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Dr. Dennis Clark – HCG Weight Loss Updates

Dr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight Loss

Improvements and updates in the original hCG weight loss protocol by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons have appeared recently. The best of these entail the way the hormone can be taken – i.e., orally instead of by injection. Care must still be taken to get the right stuff in the right amounts, though. That can be a major challenge. Books by Dr. Dennis Clark – hCG weight loss – are especially helpful for answering questions about the protocol and what to do when it doesn’t seem to be working.


Oral Hormone for hCG Weight Loss

Since injections can be inconvenient and even a little painful, or even scary, many compounding pharmacies have come up with oral forms of the hormone. These include a dissolvable powder form, a soft pellet, and a tablet. All of these forms are useful when taken sublingually (under the tongue).

Dissolvable Powder Form

The hormone is stable for longer periods and without refrigeration when it is freeze-dried. To activate it, a specific amount of hormone is dissolved in flavored water in a dropper bottle. Once it is reconstituted in liquid form, it must be refrigerated and used as soon as possible. The dropper bottle makes this a particularly convenient oral form, as long as the right amount of hormone is taken daily by accurately counting the drops.

Soft Pellets

Such pellets offer the hormone in predetermined amounts per pellet, so they save the trouble of mixing into a bottle or counting drops as with the dissolvable powder form. Although the hormone is more stable in pellet form than in liquid, pellets are still best kept cool, even refrigerated, for maximum stability. The gel material has a tendency to melt if the pellets get too warm.


Fewer compounding pharmacies offer this oral form, although it is the most stable of all without refrigeration.

Fake hCG Products

Over-the-counter and internet-available products abound. Unfortunately, these routinely contain no hormone whatsoever. Classic fake products appear at retail stores such as Walmart, even with ‘hCG’ prominently displayed as part of the name of the product. Look carefully at the ingredients. You will not find any evidence of actual hormone listed there.

Some products even state that they contain ‘herbal hCG’, which is ridiculous. The ‘h’ in ‘hCG’ stands for human! Nothing in the plant kingdom makes it.

One conundrum that has always puzzled me is the popularity of homeopathic hCG products. These also contain no actual hormone, even though they may have been made from real hCG according to homeopathic recipes. The high dilution factor of such recipes precludes them from containing any hormone.

Since the core principle of the Simeons protocol is a hormone signaling pathway that directs the metabolism of abnormal fat, any protocol that fails to utilize the real hormone just ends up being a starvation diet. Weight may be lost during starvation, but it rebounds quickly once the ‘protocol’ ends.

Dr. Dennis Clark – hCG Weight Loss Books

The protocol that Dr. Simeons created is quite simple and widely available for free in his 1954 book (updated through 1971). However, it leaves gaps in answering numerous questions about what to do when the protocol doesn’t seem to be working. The Simeons book also does not account for how people can change the foods during and after the very low calorie (hormone) phase and still be successful. Moreover, notably absent from the original book is what people can do to stay at their target weight for life.

This is where a small set of books by Dr. Clark fills the void. All are available in electronic form. In addition to providing pointers on how to optimize the Simeons protocol in the 21st century, Dr. Clark’s books also offer directions for overcoming numerous pitfalls, particularly involving the dreaded ‘hCG plateau’. This is a common phenomenon whereby weight loss stops for several days.

For the most curious, Dr. Clark’s main book, ‘HCG Diet: The New Definitive Guide’, also provides the scientific background and summary of research studies of the Simeons protocol that have appeared starting in the 1960s. This book is the most complete and up to date explanation of and directions for using the hCG weight loss protocol.