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When purchasing any weight loss product, it is important to do your research. Many people are exchanging their opinions about Releana on DietBlogTalk.com

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OverviewMillenium Medical Spa, out of California, is evidently the parent of Releanaâ?¢. We say this with reservation, as the company/product website is not exactly clear about whoâ??s who and whatâ??s what. In fact, consumers have the option of contacting â??Releanaâ?¢â? about Releanaâ?¢, the program, which apparently involves Releanaâ?¢ the HCG supplement. We highlight this confusion, perhaps with a bit of hyperbole, to emphasize that Releanaâ?¢ is not as clearly marketed as it ought to be. And when it comes to taking pills that are going to help a body lose weight, consumers deserve all the clarity they can get. So, Releanaâ?¢ can claim all day long to offer amazing weight loss and management benefits, but until the product/program/company website can get the record straight, consumers might want to hold off.Ingredients at a GlanceAs mentioned above, Releanaâ?¢ is, at least in part, an HCG supplement.Ingredients in FocusHCG is derived from human placenta. Apparently, it is extracted from the urine, but carries with it no risk of communicable disease, according to the Releanaâ?¢ website. Releanaâ?¢ is a sublingual form of HCG, which allows it to absorb into the body via the mucous membrane under the tongue, rather than through the stomach, as it would in pill form. Supposedly, supplementing with HCG will allow dieters to experience a significant breakdown of all the fat they donâ??t want. The product is supposed to preserve the good fat in the body, however. When used in conjunction with a low-calorie meal plan, as advocated by Millennium Medical Spa, Releanaâ?¢ is said to greatly enhance weight loss efforts.Positivesâ?¢Â Â Â  Stimulant-free weight loss option.Negativesâ?¢Â Â Â  Confusing web presentation.â?¢Â Â Â  Somewhat messy website.â?¢Â Â Â  Some consumers might be put out by the idea of putting a urine-derived supplement under their tongues.Final ThoughtsReleanaâ?¢ is something of a frustrating experience. Consumers interested in a healthy and effective weight loss supplement will have more shopping to do. We recommend looking for a product which contains a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant, from a reputable company that knows how to market its own products. When combined with diet and exercise, a good supplement like this will enhance weight loss.

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