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HCG Drops Banned – What To Do Now

hCG Drops vs FDA Ban

The FDA ban on hCG drops has led to a lot of teeth-gnashing hysteria about losing the hCG diet. The diet is not lost. Here is what you can still do.

Not All hCG Drops Are Banned

The simplest advice is to pay close attention to what the FDA really did. Yes, hCG drops were banned recently. However, they were drops formulated as homeopathic hCG, not standard hCG. Clarity on the FDA’s exact action is a little lacking in news across the internet. It started with a rather vague, and widely copied, media report of the announcement by the FDA and FTC. The announcement itself was also misleading. You can read it in its entirety in an earlier post here: More Homeopathic HCG Paranoia at the FDA.

The meaning behind shutting down ‘hCG drops’ is the core issue. Although mass confusion seems to be the order of the day, drops are merely a mode of entry into the body, not of a formulation. More explanation about what this means for the hCG diet is posted here: HCG Diet Update – When the FDA Shuts Down HCG Drops.


1) The FDA sent cease and desist letters to several companies that sell homeopathic hCG drops online.
2) This only affects homeopathic hCG formulations
3) By association, this also includes injectable and other forms of entry of homeopathic hCG
3) Formulations containing real hCG, as measured in International Units (IU) are still available from legitimate sources
4) Formulations of real hCG may still be in the form of sublingual drops or pellets, as well as in traditional injections

What Will the FDA Do Next?

This is always an open question. The bottom line is that hCG is not approved for weight loss. The FDA is in the business of approving drugs that are manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry. If they perceive the hCG weight loss industry to be a threat to drug sales, then they will initiate a ban on the use of real hCG for weight loss. It has not happened yet.

When this might happen is impossible to predict. In the meantime, real hCG is still available for the hCG diet.

A Warning About the FDA

The FDA is the only government agency that can approve new drugs. The approval process is more about money than about human health. The history of FDA-approved weight loss drugs is a lesson in failure, disaster, and danger to human health. When any new FDA-approved weight loss drug appears on the market, run as fast as you can the other way. There are plenty of ways to achieve healthy weight management without drugs.

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