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If you are looking for a little initial guidance about the HCG Diet, I’ve put together a few comments in a couple of free reports to get you started. Here is what you can expect from them.

REPORT 1: Myths and Truths About HCG Weight Loss

  • BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT HCG – Facts about HCG that are not widely known among the dieters on this program, nor among most doctors. Positive and negative side effects.
  • HOW HCG IS PRODUCED – Calling HCG a hormone often leads people to confuse it with steroid hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Here is what it really is.
  • VIEWS OF MODERN MEDICINE – Is it a propaganda campaign?
  • WILL HCG WORK FOR YOU? – Here is what you can expect.
  • WHY HCG WORKS – A lot of nonsense is being thrown around about why HCG works. Here is a modern scientific perspective.
  • BODYBUILDING, MANNY RAMIREZ, AND TESTOSTERONE – This story reflects one of the important facets of HCG therapy for weight loss
  • HCG UPDATES – A huge amount of information is being generated about HCG, from the public as well as from the scientific research community. Here is how to keep up with it.
  • BOOSTING YOUR RESULTS ON THE HCG PROGRAM – This is surprisingly simple.
  • PROBLEMS WITH AFTERCARE – Too many folks have discovered, much to their chagrin, that the so-called 100% effective HCG Weight Loss Diet is not always as effective as promised.

REPORT 2: The 27 Most Common Questions About the HCG Diet

  • Can I drink alcohol on the diet?
  • Do I really have to wait 6 weeks to do the protocol again?
  • How do I use the protocol if I only want to lose 10 pounds?
  • How long can I take HCG?
  • I’m a vegetarian, so how can I do a ‘steak day’?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What are the most effective forms of HCG?
  • What are the phases of the HCG diet protocol?
  • What can I do for dry skin?
  • What do I do when I get leg cramps?
  • What if I have to stop the protocol unexpectedly?
  • What is a ‘steak day’ and why is it important?
  • What is the 21-day post-HCG phase for?
  • What is the best cookbook for HCG-approved recipes?
  • What is the best diet for a lifetime after HCG?
  • What is the difference the HCG diet and all other diets?
  • What’s behind the ‘apple day’ for when weight loss stops?
  • Where do I get HCG?
  • Why do I feel light-headed or have a headache?
  • Why are oil-based cosmetics and supplements forbidden?
  • Why do I have to gorge myself on for Days 1 and 2 on the hormone?
  • Why is 500 calories not a starvation diet?
  • Why is weight loss irrelevant?

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