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Dr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight LossDr. Dennis Clark - hCG Weight Loss

Dr. Dennis Clark – hCG Weight LossDr. Dennis Clark – hCG Weight Loss

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  1. by URGENT QUESTION Vanessa


    Hi Dr Clark, I was taking the homeopathic hcg drops and I now realize in my research THEY AREN’T THE REAL THING! I thought that no one could sell the fake stuff 🙁

    Anyhow can I go off of them and wait the 3 days, start the pellets (after I buy them from you) and load for 2 days and begin again? After all, I have not been taking a real hormone from what I have gathered.

    If that isn’t the case, WHAT should I do to begin the REAL hcg diet? I really don’t want to wait 6 weeks! Please tell me there is an answer so I am not so interrupted in my progress. I lost 12 lbs in 20 days…..so really I think it is just from starving myself… because I was hungry while on the homeopathic.

    I hope to here from you soon! Thank you!


    PS Candy Metts referred me to you, said your site is the only one she trusts.

  2. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Vanessa:

    Thanks for the PS about Candy. I really appreciate your comment. Regarding the homeopathic hCG, it is not associated with any form of hCG resistance. You are correct in that the reduced calorie diet alone has led to your drop in weight, undoubtedly from loss of both fat and lean body mass. Now, to get you back on track, actually on track in the first place, you can begin the protocol using the real hormone without waiting 6 weeks. You can start right away, as if you are starting out for the first time … loading day, hCG period, washout, the whole thing.

    Dropping 12 pounds in 20 days is a great feat, especially since you were hungry all the time. You certainly have the will power to be successful on the protocol using the real hCG. Go ahead and give us a call or email (see http://besthcgweightloss.com/order-hcg/ for details).

    All the best,

  3. by URGENT QUESTION Vanessa


    Thank you so much! I couldn’t be more excited than I am right now! CAn I call tomorrow? Should I wait till Monday?

    I will fill out the form and get that to you ASAP!

    Thanks for all the information and education that you offer us and know that it is priceless!


  4. by Deanna Pagliaccio


    Dr. Clark:
    I tried to subscribe to videos that are to cost $9.95 a week and I signed up through Paypal but I did not click on the link that took me to the videos. How do I access the videos now?

  5. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Deanna:

    I have sent you an email.

    All the best,

  6. by Diane Williamson


    Hi, I tried this years ago but it was the pellets. Had good results with them. Wanted to lose more so I placed another order and it was the tablets. To me, the tablets didn’t seem to work as well. What is the reason for going away from the pellets? Am thinking of trying this again but unsure because it doesn’t seem that pellets are available anymore.

  7. by Dr. Dennis Clark


    Hi, Diane:

    You are right about the pellets. Our source phased them out because they were inconvenient for shipping and storage. The tablets are not so heat sensitive, which makes them much easier to handle and to ship. The amount of available hCG in a dose of either one is equivalent, so tablets do work the same as pellets. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Let me know if I can help.

    All the best,

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