been switching between chicken and beef. I am down 15 pounds in 15 days and my hope was to lose at LEAST 13 or more by the end of day 26 but I have been stuck for a few days now. I did an apple day and bumped down about .5 but at most have gone down .2 since then. I know a lot of places it says to cut beef down or out but it also says to only replace a meat with eggs or cottage cheese “occasionally”. I don’t know what to do. Also, there have been a couple of days I have accidentally gone under 500 calories. Could this be the reason alone? Any suggestions on other food items as well? I have not cheated AT ALL. I was thinking maybe I was using too much salt. I am trying to be patient and I am trying not to freak out. I am desperate to be under 200 lbs by the end of this 26 days. Any help/comments would be MUCH appreciated. Maybe I’m freaking for nothing…….Thanks!!

  28. by jay


    I lost around 11-12 pounds the first week. (From 198 to 186) That was astonishing and I was very encouraged but then I hit a plateau and I havenโ€™t lost any weight as matter of fact even one day I gain one pound. I have been very strict and stick to the diet drinking lots of water and even hungry I have not eaten more not even Melba cookies. I have notice in that period though that my stools got very dark (any doctor knows why?) in color and I have spent at least two days with no bowl movements. I have tried to eat chicken, lean beef, shrimps, turkey, etc and alternating them. The only thing I had in common everyday was an apple for breakfast. I will add the psyllium powder to the gallons of water that I drink everyday to see if there is any change. My last resort will be the โ€œappleโ€ day. Please help the only thing that keeps me in the diet was the excellent results I saw the first week if results do not improve it is really hard to stick to 500 calories and water, water, water and more waterโ€ฆ.

  29. by Crys3311


    Hi, I’ve recently started HCG injections and today is my 7th day on the diet including Monday & Tuesday being my fat loading days, I’ve lost a total of 7 lbs but six of the seven pounds Ive lost were in days 3-5 and I seemed to have stonewalled after that. I am following the diet very strictly and I’m drinking enough water to float a boat. Is this normal and should I just be patient or do I need to do an apple day? Also I’ve had a pretty intense headache for the last two days. Im really motivated to lose the weight but this headache has gotta go as does the weight. Help!!!!!

  30. by Gregg


    Hello Dr. Clark,

    I’m a 41 year old male, I’m on my 8th day of the HCG.

    For the first 5 days of the 500 calorie day diet I was traelling for work and unable to weigh myself. When I returned on day 5 I weighted myself and was down 9 lbs.

    Now, I had 2-3 loose bowel movements per day and was working 16 hour days during this time. Since weighing myself on day 8 down 9 lbs I’ve sat at my same weight for now 3 days. Do you recommend an apple day at this time?

    Also, I crave hot peppers… the kind pickeled in vinegar. I know peppers are not on the protocol, but apple cider vinegar is. I drank 2 shot glass size servings of apple cider vinegar and wondered if perhaps this has any adverse affect during the 500 calorie/day phase?


  31. by Gregg


    Never mind my previous post/stall, I moved 1/2 pound today so my stall was only 2 days really!

    I personally think waiting out the stall is better, the apple day is a psychological helper IMHO.

    You lose water weight because you are not drinking, so when you weigh in the next day of course you weigh less.

    It’s like a wrestler in college chewing tobacco all day and spitting in conjunction with not drinking so they can weigh in light before their match. But in 1 day that water weight is back. The difference here is with HCG you should still be losing the 1/2 to one pound per day that offsets the return of the water weight you lose in one day.

  32. by Kim


    I’ve been doing the hcg for nine days. I’ve went from 209-197.5 which i’ve been for the last 2 days. I did the apple day yesterday and today im still the same. What am i doing wrong???????? Help please

  33. by Don


    Hi am on a plateau but I’ve also had diarhhea from the first week so this can’t be fluid retention. This is my second effort at this. I have graphed first and second diets and the are nearly identical; I lost about 15 lbs in the first three weeks then level off and struggle to lose 2 lbs a week. I’m 60 yrs old and started the diet at 225. I’m 5’9; there’s no chance I’m trying to lose too much weight. I’m also diabetic. But this is extremely frustrating. This has been a full six days and I’ve gained 1/2 a lb. I’ve seen no one with this problem.

  34. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    How about shellfish? If not, then just make sure that any beef you have is ultra-low in fat. You can be successful, for example, with burgers that are 7% fat. You also hit a nail on the head with your comment about not getting 500 calories every day. It is important to eat enough, so watch that carefully. Salt may cause a problem, although if so it is an indicator of other issues that I couldn’t diagnose for you. If eggs, then keep it to 1 yolk with whites from 4 eggs. Cottage cheese is a little dicey, even if nonfat. Sounds as though you are doing the right things, so the freaking out part is unnecessary. Good luck!

  35. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Constipation will definitely stop your progress. Ideally, we should have a bowel movement after every meal! Once you get things moving again, you should be back on track. Psyllium is the best, although you may want to experiment with magnesium. It is a beneficial supplement in many ways, and 300-400 mg at a time also offers a mild laxative effect.

  36. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Definitely do an apple day. The results can seem miraculous for getting you back on track within 24 hours.

  37. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Sounds like you are doing fine. An apple day can help a lot in getting through a plateau. Apple cider vinegar is fine, although too many peppers might slow you down.

  38. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks for the update. I hope my previous reply was helpful. You are clearly on the right track now.

  39. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is hard to tell, although you seem to be doing things correctly.

  40. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    In some cases, acc. to Dr. Simeons, some people develop resistance to HCG sooner than usual. You may be resistant after only 3 weeks instead of the typical 40 days. If so, then you might consider doing the protocol for 3 weeks at a time and avoid the struggling entirely. Just be sure to space protocols at least 6 weeks apart.

  41. by lynda


    Hi there!
    I am on my 4th day and my weight remain the same. what could I do to lose the weight?

  42. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    This is a common problem. That is why it is important to do an apple day when you are stuck on a plateau. It can be miraculous.

  43. by stephanie


    hi..i have been on the diet for 11 days and have lost 10 pounds..i have been the same weight for 3 days now but i have a sensitivity to apples (itchy throat and lips) Is there a substitute for the apple day?

  44. by Michael


    Hi Dr. Dennis,

    I am on my 10 day and lost 15lbs. My goal is to go 30lbs down. But today seems everything different, no any changes. I am completely stuck on my the same weight. I was weighing 180 and by yesterday was 165. I am 5′ 10″ and I lift weight (enough pecs on my chest.) So, I was wandering, can that be the plateau or that is my original body weight?

    Also, I am a vegetarian, can I use why as source of preteen? and can I eat nuts? sunflower? broccoli? eggs?

  45. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, many people have had similar success with tomatoes instead of apples.

  46. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Michael…You may be at your natural weight. It sure sounds like it. Any further fat loss is likely not going to happen through hCG. Your body fat composition is the key indicator, though. Depending on your age, you may be on target for anywhere from 14 to 20 percent body fat.

  47. by Heather


    Hi, dr. clark. I was on birth control for about four years prior to taking hcg drops and ive been off of the birth control shot for about three months and still haven’t had a period, could my old depo provera shot have anything to do with why I haven’t lost any weight by day four on hcg drops??

  48. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    No way I can diagnose this for you. Too many unknown variables. It can happen, though.

  49. by Maya


    I’m on day 11 and I’m only down 5.5 lbs. In the last 4 days I’m only down one pound. I am following the protocol to a T. Is this normal? I have about 19 more pounds until my ‘ideal weight.’

  50. by Maya


    Another question. Is carbonated water (perrier) allowed? Thx.

  51. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Maya: A loss of a half a pound per day is common. If you stall, then fluid retention is almost always to blame. That is when an apple day sets you back on course.

  52. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    It is fine.

  53. by Nan


    Hi, I am day 9 on the drops and hit a plateau on day 7 I did an apple day and no change. I lost 11poimds and I am so frustrated now.do I keep doing apple days? And why so early on? I don’t want to fail this diet please help.

  54. by Nan


    Oh p.s.i still have cravings for sugar after 9 days and why?

  55. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    People have been successful doing apple days every other day. The key is to reverse fluid retention. The sugar cravings may go away. They usually do. Good luck, and stick with it!

  56. by Nan


    Help I read the vegetable wrong I thought I could have beets so I ate them and I went back to book and it says beet greens oh no I messed up and it says I gained a pound on scale this am. What do I do ? Do I need to do another aple day because of me eating beets ?

  57. by Sarah


    Hi Dr.Clark,How much water/tea should I be drinking during the day on the HCG diet?

  58. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, an apple day can be very helpful. Too bad about beets, since they are loaded with sugar.

  59. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    As much as you want.

  60. by stillinak


    I think it is awsome that you take the time to answer everyones questions. You are the kind of suppot peolpe need.. the kind with answers. Even if we already knew the answer, its nice to have some conformation.. I have been reading alot about the stall fase that so many people talk about..
    Through q&a it seem there is a parallel between “the stall” and “inconsistant bm’s” and “low fluid intake”
    I have aksed loads of people to add the fiber % next to the items on the menu. ie. beef-0
    chicken breast-30g
    1. You need 28-35 grams of fiber per day (my personal belief puts that number closer to 40-50 grams per day)
    2. Not all the items on the list are equal when it comes to fiber, so you need to eat the complete meal don’t skimp on veggies
    3. Choose high fiber fruits. ie. apples w/skin 5g fiber
    4. Have that handfull of strawberrys 1C 6.4g fiber
    5. DRINK ALL the water/tea reccomended to get the fiber moving.
    You should urinate often and having regular bm’s.
    Keep this in mind and hopefully you won’t need an apple day….
    Best of Luck HCGers

  61. by stillinak


    Dr. Clark

    Meat has no dietary fiber
    Sorry for putting a value by veal and chicken feel free to correct. .

    Strawberrys may be closer to 4.4g per 1C depending on your reference. .

    Again Many Thanks

  62. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Thanks for you input. You are right on target about the amount of fiber that is recommended. Plant-based foods are the best (only?) source, so do as Mom always said: Eat your fruits and veggies!

    I appreciate your kind comments.

    All the best,

  63. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    So noted. Thanks again.

  64. by Tamara


    Please help! I have been sick and started to ovulate this past three days. Day one stayed the same weight, day two gained 1oz and day three gained 5 oz. I am drinking water required and not cheating.

    I was wondering if ovulation will cause weight gain?
    Does being sick cause you to retain water?

    I am getting discouraged now. I am not having regular bowel movements with all this water I am drinking I would think otherwise. I have not tried the apple nor physillam either. I started the day my period ended, and now just two weeks into it I’m ovluating again???

    Am I messing my cycleup with the HTC diet?
    Is this normal?
    If I start my period soon, do I stay on the drops or stop?
    Will I gain weight each day if I start my period?

    Please advise, I am concerned and getting very discouraged!

  65. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Tamara:

    No need to panic. It sounds as though you are simply retaining fluid. An apple day will help get you back on track quickly. Just be sure to cut down you water intake to a minimum when you do your apple day. Definitely use psyllium during the protocol. Constipation will stop your progress completely. The hCG dosages are too small to affect you cycle. Good luck!

    All the best,

  66. by Tamara


    Thank you, but can you answer my question as to if you stop the drops if a period starts?

  67. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, you should suspend taking hCG for the 3-5 heaviest days of your period.

  68. by Elizabeth


    Hi Dr Clark, I have been in a stall for 7 days now. Yesterday I did an apple day and only lost about 0.3 pounds. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong? Its quite demoralizing. Today is my 24th day of taking the drops and my period is due in 2 days. Could that be the problem? My weight loss has been about 0.5 pounds per day on average and I have not been eating the starch items since week 1. Should I continue or go into the maintenance phase? Hope you can help, thanks..

  69. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Elizabeth…Yes, your menstrual period can slow things down. The typical weight loss for women is a half pound per day, so you are doing fine. Make sure that, on your apple days, you drink very little liquid.

    All the best,

  70. by kandyse


    i been on this diet for a week and lost 6 pounds but the last 2 days i havent lost anything, but i also havent had a bm in the last 2 days, should i do the apple day and when u do the apple day do u still take the drops?

  71. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Definitely take the hCG on apple days. And not having regularity will stop your progress completely. Get some psyllium fiber or something equally easy to use and easy on your body to get things moving again.

  72. by Jaleh


    Why are there so many different calorie counts out there for the items e have to eat. I am having trouble loosing and I have one page that says chicken is 187 cals and veal is 180 cals. The Fish it got right but the vaeggies are mostly correct not the fruit but there are so many different ansWers. Does anyone knoW here I can get complete accuracey?

  73. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Jaleh: Yes, that is a challenge. Fortunately, you have some leeway. Some clinics are having success with as many as 800 calories. In my case, I had a handful of strawberries for my fruit, without worrying about counting them or weighing them. It just takes some experimenting to see what works best for you, and you can see the results every day at your morning weighing. No reason to stress about it. Good luck!

    All the best,

  74. by Jnet


    I just did the apple day yesterday… IT WORKS!!!! I lost 2lbs!

  75. by Dr. Dennis Clark



  76. by Sue


    I’ve been on the hcg pills for 10 days. I lost 7 1/2 pounds but the last 2 days i haven’t lost at all. My whole life i have been irregular, nothing seems to work. On fridays i usually take a cleanse because i’m off the next day.
    If i only go once a week will that stop the weight loss or just slow it up? I only have about 10 lbs left to lose and i dont want to continue on the pills if nothing is going to happen. Will the weight still come off if i continue only going once a week?
    Please help, im feeling totally frustrated. : (

  77. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Sue:

    Yes, that extent of irregularity and infrequency will stop your progress in its tracks.

    All the best,

  78. by Dina


    Today I am back to the regular 500 cal diet and so worried to gain the two pounds back.

    Is it a good idea to increase the HCG dosage incase my body is not responding to it any more?

  79. by Dina


    I have an other question .. Would cascara sacrada allowed for bowell movement.

  80. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dina:

    If your body is not responding to the hCG, increasing the dose will do no good. Resistance to hCG normally disappears by about 6 weeks after your last dose. Sometimes it can take longer. I suspect that you are not resistant to the hormone, though. Your comments about an apple day and a steak day are a bit confusing. The apple day strategy is for overcoming a plateau while taking the hCG. The steak and apple day is for the maintenance phase only. Be sure that you are following the protocol for each phase as recommended.

    All the best,

  81. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, this is a strong herbal laxative.

  82. by Dina


    Thanks allot for respobding Dr.Dennis.When I did the apple day i lost two pounds and when I followed it by semi steak day in which I ate Cod fish instead of steak I lost an other 0.8 pounds and the next day when I got back on the 500 cal with Psylum Hulsk I lost 0.4 pounds.
    To get to my goal by the end of this week I am thinking to do the same for the coming six days in the hope that I’ll lose an other 6 pounds.Will I lose 0.8 pound with a steak day after an apple day like I did with a fish day ?
    The fact that I lost wieght with the semi fasting day and ate one meal at dinner deems to help but I dont know if the steak will have the same effect. If the steak day didnt work as the fish day will doing an apple day every other day will still helo in loosing two pounds?

  83. by Dina


    An other question Dr. Dennis, Will adding a mild excersice help at this point ( Like using the eliptical with no resistance for half an hour ?

  84. by Mona Green


    Are the pills and drops interchangable? I left my drops at work but have pills at home. I normally use the drops. Also I am doing an apple day when do I take the drops?

  85. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Mona…Yes, they are. Just follow the twice per day dosage for each. Take the hCG throughout the protocol, including on an apple day. Dennis

  86. by Dannie


    Im on my 6th day and my first 3 days I was losing
    2 pounds per day and then after that just one
    I still ate same as the first 3 days why is this ?

  87. by Karen Jossel


    I started a little over a week ago (9 days) and lost 4.5 right away. The last 4 days nothing. I am so discouraged, my BFF lost a lb. to 1/2 lb. a day with even a little cheating. She’s 53 and I’m almost 62. What gives?

    I hate the idea of an apple day. I force myself to eat one in the am, I don’t like sweet in the morning. I work 3 jobs, my schedule is very difficult. I bake chicken, fish, love asparagus, tomatoes and radishes and cucumbers. I bought lean beef. I’ve ordered and food scale.

    I’m starting today to cut out the melba toast.

    I’d rather have grapefruit or protein in the morning. I don’t want to give up.

    Half the time I’m starving and the other half of the time I have to force myself to eat.

  88. by Cosima


    Help; I started Hcg on Monday and lost about 3 pounds. I have done this diet qiet successfully before ( 1.5 years ago) but can tell that things are different. I was diagnosed with severe Anemia about 5 month ago. I’ve been on several meds since then and can’t stop them during HCG. Now I’m wondering if I should wait with my diet till my health improves as I do not see the results as before and am wondering if it has something to do with my meds. Any advise? Thank you.

  89. by lori


    Hello. I have lost 6 lbs in 5 days and I kind of cheated today. I had two bites of a chocolate bar and ate about 12 strawberries instead of 6( throughout the day) I feel terrible, what can I do now and how much weight can I expect to put back on. Help!

  90. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dannie: Early loss is mostly water weight, and it can come off very fast. Once you settle into the ‘regular’ rate, you can expect 0.5 to 1.0 pounds per day. Sounds as though you are right on track.

    All the best,

  91. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Karen:

    When you hit a plateau, it is due to fluid retention. That is where the apple day, with very little liquid intake, does its magic. You may see the same results with tomatoes instead of apples. Just experiment.

    All the best,

  92. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lori:

    Strawberries are not usually a deal breaker. The worst that will probably happen is that you retain some fluid, maybe a pound or two extra, which can be reversed with an apple day.

    All the best,

  93. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Cosima: Yes, meds can disrupt progress. It is hard to predict with a unique mix of prescriptions such as yours. Can you drop at least a half a pound per day? That would be about average.

    All the best,

  94. by lori


    Thank you Dr. Dennis for replying. It’s awesome that you take time to do this=) anyhow, I jumped on the scale today and needless to say, I’m the same weight as yesterday and a little discouraged. So I’m gonna do an apple day today. Let’s see how it goes.

  95. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Prepare to be amazed!

  96. by renee


    i’ve been on my second round of HCG injections for three weeks now, losing a pound a day. Now of all of a sudden I am at a plateau for 6 days now. I have had previous experience with plateaus from doing the diet before. unfortunately I only have 11 more days until my injections end and my doctor has told me that because I have been so previously successful, and my weight will be where it needs to be, that he will not permit me any more HCG. I have done an apple day, but had the feeling there was no water retention going on, I tried fiber pills for more frequent bowel movements, and even a laxative. But nothing has worked! I sat down and counted my calories to sadly discover I wasn’t reaching the full 500, so yesterday I made sure I had a full 500 and only lost two ounces! Are these two ounces a sign that tomorrow will be a bigger weight loss? These 11 days are extremely important, I need to loose at least five pounds to at least be near my goal weight range. Please help.

  97. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Renee:

    I don’t know where your ideal weight is or how close you are to it. An apple day is effective, even after a 6-day plateau. If it still doesn’t work for you and your doctor suspects that you have become resistant to hCG, then go with it. Finish the protocol with a 3-day washout, followed by maintenance phase. Make sure that you wait more than 6 weeks to do another round, if that is your plan.

    All the best,

  98. by maram


    hi, this is my second round on hcg dite, my first one was a year ago and i lost 30 lb then i got pregnant and i had a twins three months a go, today is the last day on phase 2 but i cheated on the last three days and i cheated big time, i only lost 11 lb in three weeks and 8 lb of them were on the first week, but i didnt know about the apple day so i just kept going hopping its gonna work but nothing happened and now i dont know what to do, should i start with phase three??? but im scared that its not gonna work becuse i cheated the last three days ( pizza and chocolate ) plz help

  99. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Maram: Phase 3 is not a time for losing weight, only stabilizing the end weight of the hormone treatment. Certainly do an apple day if you are still taking the hCG. Otherwise, go into Phase 3 with the goal of staying at your current weight.

    All the best,

  100. by maram


    thank u. how soon can i start on a second round?? and is there a reason why i didnt loose weight this time. i didnt cheat at all in my second week and i only lost two lb.

  101. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Maram:

    You must wait at least 6 weeks between the final dose of one round, to the first dose of the next round. There are many possibilities for why you didn’t lose weight this time, although I couldn’t say for sure which was the ultimate cause.

    All the best,

  102. by lori


    hi, dr.dennis. its me again. as much as i hate to say this, i went off the diet again for a few days now. my current weight is 132, goal weight 125 and i started at 141. i want to start again, my self control is just terrible. any suggestions on starting all over again or an apple day to get back on track? maybe working out?your comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  103. by lori


    just got on the scale 134=(

  104. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Yes, do an apple day ASAP. Then go from there, depending on the results. Good luck!

    All the best,

  105. by lori


    thank you , i started the apple day this morning. as if this morning at 6 i was 133. ill keep you updated, thanks again

  106. by Kandyse


    When I do an apple day when do I take the drops?

  107. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Kandyse…Same as every other day…Dennis

  108. by Dede


    Hi I recently ended phase 2 of the HCG, I was 137.5 on the last shot and the very next day I was 140.2., I have to admit that I probably ate less then 500 calories on my first of the 3 days without HCG, it could be water retention but I want to know if I am allowed an apple day while I’m not taking the shot? I also been having issues with a UTI could this be a side effect of the HCG the pain its mainly in my lower back kidney area? If anyone can asnwer that would be great thanks.

  109. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dede:

    Yes, either do an apple day during the 3-day washout, or if already in P3, then do a steak and apple day. You are right that such a quick gain is fluid.

    All the best,

  110. by cindy


    i lost 6 pounds in 3 days. i have been the same weight for 4 days now. what should i do.

  111. by Danah


    apple day really works…. hardest thing is to stick with the diet plan

  112. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Cindy…typically, this would be a good time for doing an apple day…Dennis

  113. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Right on, Danah!

  114. by Kolleen


    Hi, Dr. Clark. I have been taking the HCG diet drops, pure HCG diet drops, since 1/21/12. Have lost 40 lbs. Have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and pancreaits. Didn’t know that you were only to stay on HCG for a certain amount of time. I have been stalled now for a week and have done the apple days. No success! Went off thyroid meds and just in the past month am losing my hair. Any suggestions? I need to lose 25 more lbs. Thank you. Oh, did go back on thyroid meds and hair loss is now minimal. But no weight loss. HELP!

  115. by Mary


    Hi I was wondering when doing the apple day does it matter what size they are? How many? Can I eat them all on the same day or do I have to go into the next day? If I go into the next day until lunchtime do I still eat my regular lunch or wait? How many hours apart should I eat the apples or does it matter? Sorry for so many questions but I already did an apple day once and it didn’t work so I didn’t know if I did something wrong. Thanks so much for your help to everyone. I will be waiting on your answers. Thanks and God Bless!!!

  116. by Heather


    I cannot believe that a day of apples only is a suggestion for this diet. Eating only what is allowed is awful. To have a day of only apples is unbearable to even think about! How can you not lose weight with only 500 calories a day? I am on day 5. Day 1- lost 4 pounds. Day 2+ lost another 4 pounds. Day three- exact same weight at day two. I was so hungry on the morning of day 3 I got sick when I woke up, ate one egg at 7am and continued on the rest of the day following protocol. Day 4- had stayed at same weight. Followed exact protocol for all of day four and this AM- Day 5-gained four ounces. I am so hungry everyday that I could gnaw my arm off! Is the Hcg suppose to suppress my appetite? If so, it does not. I wake up ravenous and go to bed ravenous. To ask us to even eat less by having only apples all day seems to ne changing the whole chemistry and science of why this diet works. To then follow with a day of one steak only if that doesn’t help? By suggesting these things it is as though you are saying that it will not work if you follow protocol. What is the Hcg doing?

  117. by Carla


    Hi Dr. Clark,
    Thanks for being a champion for us. I wanted to let the group know of a cool app on the iPhone. MyFitnessPal (free) has allowed me to track every calorie I’ve eaten over the last 21 days. The app has common restaurant entrees and their nutritional info already loaded and easy to choose. I have found that tracking each item I ingest has helped me learn about portion control and which foods are bad choices. I enter my weight in the app each morning as well as my water intake and exercise. I’m doing well (13 pounds in 19 days) and look forward to continuing to lose after hcg is over with diet & exercise. Thanks again for your guidance and comments!

  118. by K


    Dr. Clark,

    I am on day 38 and I have started waking up with noticeable water retention in my fingers and ankles despite 90+ ounces of water/tea a day. My salt intake is very low (no added salt to foods), just what ever is in mustard and jalepeno’s. My cycle does not start for another week. Any ideas of what might be causing this?

    Thank you!

  119. by Kimberley


    I think I’ve been taking the wrong dose of Ultra Drops. Should I be taking 2 droppers full twice q day? I’ve only been taking 2 DROPS for the past 2 weeks. I’ve lost 10 pounds though.

  120. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Dede…you may benefit more from a steak and apple day now that you are in Phase 3. Be sure to keep your protein intake up.

  121. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Cindy…this is the time for an apple day.

  122. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Danah…right on!

  123. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Kolleen…if you have been taking ‘pure HCG diet drops’ for that long and eating a 500 calorie per day diet, you have done more harm than good. HCG stops working in a maximum of 40 days or so.

  124. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Mary…size doesn’t matter for apples. Eat them whenever you like, only for one day.

  125. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Heather…it sounds as though you have the hormone phase mixed up with the maintenance phase. As far as the ‘changing the whole chemistry and science of why this diet works’ goes, the protocol as outlined by Dr. Simeons has been working since the 1950s. The main new variable is whether you have real hCG or homeopathic (not real) hCG.

  126. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Carla…thanks for the heads up!

  127. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    K…this is a sign of protein deficiency. It will go away when you get back on a normal diet with plenty of protein.

  128. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Kimberley…Ultra Drops are homeopathic hCG. My advice regarding hCG is to take the real stuff, not a homeopathic product.

  129. by Dana


    Hey everyone, I am in my second week of hcg drops. The first few days I lost 3.5 lbs but then hit a plateau and didnt lose, in fact I was bouncing up and down a lb. I called my doctor and he told me to just eat 6 ounces of protein for each meal (lunch and dinner) and nothing else. Take out veggies and fruit and melba. Well, I wasnt hungry and woke up 3 lbs lighter. Now today he said to resume regular hcg diet and that if I hit a stall again to repeat.

  130. by Irma


    I have been on the VLCD for 13 days using the pellets. I have been reading the comments on BM….I’ve only had 2…I feel this is not correct now? I drink more H2O than humanly possible but still nothing…protein has been chicken, fish & ground beef. Suggestions? Thank you.

  131. by Keng


    Hi im on my 15th day on hcg drops diet lost 3 pounds after 1 week and it plateau after that tried all the things that you told me to do but still my weight is the same 109lbs. im stocked to that weight though i do the spinning at least 1 hr a day. 5 times a week mon – fri. pls help im a bit dissappointed right now and i dont know if i’ll continue or stop the dhcg drop diet. Not happy not eating and still my weight is the same. Pleaassssseeee Help!!!

  132. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Dana…That is great and it might helps others to do the same strategy. Thanks for your note!

    All the best,

  133. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Irma:

    Daily BMs are important for a lot of reasons. If you can get things moving with psyllium husk, then do so. Otherwise you may want to explore herbal teas or supplements like senna.

    All the best,

  134. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Keng…Your weight is 109 lbs? And you want to lose weight?

    All the best,

  135. by sam


    ive have bad stomach pains for the last 3 days and have gained the last 2 days. what should i do?

  136. by Michele


    Dr. Clark, I did one round of HCG and lost 19 pounds and still have 16 until I reach my goal weight. Would you recommend staying at the dosage of HCG from the first round or going with an increased dose? For the first round I was given the 500-800 calorie meal plan but typically stayed within 500 calories. This round my goal is strictly 500 calories/day. Thank you, Michele

  137. by Vera


    I’ve been doing the Hcg Drops Hormone Free, and They have been working so far, About a pound a day or so…. My question is, I think I’m not getting fully up to 500 calories a day, Plus I’m toning and working out 30mins. Do you think that My plateau is from not getting enough food? I’m drinking a lot of fluids, I think there’s water retention as well…. Ive been doing the Hcg for 14 days now and I’m down 15lbs, but I’m not budging with anymore weight loss. I don’t know if I should change it up with the food, and not eat the same everyday. While doing the apple plateau requirement, can I take Fiber Therapy with psyllium in it?

  138. by D.R Monroe


    Good evening Dr Clark!
    I began the HCG diet on 7/10/12 including load days. I was doing great, no hunger at all, energetic and happy all day for the initial 14 days and lost 13 pounds (including the second week being my menstrual cycle). The day after my menstrual cycle ended, I woke up ravenously hungry with low energy. Every day since then, I am hungry numerous times a day and wake up with low energy, feeling “mean”. After my daily morning injections, I am energetic and happy only to feel mean and unhappy towards evening, as if the “magic” wears off.
    During the initial 14 days I ate mostly the same things (chicken,lettuce,apple-lunch, Cod,tomatoes,strawberries-dinner) but lost weight consistently. From day 14 until now I varied my diet and added additional foods, including week three foods (shrimp,tuna,asparagus,mushrooms,cauliflower,green beans) but have lost only 7 pounds in the last 14 days for a total of 20 pounds at day 28…stuck at 182 for the last three days. Apple day had little effect. Today my counselor suggested varying my foods more, daily tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and brisk 15 minute walk. Also, adding two additional HCG weeks.
    I feel as if my menstrual cycle altered(?) the effectiveness of the HCG as it has been all downhill since then. Please share your thoughts on my agonizingly slow weight loss and what I can do to generate additional loss prior to a social event I will attend early in September.
    I apologize for the long winded email….wanted to be sure to include all the details. I sincerely appreciate your input ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. by Sara


    I am on day 5 of the diet and yesterday afternoon began having diarrhea (at least 5 “episodes” so far). No other issues at all but I have not had a normal bm since the day before yesterday! When do I become concerned and stop the drops? Feel fine otherwise and I am drinking tons of water to stop dehydration. thanks

  140. by Sabre


    I have been on hcg drops for 7 days and have lost nothing. Today I gained two pounds.

    I am getting angry and feel like quitting. Advice? Apple day? More water?

  141. by avanette


    Hey I’ve been on hcg for one week in lost 13 poundsin still loosen pounds a day I was 173 now I’m 160 in I’m loving this look my goal is to weight 150 or 145 thanks hcg…………!!!!!

  142. by crystal


    So nothing but apples? Will 1 small salad for lunch interfere or sabotage the apple strategy?

  143. by Cheryl


    I have been on HCG injections since August 8th and have lost 14 lbs but am now in a plateau. Would applesauce (made with stevia in the raw, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg)be okay for the “apple day” instead of the six raw apples?

  144. by Celine



    I am on phase2. My last 72 hours (where one does not take HCG but continues 500 calories diet) is likely to occur during my menstrual cycle. What do I do?

    I am taking sublingual HCG (prescription grade) 250IU twice per day. I think I have enough for 42 days (not sure) but am only thinking of doing 30-35 days. I may have some left after my menstrual cycle to continue for a few days and then get off it for 72 hours before the start of Phase3? OR, do I not take any HCG while menstruating and then continue for another 72 hours on the 500 calorie diet before the start of Phase3?

    Please help someone!

  145. by Terry


    I have been on HCG injections for 24 days. In the first 12 days I lost 10 lbs. I have not lost any weight since. I did have an apple day – lost 1 1/2 lbs then gained it back the next day. I do not cheat – I eat one vegetable @ noon with either chicken or fish – then 1 vegetable @ dinner with whatever I didn’t eat at lunch (fish or chicken)… no weight loss at all for 12 days. I eat an apple once in a while – but I don’t understand the no weight loss…. my metabolism has always been slow – but this is ridiculous! 500 calories per day and no weight loss???? I appreciate any tips you can give me. One thing is for sure – I am NOT hungry…. but the plateau is killing my happiness about this product.

  146. by Kelsey


    Hi, I started taking Hcg 26 days ago and have lost 14.6 lbs. I am on birth control and experienced light spotting during my second week (half way between periods), and still had weight loss even though it was slightly slower. Today I started my period after I had taken my Hcg. My weight has been stalled for the past 4 days and I know that is to be expected. How should I proceed? I only have 2 days of Hcg left, so should I wait until my period is finished and then continue or go ahead and finish the Hcg?

  147. by Giovanna


    Hi Doc,

    I have lost 12lbs in 7days but nothing for the last 2. im 26 started at 160 and now 148 but want to get down to 110. i understand the apple day and am thinking of doing that tomorrow but i really want to lose lbs in fat not just water . so if the apple day just makes me lose more fluids its kinda going to be like false hopes..
    how can i increase fat loss?

  148. by Srider


    I am on day 21 of the HCG Injections. I had to stop for 3 days because I was ovulating. I have been the same weight for a week now and it’s starting to be very frustrating. I’m sticking to the foods and I’m walking daily.I have been drinking Smoothmove Tea to help with constipation. I started at 153lbs and I’m now at 138.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  149. by Mpho


    Hi Dr. I lost 15lbs in two weeks,now have been on plateau for the past 3days.what fluids are you referring to, Im taking half a water-retention tablet 3 times a week, should that help with getting rid of the fluids in my body? I sticking to my diet as it is. please advice

  150. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Mpho:

    Fluids that lead to swelling of ankles is the first place it actually shows up. Of course, fluid retention is best recognized early when you hit a plateau. Diuretics (water-retention tablets) do not get to the cause of the problem. If anything, they mask it.

    All the best,

  151. by kerry


    I had grunt fish yesterday. Can u tell me if I shouldn’t have this type of fish. This diet is a challenge. Needing a response ASAP cause I bought a few without thinking bout the white fish clause. Is it allowed?

  152. by Shay


    GM Doc and HCGers

    I have been on the HCG diet since 11/14/2013 and have lost 24lbs but since 11/22/2012 i have been having plateaus. I do the apple days and then the weight is off. This is my second plateau this week. I am not sure what is going on but i do know this.

    1. I do not have frequesnt bowel movements (Doc what do you suggest or HCGers)

    2. I weigh my meat but not my veggies and maybe that is the problme b/c i am not intaking the whole 500 calories.

    3. I eat the same thing for dinner and lunch mostly.

    So my next qustions is this, I’m i able to eat the same food every day but not the exact saem food twice in one day? I need help so i can get rid of having these plateau days.

    Someone please help me.

  153. by Rebecca


    I am on day and about to begin my menstrual cycle. I’m embarrassed to say but when I did y gorge phase I did not have the HCG in my system and may not on fact have gorged enough. How much of an adverse affect will this have on my weight loss? And if so is there any way for me to “restart”? I have been doing well down 7lbs, and about the plateau because of my cycle, but I am encouraged by the scale, but when it doesn’t seem like it’s coming off the way I’d like then u get discouraged. Thanks for the assistance.

  154. by Gab


    I had a baby 2 1/2 months ago, have been breast feeding, but been slowly weening to start hcg. I started today( not planning on nursing any longer, just pump till my milk dries up without having to suffer an infection) anyways, I started my drops today and later in the evening started my period, should I just stop and restart after my period? Thank you so much for your help!

  155. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Gab…yes, it sounds as though a delay would be more helpful for you right now, even just 3-4 days.

    All the best,

  156. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Kerry: I had to luck up grunt fish. Now that I know a little about them, I can tell you that it is not clear whether they are oily (like catfish) or not (like whitefish).

    All the best,

  157. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Shay:

    Great questions. I’d say that using psyllium to increase the frequency of your bowel movements is the most important change you can make. It is critical to keep things moving every day. Be sure to get all 500 calories each day, just not by taking in more meat. Varying meals is recommended, although you can experiment to see how eating the same foods does or does not help you. Keep up the good effort and you will succeed.

    All the best,

  158. by FOXIE


    I did the apple today ate only 2 started to get sever cramps in my stomach, very little water Just vomited and my steak and spinach is ready to eat. I am weak. What should I do?

  159. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Foxie: It could be a number of things centered around mineral. Deficiencies in magnesium, potassium, and sodium are typical. I don’t have enough information to give you good advice, though.

    All the best,

  160. by stephanie


    I’v benen on a plateau for about 6 days and i’d like to do an apelle day but i’m allergic to apelles is there any other fruits that i can replace it with ?

  161. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Stephanie:

    The only other fruit that I’ve experimented with as a substitute for apples, with good success, is tomatoes. I don’t yet know how widespread this success can be for others. However, it is worth experimenting with. If you decide to do so, please report your results back here for others to see, regardless of the outcome. It would be valuable information. Good luck! I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    All the best,

  162. by sam


    To All: I am a 43 year old woman who has just completed 40 days of HCG. I have lost 31 pounds (248.8 – 217.8) from December 28 2012 – Feb 6 2013. During that time I have cheated, had 2 cycles, plateaued and had several apple days and still have lost a good amount of weight. Please do not get discouraged and keep at it. I have followed the program to the letter except on my 2 cheat days and with any weight gain or plateau’s the apple days did the trick. The cheats happened because I was starting my cycle and was out of control. I only became satiated when I finally ate what I craved. I don’t recommend doing this but my urge was overwhelming. Imbalance? Maybe. Psychological, perhaps. B I have always had unbelievable cravings at cycle time and giving in a little helped me more than hurt me. After that I did and apple day and resumed normal menu. I lost the 5 pounds I gained and continued losing after that. The times that I did not lose were always the same thing. Not enough water during the day and I did not get adequate sleep. When I started to see this pattern I could compensate with more water and sleep over the next day or two and I was fine and continued to lose. Please know that everyone who does this is different and any reduction you get you are a winner in my book. I am truly proud of you all. This is your life and you are making a phenomenal step in taking care of your temple(body). Good Luck and Press on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. by Gabrielle


    I have been on hcg for 28days and the last week I have lost absolutely nothing! I was told to up my drops to 15, but now wondering if its been making me have a stalling effect. I am 8 pounds from my goal this round. I have already lost 21 lbs. do you think I should continue taking my drops at 12 ( as my bottle suggest) and pray for a break through?!? I honestly don’t know what to do. I did an apple day and nothing dropped as well.HELP, any suggestions would be recieved – thank you!

  164. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Great story, Sam! Thanks for your input.

    All the best,

  165. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Gabrielle…I don’t know what kind of product has you take so many drops unless it is homeopathic. Is it?

    All the best,

  166. by TANYA



  167. by Gabrielle


    Thank you for your response dr clark.It is not homeopathic. Should I just drop my hcg down to 10 3x a day? Seems that’s the norm for most drops . I just don’t know if I’ve been over dosing the drops and its causing my delay. Super frustrating because before I wasn’t craving any kind of foods, now I am.

  168. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Tanya…yes, this exactly what the apple day is for.

    All the best,

  169. by Eliza


    Not sure you can help me but needing to find answers: I lost 28 pounds in 32 days on hcg drops ( not homeopathic). I cheated only one time in the diet and that was on my 2 transition day where you no longer take hcg. The next day I did an apple day becaise we had to go out of town and the only thing available to me was apples. ( I didn’t think that would harm anything at all. After my cheat day I gained 1.4lbs which I expected. After the apple day I gained an addition .4 pounds, thinking that was still probably from my cheat day. Yesterday I just started my phase 3 and ate NO starch or surgar. I got on the scale today and gained an additional 3 pounds!!!! What should I do??? Go back on HCG for another week? Do a steak day and continue to try to stabilize? Desperate for any help!

  170. by taryne


    Hi Doctor,

    I chose to do a short 26 day round i was doing very well then i hit a stall i’ve figured out it’s due to the onset of my cycle. I’ve been the same wight for 4 days. I did an apple day yesterday was down 1.5lbs today, however i’ve also started my cycle today but i still have 2 more days of injections left in my 26 day round should i continue to take the last two injections or start p3? will i be effected negatively if i do that, will the hcg still work if i continue for the next 2 days?


  171. by Shawna Deese


    I’ve been at a stall for about 7 days now. Its driving me crazy! I went from 186-169 back up to about 172… I’ve been eating canned asparagus instead of fresh, does that matter? I am doing an apple day today but I don’t want to do them all the time,will taking a diuretic help?

  172. by tanya


    Hello. Today is my 6th day and i lost 7.2 lbs. The first two days ive lost 2.4 lbs then i lost one pound the followung day. Now today i only lost 0.6 pounds. Pounds is 186.2,185.4,183.4,180.6,179.6, and now 179. Do u know if something wrong with the numbers. Im not loosing the 2.4lbs like before. Im eating brocolli twice a day for lunch and dinner. Two different fruits a day. Which is strawberries and apple. Please give me some feedback. Thanks

  173. by rosie


    Reading allllll the comments and questions. Ive had great results with three hcg rounds. The secret is in tye Rules… look again at your diet…. search labels on spices for sugar, is coffee organic paul newman only, are you using Stevia Leaf brand only-the others alll contain other stuff including the misleading brand Pure or Raw Stevia, are u weighing yr food exactly, are u using non organic body products that are hcg approved…. somewhere u r messing up the protocol. Loook at the original veggie options not the new ones…. you are eating, putting on, using, measuring something WRONG!!! Forget apple days etc… review everythg and youll find yr solution!!

  174. by Ashley


    I have been doing HCG for 21 days today, I have only lost 9 lbs and have been stalled for 14 days. Gaining a pound one day then losing that pound, fetting pretty sick of it. What can I do to get the weight loss going again?? Please help!!

  175. by Jen


    I’m on the mirena birth control and I don’t have periods anymore….So I’m not sure when My cycle is anymore to stop the drops! Should I just take the drops daily and not worry about this? Or…please help?

  176. by kay


    Hi there,
    With strawberries – is it weighed or filling my measuring cup with whole strawberries in it? I have been weighing them.. just want to double check. I have been weighing the cucumbers too but it just looks like so much.
    I am on day 5 of Phase 2 and have only lost 2 pounds. A bit discouraged. I’m follwing program to a “T”. I am 135LBS and striving to get to 125 at the end of Phase 2.

  177. by Alice


    I am only doing the hcg for 5 days plus 3 without drops then waiting two weeks then starting over, so far so good. i lose more the first week so I thought I would just do the first week. with small breaks. this is my 2nd round trying this method. after the first day back on I lost 3 lbs

  178. by Denise


    I have stalled the past 3 days on day 11-13. I have not had a bowel movement throughout this time. Rather than doing an apple day would it be appropriate to get psyllium or smoothmove tea and get that going. Obviously it is my issue. So, apple day or smoothmove tea/phsllium?

  179. by Suyapa


    Hello Dr. Clark,

    I have been on the diet 8 days, and I have loss barely 1 or 2 pounds. I don’t think I am retaining fluids because I pee Several times. However, I started straight to phase 2. Should I start the diet again with phase 1 or what should I do?
    I will appreciate bif you can help me out.

    Thank you!

  180. by Suyapa


    I forgot to tell you that I also feel extremely tired and sometimes cranky. I take B12 daily..

    Help me, please!

  181. by Faelan


    Hi, Dr. Clark! No questions here. I just wanted to thank you kindly for all your advice, and the enormous amount of time you invest in helping those going through the hCG!

    I started the hCG injections in March, but within a week, I got very, very sick. My husband (who is the medical office manager of the doctor I did the diet with) was closely supervising my food intake. I lost three pounds the first day, then 2lbs on Day 2, I gained on days 3 & 4, and then I plateaued on the fifth day. When I fainted on the 6th day, he immediately took me off of it. I’ve always been very prone to anemia, so he decided I should load up on high-iron foods and begin taking vitamins to prep me for the diet.

    We did bloodwork, and it came out great, so I began again on 04/23/2013, the loading phase. Then I began Phase 2 on 04/26/2013. Thus far, I’ve lost 5lbs in 3 days, even though I’ve had a horrible cold.

    Despite the fact that my husband is thoroughly familiar with the diet, one person can’t know it all, and your page, as well as your answers to others, have helped me immensely. I wanted to thank you so so so so much for taking the time to do this, and helping all of us reach our weights with as much guidance and support as possible!!!

  182. by christine


    its says to weigh upon waking up,I weigh more then ,then I do a little later.I have fluid retention in the morning because my rings are tight what is the right time to weigh

  183. by Melissa


    I’m on HCG injections. I’ve lost 10 pounds and I’ve been on the diet for 12 days now. I think I’m reaching a plateau and constipated. I cheated yesterday on a skinny margarita, it had no sugar, just fresh squeezed lime, & tequila, which have no carbs or sugar. Will this effect the diet completely?? Should I do the apple a day?
    And what’s the longest you can be on the injections and what is the break requirement before you can go back on the injections?

  184. by Tanika


    I need some help. I’m on day 15 of hcg injections
    and have only lost 10.8. I’m eating strictly food
    on hcg food list. It’s discouraging only to be losing
    .4 lbs a day especially because when I did the
    Homeopathic drops I lost .6-1lb a day. Not sure if
    I should stop the grissini toast or do an apple day?

  185. by ar


    Hi, I am about to go from phase 2 to phase 3. Can I take hunger suppressants to keep me at 1000-1200 calorie level? I still need to lose about 15 lbs and slowly starting to add back workouts. Would like to continue on the weight loss journey. Any advice? Lost about 20 lbs so far.

  186. by Kanika


    Hi dr
    I m on day 6 and reached the plateau rather gain 400 gms I was 55.2 and stuck for 3 days and and now it is 55.5… I’m
    Soo sad…my only problem is I m
    A pure vegetrarian and don’t eat eggs also
    ..so for protein intake I m having low fat youghurt 100 gms…or 500 cc of skimmed milk. I just have to lose 5 Kgs I m really worried…pls help…also someone told me to do 18 day diet phase 1-2 days phase 2-13 days and phase 3 3 days without drops coz I Hv to lose less weight…is it right.

  187. by Lilli


    Hello Doc Clark, I started my second round of hcg 2 weeks ago tomorrow 5-7-14, and I had noticed that I was not loosing abnormal fat because my body was very week and my face did not look like on hcg I began developing dark circles and my face looked just like with other diets it looked like I was starving to loose weight. I was also very hungry because of that and no energy at all. I am not sure what to do now I had three protein bars yesterday and boy… I woke up this morning full of energy clear mind no muscle weakness I was ready to jump up and down. I have 4 more weeks I don’t want to give up. How can I get my metabolism burning the abnormal fat again? And is cayenne pepper ok on the protocol? And how much is a serving of lettus? I’m thinking I could eat too little leafy greens. I am doing injections ovidac I know it potent and my dose is 125 and 150 I tried to up it up to 175 and I looked physically drained. Please help any comment would be greatly appreciated thank you

  188. by jim


    I’m taking Cipro antibiotic how will this effect the diet?

  189. by Jennifer


    When I first started the diet back in 2010 I weighted a horrible 250lb after having my first child. I managed to lose a little of it before starting the HCG drops but realized i hit a hault of my own and tried everything to start loosing weight again. But nothing seemed to work i tried for a year to lose even 10LBS and nothing did the job. And thats when i found HCG drops. i started to do them and noticed i was loosing weight which i loved so very much because i used to weight 150LB before my child. i was able to get down to 196Lb (this still being in 2010). i ende up stoping the drops and gaining 20LBS back. and i just recently started doing the drops again with a starting weight of 209LB after having my 2nd child. i lost 9lbs in 10 days then was at a hault for 6 days staying the same weight of 200LBS. i did the apple day and lost 2LBS the next day. i was so happy. but the next day i lost another pound which is good except the next day i hit another plateau. im stuck at 197 for a couple days now. will i have to continuously do the apple day in order to get to my goal weight???? i follow the diet exactly like it says even find it hard to finish my plate which i dont sometimes. i admit i dont drink the recommended 100oz of water a day. but im not even drinking the diet cokes and im not mixing any food and im so picky with what i eat the approved foods im allowed to have mine is cut down by more than half because i dont like half the foods on there. i hate it that im so picky.

    one other thing i was wondering about is what are the phases you are talking about i dont understand it. i never even heard of it. and im noticing you telling people to eat starches and steak but none of that is on my approved foods. so could you please explain that for me also?

    (Sorry I wrote so much)

  190. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Great questions, Jennifer:

    All of the answers you seek are included in the book that I wrote for this purpose. See more details about it here:


    Unfortunately, sometimes it takes quite a bit of study to figure out what is happening to any individual. The good news is that nothing you are experiencing is new. Solutions are known. BTW…starches? No. Steaks? Yes, at the appropriate phase.

    All the best,

  191. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Jim…nobody knows…Dennis

  192. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lilli…It sounds as though you have developed resistance to the injections, which happens when they are taken every day. Dr. Simeons used them 6 days a week. There is no limit on lettuce. Regarding protein bars, I have never encountered a brand that is worthwhile.

    All the best,

  193. by Desiree


    I am on Day 5 of the VCLD. This is my second round. The first was 5 years ago and I maintained and thought I’d try another years later. This seems to be slower and I went up .4 lbs. Im pretty strict and dont know what is going on and why this is so slow!

    Pre-load: 170.4
    1VCLD: 172.4
    2VCLD: 168.4
    3VCLD 168
    4VCLD: 167.4
    5VCLD: 167.8

  194. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Desiree:

    So many factors go into what happens to each person. The standard issues and their solutions are outlined fairly thoroughly in my ebook, HCG Diet, The New Definitive Guide. Stick with it.

    All the best,

  195. by mary


    Dr. Clark,
    once maybe twice a month i am out in the field overnight because of an emergency they are not planned so i never know when i am going to be called out. the problem is the company provides us breakfast that i have to eat otherwise it could be 24 hours with out if i don’t, this morning i had two sausages some eggbeaters eggwhites and a tiny amount homefries. i know this is off proptocaol as i am only on day 13. any suggestions to help flush this out!!!

  196. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Mary:

    This is a great question that many others have had to address, too. The easiest strategy when you go off protocol for a short time is to have an apple day. Be sure to eat only apples (5-6 good sized ones) and drink as little as possible. That’s it. This is the strategy that Dr. Simeons discovered for when people hit a plateau, so it works very well. Good luck!

    All the best,

  197. by Christine


    Dr. Clark,

    I began my first injections March 26th and am now on day 11 of the HCG diet. I am following the protocol to the T (actually feel I eat less than 500 calories a day some days), I have dropped about 8 1/2 pds but I feel I should have dropped much more by this time. I have not cheated once, exercise everyday (30 mins on treadmill, 30 mins on exercise bike) and drink more water than one can imagine. My BM are not consistent though, so I worry that may have something to do with not losing the amount I thought I would have by now. I am trying to not get frustrated, but it is hard not too when I know I am doing everything I am supposed to do and not getting the results I had wished for. Can you please recommend or suggest something that may help boost my weight loss. I am very devoted to accomplishing my goal and I am willing to do what I can do come out successful when this is all said and done. Thank you ?

  198. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Christine:

    Your dedication to doing the protocol correctly is admirable. Dropping 8.5 lbs in 11 days is typical, maybe even ahead of schedule. Women often drop on the order of a half pound per day. (Men usually double that rate.) The only thing I would tweak in your protocol is to make sure that you get the full 500 calories each day. You are right on track. Keep up the great results!

    All the best,

  199. by Christine


    Thank you Dr. Clark,

    I am going to start writing down my calorie intake for each meal to ensure that I meet the 500 calorie goal for the day. I think by doing that it will give me more of a guideline. Wish me luck, I really want to set a good example for others and prove to myself that I am capable of doing this diet with rewarding results.

  200. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    That’s the spirit, Christine!

  201. by Suzanne


    I’m 9 days into VLCD and have lost 8 pounds.
    I have had diarrhea all but 2 days and it finally stopped today.
    I have stalled the last 2 days. I’ve been drinking additional water but wondering
    If the stall is due to dehydration? Should I do an apple day or wait?

  202. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Suzanne:

    If I understand your question correctly, yes, dehydration will limit what you can accomplish. It is, unfortunately, a side effect of the hCG protocol. If you continue to stall, an apple day will be helpful when you are on the hormone; a steak day will be helpful when you are not.

    All the best,

  203. by lynn S.


    ON hcg injections for nearly 3 weeks now, very few pounds weight loss. seems to not be going down. Following diet with exactness. In past years I followed diet with drops that always worked consistent and well and quick, always lost same amoun t of weight by certain days… this time its not working. I have no problem sticking to plan. This is a MYSTERY. Any recommendations for whats going on? Should I start high fat dY 1 AND 2 AGAIN? IM AT A LOSS, this has never happened.

  204. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Lynn:

    Injections are a bit different. For example, Dr. Simeons used them 6 days a week, with a day off to allay any possibility of developing resistance to the hCG. Without knowing all of your variables, I’d guess that you either are resistant to the hormone or you have fats or oils sneaking into you system (cosmetics? soaps?). If you are resistant, then a washout and a 6-week waiting period should get you back on track for another go at it. Good luck!

    All the best,

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